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					                            Shaler Area High School Library                                        10/20/06
                                 Literary Criticism/History-British
Print Sources

     Magill’s Survey of World Literature                                                REF   809 MAG
     British Writers                                                                    REF   820.9 BRI
     The Cambridge History of English Literature                                        REF   820.9 CAM
     The Critical Temper                                                                REF   820.9 CRI
     Great Writers of the English Language                                              REF   820.9 GRE
     A Literary History of England                                                      REF   820.9 LIT
     The New Moulton’s Library of Literary Criticism                                    REF   820.9 NEW
     Reader’s Guide to Literature in English                                            REF   820.9 REA
     A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers                                      REF   820.9 REA
     Crowell’s Handbook of Elizabethan & Stuart Literature                              REF   820.9 RUO
     Concise Cambridge History of English Literature                                    REF   820.9 SAM
     Modern British Literature                                                          REF   820.9 TEM
     A Library of Literary Criticism: Modern British Literature                         REF   820.9 TEM
     Twentieth-Century British Literature                                               REF   820.9 TWE
     The Concise Encyclopedia of English and American Poets and Poetry                  REF   821.03 SPE
     Asimov’s Guide to Shakespeare                                                      REF   822.3 ASI
     Who’s Who and What’s What in Shakespeare                                           REF   822.3 OCO
     Shakespearean Criticism                                                            REF   822.3 SHA
     The Reader’s Encyclopedia of Shakespeare                                           REF   822.33 REA
     British Authors Before 1800                                                        REF   920 BRI
     Poets of Great Britain and Ireland, 1945-1960                                      REF   920 DIC
     British Authors of the Nineteenth Century                                          REF   920 KUN
     Who’s Who in Shakespeare’s England                                                 REF   920 PAL

In addition to the above reference sources, there are surveys and literary notes which may be helpful.

     Critical Survey of Drama                                                           REF   792.03 CRI
     Critical Survey of Poetry                                                          REF   809.1 CRI
     Critical Survey of Long Fiction                                                    REF   809.3 CRI
     Critical Survey of Short Fiction                                                   REF   809.3 MAG
     Survey of Contemporary Literature                                                  REF   809.04 MAG
     Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature                                                REF   808.8 MAG
     Survey of Science Fiction Literature                                               REF   809.3 SUR

    Literary Notes
     Study guides such as: Cliffs Notes, Monarch Notes, Study Masters and Major British Authors are indicated
        as such by a LN prefix in the library catalog and are located by the magazine room.

     Kings and Queens of England                                                        Q 920 PAL
     Kingdoms of Europe                                                                 REF 909 GUR
     Kings, Rulers and Statesmen                                                        REF 920 KIN
     Great Lives from History                                                           REF 920.009 GRE
     The Oxford Companion to British History                                            REF 940 OXF
     The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy                             REF 941 CAN
     Kings & Queens of England & Great Britain                                          REF 941 DEL
     London                                                                             REF 942.1 RUS
                           Shaler Area High School Library                                           10/20/06
                                 Literary Criticism/History-British

       Library Catalog

      KEYWORD OR POWER SEARCHES -- Use “Keyword” for single term searches; use “Power” for Boolean
       logic searches.

           For historical topics, try a POWER Search as follows:           For literary criticisms, try:
           First line “England”                                            First line “Author’s last name”
           Connector “OR”                                                  Connector “AND”
           Second line “Great Britain”                                     Second line “Author’s first name”
           Connector “AND”                                                 Connector “AND”
           Third Line “History”                                            Third Line “critic*”

      SUBJECT SEARCHES-- Type in the subject and click SUBJECT button.
       Example: Great Britain--History

       BOOKBAG works like online shopping cart to batch print titles. Add titles to the bookbag by clicking ADD
       TO BOOKBAG. When finished searching, click BOOK BAG button on tool bar and PRINT.

Online Subscription Databases

Double-sided (duplex) Printing: To choose duplex, use File>Print>Properties> Layout. Choose Flip on Long
Edge to have tops at the same end on Portrait layout and Short Edge for Landscape layout.

Literary Reference Center (includes: Masterplots and Masterplots II, Cyclopedia of World Authors, Cyclopedia
of Literary Characters, Magill's Literary Annual and Bloom’s)

      Click on the EBSCO icon
      De-select “MasterFile Premier”
      Select “Literary Reference Center”
      Click “Continue”
      Type your search term(s) or use the “Refine Search” tab to limit your search by author, title or full text
      For full text, if given the choice between HTML and PDF files, always choose HTML.

Contemporary Authors, Contemporary Literary Criticism Select, Dictionary of Literary Biography

      Click on the Gale Group icon
      Click on “Contemporary Authors, Contemporary Literary Criticism Select, Dictionary of Literary Biography”
      Enter your Search Criteria

Oxford Reference Online

      Click on the Power Library icon
      Under the Literature category, Select “Oxford Reference Online”
      Enter your Search Terms with a quick search, advanced search or subject search

History Reference Center

      CLICK the Power Library icon
      SELECT “History Reference Center” Under the General Reference category
      ENTER your Search Terms with a keyword, advanced or subject search

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