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									                                                       The database can be used/converted to any
    “There is nothing more frustrating than             electronic format without ever having to retype          SPONSORSHIP
  planning a great program that is not used.”           the information.
Thumbresources.org is uniquely designed to bring
local resources to those who need it. Features of                                                                   Looking for a unique way to
the site make it user friendly to both the consumer                                                                   promote your agency or
and businesses that are posting their information.
Because the site is free, there is equal access to                                                                      business? Sponsor
organizations of all size promoting a wider range                                                                      ThumbResources.org
of services the public.
                                                                                                                   and discover the power of the
    Why Is Thumbresources.Org
                                                                                                                         world wide web.
                                                                                                                     Complete the attached form or contact
            Important?                                                                                                989-479-3468 for more information.
Thumbresources.org has benefits beyond those
of traditional paper directories and organizational

 The Online version is accessible to anyone with
  internet access 24 hours a day.
 With in home privacy, some who may not
  request a written directory can find resources or
  information at their convenience.

 It is printed and burned onto to a CD Rom                                                                       Sponsoring ThumbResources.org is
  once a year to accommodate those without the                                                                      your opportunity to play a role in
  Internet.                                                                                                      helping residents of the Thumb find the
 It is more current - unlike paper which is                                                                      health and human services that they
  outdated by the time it is printed.                                                                            need. Too many times a great program
                                                                                                                  or project is planned, but the people
 The centralized database, with no ONE agency                                                                   who need it do not use it. Many factors
  compiling data, eliminates the burden on one
                                                                   www.thumbresources.org                          can cause services to go unused.
  organization and gives everyone equal access to
  the database.
                                                                        info@thumbresources.org                   ThumbResources.org wants to make
                                                         Kay Balcer-Huron County at (989) 269-9721, ext 196
                                                            Sharon Brittich-Sanilac County at (810) 648-0112         sure “lack of knowledge” about
                                                        Kelle Cooper-Tuscola County at (989) 673-5200, ext 373    available services is not one of them.
 The function of the site is very expandable.                              Fax (989) 479-3468
  Recently programmers added a community                                                                                      www.thumbresources.org
  events page. In the near future, programmers                                                                                     info@thumbresources.org
  will post commonly used forms on the site as                                                                      Kay Balcer-Huron County at (989) 269-9721, ext 196
                                                                                                                       Sharon Brittich-Sanilac County at (810) 648-0112
  PDF documents.                                                                                                   Kelle Cooper-Tuscola County at (989) 673-5200, ext 373
      The ThumbResources.org                           SPONSORSHIP LEVELS                                         ThumbResources.org
        Philosophy & History                                                                                       Sponsorship Form
                                                   Sponsorships: In order to sustain the site                 (Detach and Return with Payment)
Vision Statement: That the people in Huron,
                                                   without charging organizations to post
Sanilac, and Tuscola Counties will have access
                                                   information or selling distracting advertising,      Name of Organization/Business
to the services they need.
                                                   grants and sponsorships are crucial. All
Mission Statement: To help families and
                                                   sponsors receive advertising on the website          ______________________________________
community organizations connect with               including their name and a hyperlink if available.
resources in the thumb.                            Sponsors are also recognized annually in a           Contact Person__________________________
                                                   printed directory and on a CD ROM.
Current Goals: 1) Increase access to services                                                           Address________________________________
using Internet Technology. 2) Promote the use      Home Page Sponsors: ($1000) In addition to
of technology for accessing services and/or        their name and hyperlink, a home page sponsor’s      ______________________________________
information. 3) Explore other resource             name and logo appear on the home page.
technologies such as 211 services.                 In Kind Sponsors: Various Levels                     Telephone______________ Fax ____________
                                                   Diamond Sponsors: $500
Thumbresources.org is an initiative that           Ruby Sponsors: $250                                  E-mail:_________________________________
started back in 1994. The Community Health         Sapphire Sponsors: $100
                                                   Opal Sponsors: $50                                   Website Address:_________________________
Assessment and Improvement (CHAI)
Workgroups for Huron, Sanilac, and Tuscola                                                              Level of Sponsorship (Please check one and
                                                   To Become a Sponsor or for more information,
counties were searching for a way to                    contact Kay Balcer at 989-479-3468 or           enclose a check in the corresponding amount.)
streamline the process of updating and                       info@thumbresource.org.
revising resource directories. As a result, the                                                         ______ Home Page Sponsorship: ($1000)
community health planner approached the            Sponsors as of June 30, 2002.                        Attach a print ready copy or E-mail an electronic
Multi-purpose Collaborative Bodies in each                                                              copy of your logo to info@thumbresources.org
county about starting an Internet Based                      Home Page Sponsors
Resource Directory. Eight years later                 Early On Programs of Huron County                 ______          Diamond Sponsorship: $500
programmers and workgroup members have                Early On Programs of Sanilac County
                                                                                                        ______          Ruby Sponsors: $250
created a very powerful Internet website with         Early On Programs of Tuscola County
the goal of increasing access to health care and                                                        ______          Sapphire Sponsors: $100
human service programs. The site has been                         In Kind Sponsors
supported through contributions from the                   Huron Behavioral Health Services             ______          Opal Sponsors: $50
Early On programs of Huron, Sanilac, and             Huron County Economic Development Corp.
Tuscola Counties, the Huron County                   Huron Co. Multi-Purpose Collaborative Body          Return this form along with check or money order
                                                             Thumb Area Michigan Works!                 made payable to Thumb Area Michigan Works! to:
Economic Development Corporation, and
                                                    Sanilac Co. Human Services Coordinating Body
two Rural Health Initiative grants from the         Tuscola Human Services Coordinating Council             Balcer Consulting & Prevention Services
Michigan Department of Community Health             Huron County Community Health Assessment               6152 Duda Road, Harbor Beach, MI 48441
through Huron Behavioral Health Services.                and Improvement (CHAI) Workgroup                         Phone & Fax: 989-479-3468

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