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									              HEALTH, MIND
            & BODY
                          Put life on pause and
                              reclaim your right

Celebrate You                       to be selfish

Indulge the mind,
body and soul to live
your life your own way      Attack
                         the Snack
Don’t worry,                Graze your way to
                            better health and a
get naked!                       slimmer figure
Feel confident in the
buff with tips from
TV’s Carson Kressley
                                      May 2008

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                                          Health Mind and Body                                             3

 Health, Mind                         IN THIS
  and Body                            ISSUE
A publication of The Daily Citizen
       Volume 4, Number5
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  Daily Citizen, call Gary            Jim Richards’
  Jones at 706-272-7731.              job is more             YOGA                    SNACKS
                                      than putting            New hybrids             In order to
                                      pills in a bottle       combine yoga            avoid calories,
                                                              with popular            it’s important to
                                                              cardiovascular          snack smaty
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       706-217-6397                  How to spend quiet time ■ Commit to good health as married partners                Put on an organice face ■ You can look good naked, too
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4                   Health Mind and Body

    Let’s Get
                                                BY LISA BERTAGNOLI
                                                     CTW Features
                        How to look,           If you feel uncomfortable
                       and feel, great     naked, rest assured: You have
                                           plenty of company.
                         in the body

                                               Most women unfairly judge
                                           their own bodies by the stan-
                       nature gave you     dards of fashion models, whose
                                           figures account for only 2 per-
                                           cent of the female forms out
                                           there. That means that 98 per-
                                           cent of American women look in
                                           the mirror every day and wish
                                           fervently they had any body but
                                           their own.
                                               Change it via a drastic diet or
                                           cosmetic surgery? That’s old-
                                           school thinking. A new wave of
                                           experts has a message for women:
                                           Learn to love with the body you
                                           have, because it’s a far more
                                           beautiful than you think.
                                               “Don’t waste a single minute
                                           worrying that your butt is too big
                                           – life is too short,” says Carson
                                           Kressley, host of Lifetime TV’s
                                           “How To Look Good Naked,” a
                                           reality show that airs Friday
                                           nights at 9pm EST. Kressley, who
                                           gained fame as one of the hosts
                                           of “Queer Eye for the Straight
                                           Guy,” has turned his attention
                                           on women with a lifelong habit
                                           of hating their bodies. Kressley
                                           first helps women understand
                                           that they’re gorgeous just the
                                           way they are, and then shows
                                           them how to make that beauty
                                               Kressley spends five days with
                                           each woman, unearthing the rea-
                                           sons for her body loathing (Mom
                                           and grade school are major cul-
                                           prits); bolstering her self-esteem
                                           with great-fitting bras, flattering
                                           clothing, a spa day, a new haircut
                                           and makeup (“the cliché
                                           makeover thing,” Kressley says);
                                           and finally talking her into a
Carson Kressley,                           nude – yes, nude – photo shoot.
  center, host of
                                               “It’s about the experience of
   Lifetime TV’s
  “How to Look                             shedding layers ... about getting
Good Naked” with                           out of the casket of bad self-
the curvy women                            image,” Kressley says.
   he hopes to                                 Kressley and other love-your-
      inspire                              self-as-you-are experts have solid,
                                           sensible advice for women who
                                                    Health Mind and Body                                                                  5
hate the bodies nature gave them. The

                                               Lingerie for Every Body
first step, they say, is getting past
whomever or whatever planted the
bad-body seed.
    Watching Kressley’s show may help
some women, but others may need a
professional’s help. Once that first (and      Fans of “How To Look Good Naked” understand that just
high) psychological hurdle is cleared,         as all bodies are not created equal, neither is lingerie.
it’s time to start focusing on your high-      Certain cuts and styles look better on some bodies than
lights and ignoring your flaws.
    “Our critical eye is very dark,” says      others. Here’s a quick guide:
Laure Redmond, Portland, Ore., a ther-
apist and author of “Feel Good Naked:
10 No-Diet Secrets to a Fabulous               BRAS: A padded, plunging bra flatters and enhances most figures, especially pear
Body” (Fair Winds Press, 2001).                and rectangle (no defined waist) shapes. Inverted triangles (broad shoulders, slim hips)
Nobody really knows what she looks
                                               will benefit from a supportive, full-cup bra with wide shoulder straps, says Denise
like, Redmond explains. Mirrors distort
images, and harsh lighting exaggerates         Fraser, lingerie buyer for, an online lingerie retailer.
and even creates imperfections.
    Redmond also urges women to
understand that Rubenesque is not a            BOTTOMS: “Most women look best in a thong,” says Renee Ambriz, Chicago,
four-letter word. “Women were meant            owner of Enchante, a lingerie boutique. The ultra-confident can wear a string thong;
to have breasts, thighs, buttocks and
hips,” Redmond says. Her favorite real-        other women might feel more comfortable in a tanga, which is made of lace, or a
ity check is to page through art and           Brazilian, which has more fabric than a tanga. Boy shorts provide the illusion of cover-
photography books that depict real
women’s forms.                                 age, but in reality make women with ample hips look hippier.
    Redmond also begs women to
embrace their physicality. If you have         LOUNGEWEAR: For those romantic evenings at home, a chemise (or slip) with
the health and strength to garden, run,
or pick up and comfort a crying child,         a mid-thigh length is comfortable and flattering, especially with spaghetti straps and a
then, she advises, feel grateful for your      low-cut back.
healthy body, a gift not all people
    For more practical advice, experts         SLEEPWEAR: A silk, menswear-style sleep shirt is fetchingly sexy. It’s the shop’s
focus on the fundamentals of well-fit-         best-selling sleepwear, Ambriz says.
ting underwear and clothes. Why?
Looking and feeling good clothed will
build the confidence you need to look          CORSETS, GARTERS AND OTHER ITEMS OF
and feel good naked. A properly fitted
bra (yes, you do need expert help              SEDUCTION: The most flattering items present a long, fluid line. Ambriz stocks a
with this; good lingerie boutiques             French-made corset that stops low on the hips as well as a garter belt that extends
have bra-fitters) is a start; clothes that     from the rib cage to the hips.
accent your figure highlights seal the
    More practical advice? Water. Start        LINGERIE COLOR: Black, naturally. “It’s most flattering for women’s skin
drinking it if you don’t, and drink even       tones,” Ambriz says. Men, she says, buy women red lingerie – and women always
more if you do. Water “cuts down on
                                               exchange it for black. “I fill the store with color and black sells,” she says.
puffiness and gives you energy,” says
Lois Miller, regional group fitness direc-
tor for Crunch Fitness, a New York-          pushups for upper arms, bicycle crunch-           back, rib cage up, stomach in.
based chain of gyms. Water also helps        es for abs and lunges and squats for legs            And, while you’re at it, practice just
your skin tone, she adds.                    – will provide the tone and definition            being naked. Prance around a little in
    Miller also recommends moving            that comes in oh-so-handy during                  your underwear before you get ready to
around; the more you move your body,         those naked times.                                work, or fold the laundry in your birth-
the faster you’ll build body awareness           Last but not least? Stand up straight.        day suit.
and acceptance. Light exercise that          Really: A slouch can add 10 pounds to                “Get comfortable with your body, be
works the major muscle groups –              your look. So lift your chin. Shoulders           at peace with it,” Kressley says.
6                                                              Health Mind and Body

