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									                                                                                                    Year 7 Europe
                                  Knowing                           Understanding                         Applying                          Analysing                            Creating                            Evaluating
                                  1 point                             2 points                            3 points                          4 points                             5 points                             6 points
  Verbal I enjoy      List 5 capital cities from          Write a 2 paragraph report about      Design a tourist brochure on    How does European life differ       Create a TV advertisement for       Create a presentation highlighting
reading, writing &    countries in Europe.                animals in a European country.        one country in Europe, use      from ours? Write a 400 word         tourism in Europe, record it and    interesting aspects of a country in
     speaking                                                                                   pictures and be persuasive      report to show the differences.     show to the class.                  Europe. Present to the class.
                                                                                                in your writing to encourage
                                                                                                people to visit.

 Mathematical I       Find the highest and lowest daily   Convert the currency of a country     Construct a map of Europe       Write a report on famous            Create a timeline of key            Use a Venn Diagram to compare
enjoy working with    temperatures for a country in       in Europe into British currency.      showing major places of         European inventors or inventions.   historical events of a European     German and French cultures.
numbers & science     Europe on one day.                                                        industry and/or major                                               Country.

  Visual I enjoy      Draw at least five flags            Make a model of a famous              Draw/ make a traditional        Collect photos of beaches in        Create a model of a soccer game     Imagine you will be visiting a
painting, drawing &   (including colour) of different     European landmark.                    costume from a country in       Europe. Identify on a map of        between two European countries      country in Europe in 2050.
    visualizing       European countries.                                                       Europe.                         Europe where these beaches          at a famous European sporting       Draw/write what you would expect
                                                                                                                                are.                                arena.                              to find.

  Kinaesthetic I      Mime some European traditions       Teach the class a game they play in   Research, and then make a       Analyse a battle in the second      Create or copy your family name     Interview someone who has been
enjoy doing hands-    to the class.                       Europe.                               model of a castle from a        world war. Should it have           (surname) coats of arms, and        to Europe. Ask at least 8
   on activities                                                                                European country.               happened like it did? Include       find out what country of origin     questions.
                                                                                                                                diagrams, photos and your           your name is from (most will be
                                                                                                                                opinions.                           European).

 Musical I enjoy      Write down the top ten hits         Write a 2 paragraph report on a       Describe and draw the           Play some European music to the     Compose your own song to do         Create and perform a European
making & listening    from a European country in any      European songwriter.                  instruments used in a           class describing the cultural       with Europe. Play it to the class   song at assembly. Evaluate how the
     to music         one week of this project.                                                 European orchestra.             background of the music.            or to assembly.                     performance went afterwards in
                                                                                                                                                                                                        200 words.

 Interpersonal I      In a group of no more than three    In a pair teach the class some        Discover facts about famous     Identify similarities and           Create a model in pairs of a        With a partner write about the
enjoy working with    create a poster on a country in     words from a European language.       historical European people      differences of different            famous French monument (not         life of a child in Victorian England.
      others          Europe.                                                                   by doing a role play            European royal families with a      the Eiffel Tower).                  How is it different to yours?
                                                                                                (interviewing) or doing a hot   friend in a discussion. (You will
                                                                                                seat activity. (You will need   need notes to help you do this in
                                                                                                notes to help you).             class).

 Intrapersonal I      Summarize in poster of written      Explain briefly the main historical   Write a 300 word report on      Mind Map all the things you have    Create a European inspired          Write a biography of an historical
 enjoy working by     format any key places of worship    events of the French Revolution.      the history of religion in      learnt about Europe.                menu, prepare it and then take      person from Europe.
      myself          you know about in Europe.                                                 Europe.                                                             pictures of your efforts.

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