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					                            Sounds of China Constitution

Arrangement of Articles:
Article I. Name
Article II. Purpose
Article III. Membership
Article IV: Meetings and Procedures
Article V: Officers
Article VI: Electing, Appointing and Removing Officers
Article VII: Committees
Article VIII: By-laws
Article IX: Amendments to the Constitution
Article X: Ratification

Article I: Name

Section 1: The name of this organization shall be Sounds of China, hereafter referred
to as SOC.

Section 2: The officers and committee members of SOC shall make up the Executive
Board of SOC, hereafter referred to as the Board.

Article II: Purpose

Section 1: The purpose of this organization shall be
       a. to provide for those who are interested in the Chinese language and culture
       a resourceful and non-political setting to further pursue and develop their
       b. to provide the resources for members to produce quality radio
       programming in Chinese and English.
       c. to introduce all varieties of Chinese culture to the Columbia and Barnard
       d. to entertain listeners of our Chinese radio program.
       Section 2: The Board shall oversee the operation of the club and the Chinese
       radio program.

Article III: Membership

Section 1: Membership shall be open to anyone who wishes to join SOC; regardless
of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, ethnicity or physical

Section 2: Only members who are undergraduate students in Barnard College,
Columbia College, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, or the School of
General Studies may vote or hold office.

Section 3: Membership may be revoked by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board
due to inappropriate conduct as outlined in the official University policy.
Article IV: Meetings and Procedures

Section 1: An annual general meeting (AGM) must be held at the beginning of the
school year to introduce the organization and outline activities for the upcoming
year. The AGM should occur prior to recruitment of DJs and OCMs.

Section 2: The Board will convene on a regular basis on activity-planning and general
SOC policy amendments.

Section 3: All Board meetings are open to the general membership at all times.

Section 4: The general membership will be notified of any policy decisions proposed
by the Board. The general membership will be given on week to voice their opinions
on policy changes. The board must take into account the membership’s opinion. A
two-thirds majority vote is required to pass the policy decisions.

Article V: Officers

Section 1: Overall Duties: In addition to the duties prescribed for each officer, all
officers are required to assist in all SOC events and activities; i.e. Moonfest,
Dumpling Dinner and Karaoke Night, Chinese New Year's Radio program, Radio
Drama, Mahjong Madness, Movie Nights, etc.

Section 2: Elected Officers-duties:
       1. President is responsible for the proper conduct of all club activities and
       functions; represents the club in all official matters; have authority to make
       decisions on behalf of the club in the interest of the club and in the absence of
       the Board. He/She will also serve as the general spokesperson of the
       organization and will conduct all board meetings.
       2. Vice-President assists the president in administrative tasks and in any
       decision making process; stands in for the president when he/she is absent;
       oversees and advises program officers and meets with them to ensure their
       progress; oversees all club events; organizes all meetings.
       3. Producer supervises and maintains the standard of the radio program and
       promotes its production in all ways; maintains the club musical records,
       tapes, and CD's; is responsible for the radio program guide for the listeners;
       recruits, trains, and oversees programmers.
       4. Treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs and records of the club
       and the club's funds (e.g. keeping a ledger and drawing up budgets);
       presents the financial records to any officer upon request; reports club's
       financial status at board meetings; manages the money at all club events.
       5. Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes during each board
       meeting and is responsible for keeping a record of attendance; is responsible
       for all club correspondences; i.e. writing up proposals, letters for the club and
       radio station; assists in overseeing the club's sub-committees. Further
       He/She will maintain and update the membership list and send out
       newsletters to our membership; represents the club in all area of
       advertisement which includes attending recruitment meetings, producing
       flyers, and keeps the community informed of our events i.e. the Spectator,, Barnard Calendar)
       6. Production Assistant assists the producer in all aspects of the radio
       program and promotion.

Section 3: Each term of office begins upon election to office, and ends upon
completion of the following year. Past Board members are required to attend at least
three Board meetings after elections in order to assure a smooth transition of board.

