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									From the Presidents Desk …….

Question of the week is “Do I have to use my personal vehicle for postal business?” ex;
street supervision, route exams or other duties.

The answer is, The Postal Services should not force or require Supervisors to use their
own vehicles to perform their job responsibilities such as street observations or route
inspections. NAPS says NO! You do not have to use your personal vehicle for postal
There are various laws & regulations that govern different situations. They cover your
liabilities and insurance requirements. This is a brief summary below.

If you are involved in an auto accident in an on duty status and within the scope of your
responsibilities, you are covered by a statute that protects you from personal liability. If
you are found liable, the Postal Service will pay for any damages to the other vehicle,
personal property, and personal injuries suffered by other parties.

If you are injured in an accident then you would be entitled to OWCP benefits under the
Federal Employees Compensation Act, regardless of fault, provided you were acting
within the scope of your employment.

The Postal Service will not pay for any damages to your vehicle, even if you are not at
fault, nor will it pay for any increase in premiums that an insurance company may charge
you as a result of you using your vehicle in performance of your employment.
The rationale is that the compensation by mileage or flat rate is intended to cover all
associated expenses, including gas, wear and tear and insurance. If you cause damage to
your vehicle it is expected your insurance, or you will cover the damages. If a third party
causes damage to your vehicle it is expected that you will pursue recovery with help from
your insurance company, from the third party.

Your insurance company may want additional premiums for coverage if you use choose
to use your vehicle for work, so protect yourself and make sure your insurance is updated
prior to utilizing your vehicle in the performance of your duties while a supervisor.

Dennis B. McGahan
President NAPS
Branch 43
Boston MA

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