     Rewarding ways to help the environment
              BY BEN LARRISON                            while saving an average of $30 in elec-      ... more of the norm, especially as more
                 CTW Features                            tric costs over the course of the bulb’s     municipalities around the country are
         Nowadays, all the talk is about going           life. And ask your power companies           adopting zero-waste goals and banning
     green. But can you get in on the eco-               about renewable energies such as wind        the use of plastic bags.”
     friendly movement without devastating               or solar power in your area.                     Try to shop locally, especially when it
     your wallet? The answer is an emphatic                   Malten also suggests keeping your       comes to food – the energy used in
     yes.                                                tires properly inflated, which improves a    shipping food from distant countries to
         Matt Malten, assistant vice chancel-            car’s fuel mileage (and saves you            your supermarket is a major drain on
     lor for campus sustainability at                    money on gas), or, if possible, either       the environment. Also, buying items with
     Washington University in St. Louis,                 walking, biking or taking mass transit.      less packaging is a great way to reduce
     recently unveiled a list of easy ways to                 Other tips include only running dish-   waste.
     reduce your carbon footprint and, better            washers and washing machines when                Finally, Malten says, planting a tree
     yet, save some money while doing it.                they’re full, shutting down and unplug-      in the backyard is a great way to offset
         To start, replace your incandescent             ging electronics when you’re not using       carbon emissions for years to come.
     light bulbs with compact fluorescent                them, ditching bottled water for filtered        “While reducing energy will cut our
     bulbs (CFLs). While they are slightly               H2O from the tap and bringing your own       carbon emissions, it also is important to
     more expensive to buy, CFLs use                     bags with you to the supermarket.            restore more natural ‘sinks’ that capture
     around 75 percent less energy and last                   “Not only are reusable bags more        carbon,” he says. “Planting trees and
     10 times longer than incandescents all              sustainable,” Malten says, “they are also    perennials are an easy place to start.”

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PHOTOS                        Health Mind and Body

                  For Jim Richards, owner of Corner
                 Drugs and Compounding Center in
                Chatsworth, being a pharmacist means
                    making a difference in society
                                                   Health Mind and Body                                                      9
          BY JAMIE JONES                    All they see is what comes in a bottle.     will have a conference center to host           But there’s a lot more that we’re going     health symposiums on various topics.
   A pharmacist’s job entails more          to be able to offer than just the tradi-    Although Richards has offered flu and
than just “putting pills in a bottle.”      tional medications, which is a part of      pneumonia shots, he will also offer an
For Jim Richards, owner of Corner           pharmacy, but we’re going to take           expanded adult immunization clinic
Drugs and Compounding Center in             that and go a lot further.”                 to include a shingles vaccine and
Chatsworth, being a pharmacist                 In the current facility, there is only   shots for the Human Pamplona Virus.
means being a teacher as well.              about 400 square feet of front display          “I think we can be a wealth of
   Corner Drugs and Compounding             space while the rest is the pharmacy        health education resources,” Richards
Center will soon move into an               and offices. Richards plans to expand       said.
expanded 6,600-square-foot facility,        the durable medical equipment offer-            Richards hopes to address the
about six times the size of the current     ings, which currently include hospital      nationwide obesity problem.
business at 430 N. Third Ave.               beds, wheelchairs and crutches. He              “The couch potato mentality is
Richards said the new building will         will also have a high-end nutrition         really taking its toll,” Richards said.
allow for an increase in products and       area with certain organic foods and         “It’s estimated that in 10 years that
services. It will also give customers a     health supplements.                         half of children will have diabetes
glimpse into the pharmacy profession.          “GNC has all of these products,          because of the lack of exercise and
The new facility will be behind the         but they don’t have any expert              insulin resistance that comes from
existing building.                          advice, whereas you talk to a pharma-       that.”
   “Our compounding room will kind          cist that has a minimum of six years            Richards, a Dalton native, graduat-
of be on display with windows so peo-       of education, four years specifically in    ed from Southeast High School in
ple can see what we’re doing in             health,” Richards said. “That’s one         1989. His interest in becoming a
there,” Richards said. “We’re letting       thing that I think we’ll be able to         pharmacist developed during his high
people know what we do because              offer.”                                     school years while taking care of his
we’re behind the counter and nobody            He also hopes to be a central loca-      grandmother, who had diabetes.
knows what you’re doing back there.         tion for education. The new facility            “I put her medicine together and

                              WITH NO DOWNTIME
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                                          VELA SMOOTH LASER
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                                  Helps with irregularities after liposuction
                                    ANGELA JOYCE, Licensed Medical Esthetician
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                   Tummy Tuck • Facelift and Eyelid Surgery • Skin Cancer Excision / Reconstruction
                             Botox • Juvederm • Radiesse • Obagi • NIA Products • MEG 21

                   Thomas M. Beahm, M.D., F.A.C.S
      The Atrium • 1949 Gunbarrel Road • Suite 100 • Chattanooga, TN 37421
                    423-485-9200 ~ 888-485-9200
10                                            Health Mind and Body

         he couch
         mentality is
  really taking its toll.
  It’s estimated that
  in 10 years that
  half of children
  will have diabetes
  because of the
  lack of exercise
  and insulin
  resistance that
  comes from that.
she was kind of my inspiration,”
Richards said.
   He graduated from Mercer
University pharmacy school in 1995
and worked at several local pharma-
cies before settling in at Corner
Drugs in 2001. Three years later, the
opportunity to buy the business arose.
   “My goal and ambition was to
always own my own pharmacy, and
this chance presented itself,”
Richards said. “I bought the business
when I was 30. I just have an entre-
preneurial spirit in doing things my
own way. Whether right or wrong, I
had to bear the consequences of it
and had to be successful. There was
an awful lot of risk involved.”
   So what does Richards like most
about his job?
   “I enjoy people,” Richards said.
“Being able to converse and help
people appealed to me. I enjoy the
business aspect as well. As far as
pharmacy, I just enjoy people.
Business has been good and
Chatsworth has been good to me. To
go to almost 7,000 square feet from      Jim Richards graduated from Mercer University pharmacy school in
1,100 is going to be a big improve-      1995 and worked at several local pharmacies before settling in at
ment for us.”                            Corner Drugs in 2001.
                    Your specialist
                              will see you now.

Hamilton Medical Center’s physician specialties include cardiology,
neurosurgery, gastroenterology and more than 200 other physicians
representing 40 medical specialties.

                               Advanced technology, a knowledgeable and compassionate
                               nursing staff, leaders with a vision for the future—all elements vital
                               for hospital excellence.

                               But none more vital than the diversity and quality of a hospital’s
                               physicians. At Hamilton Medical Center, our doctors are a real
                               strength—from internal medicine and nephrology to general
                               surgery and orthopedics—our physicians provide the essential
                               medical knowledge and expertise that set us apart from the
                               average community hospital.

                             • 706.272.6114 • Dalton, Georgia
12                  Health Mind and Body


 There’s no avoiding it: Americans have become
  fully entrenched in a snacking culture. But to
 avoid the calories, it’s important to snack smart.
                                             Health Mind and Body                                                      13

