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					                                     The Messenger
                                   CUNNINGHAM UNITED METHODIST CHURCH
                                   A caring church family expressing Christ’s love to all
                                                                                                       September 2011
                                                                   The authors of Amish Grace acknowledge these
From the Pastor’s Desk                                             questions. They point out, however, that Amish
Remembering                                                        forgiveness did not mean ignoring that a tragedy
                                                                   occurred in their community—the Amish struggled, as
Sometimes, remembering is a great gift.                            you would expect, with the searing memories of the day
My Dad lives in the joy of his memories of                         of violence. It did not mean ―pardoning‖ the offender,
the sixty-two years of marriage he shared                          acting as though no wrong had been committed. The
with my Mom. It was tough for him when                             Amish fully accept that the civil authorities have
she died—those memories often brought                              responsibilities to protect the community and to punish
tears—but those tears were reminders of                            offenders.
how special their relationship was.
                                                                   Instead, the Amish made a conscious decision not to
Sometimes, however, remembering makes us relive                    react in revenge, but rather to act in grace. This decision
events that we would rather forget.                                was not easy. It was not a onetime event, but had to be
It is hard to believe that ten years have passed since             made over and over again. The pain was still present,
civilian jets were transformed into weapons of war                 but the decision to act in love, grace and forgiveness was
against our country. September 11th will be a day for              made with the faith that in time—in God’s time—healing
many of us that is seared into our memories—we can                 would occur and emotional forgiveness would take place.
remember exactly where we were when we heard the                   Not all bad events are as horrific as were the events of
awful news. Our memories have been reinforced by the               September 11th. But the wrongs done to us cause real
constant replay of videos showing airplanes flying into            pain nonetheless. We or those we love are hurt by
the World Trade Center. We would like to forget, but we            someone or something. We feel the impulse to lash out
can’t.                                                             and take action, even when we feel the tug in our souls
What can we, as Christians, do about those memories?               that God has different way for us to respond.
We read the words of Jesus telling us that ―if you do not          The way of the Amish is not easy. It has been ingrained
forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your              in Amish culture through hundreds of years of teaching
trespasses‖ (Matthew 6:15). But try as we might, there             and preaching, in the wake of scores of Amish who were
are some things that we just can’t forget. Sometimes, I            martyred. I don’t believe that we can snap our fingers
wish that I had a ―DELETE‖ button in my brain that                 and make the pain go away. I do believe, however, that
would let me highlight and remove the unwanted                     through God’s help we can choose not to let the evil of
memories.                                                          this world control us. God can transform us so that in
I suspect that we sometimes confuse ―forgiving‖ and                our remembering, we will ―not be overcome by evil, but
―forgetting.‖ Our efforts to drive a memory from our               will overcome evil with good‖ (Romans 12:2, 21).
mind may actually lead to repression. The memory still                                                            ~ Pastor Tom
is there, exercising control over us, causing much more
damage to our emotional life and to our souls than if we
had just left it out in the open.
A number of our United Methodist Women recently read
a book called Amish Grace: How Forgiveness                         Bobby Stanley            1     Delfin Baker                16
Transcended Tragedy. The book describes the response               Beryle Pullinger         2     Gene Benvenutti             19
of the Amish community in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania,              Ben Kozerski             6     Ron Comfort                 19
when a depressed neighbor invaded an Amish                         Sara Miles               6     Zachary Kent                19
schoolhouse, killed five young girls and seriously
                                                                   Melanie Ann Lambert      8     Mabel Powell                21
wounded several others before he turned his gun on
himself. To the shock and disbelief of the rest of the             Jane Onimus              8     Lisa Berman                 22
country, the family and friends of the victims went to the         Puna Baker               10    Anna Nichols                23
family of the shooter to express their forgiveness and to          Nichole Ward             10    Amy Reese                   23
comfort them in their own loss. Most observers praised             Samuel Craun             12    Steve Parrish               29
the Amish community for its response, but others
                                                                   Tara Garcia              12    Kenneth Nickerson           30
criticized them for ignoring reality, for living in a
fatalistic mindset that accepts the presence of evil in this       Ellie Grace Miles        14
world and suppresses legitimate anger.

