Flat panel monitor characteristics

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					Flat panel monitor characteristics

 Screen size
 Viewing angle
 Response rate— How quickly the pixels change color.
 Contrast ratio– the ratio btn the monitor’s brightest white and
  darkest black. 400: 1 to 600:1
 Native resolution– the number of individually addressable pixels
    in the screen matrix.
 Brightness/luminescence                    measured in candelas per square
    meter   (cd/m2).   Average is 250 to 500cd/m2
 Other features
   Change orientation
   Built-in speakers
   Anti-theft lock
   Wall mounting
   Built in USB hub
Flat panel monitor connections
 Connection types
     15-pin VGA style connection cable
     DVI-D (dual link Digital Video Interface) digital only
     DVI-I– digital and analog
 Digital-only connection
 Dual-link contains 24 pins in 3 rows of 8 plus
  a grounding slot
 Single-link contains 18 pins
DVI-D connector

                  DVI-I connector
 Supports digital and analog signals
 DVI-I contains 4 additional pins over DVI-D
 Extra 4-pins carry analog signals
 Analog signal pins located above and below
  the grounding slot
TMDS--Transition minimized
differential signaling

  Protocol used to transmit data to digital
  No analog conversion
  Single-link cables use one TDMS transmitter
  Dual-link cables use two TDMS transmitters
  Supported resolutions
       Single-link up to 1920x1080
       Dual-link up to 2048x1596
Touch screen
 Touch-sensitive surface
     Pressure-sensitive resistors
     Infrared sensors
     Electronic capacitors
 Uses
     PDAs
     Point-of-sale terminals
     Bank ATMs
Touch screen input methods
 Additional layer with electrical current
 Capacitors between layers
 Acoustic waves
Multiple monitors
Display projectors
 Show computer screen to large groups
 Useful for meetings and classroom
 Connect using
     VGA
     S-Video
     Composite
     USB
     Serial
Display Port technology
  New specification developed by VESA
  Covers
    Displays
           CRT
           LCD
           Plasma
           Projection
      Connections
           PCs
           Game systems
           DVD players
           Other image sources
LCD monitor issues
 Indicator light colors
 Shaky image
 Fuzzy image
 No image
 Discolored image
Speakers connected to a PC
Speakers connected together
Microphone connection to a PC
Music keyboard connected to ⅛” jack
MIDI connections
Flatbed scanner
Multifunction sheetfeed scanner
Hand-held scanner

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