       BY JEFF SCHNAUFER               up. Americans spent $6.3 billion for         rise to nearly 70 missed morning
           CTW Features                “on-the-go” snacks in 2003, and              meals per person by 2008 despite
   Like many Americans, Leslie         this figure is expected to increase by       the fact that more than 90 percent
Salmon-Zhu always is on the go –       30 percent – to $8.2 billion – with-         of Americans consider breakfast the
whether she’s running her two chil-    in the next several years, according         most important meal of the day.
dren to school, helping her mother     to the market research firm                     And while inherently healthier
or jetting around the globe as a       Packaged Facts, Rockville, Md. On            snacks – food bars, yogurt snacks
graphic recorder. She often finds      average, Americans consume 2.5               and nuts – were the Top 3 dollar
herself eating small meals through-    snacks per day, according to the             gainers from 2001 to 2005, these
out the day, or grazing, to keep her   2007 International Food                      categories are only one-quarter to
energy up.                             Information Council (IFIC) Food &            one-half the size of the two largest
   “For me, it’s really important to   Health Survey. Nearly one out of             snack categories by total 2005 dol-
keep my brain energy,” says            five Americans snacks four times             lar sales: salty snacks (23 percent of
Salmon-Zhu, 52, San Leandro,           per day or more.                             total sales) and snack candy (21
Calif., who has been snacking regu-       But unlike Salmon-Zhu, who                percent), according to Packaged
larly for 30 years. “(With) any type   carefully considers the portions,            Facts.
of mental work, it’s almost like you   nutrition and spacing of her snacks             So it’s no surprise that health
need something every two hours.”       and other meals, many Americans              and nutrition experts say many
   With the growth of the grazing      aren’t snacking smart.                       Americans have yet to learn that
generation since the early 1990s,         According to Packaged Facts,              more food choices and eating more
many food companies continue to        snacking has become so prevalent             often does not always translate into
launch new products aimed at           that a third of Americans regularly          healthy snacking habits.
Americans on the move, from 100-       skip meals, often grazing on snack              “I think for a lot of people who
calorie snack packs to energy bars     foods as a substitute. Americans             have weight problems, exposing
and other pre-packaged snacks.         skipped an average of 62 breakfasts          them to more food cues during the
   And we continue to gobble them      per year in 2003, and this total will        day is probably going to be more

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                                               help people regain their ability
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                                               hearing consultation.
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                                                                             Northwest Georgia
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                                                                      706-279-EARS (3277)
14                                              Health Mind and Body

problematic,” says Dr. Barbara Rolls,    attention to how much they are eat-            But, she adds, if 100-calorie snack
a Penn State University (College         ing and what they are eating,” says         packs “gets people eating in smaller
Station) nutrition professor and         Dr. Ann Albright, president of              portions, it’s a step in the right
author of “The Volumetrics Eating        health care and education for the           direction.”
Plan”(Harper Paperacks, 2007).           American Diabetes Association,                 Misdirection, however, is one of
“Your body has adapted quiet nicely      Alexandria, Va.                             the perils consumers face when it
to eating three meals per day. This         Making the right choices isn’t           comes to snack food labels. Many
idea that you need to keep eating all    always easy. Take the latest grazing        snack products advertise themselves
the time to even things out is kind      craze: 100-calorie snack packs.             as low-fat, sugar-free or containing
of strange, especially if you have          While Albright says 100-calorie          no added sugar.
food there all the time to tempt         packs are good for making                      “Sugar-free does not mean calorie-
you.”                                    Americans think of portion control,         free,” Albright says.
   Yet grazing can be helpful, says      they aren’t a magic bullet. “It’s sort         Budgeting your calories through-
Rolls and other experts, for those       of a magic number that Nabisco              out the day, Albright says, is one
who want to avoid big calorie boosts     picked,” she says. “You have to look        key to maximizing your grazing. To
that can translate into body fat. And    at what you are eating.”                    do so, you should be able to under-
with the rising number of diabetics         “I was speaking to a group of peo-       stand food labels. The American
in the country, grazing can help peo-    ple and someone said, ‘I love 100-          Diabetes Association’s Web site
ple maintain healthy blood sugar         calorie snack packs.’ And they had          ( has a virtual
levels. The American Diabetes            eaten three of them,” recalls Bonnie        grocery tour that helps people to
Association recommends a moderate        Taub-Dix, spokeswoman for the               check the calories and ingredients
breakfast, small snack, moderate to      American Dietetic Association,              on many food labels, enabling them
small lunch, an afternoon snack and      Chicago. “A lot of people don’t             to assemble their own snack packs
a moderate to small dinner each day.     think about that. If they eat three of      before they leave for work, school,
   “I think when you are looking at      them, that’s still 300 calories. I really   etc. The United States Department
grazing as a concept it does help peo-   have to caution people that just            of Agriculture’s National Nutrient
ple look at portion control and can      because it’s in a smaller package           Database Web site
help people lose weight if they pay      doesn’t mean it’s a health food.”           ( Services/docs)
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16                                                Health Mind and Body

also offers an online search of the

                                              A BETTER SNACK
nutrient content of 7,519 different
foods. (See sidebar on tips for buy-
ing and assembling your own
   Salmon-Zhu is one of those who
makes her own snack pack. A hypo-
glycemic, she manages it with exer-          1) EAT BIGGER PORTIONS OF LOWER CALORIE FOODS
cise, snacks and water.                        “If you have a 100-calorie snack, you get 10 large jelly beans,” Rolls
   “It’s easy,” Salmon-Zhu says of           explains. “If you choose strawberries, you get 2-3/4 cups.”
preparing snacks. “I just use little
containers and throw snacks in
them. I do a lot of toasting – pecans,
almonds, sunflower and pumpkin              2) YOU CAN GO WRONG WITH VEGETABLES
seeds. I don’t add salt. Toasting alone       “If you have a 100-calorie snack, you get 10 large jelly beans,” Rolls
brings out the flavor of them and           explains. “If you choose strawberries, you get 2-3/4 cups.”
makes them taste yummier.”
   Salmon-Zhu also drinks a lot of
water, which she says “satiates some-       3) COMBINE LEAN PROTEINS WITH WHOLE GRAIN CARBS
thing that feels like hunger, not              “Some examples of this might be almond butter and a piece of whole
thirst. To be honest, water for me is       grain bread,” Taub-Dix says. “Or a piece of high fiber cereal with milk. Or
almost a snack.”                            a whole grain cracker with part skim or low-fat cheese.”
   If only more people thought that
way, says Taub-Dix.
   “Some people eat because they are        4) NOT ALL FAT IS BAD FOR YOU
bored, tired or mistake hunger for             “Nuts have healthy fats in them,” says Rolls, who recommends
thirst,” she says. “Really, the best        almonds in sensible portions. Avoid products with coconut and palm oil,
line of defense if you are really not       Albright says, which contain higher, unhealthy saturated fats.”
hungry is to drink a beverage. It
could be a hot mug of tea, water with
lemon or coffee with milk. It could
also be a low-calorie hot cocoa.            5) DON’T GET TOO SWEET
Those are all things you can have              “Try a piece of fruit. You can go with apples, strawberries, oranges and
that are like speed bumps that pre-         bananas, but watch out for too much sugar,” Albright says. “They also
vent you from eating when you really        make fruit cups that are packed in water. Don’t get the ones packed in
don’t need to, or eating what you           syrup. It just ups the sugar content.”
really don’t need to eat.”
   Avoiding foods that are too             Rolls says. “What’s in our paths are      and fulfilled.”
tempting is another key to grazing,        candy bars. That’s what’s in the             Grazing in the Salmon-Zhu
lest it lead to overeating.                vending machine in the hallway.”          household is already heading into
   “Foods they have to avoid are the          And yet there are those who,           the next generation. With the help
ones they can’t eat a small portion        somehow miraculously, can get             of extended family, her two daugh-
of,” Rolls says. “It’s going to be dif-    through the entire day without a sin-     ters are eating three sit-down meals
ferent for different people.”              gle snack.                                per day, plus healthy snacks as often
   Rolls suggest eating bigger por-           “I had a grandfather who never         as they need.
tions of lower calorie foods.              snacked all his life and just had three      “We have on the table pre-cut
   “If you eat, say even a tiny bit of a   squares a day,” Taub-Dix says. “That      apples, nuts and healthy organic
piece of chocolate, it packs so many       was his metabolism. He was active         crackers,” Salmon-Zhu says. “They’re
calories into a gram of food. It’s very    and he walked. I think a lot depends      there all the time. And in the refrig-
easy to overeat,” Rolls says. “For cel-    upon your body type and what you          erator are whole-milk baby yogurts.
ery sticks, for the same amount of         do.”                                      My girls are 6 and 7 years old. I
calories, you get 15 to 20 times the          The trait was not passed along to      think it fulfills their natural growing
amount of food.”                           Taub-Dix.                                 process of needing to eat, run and
   Of course, planning ahead is the           “I am a grazer,” she says. “I always   play. It gives them consistent energy.
key.                                       found that during the course of the       To be honest, it kind of makes them
   “I think it’s hard for people to go     day, if I had snacks that were            peaceful. They never say they’re
out and forage for carrot sticks,”         healthy, it just kept me more stable      hungry.”
                                                      Health Mind and Body                                                   17