                                                                                      Charge Conference
                                                                                      Our annual Charge Conference has
                   (as of Sept. 1, 2011)                                              been scheduled early this year. It
                                                                                      will be held on Thursday, September
Current Requests                                                  15th at 7:00 pm. Please plan to attend this important
Joe Berman            Evelyn Gibson        Rena Powell            meeting of our church leadership.
Ken Berryman           Haywood             Harold Riva
Wayne Bettinger        Hand                Lois Shaub
Bev                   Bill Harrison        Jane Shell
 Blankenbeckler       Dr. Stephen          Edward Shiflett
Yako Bowman            Haynes              Charles & Anne         Rebecca Parsons
Grayson               Brooklyn               Southworth           The Congregation was blessed by Rebecca Parsons, who
 Brightwell            Michelle            Madison Stenson        visited and gave the message on Sunday, August 7. The
Bill Bull              Jefferson           Barry Stump            ministry she offers is a blessing to many. She received a
Debbie Cale           Barbara Kacer        Steve Suder            trunk full of school supplies from CUMC, and there were
Susan Davis           Linda Kay            Barbara                so many that she also filled her back seat!
Alyssa Divers         Ross & Georgia         Hendershott
Bill Eubank            Kirby                 Tafuni
Frances Kay           Carly Koch           Sheri & Russell
 Ferguson             Andre Logan            Wilkins
John Flynn            Betsy                Peter Willis
Chuck Fretterd         McDonald            Bernadine Woods
Nancy Fretterd        Fred O’Connor        Jimmy Wood
                      Diane Onimus         Jasper Youmans
Long Term Requests
C. R. Baird     Liliane Grant              Matthew Rigsby
Michael Dech,   Hank Luniewski             Teresa Shifflett
 Sr.            Sophia Pace                 & Family
Ray Frost       Mary Ann                   Natalie
Claude Gianniny  Parrish                    Simmons
                Lorraine Powell            Carson Tucker
Cunningham Homebound and Shut-ins
Reva Bishop     Mary Frances   Charles
Carola           Bright         Matteson
 Blankenbeckler Katherine      Helen Parrish
Dennis           Gianniny      Pam Smith
 Blankenbeckler Antha Hallman
We Remember
We remember Claude Gianniny and Fred Sadler, who
passed away last month.
Other Requests
Those suffering job losses.
Our troops, including Joe Brogan (brother of Rose Brogan);
Mark Buell (brother of Adam Buell); Ryan Decato (married to
David & Jane Onimus’s granddaughter); Dustin Haney
(grandson of David Haney); Richard Harry (friend of Adam
and Heather Perry); Jeff Pullinger (grandson of Beryle
Pullinger); Stan Jacukowicz, Jr. (brother of Theresa
Simmons); Thomas Yancey (friend of the Shiflett family);
Chris Williams, and Bridget O’Neil.
For peace in our world.
Reminder: If you wish to add a name to the
printed prayer list, please submit a new request in
writing. Please be sure to include your name.
Thank you!

Acolytes                                                         LONG RANGE PLANNING: Reviewed the committees
                                                                 of our church and their functions. Next meeting will
If you are willing to serve as an                                begin discussing 12 Keys to an Effective Church for use
Acolyte, please sign up on the                                   as a potential framework for determining the future of
sheet on the bulletin board in                                   our church. The committee feels that as long as we offer
the Narthex. Thank you!                                          hope our church will survive.