Section 4: Appointed Officers-Duties:

       1. Webmaster will be appointed by the Board. He/She is responsible for
       maintaining and updating the website regularly to notify students and
       listeners of upcoming as well as past events.
       2. Graphic Designer will be appointed by the Board based on the skill and
       past designing experience. He/She will produce flyers, logos and all publicity
       materials for the organization. He/She should also have input onto the design
       aspect of the website and multi-media presentations.
       3. Programming Officers will be appointed annually by the newly elected
       Board. These officers will be called Programming Officers, and be appointed
       on the basis of effort and interest in the club activities and functions for the
       past year. The duties of these appointed officers are: executing tasks
       assigned by the President as deemed necessary; assisting all Board members
       in club matters and managing at least one event. There is a minimum of 4
       and a maximum of 6 Program Officers.
       4. Radio Programmers (DJs)
       i. Radio Programmers must be fluent in either Cantonese or Mandarin.
       ii. Radio Programmers are selected based upon their show content proposal
       and the content quality of their show.
       iii. Radio Programmers are advised to arrive at the radio station at least 15
       minutes before the start of their show. Radio Programmers that have a
       history of arriving late will be suspended by the Producer.
       5. Organization Committee Members (OCMs) will be chosen annually by
       the Board. These officers are usually from the freshman class and will be
       referred to as Organization Committee Members or OCMs, and be chosen by
       the Board through interviews at the beginning of the academic year (fall
       semester) and/or after turnover in March. The duties of these chosen officers
       are: executing tasks assigned by the Board. There is a minimum of 4 and a
       maximum of 6 Program Officers.

Article VI: Electing, Appointing, and Removing Officers

Section 1: SOC shall have the following officers: President, Vice-President,
Treasurer, Secretary, Producer, and Production Assistant. Nominations for
office must be submitted to the Board at least three days prior to the
election. Running Statements for office must be submitted to the SOC
President in written form at least one day before the election. Election is
held during the general meeting(s) by the second week of March of the
preceding academic year. Candidates must be members at least two weeks
prior to their election.

Section 2: All nominees must accept the nomination by writing a running
statement to the President (or person in charge) in order to be added to the
election roster. The election roster will be sent to the Members at least 1 day
before elections.
Section 3: During the election meeting, each candidate is to prepare a short
speech and participate in the Q&A session.

Section 4: Members present at the meeting will elect the Board positions in
the following sequence: President, Vice President, Producer, Treasure,
Secretary, and Production Assistant

Section 5: Drop downs—candidates who are not elected to the original office
they were running for may have the option of running for one lower position.
Candidates must specify the “drop down” position to the Board at least 1 day
prior to elections. Candidates are also responsible for preparing for the short
speech and Q&A session for their “drop down” position.

Section 6: The newly elected Board at the annual board election meeting may
appoint four to six officers. These officers shall be referred to as Program
Officers, and be appointed on the basis of effort and interest in the club
activities and functions. The duties of these appointed officers are: assisting
the President and Vice President in event planning and execution;
independently responsible for at least one event per year.

Section 7: The Board may choose four to six new officers annually. These officers
shall be referred to as Organization Committee Members or OCM's, and be chosen by
the Board through interviews at the beginning of the academic year (fall semester)
and/or after the turnover of Board leadership in March. The duties of these chosen
officers are: executing tasks assigned by the Board; participating in one of the

Section 8: Any officer may be subject to removal from office on the grounds of
inefficiency or breach of official conduct. For impeachments of elected officers, a
general meeting will be called in which a vote of confidence will cast upon the written
petition of at least ten members. Votes from three fourths of participating members
are necessary to constitute a quorum. For removal of appointed officers, the
Executive Board will convene to vote for or against such removal. Votes from three-
fourth of the Board members constitute a quorum.

Section 9: For any officer to resign, the officer must submit a written note of
resignation to the Board at least two weeks prior to the effective date of resignation.