                                                                                        New hybrids combining
                                                                                           yoga with popular
                                                                                      cardiovascular activities are
                                                                                      adding flexibility and better
                                                                                        breathing to endurance
                                                                                       training — and changing
                                                                                         the way people think
                                                                                              about yoga

                                                                Infants, Children and Adolescents

   We are pleased to serve patients ages birth through 21.
                                                                                                      Nurse Practitioners:
                                                                                                    Cynthia Mitchell, NP-C
                                                                                                     Celeste Morris, NP-C
                                                                                                        Trena Ray, NP-C
Martin Michaels, Ricardo Riesco,       Aparna     Cathy Pak, MD                   Yejin Kim, MD
                                 Peethambaram, MD
                                                                                                    Connie Middleton, NP-C
      MD              MD
                                                                                                     Muna Wagner, NP-C
  All of our pediatricians are Board Certified/Board Eligible by the American Board of Pediatrics
                                                                                                      Jana Watters, NP-C
                                       Se Habla Español

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18                                                                  Health Mind and Body

             BY DARCI SMITH                              intimidating as possible, that is really    sary to truly learn ancient arts like
                CTW Features                             available and open to everybody.”           yoga, he says.
   Inhale. Stetch. Exhale. Pose.                            Gronholm has found that fusion              “They’re not going to sit down and
Yawn. Sound familiar? Luckily, there’s                   classes like Yoga Ride encourage            meditate for three hours a day,”
hope for the yoga-tired. Hybrid class-                   members to try new modalities,              Shayne says.
es featuring yoga along with what                        whether it’s yoga enthusiasts who              Budokon – Japanese for “spirit of
may seem like its polar opposites are                    can’t imagine enduring an entire            the warrior” – focuses primarily on
cropping up everywhere.                                  spinning class, spinners intimidated        the martial and yogic arts. As a long-
   Crunch Fitness members spin and                       by yoga and even those who have             time teacher and advanced practi-
stretch in one 75-minute class. “You                     never done either class.                    tioner of both, Shayne realized that
get the best of both,” says Jess                            Plus, it helps people maximize           the two arts complemented each
Gronholm, yoga director for Crunch                       their workouts in as little time as pos-    other.
Fitness, New York City. “It’s a real                     sible, which is especially helpful in          “I put them together into one sin-
ride class. You build that energy up,                    the “go, go, go” cities where Crunch        gle expression that you would get the
and then there’s this release at the                     Fitness has locations, such as New          benefits of both from, but then you
end with the yoga class.”                                York, Chicago and Los Angeles, he           get a single method expression that
   Attendees switch from the spin                        notes. “In 75 minutes, they get their       that combines both ideologies,” he
studio to the yoga studio midway                         cardio, they get their flexibility train-   says.
through the class for postures focusing                  ing and then they’re out of there.”            Budokon practice sessions begin
on areas where bikers have the most                         When Cameron Shayne, Santa               and end with meditation, with yoga
issues, such as the hips, hamstrings                     Monica, Calif., created Budokon, he         poses and martial arts techniques
and shoulders, he notes.                                 realized people sought an accelerated       sandwiched in between. Although
   Most are fairly basic: “It’s not like                 experience that allowed them to             sessions are sequenced in a way that
we’re doing crow or handstands or                        reach self-awareness quickly and effi-      the poses and techniques flow,
headstands,” Gronholm adds. “We                          ciently. Most don’t have the time to        Shayne encourages his teachers to
wanted to create a class that is as not                  spare and won’t take the time neces-        stop and teach, not just take people

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                                                           Health Mind and Body                                                       19

from “posture to posture to posture.”
    “We try to infuse our philosophy
throughout the entire experience,” he
                                                        STUDY AIMS TO DETERMINE YOGA’S
says. “They’re learning about the art
and the practice as they move
                                                      BENEFITS TO BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS
through it.”
    Practices only last up to an hour
and a half, Shayne notes, because he’s                  The Ohio State University Medical Center is setting out to prove what many
filtered the vague and impractical                   breast cancer survivors have long suspected: Yoga helps strengthen the immune
                                                     system as well as the bodies of those recovering from the disease.
from both arts, leaving only “what
                                                        The study, funded by the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Md., will examine
really works.” Much focuses on                       the effects of consistent yoga practice on women who have completed treatment
strengthening and balancing the                      for one of three stages of breast cancer. The 250 women in the study will take two
lower and upper torso, leaving practi-               90-minute yoga classes each week. Blood tests before, during and after will deter-
tioners physically strong and agile and              mine if yoga alters immune response and affects fatigue in participants, according
psychologically aware of the reactions               to researchers.
of their body and mind, he says.                        Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University,
    “We’ve been described before as                  New York City, have already proven that yoga can benefit ethnic minority breast
yoga on steroids,” Shayne adds.                      cancer survivors, primarily African-Americans and Hispanics, as well as women
    Those are words that will likely                 living in underserved communities.
never be used to describe yoga-                         The study found that yoga had the greatest effect on the social functioning of
                                                     these women, as it helped them overcome the loneliness and isolation commonly
inspired Gyrotonic, equipment based
                                                     experienced following diagnosis.
on movement system Gyrokinesis.
Both were developed by former-                                                                                     — CTW Features
dancer Juliu Horvath following a peri-
od of study of nature and energy, says
Matt Aversa, vice president and an

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20                                             Health Mind and Body

inactive master trainer of Gyrotonic,    honey,” he says.                         apart.
New York City.                              It’s more the words than the pos-        “People think, ‘Oh yoga, it’s chant-
   Gyrotonic has no endpoint, he         tures that differ in Sage Rountree’s     ing and stretching and putting your
explains. Instead, the pathways on       yoga for runners course. “I take the     feet behind your head,’” Rountree
the equipment are circles and spirals    yoga teacher aspect of my personality    says. “But it can be a very challenging
that allow for movements of constant     and combine with it the language I       core workout if you find the right
fluidity with no interruptions. Joints   know as a coach and as an athlete        class.”
are allowed to move in every possible    myself,” says Rountree, Chapel Hill,        Yoga for runners also teaches
direction that the body is capable of    N.C., yoga instructor, triathlon coach   much-needed mental focus, an impor-
moving, Aversa notes.                    and author of “The Athlete’s Guide       tant element of distance runs and
   “It’s designed to release and open    to Yoga: An Integrated Approach to       sprints, she adds. Both yoga and run-
the body. It actually accelerates what   Strength, Flexibility and Focus”         ning take an athlete to the edge of
yoga would do,” he says. “A lot of       (VeloPress, 2007).                       intensity, to a point that’s manageably
yoga people find that they can go fur-      Yoga postures work wonders for        intense, and yoga shows how to use
ther in their yoga much faster because   runners because they help with flexi-    breathing to remain relaxed and effi-
the equipment has helped to open up      bility and in undoing the tightness      cient.
and strengthen their body.”              that comes with the repetitive motion       “People are surprised at how
   Increased strength comes from         of running, explains Rountree. They      much mental focus it takes to get
Gyrotonic’s constant resistance,         also build core strength and teach       through a yoga class, and how that
which Aversa likens to swimming.         proper alignment, which runners can      directly applies to their sport,”
   “It’s almost like you’re stirring     recall when their form begins to fall    Rountree says.