                                                                 WORSHIP: Need additional large print hymnals. Old
___________________________________                              Farm Day – would like to see an increased use of bubbles
                                                                 to get the kids interested in CUMC and also are looking
Fellowship Together                                              into offering children Christian story books. Ron
                           Join us each Sunday morning           Comfort will be our speaker for Homecoming. The
                           following worship and Sunday          Pastor will brief the congregation on what the
                           School, as we gather to enjoy         Discretionary Fund is, how much is in it and what type
                           coffee, lemonade, and snacks          of circumstances it is used for.
                           under the Old Oak Tree.
                                                                 PASTOR TOM: September 15, 2011 – Annual Charge
                           ____________________________          Conference. Commends ―Long Range Planning
                                                                 Committee‖ on their thoughtful considerations in trying
                                                                 to find where we should be in the future. Vesper
                                                                 program is still in the forming process. To commemorate
                                                                 the 911 anniversary in the county, the Pastor would like
                                                                 to offer our church for a community service and to
If you would like to provide a floral                            combine our 175th Anniversary in September 2012 with
arrangement (15’ high and 15‖ wide) on                           Homecoming.
the alter in memory of or in honor of
someone, you may call Jefferson Flower
Shoppe (996-4087). Delivery is free on                           July Money Matters
Saturday to the Church. Please also give                                          Budget              $9,424
Edna the information (996-7607) to be noted in the
bulletin and the church calendar.                                            Regular Offerings        $10,029

Church Council Meeting                                                        Total Deposits         $11,602.30
Highlights                                                                     Mo. Expenses          $7,608.57
                    AUGUST 9, 2011
                                                                                 YTD Reg.             $69,190
TREASURER: Income for July - $11,602.30 Expenses                                 Offerings
for July - $7,608.57.
                                                                              YTD Expenses            $66,557
FINANCE: Increase in apportionment of $10,000.00
which means an increase in our monthly budget.
Discussion followed as to the possibility of changing
budget in different areas. All of the changes must be
accomplished by Sept.15, 2011, the date of the annual
Charge Conference. Next meeting of the Finance
                                                                 Upcoming meetings:
Committee will be Aug. 11, 2011.
                                                                 Sunday, September 18th
OUTREACH: Charleene and Doug Frazier opened their                Sunday, September 25th - Fluvanna Christian Youth at
home to Becky Parsons, for her overnight stay. She left          Slate Hill Baptist - with rock wall, games and the movie
with her trunk and back seat filled with school supplies         "Soul Surfer"
thanks to members of CUMC. Frances Coffey will be                Sunday, October 2nd
here on Sept. 11, 2011 – she is in charge of Mary’s Cradle       Sunday, October 16th
in Bluefield, WV. Fluvanna County also is in dire need           Sunday, October 23rd Fluvanna Christian Youth at Byrd
of school supplies. Wal-Mart is allowing the County to           Chapel – Movie Night - Movie TBA...
fill a school bus with supplies. Volunteers will be needed
for this along with helping to fill backpacks. A check           We will need volunteers to provide dinner for all the
from the church from the Discretionary Fund will be sent         dates of our regular meetings. Time from 6 - 7:30 pm.
to the organizers of this event.
                                                                 All 6th - 12th graders welcome!!!
U.M.M.: On August 16, 2011, Scholarship Fund checks
will be presented to four high school graduates.
Hand chime rehearsals are at 5:00 pm on Sunday                                   Parents’ Night Out will start again this
evenings. We will ring in church about once a month.                             fall on September 10, from 5:30 pm –
Please let Carol Frost know if you are able to participate                       9:30 pm. Bring your children to church
at 434-589-8423.                                                                 for dinner and fellowship while you
                                                                                 enjoy a night out! Make your
                                                                                 reservation by Wed., Sept. 7 to Joyce
                                                                 Black at 589-8608.

                                                                 Youth Bake Sale on Aug. 28
Bible Study will resume Tuesday Sept. 6 at 2:00 pm and
                                                                 The Youth Bake Sale raised $106 - $53 to the YSF and
Thursday Sept. 8 at 7:00 pm. There will be a Fellowship
                                                                 $53 to the Allie Buck fund. We donated a little over $76
Supper before the Thursday Bible Study at 6:15 pm.
                                                                 total to the YSF Fund.
Please RSVP to Carol Frost, 434-589-8423 or if you are able to attend the Supper.