Section 10: Any club member can bring up recommendations of impeachment with a
written statement to the President. The President will then communicate the
situation to the Board at a meeting. The officer who is charged will be informed prior
to the meeting and have an opportunity to prepare a response. Impeachment must
be supported by 2/3 vote of the Board in attendance. In the case where
impeachment is brought against the President, the Vice President will be responsible
in handling all matters.

Section 11: In the event that an elected office becomes available due to
impeachment or resignation, the Board will convene to decide whether the officer
should be replaced by holding a general election, or by nomination from the Board
followed by anonymous ballot-vote among the Board members. Majority prevails.
The officers must be replaced no later than two weeks following the effective date of
resignation. During the interim period between the effective date of resignation and
the replacement of that officer, the administrative office may be temporarily filled
according to the following line of succession: President, Vice-President, Treasurer,
Secretary, Program Officers, OCM's; For the radio program office, the following line
of succession will be applied: Producer, Production Assistant, Radio Programmers,
and Engineers. However, the Board may choose to delegate and share the
responsibilities of the vacant office among the Board itself during the interim.

Article VII: Committees

Section 1: The standing committees of Sounds of China shall be: Off Campus
Activities Committee (Hwa Hsia Scholar Society), Game Hour, MovieFest, Newsletter,
Chinese Conversation Hour, Audio Media Manager.

Section 2: The duties of each standing committee are to oversee project assigned by
the Board. Each committee is required to submit a report/proposal to the Board at
each staff meeting.

Section 3: Members of each committee are assigned by the Board at the beginning
of each term. Conditions of assignment are subject to the elected Board.

Section 4: Additional committees may be formed and dissolved by Sounds of China
when deemed necessary. A formal proposal for adding or dissolving a committee by
at least five members and a majority of two-third vote by the Board is needed.

Article VIII: By-Laws

Section 1: By-laws of Sounds of China shall be established and altered by two-third
majority vote by the Board.

Section 2: By-laws of Sounds of China Board shall be established and altered by two-
third majority vote of the Board.

Article IX: Amendments to the Constitution

Section 1: A formal written proposal by a member of Sounds of China must be
submitted to the Board within one week of the official start of the semester.

Section 2: The proposed amendment will then be voted upon in the first general
meeting of that semester. The general membership must be made clear on the
effects of such an amendment to Sounds of China. A majority two-third vote by
participating members is needed to pass the amendment.

Section 3: In absence of a general meeting a written petition of at least two-third of
the general membership must be submitted to the Board within three weeks after
the official start of the semester. A two-third majority vote by the Board is needed to
pass the amendment.

Article X: Ratification

Section 1: The constitution shall be established by signatures of three-fourth of
Sounds of China Executive Board and by a vote of a three-fourth majority of the
membership of the organization.
Sounds of China BY-LAWS

I. Election of Officers

1. Only current active club members may be nominated for the six offices.
2. Elections will be held at a meeting in the March of every year.
3. Each nominee may run for one position, but may have the option to “drop
    down” for another position if not elected.
4. A simple majority vote from the club members present at the election
    meeting is needed for an office to be elected.
5. Only current Members of Sounds of China who is present at the election
    meeting may vote in the election.
6. New membership additions will be suspended at least 2 weeks prior to the
    date of election. New members may be admitted one week after election.
7. Any candidate running unopposed for a position must still receive the fifty
    percent majority of the vote from the participating Members to be elected
8. Voters will have the right to abstain from voting for any office position if
    they choose not to vote for any of the candidates running for that
9. In the event where there are open positions after the first round of the
    election, new candidates may be nominated for these position. Another
    round of election is then held to fill the vacant position. Only participating
    members may vote. If needed another round of election will be held until
    all positions are filled.
10. In the case when a tiebreaker is needed, the current Board will come
    together and make the decision.

II. Radio Station

1. The Sounds of China radio program on WKCR 89.9 will be directed and produced
by the Producer and the Production Assistant.
2. Programmers and Engineers will be under WKCR policy as stated in the WKCR
"Blue Book," and the SOC programmer's guide.

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