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                                                Health Mind and Body                                                   21

Know warning signs of a stroke
    A slight tingle, a brief moment of                               last less     stroke within two years of their TIA
blurred vision, a few tongue twisted                                 than 24          Q: What are the symptoms of
words, a light dizzy spell — all of                                  hours         TIA?
these things are easy to shake off with                              before dis-      A: It is very important to recognize
little or no thought. But what you do                                appearing.    the warning signs of a TIA or stroke.
not realize is that you may have just                                White         TIA symptoms are the same as those
experienced the first warning sign of a                              TIAs do       of a stroke, but only temporary.
stroke, also known as a transient         Robert Pedersen not gener-               Someone having a TIA or stroke may
ischemic attack (TIA).                                               ally cause    experience one or more of the follow-
    The signs and symptoms of a           permanent brain damage, they are a       ing symptoms:
stroke are easy to recognize when         serious warning sign of a stroke and        • Sudden numbness or weakness of
they are severe, but when minor           should not be ignored.                   the face, arm, leg (especially on one
symptoms disappear after a short peri-       More than one-third of people         side of the body)
od of time or with rest, people do not    who have experienced a TIA will             • Sudden confusion, trouble speak-
realize the risk involved with ignoring   have an actual stroke.                   ing or understanding
these symptoms.                              • 5 percent of people will have a        • Sudden trouble seeing in one or
                                          stroke within two days of their TIA      both eyes
Q&A with Dr. Robert                          • 11 percent of people will have a       • Sudden trouble walking, dizzi-
Pedersen, neurologist                     stroke within 90 days of their TIA       ness, loss of balance or coordination
                                             • 14 percent of people will have a
  Q: What is TIA?                                                                     • Sudden severe headache with no
                                          stroke within one year of their TIA
  A: A transient ischemic attack                                                   known cause
                                             • 20 percent of people will have
(TIA) is stroke symptoms that usually                                                 TIAs are extremely important pre-

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22                                              Health Mind and Body

dictors of a stroke. Do not ignore them! If
symptoms appear, even for a short time,
call 911. When brought into the emer-
gency room by ambulance, Hamilton
Medical Center’s Code Stroke Team is
waiting to begin evaluation and treatment.
A doctor should determine if a TIA or
stroke has occurred, or if it is another med-
ical problem with similar symptoms. It is
also important to remember to bring all of
your medications with you to the emer-
gency room.
   Prompt medical or surgical attention to
these symptoms can prevent a fatal or dis-
abling stroke from occurring.
   Q: What causes TIA?
   A: Blood vessels carry blood throughout
the body. When a blood vessel in the brain
becomes blocked for a short period of time,
the blood flow to that area of the brain
slows or stops. The lack of blood and oxy-
gen often leads to temporary symptoms
such as slurred speech or blurred vision.
   TIAs are usually caused by one of three
   • Low blood flow at a narrow part of a
major artery carrying blood to the brain,
such as the carotid artery
   • A blood clot in another part of the
body, such as the heart, which breaks off,
travels to the brain, and blocks a blood

                                                 IN FITNESS
vessel in the brain
   • Narrowing of the smaller blood vessel
in the brain, blocking blood flow for a
short period of time — sometimes caused
by plaque build up
   Q: How can TIA be managed?
   A: The goal is to prevent a future                                           and in

stroke. The choice of medicine and thera-
py used depends on the exact cause of a
TIA. In addition to lifestyle changes such
as diet and exercise, your doctor may rec-
ommend medication to treat high blood
pressure or high cholesterol.
   Ask your doctor about the best stroke
prevention options for you. Then take                   BY DANA CARMAN                    Somewhere down the line,
responsibility and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.              CTW Features               when the sexy lingerie is replaced
The lifestyle changes you can make today            Ah, l’amour. Sleeping in on       by flannel pj’s and the heat of pas-
— such as eating healthy foods and stop-         weekends. Dining out every night.    sion is replaced by the warmth of
ping tobacco products — can reduce the           Strolling through the neighbor-      partnership, you may notice that
risk of having a stroke in the future.           hood with ice cream cones.           all those calories have caught up
                                                 Sharing mocha frappu-lattes with     to you and what was once “that
    (Learn more about stroke prevention by       whipped cream. After all, calories   cute little belly” is now a full-
visiting Hamilton Medical Center’s Web site      consumed in the name of romance      fledged gut.                             don’t count, right?                      “Recent research shows that
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24                                                 Health Mind and Body

weight gain is a social thing,” says Dr.    you want to do is pick on the person.     hard,” Ryan says, which is why you
Sarah Catanese, Ph.D., instructor of        During the discussion have solutions      have a partner in good eating.
psychiatry and behavioral sciences at       ready and, most of all, be a part of
Northwestern University’s Feinberg          those solutions. “Come up with a          Your Workout or Mine?
School of Medicine, Evanston, Ill.          plan,” Goldsmith says. “Don’t just            Exercise is essential to a healthy
“With relationships you get comfort-        give a command or make a com-             lifestyle, but not all workouts have to
able and you’re probably more likely        plaint. Say, ‘Here’s what we are going    be done together. Identifying your
to let some of your eating habits and       to do.’”
                                                                                      goals can help you find ways to work
fitness slide.”
                                                                                      out together, as well as apart. And
   Relationships also are time-con-         Plan for Two, Eat for One                 that’s OK.
suming. We all want to spend more               Monique Ryan, registered dietitian
time with that special someone, but                                                       Running is how Paumier and
                                            and author of “Sports Nutrition for
schedules are so tight it’s hard to fit                                               Biscamp stay fit – in fact, it’s how
                                            Endurance Athletes” (2nd ed., Velo
in a commitment to good health on                                                     they met. They run together once or
                                            Press, 2007) feels people just don’t
top of a commitment to your guy or                                                    twice a week and do their other runs
                                            know how to cook anymore, which
gal. But getting on the path to better                                                on their own. “Running together is
                                            leads to a lot of takeout. Couples who
health and fitness as a couple pro-         are all thumbs in the kitchen may         good motivation and for feeling like
vides you ample opportunities to be         want to consider consulting a nutri-      we worked through something
together – most importantly, in the         tionist. When Ryan works with cou-        together,” Paumier says. “Running on
form of longer lives.                       ples, it’s largely about education –      our own is a way to build up our indi-
                                            teaching them about correct portion       vidual confidence and is time to
Tipping the Scales                          sizes, how to eat out healthily, creat-   reflect on our thoughts. Both are
    “I don’t think anyone intentionally     ing meal plans and starting with sim-     important to us.”
says, ‘Now I can get fat,’ but we start     ple recipes.                                  For some couples, however, athlet-
to feel good about who we’re with in            Concocting a meal plan for the        ics may not be the norm, so working
our lives,” says Dr. Barton Goldsmith,      week works well for Boulder, Colo.,       out together will provide much-need-
Ph.D., author of “Emotional Fitness         residents Rebecca Heaton and hus-         ed motivation, support and encour-
for Couples” (New Harbinger                 band, Shaun McGrath. “Every week I        agement as you both settle into this
Publications, 2005) about why cou-          put together a general menu where I       new lifestyle. Rising in popularity is
ples may pack on a few pounds.              pick out four to five meals and then      the use of the personal trainer for
    It’s hard to acknowledge to yourself    go shopping for the ingredients,”         group workouts as it’s cheaper than
when clothes start to feel too tight,       Heaton says. “It’s not like we have       individual sessions.
but when you notice weight gain on a        dish A on Monday, dish B on                   Personal trainer Lisa Dougherty,
partner, it may seem easier, wiser and      Tuesday, but we have options so we        owner of Whole Body Fitness,
downright safer to ignore it rather         can make choices depending on our         Orange County, Calif., often tailors
than answer the ever-dreaded, “Do I         food mood and how much time we            workouts to the individual even when
look fat in this?” with a “Maybe?”          have to cook.”                            couples exercise together. “You can
    Though difficult to fathom, bring-          Chicago resident Jessica Paumier      develop a program that works for
ing a partner’s weight gain to his or       and her fiancé, Lewis Biscamp, try to     both, even if the goals are different,”
her attention is something you should       create healthy combinations on their      she says. She frequently sees clients
do, but with a lot of sensitivity. “This    joint grocery shopping trips. “We def-
                                                                                      with separate fitness needs but who
is such a delicate thing,” Goldsmith        initely work hard at eating right,”
                                                                                      simply want to spend more time
says. “It’s not about weight issues         Paumier says. And while they try to
today. It’s about health issues. You        be good influences on each other,
                                                                                          Regardless of the activity and
should say to your partner, ‘I love you     they share the occasional indulgence.
and I want you to be around to see          “It’s a balancing act,” she says, “but    whether you exercise together or not,
our children graduate.’ That’s the          we both have the same goal of being       it’s important that you’re in agree-
least toxic way of bringing it up, by       healthy.”                                 ment. “If you want and need to exer-
saying, ‘Honey, this is a health issue. I       Eating healthier doesn’t mean it’s    cise alone, by all means you get to do
want you to be healthy.’”                   all tofu and sprouts. Make meal plan-     that, but not to the exclusion of your
    Catanese also suggests asking ques-     ning and cooking something fun for        partner,” Goldsmith says.
tions to raise your partner’s awareness.    both of you. Pick a day to shop and           So whether it’s a long walk on
For example, “Have you noticed              make it routine. You can make meals       weekends or a weekly tennis match,
you’re getting breathless going up the      or prep them in advance. Regardless       make a point to incorporate each
stairs?”                                    of what scenario works best for you,      other into a fitness routine if you’re
    Both Catanese and Goldsmith             it’s important you’re both on board.      not already. And enjoy a long,
agree, however, that the last thing         “Changing habits and behaviors is         healthy life – together.
                            Health Mind and Body                                           25