UMM Scholarship Dinner

                                                                 Frances Coffey to
                                                                 visit CUMC
                                                                 Frances Coffey, one of our two
                                                                 Covenant Missionaries, is
                                                                 planning to visit Cunningham on
                                                                 September 11, 2011. Francis Coffey is a Church and
                                                                 Community Worker at Mary’s Cradle in Bluefield, West
                                                                 Virginia. Join us as Francis shares with us about her ministry
                                                                 to children in need in Bluefield.

From the
mailbag                                                         Dear United Methodist Men’s Group,
                                                                         I would just like to thank you for the lovely
I would like to express my
                                                                dinner you had for me and the rest of the graduates. The
appreciation to the
                                                                dinner was fabulous and so was the devotion that Pastor
members of our church
                                                                Tom gave. Thank you for the scholarship money as well.
family for all of your
                                                                You all did not have to do that, and I really appreciate
support during the recent
                                                                your generosity.
illness and death of my
                                                                         I have had a wonderful time being a part of
Mother, Bernadine Woods. Your prayers helped get me
                                                                Cunningham United Methodist Church. I look forward
through and continue to keep me going through a very
                                                                to coming back whenever I am home from JMU. Thank
difficult time. I have felt your love and willingness to
                                                                you for all you have done to help me out with college. It
help and know that I could call upon you if I needed
                                                                really means a lot.
help. Pastor Tom has faithfully been there at all
times. The Cunningham United Methodist Church is                        Best regards,
truly blessed with his leadership and presence.                         Rachel Liles
        With Christian Love,                                    Dear United Methodist Men’s Club,
        Karen Dorsey                                                     I just wanted to thank you for inviting my family
Thanks for your help in sending all of the youth to camp.       and I to the delicious dinner you made for us. Pastor
Because of your help I went to the best camp for the            Tom, your inspiring words and open heart will stay with
third year! It was an amazing experience to make new            me throughout my college years. Thank you for making
friends and learn more about God.                               me feel welcome at the United Methodist Church. The
                                                                gift received was greatly appreciated and will go straight
        Thank you so much,
                                                                for my books for school.
                                                                        Thank you again!
Thank you so much for helping to send us to camp. The                   Courtney Brown
Appalachian Trail is an amazing and pure place to
experience life and God.
        Thank you,
Thank you for helping send us to camp. I had an
amazing time because of your help.
                                                                The Messenger by email
        Thanks,                                                 We are sending The Messenger by email to everyone for
        Emily                                                   whom we have an email address. If you would like to add
                                                                your email to our distribution list, please send an email
Thank you for helping to send me to camp. I had a lot of        to Carol Frost, If you would prefer a
fun. I also got closer to nature and God.                       paper copy, send an email or call Carol at 434-589-8423.
        Your friend,
Thank you for helping to send us to Westview and for all
of the hard work that you do throughout the year. I had
a great time at Westview this summer and in the past. I         A Service of Remembrance
thank you because I may not have been able to have all
of these great times at camp without you!                       On September 11th at 5:00 pm, we
        Thanks,                                                 will gather as a community to
        Nicole Kent                                             remember the events of ten years
                                                                ago. We need to remember - not
Thank you for sending me to camp. I had fun hiking the          only the tragedies, but we need
Appalachian Trail. I feel closer to God and I made new          also to remember God’s grace that
friends.                                                        has sustained us, and our hope for
        Thank you,                                              the day when God’s kingdom will prevail over all the
        Maggie Benvenutti                                       earth. Come and let us remember.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

