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From DG Jim's Desk


									              Rev. Jim Austin, District Governor                                             November 2004

            Inside this Issue.     From DG Jim’s Desk
         DG Message
         Foundation News             We are soon approaching our half way mark in this our centennial
         Gift of Vision              year of Rotary. September marked our Centennial Conference and
         Polio Report                October brought with it a special visit from our International
         Make a Difference           President, Glenn Estess. For some years this might be enough but in
         Ambassadorial Scholar
         Upcoming Events             our Centennial Celebration Year, we have just begun. You ask,
         Club Projects               “What is on our Rotary Horizon?” Below are some of the remaining
         District Attendance         events.
         Rotary Leadership
                                     January-February-Mid Winter Meetings
         2005 Desktop Planner
         Exchange Student Report     Mid winter Centennial Celebrations and meeting within each area.
                                     Check you AG for the event and time nearest you.

                                     March- Birthday and Bell
                                     Birthday Party of Rotary and Centennial Bell celebration will usher in
                                     our spring of the Centennial Year. To make life a little easier on
                                     these Upstate New York Roads and allow the areas to enjoy their
                                     own mid-winter celebrations, we are not going back to the On
                                     Center for the Birthday Party in February and suggesting that clubs
                                     and areas create their own special events on February 23rd. Instead
                                     we are hoping to combine the birthday party of Rotary with the
                                     special visit to our district of the official Centennial Bell. The
                                     Syracuse Rotary Club (Charter club #42) is hosting this special bell
                                     and looking into the possibility of a combined District wide event
                                     that will be a Centennial Celebration to remember. Date, time and
                                     venue is yet to be determined. The Syracuse Rotary Club will host it
                                     and PDG John Luchsinger will be the Chairman of this event.See
                                     your December Credo for more information.

                                     April- District Assembly and RLI
                                     We are going to a new venue for our training events beginning this
                                     April. The Mohawk valley Community College offers many great
                                     resources that will enhance our training experience and this year RLI
                                     is offering a facilitator training course for those that would like to
                                     become faculty for future institutes. We will also have the
                                     opportunity to see where Rotary has set their sites for in the next
                                     century of service
                                     May- The Centennial Foundation Banquet
                                     We will honor 100 years of Rotarians and their service around the
                                     world. We will recognize those that have supported the Foundation
                                     with time, talents and treasures. There will be special recognitions
                                     and surprises at this event as we look beyond polio to other

1 of 9                                                                                                        12/1/2004
                                           projects, task forces and communities for serving others above

                                           June- A special international visit and hand off to the next
          Editor’s Note:
                                           We will be honored to have a return visit of Past International
          Decembers Credo will be          President Bhichai Rattakul. The Rome Rotary Club will be hosting
          delivered the last week of       Bhichai and my prayer is that this time we can give him the final
          December. Because of all         payment of our polio pledge.
          the holiday events please        We then have our Centennial Convention in Chicago beginning on
          try to get your
          submissions in early. The        June 18th which will mark the largest Rotary Celebration in our
          20th is a great target           history.
          date.                            We will then finish the year at the Rusty Rail where we will hand off
                                           the gavels to the next century of Rotary and celebrate a year
                                           marked by many great celebrations.
                                           So let the celebrations continue as we celebrate with family and
                                           friends during the Holiday Season.

                                           A Prayer Reminder
                                           We continue to file our application for an International Prayer
                                           Fellowship and we welcome all to join us at the Crossroads Church in
                                           Cazenovia. We will meet the first Sunday of each month at 4:00 PM.
                                           You can send your prayer concerns to DG Jim.
                                           May you be blessed the final days of 2004- DG Jim

         Rotary Leadership Institute Facilitator Training coming to District 7150

                If you have completed Part III of the the RLI training, and are interested in lending your time and talent
                to the RLI as a facilitator, there will be an opportunity coming in April. We have just received
                confirmation that a Facilitator training course will be offered on April 9th, 2005, at the D7150 RLI to be
                held in Utica, MVCC.

                As a facilitator, your obligation will be that you facilitate at 3 or 4 sessions in Zones 31-32 (North
                Eastern USA) within each Rotary year. You will be responsible for your own travel, hotel and other
                expenses as a facilitator. RLI breakfast and lunches are supplied at no cost. You must participate in
                the facilitator training and have completed the RLI three parts to qualify as a trainer.

                It's a wonderful experience, you’ll meet some wonderful Rotarians and it is lots of fun.