Be it quiet time with a book, an hour at the spa or an afternoon at the
 movies, quality time minus friends or family can be rejuvenating —
       and a great way to de-stress and improve your efficiency

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26                                               Health Mind and Body

      BY DAWN KLINGENSMITH                plex yoga poses, spending time minus      take time for themselves – they see it
            CTW Features                  friends and family boosts productivi-     as robbing time from their family,”
    Renee Baker is the principal viola    ty, promotes health and ultimately        Haltzman says. “Men often neglect
player and personnel manager for the      improves relationships, says Dr. Scott    themselves because their sense of
Chicago Sinfonietta, so her schedule      Haltzman, assistant professor of psy-     identity is so tied up with work and
is packed with practices, meetings        chiatry and human behavior at             being good providers.”
and performances. But if her daily to-    Brown University,Providence, R.I.            But as life balance coach Terri
do lists are longer than most, work           But prioritizing and scheduling       Levine, New Wales, Pa., tells her
obligations aren’t the only reason.       alone time can be challenging.            clients, you can’t afford not to take
Each day, along with her tasks, she           “Between work and family, people      time for yourself. “If you don’t put
writes down and checks off activities     think they’re too busy,” Haltzman         your own oxygen mask on first and
that detach her from the work world       says. But if you reflect back on times    take time to breathe, you can’t help
– soaking in the tub, reading a book,     when you were stressed, maybe you         others,” she says.
writing in her journal, sipping tea.      overlooked something at work, mis-           And others will be less motivated
    “Spending time by myself is right     placed your keys or blew up at a          to help you.
up there with eating,” says Baker,        loved one and had to make amends.            “The people around us are sensi-
who also is a wife and mother. “My        “You easily spend an hour a day pick-     tive to the stress we’re experiencing
alone time is non-negotiable. It          ing up the pieces when you aren’t at      even though we try not to show it,”
recharges my batteries so I’m more        your best.”                               Haltzman says. “Couples are pretty
efficient at managing the rest of my          So why not prevent such setbacks      fine-tuned to where their partner is
life.”                                    in the first place by slowing down        emotionally. When your partner
    Baker has the right idea about        and enjoying a moment alone?              senses your stress, it’s like a barome-
solitude and efficiency. Be it taking a       “Often, women take on more            ter detecting a low-pressure system –
bubble bath, doodling in a sketch-        responsibility in the household, and      you know there’s a storm coming. In
book or bending your body into com-       they feel selfish and guilty if they      an ideal world, your partner would

                                                                                 ng   for the childre
                                                                         C   a ri                     n
     “Hearing loss is one of
     the world’s most common,
     but often ignored, health                                            Of
                                                                                Dalto                5
                                                                                         n since 195
     problems.            "
                                                                             Richard F. Spanjer MD
                                                                              Luis M. Viamonte MD
                                                                             William R. Edwards MD
                            OOPER                                              Michael A. Hale MD
                         Speech & Hearing Center
                                                                                1107 Memorial Dr. Suite 100
                                                                                     Dalton Ga. 30720
                                                                                   Phone: (706) 278-5373
     Fortunately, treatment for hearing problems has                          We are open M-F for all services
     never been better. Call 706.226.4623 to schedule                        We are open holidays and weekends
     a Hearing Screening.                                                             for emergencies

                                                                                   Se Habla Espanol
                                               Health Mind and Body                                                  27

reach out to you and help you de-        dite healing.                          as developing your inner da Vinci.
stress.”                                    Another meaningful way to be            “Getting a pedicure is more than
   But in reality, your spouse or sig-   alone is doing something you enjoy     shaving down a callus,” Haltzman
nificant other might assume an emo-      and excel at but seldom have time to   says. “There’s a meditative aspect to
tional “duck and cover” position by      do, says Suzanne Zoglio, a             it, a pampering aspect to it, a sense of
withdrawing or pushing you away.         Doylestown, Pa., psychologist and      taking care of yourself. But there
   When you have a sunnier disposi-      author of “Recharge in Minutes: The    should be a balance. You shouldn’t
tion, folks around you,
including co-workers, are
more attracted to you.
“They’re more inclined to
pitch in and help you,”
Haltzman says. “You actu-
ally form alliances that
enable you to get things
done and keep your stress
levels low.”
   Try blocking off some
time alone, Levine says,
but make sure that it does-
n’t become just another
to-do item. “Look at your
calendar and figure out
when you can spare a few
moments for yourself, and
then set an alarm as a
reminder,” she says. “I’m a
big proponent of using
cell-phone alarms.”
   Levine recommends
starting with 15 minutes
each day “when all you      “Often, women take on more responsibility in
do is be quiet and still,”
or you can engage in       the household, and they feel selfish and guilty
calming activities like
writing in a journal, lis-  if they take time for themselves – they see it
tening to music, going for
a walk or practicing a rit- as robbing time from their family. Men often
   Haltzman suggests          neglect themselves because their sense of
going over your weekly
routine, as well as your       identity is so tied up with work and being
budget, to see what
adjustments you can                         good providers.”
make. Perhaps you can
hire a house cleaner or
use a grocery-delivery service to free   Quick-lift Way to Less Stress, More    just focus on external improvement.”
up some time, or eliminate volunteer     Success and Renewed Energy” (Tower        If family members infringe on your
activities you don’t find rewarding.     Hill Press, 2004). “When we’re         alone time, Haltzman recommends
   Levine equates quality alone time     engaged and using our strengths, we    telling them you need occasional soli-
with quiet contemplation, and there      are happiest and most refreshed,”      tude to become a better parent or
have been many studies, most             Zoglio says. Paint, dance, arrange     spouse. “They might feel like they’re
notably by Harvard Medical School        flowers, bake – whatever makes time    missing out at first,” he says, “but if
researchers, in which mindfulness,       fly when you’re doing it.              you get the message out that this will
meditation and prayer have been             Or, if pondering and painting       benefit them in the long run, they’ll
shown to reduce blood pressure,          aren’t your thing, indulging your      probably back off and give you some
increase immune response and expe-       inner diva can be just as worthwhile   space.”
28                                                 Health Mind and Body