    It’s Homecoming time at
    It’s time to come back home, to
remember, to reconnect. It’s time
to see the great things that God is
doing in and through Cunningham United Methodist
    On behalf of the people of Cunningham United
Methodist Church, I invite you to come home to attend
our Homecoming Celebration on September 25,
2011 at 11:00 a.m.
    I am delighted that Mr. Ron Comfort, lay speaker for
the Charlottesville District and long-time friend of
Cunningham, will be our featured speaker during our
Worship Service. For more than five years, Ron was one
of Cunningham’s regular lay speakers. For thirty years,
Ron taught graduate studies at the University of
Virginia in the School of Education. Ron and his wife
Marilyn have been members of the First United
Methodist Church in Charlottesville for almost thirty
years. For our Homecoming Celebration, Ron will be
speaking on the theme ―Reunion.‖
    His theme is timely, indeed. The past year has been a
busy one at Cunningham. We have welcomed new
friends and we have said good-bye to old friends. We
have worshipped, prayed and served together. In the
words of John Wesley, ―the best of all is, God is with us!‖
    We hope you will come home to Cunningham on
September 25th to renew old friendships and to see first
hand the great things that God is doing in our church!
We still are located on Route 53 in Palmyra, 3.2 miles
west of Route 15, and adjacent to the former
Cunningham Deli. Worship will begin at 11:00.
Following the worship service, a brief time of
remembrance will be held in the cemetery, followed by
one of those potluck luncheons that Cunningham is
famous for. We look forward to seeing you!
                                  In Christ’s love,
                                  Thomas E. Frost, Pastor

Our Youth participated in
a Youth Rally with the
Charlottesville District.
Here are some pictures of
the event.                                                        Please turn in articles and pictures
                                                                   for the October newsletter by Thursday,
                                                                        September 22 to Carol Frost at
                                                                                  Thank you!!

                                      Cunningham United Methodist Church
                                                                            ~ September 2011 ~

          Sun                      Mon                        Tue                      Wed                       Thu                        Fri                    Sat

                                                                                                        1                         2                       3

4                          5 Labor Day              6                        7                          8                         9                       10
 9:30a Children's Sun.                                  10a UMW Work Day         7:30p Choir Practice   6:15p Fellowship Supper                           5:30p Parents' Night Out
                                                          2p Bible Study                                     7p Bible Study
 9:30a Worship Service
                                                           7p U M Men
 10:45a Adult Sun. Sch.
                                                         7p Hand Chime

11                         12                       13                       14                         15                        16                      17
 9:30a Children's Sun.     7p Long Range Planning       9:30a UMW Meeting        1p Men's Luncheon      7p Charge Conference          7p Single's Group
        Sch.                     Committee
                                                          1p Bible Study         7:30p Choir Practice
 9:30a Worship Service       7p PPR Committee
                                                        7p Church Council
 10:45a Adult Sun. Sch.
 3p District Conference
 5p Community Service
     7p Leadership &

18                         19                       20                       21                         22                        23                      24
    Special Offering for                                10a UMW Work Day         7:30p Choir Practice   6:15p Fellowship Supper
    Habitat for Humanity
                                                          1p Bible Study                                     7p Bible Study
 9:30a Worship Service
 9:30a Children's Sun.
 10:45a Adult Sun. Sch.
      5p Hand Chime

      6p Youth Group

25                         26                       27                       28                         29                        30
       Homecoming                                       10a UMW Work Day         7:30p Choir Practice       10a Prayer Shawl
 9:30a Worship Service                                    1p Bible Study
                                                                                                        6:15p Fellowship Supper
 9:30a Children's Sun.
        Sch.                                                                                                 7p Bible Study
 10:45a Adult Sun. Sch.
     5p Hand Chimes
  6p Youth Group with
Fluvanna Christian Youth

The Messenger
c/o The Rev. Thomas E. Frost
5436 Ruritan Lake Road
Palmyra, VA 22963-9516

Parsonage Phone: 434-589-8423

September 2011

Church Directory Corrections and                                 Please submit information for the next
Additions Please Notify:                                         Newsletter by the 15th of the month to:
                                                                 Carol Frost
Deanna Stephenson                                              
CUMC Membership Chair                                                    5436 Ruritan Lake Rd.                                                 Palmyra, VA 22963
Ph. No. 589-1569                                                         Ph. No. 589-8423

                                                                 Photo Editor: Liz Smith

                                       Comfort and Joy
                                    By Mary Kalchbrenner

                                   Cunningham United
                                    Methodist Church
                                           9:30 am
                                    Worship Service
                                    Nursery Care for Infants &
                                    Children’s Sunday School
                                          10:45 am
                                    Sunday School for Adults
                                    Wheelchair Accessible
                                   Rev. Tom Frost, Pastor


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