   Friday’s insemination, our second       tight deadline to boot was even more           vibrating razor against the new stone
such infertility procedure, was a          daunting. As of today we are enter-            countertop, the buzz intensified by
comic disaster that was an unfortu-        ing the eighteenth month of our                the hard surface. It had only been a
nate blend of Lucy Ricardo at the          attempted conception, and we didn’t            month since we replaced two tires fol-
chocolate factory and an insipid           need extra sleep to put us any further         lowing an unfixable flat and now,
Adam Sandler comedy. To start our          behind schedule.                               with a sample to produce and dead-
day, Constance unconsciously turned           When Constance came back inside             line to meet, our car, much like our
off the alarm clock and when we            from taking out the dogs I was getting         spirits, once again had deflated.
woke up at 6:30 a.m., thirty minutes       ready for the day, slamming bottles of         “Well, I definitely can’t do the sample
before the sample had to be at the         lotion to underscore my displeasure            until the tire is fixed because I don’t
lab, I flew off the hook. I wasn’t         with her alarm clock failings.                 know how long it will take. We can’t
exactly stoked about creating my sam-         “We have a flat tire,” she said.            leave the semen out for too long.”
ple to begin with, but doing it with a        “Again?” I groaned, slamming my                And, thanks to the boys at the tire

                                                                                      Finally, complete care for your entire family, all in

                                                                Place                 one convenient location. Our family practice
                                                                                      provides quality health care services to patients of
                                                                                      all ages in a compassionate, caring manner.
                                                                                        For routine checkups, minor illnesses, sports
            JAMES R. ZUPPA, M.D.                                                      injuries and specialist visits, you only need one

                                                                                      number – ours! Now accepting new patients.
           Sports & School Physicals • Immunizations
          Minor Emergencies • Minor Skin Procedures
           X-rays and Lab • Industrial Health Network
     Worker’s Compensation • Medical Review Officer (MRO)       Health                WHITFIELD
               Drug Screen (DOT/Non DOT/Rapid)
      Hair Testing • Physical Exams (CDL/Pre-employment)
                                                                inGood                MEDICAL
                       Health and Wellness

                                                                                      1714 Cleveland Hwy. • Dalton
                                                                 Walk-ins Welcome
                                                                                      Same Day Appointments
                                                                                      (706) 259-9781
                                                                   8 a.m.-5 p.m.
                                                                   9 a.m.-Noon

                                                                   On-site Lab
                                                                  & X-ray Facility

                                                                  Most Insurance
                                                                  Plans Accepted

        FULL SERVICE PREVENTIVE CARE                               Now accepting
                                                                  United Healthcare
                                                                     and CIGNA

             102 North Oaks Drive • Dalton, GA 30721-8392
                                                                                         Donald R. Thomas, MD        Vrinda P. Kalaria, MD
                                                            Health Mind and Body                                                         29

place, the lug nuts were put on so tightly that it took me
1/2-hour to change the tire. Constance called Dr. Reya, who
told us the latest we could bring the sample to the lab in
order to complete the insemination was 8:30. The time
stood at 7:30 once the tire was changed, so I rushed inside,
slightly sweaty and body weary, to do the deed in record
    We made it to the lab by 8:05, and the place was packed.
After helping one patient, the sole woman registering
patients stopped to make what would prove to be a boister-
ous phone call to her pregnant friend. I sat clutching my
semen in the waiting room, eventually tucking it between a
People magazine and my oversized scarf to put it out of pub-
lic view. After three minutes, I could take it no more and I
walked up to the counter to stare her into submission.
    “Can I help you?” she asked.                                                        Breast cancer affects us all.
    “Yes, I have a time-sensitive sample to deliver,” I said.                      It affects our mothers, sisters, wives and friends.
                                                                                      It affects people of every age, sex and race,
    “Sir, please take a number and I’ll be with you shortly, she
                                                                                      and is the leading cancer among white and
said, clutching the phone to her ear and shielding the                                           African-American women.
mouthpiece with her free hand.                                                                    pink is everyone’s color.
    “I have a number, actually, what I need is to get this sam-
ple to my doctor.”
    “Sir, they just say it’s time sensitive to make sure you get
it here ASAP. Please wait your turn and I’ll be right with
you.” Eight minutes later, semen in-hand, I finally checked
in and deposited my sample.
    After a trip to Jamba Juice for breakfast, where we
received free wheat grass shots from a rule-breaking server
trying to right our bad day, we returned to Dr. Reya’s office
for the procedure. Unlike the first time the catheter didn’t
go right in, and a clamp was needed. Once it was done, Dr.
Reya told Constance to stay on her back for fifteen minutes.
She also said she’d be right back to discuss my last semen
    “Well, the morphology is great,” she said. “Thirty-five
                                                                    Specializing in the treatment of benign
percent, and anything above fifteen percent is a fine. Your         and malignant diseases of the breast.
motility is fine, too, as is the volume and the number of
sperm swimming in the right direction. The problem is the
count. This time, it was only two million, and we’re looking
for a count between twenty and eighty million to conceive.”
    “That’s so odd,” Constance said. “Last time you had it
done it was sixty million, and that was only ten months ago,
    “Yeah,” I said. “Everything was fine then.”                                        Eric R. Manahan, M.D., F.A.C.S.,
    But now it’s not and everything is different. It could be a                                Medical Director
varicocele or it could be something unknown. I’m now tak-                               Steven Paynter, M.D., F.A.C.S.
ing everything natural known to help right the ship, includ-
ing daily doses of bee pollen, Kombucha tea and more vita-                              Richard Fromm, M.D., F.A.C.S.
mins than one human should consume in a single mouthful.                           W. Christopher Sutterfield, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Now, if this insemination doesn’t work, I have to go in for
blood work and another awkward urological exam.
    But hey, at least I got a free wheat grass shot out of it, am             (706) 217-2265
I right? Am I right?
    Ah, what’s the use – I know I’m not right …                      1504 Broadrick Drive • Dalton
     Organic skin-care lines are
     almost as popular as their
     edible counterparts, but if
    you’re not ingesting it, why
   pay more? Because beauty —
    and health — are skin deep

                                                Health Mind and Body                                                     31

        BY BETH KUJAWSKI                  ingredients” must contain at least 75-      boasts ‘natural’ ingredients, that’s no
            CTW Features                  percent organic materials.                  guarantee that it’s organic,” Baumann
   As with organic food, organic skin-       “Organic consumers are just as           says. The only standard for “natural”
care products aren’t new, they’ve just    interested in what their products do        is that the ingredient is not signifi-
gone mainstream. When you opt for         not contain as in what they do con-         cantly altered from its original state,
organics, not only your skin benefits     tain.” says Dr. Leslie Baumann, direc-      but natural ingredients are not held
but also the planet. The plants used      tor of the University of Miami              to organic standards, meaning natural
to make organic skin-care products        Cosmetic Center and author of “The          products may contain GMOs, pesti-
are grown without synthetic pesti-        Skin Type Solution” (Bantam, 2006).         cides, herbicides or other chemicals.
cides, hormones, genetically modified     “The organic label assures that the             So should you run to your bath-
organisms (GMOs) or other chemi-          key cleansing and conditioning ingre-       room and toss everything in the
cals.                                     dients are derived from organically         trash? Not necessarily. But it’s worth
   But with aisles of personal prod-      grown plant products.”                      your time to read the ingredients in
ucts, how do you know what to look           Products from other countries carry      products and understand what it is
for?                                      different certifications. Kirstin Binder,   you’re putting on your skin.
   Manufacturers are allowed to label     founder and president of Saffron            Environmental Working Group’s Skin
their products as organic based on        Rouge ( and             Deep cosmetic safety database
ingredient thresholds established by, an online             ( rates
the National Organic Program of the       source for organic skin care products       the safety of ingredients in nearly
USDA and the National Organic             from around the world, recommends           25,000 products. Once you know the
Standard for Canada. Products             consumers check that their products         relative safety of your current stash,
labeled “100-percent organic” must        carry certifications such as BDIH           you can decide whether or not to try
contain 100-percent, certified-organic    (Germany), Cosmébio by Ecocert              some products that contain organic
ingredients. “Organic” products must      (France), the Soil Association (UK),        ingredients.
contain at least 95-percent, certified-   AIAB (Italy), Eco-Garantie                      After all, your skin is your body’s
organic ingredients. These two cate-      (Belgium) and NASAA (Australia).            largest organ and works both ways –
gories of products are eligible to dis-      “Natural,” however, is not the           through secretion and absorption.
play the USDA’s organic seal.             same as “organic.” “If you find a prod-     Some products are pore-blocking
Products labeled “Made with organic       uct that claims to be ‘natural’ or          (comedogenic) and prevent your skin
32                                                                                                      Health Mind and Body

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                                                      Health Mind and Body                                                     33

from adequately secreting toxins from         concentrations of parabens in breast       food-grade ingredients, so while you
your system. Likewise, your skin              cancer tissue.”                            probably wouldn’t want to eat them,
absorbs what you apply to it, so it              Baumann points out that “on aver-       in most instances, you could.
makes sense to avoid potentially              age, women use seven or more skin,         “Organic skin care is developed using
harmful ingredients.                          hair and beauty products per day. The      nature’s plants,” Binder says. “Plants
   Not every ingredient that’s hard to        ingredients in those various products      naturally contain minerals, vitamins,
pronounce is bad for you, but Binder          could potentially interact or lead to a    essential fatty acids and antioxidants,
of Saffron Rouge recommends avoid-            higher combined rate of exposure to        all the things that feed your skin and
ing these 10 in general:                      certain ingredients.”                      help your skin to renew. When you’re
   1. Chlorophensin                              But we’re all exposed to many           using organic plants, you’re ensuring
   2. Diazolidinyl urea                       chemicals from many sources every          that no residual chemicals are enter-
   3. Parabens (Ethyl-, Methyl-,              day, from food to air pollutants to        ing your skin.”
Butyl-, Propylparaben)                        household products. “This makes it             Yes, organic products cost more,
   4. Carbomer                                hard for each of us to assess our own      but you get what you pay for, and you
   5. Propylene glycol                        particular health-care risks,” Baumann     can’t put a price on wellness.
   6. Petrolatum/mineral oil                  says. “That’s why many organic con-            “My health and my skin are always
   7. Triethanolamine (TEA)                   sumers choose to limit chemical expo-      my first investment,” says Kelley
   8. D&C colors (synthetic)                  sures as a precaution, including in        West, Chicago, an independent com-
   9. Synthetic fragrance                     their topical care.”                       munications consultant and longtime
   10. 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-               Of course, the health of your skin      user of organic skin care. “Organic
diol (bronopol)                               doesn’t just come from a jar. What         food in the body, organic products on
   “Parabens are used in many cos-            you put in your body has an even           the body. That’s just the natural law
metics and skin-, hair- and body-care         greater effect on your skin’s health       in my world. Whoever said ‘Beauty is
products and can sometimes produce            than what you put on it, but the two       only skin deep’ couldn’t have been
allergic reactions,” Baumann says.            work in tandem.                            more wrong. You create and maintain
“One controversial study found high              Organic skin-care products contain      beauty within and without.”

                                                                        Need a Physician?
                          Your Eyes, Your Choice

                                                                         Dr. Lesly Dessieux             Dr. Sanjay K. Shukla
                                                                           Family Practice                 Family Practice

                                                                                 Call (706) 517-3770
                                                                                     for an appointment

    We all like choices. But until recently, when it came to
    improving your vision, choices were limited - glasses and
    contacts. Today there are great, new safe and affordable

                                                                          Quality Care From Our
    options to help you and your family see better.

    Call Professional Eye Associates today to find out more.
                        706-226-2020                                        Family To Yours
                                                        Enrichment Center
                                                    109 W. Gordon Street, Dalton, GA.

                                                            Fax 706-278-7050
                                                    Option Line 800-395-HELP (4357)

Q   What services do you provide
    to our community?
                                                    Q   Is there a fee for these services?

A   We educate through our sexual abstinence
    program, “You Are Unique.” This program
                                                    A   All clients are served free of charge.
                                                            Where area medical professionals
    is available to schools, churches, and
    other organizations for teaching the value
    of sexual abstinence prior to marriage. We
    educate the youth in our community on
    how to build healthy relationships,
                                                    Q   How do you gain funding to provide
                                                        free services?

    decision making and character building.
    We provide parenting classes during and             Our existence relies upon financial
    after pregnancy through our Earn While              support of local churches, businesses
    You Learn Program. Women have the
    opportunity to earn credits that they can
    use to “purchase” materials like maternity
    and baby clothes, blankets, diapers,
    formula and other much needed supplies.
                                                    Q   How can I help?

    Lessons include videos and worksheets
    with a number of topics to choose from.
    We help by providing women with
                                                    A   You can offer help in a loving and caring
                                                        manner in one or more of the following
    pregnancy tests, ultrasound scans, and
    material support such as maternity                  *   Volunteer Counselor
    clothes, baby clothes, strollers, cribs, baby       *   Abstinence Presenter/Helper
    food, formula and just about anything that          *   Church Liaison
    a mother might need for a new baby or               *   Receptionist
    toddler.                                            *   Newsletter
                                                        *   Board Member
                                                        *   Office Help

                                                        *   Financial Support
                                                        *   Building Maintenance
    Who do you serve?                                   *   Fundraising
                                                        *   Baby-Items/Equipment Donations

A   We are an outreach to all families in our
    community. All of our support is provided
    by trained and compassionate volunteers.
                                                        *   Faithful Friend - $10 month minimum
                                                            monthly pledge
Breathe a sigh of

Invacare® HomeFill® Oxygen System will
enhance your quality of life. This
complete oxygen system will allow you
to control your own oxygen supply from
the comfort of your home.

                                                                                                Invacare® HomeFill®
                                                                             Complete Home Oxygen System
                                   • Provides an unlimited ambulatory
                                      oxygen supply
                                   • Patient breathes from a continuous
                                      flow oxygen
                                   • Allows greater mobility than other
                                      traditional oxygen modalities
                                   • Ideal for travel
                                   • Fosters independence for ambulatory
                                   • Patient Convenience Pack offers a
                                      continuous flow option at 2 lpm
  Invacare® HomeFill® and
 Patient Convenience Pack
           Respiratory Therapist on staff to assist in patient care
                            Same-Day Delivery
   Providers for HealthOne, State Merit, Blue Cross Blue Shield & others.
      Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance billing for our patients.

  NWGA Home Health and Oxygen                                                 24
412 North Park Drive, Dalton • (706) 226-0520
Think HDTV is cool?
Just watch what happens when MRI goes high-def.
                     Gordon Hospital’s new HD MRI is here.

                     High Definition Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the most advanced

                     MRI technology available. And now it’s available right here in our

                     community — at Gordon Hospital. Much like HDTV, HD MRI gives

                       physicians a clearer, more highly defined image of problem

                     areas, which can lead to a more accurate diagnosis. We even

have on-staff specialists who allow us to take full advantage of this new technology.

To learn more about our new HD MRI, call Gordon Hospital at 706.602.7800.

It’s one more way we’re here for you.

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