                Please let D7150 RLI Chair, Ward Vuillemot [] know if you are interested and can
                make the commitment.

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         Eradication of Polio Nears

                We are now in the final lap in our Polio Eradication Campaign. Our District Polio Campaign
                Commitment as you know is to raise $330,000 spanning the last 3 Rotary years. For our District to
                achieve this very ambitious Polio Eradication Commitment Goal, each Club in our District must
                respond as promised back in 2002. The attached October - Period to Date Polio Summary Report
                lists each Club and their Original Commitment and Total Campaign Contributions received through
                October 2004.

                With 31,000+ Rotary Clubs in the World also in the final lap of the Campaign, the Rotary
                Foundation Polio Campaign Headquarters has requested each Club strive to complete in full their
                Commitment in the month of April of next year or sooner. To process all the entries coming from
                Clubs/Districts all over the world is going to be an enormous task that will need our help if our Club
                Commitments are to be processed this Rotary Year.

                Please meet with your Club Leadership and Members to review the attached Summary and discuss
                the request from the Rotary Foundation Polio Headquarters to complete in full your Clubs
                Commitment before the end of April or sooner. We will need the support from all the Clubs in our
                District if we are to keep our $330,000 Polio Commitment and have all our donations collected &
                processed in time.

                Your generosity has been outstanding in this World Wide Humanitarian Rotary Campaign to
                Eradicate Polio. Thank you. April will be upon us before we know it as our busy lives makes time
                pass so quickly. Please set a Club finish line goal of fulfilling your Polio Campaign Promise in the
                month of April 2005 or sooner.

                Thank you one and all for staying with this task as we approach our 100-year Anniversary. We can
                all take pride in knowing we are making history together.   See Report

                Ed Paparella, PDGDistrict Polio Eradication Campaign Chairperson


              The Districts selection of the next Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar has been approved by the
              Trustees of the Foundation.

              He is BENJAMIN ZOGBY who was proposed by the Utica Rotary Club. He is a graduate of
              Georgetown University and currently working as a researcher and writer for a congressman in
              Washington,DC. He also attended the University of Virginia and SUNY Albany. His hometown is
              New Hartford.
              Ben speaks Arabic and Spanish and has traveled throughout the Middle East .

              The Foundation has assigned him to attend the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He will be
              leaving sometime after the 1st of July, 2005 and will spend an academic year at the University.
              His scholarship funding is from the District 7150 SHARE portion of the contributions made to the
              Rotary Foundation three years ago.

              We wish him well.
              Bob Batley, District Chair of the Scholarship Sub Committee

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         Another in the series of reports from our student in Thailand.
         Shared by the DeWitt Rotary

          Hey,                                                                            November 2, 2004

          I know I’m still walking the road to fluency, but I can say I have become fluent with money. That became
          apparent when I found myself turning down a bracelet that was twenty baht saying it was too expensive only
          later realizing it was only fifty cents. Also, when I thought that 700 baht was way too expensive to pay for a
                                                  nice dinner at a fancy tourist resort. I still think it is too expensive, even
                                                  though it would probably be the same price, if not more, in America.

                                             It only takes five days to help a community, make close friendships and
                                             become even more grateful of the things you have. I spent these five
                                             days in the countryside outside of Nakorn. I went with about 150
                                             students from the University in Hat Yai. We slept on the floor in the
                                             classrooms of a six-room school and spent the week building a library
                                             about the size of my kitchen. We were split into groups and rotated
                                             through various activities. Sometimes we were cooking, sometimes
                                             cleaning the bathrooms, sometimes talking with the community, but most
                                             of the time we were hauling loads of concrete or mud to the boys who
                                             were doing the actual building. On my shift for cooking it was decided
          that we were going to have fish. However, we were in the middle of the country and there wasn’t exactly a
          supermarket just around the corner. No problem, we just went “fishing.”

                                           “Fishing”entailed wading in knee-deep mud and waist deep water to the place
                                           where we had to untangle countless fish from the net. It was much harder
                                           than it looks, and I admit I wasn’t very good at it. It didn’t help that I felt bad
                                           for the fish when we had no choice but to rip their scales off and they peed in
                                           fright. My next shift was cleaning the bathrooms and I have to say that was
                                           unlike any bathroom cleaning experiences I have had in America. Perhaps this
                                           was because there were squat toilets and the “showers” were large
                                           community tubs of water. You wore something that resembled a very long
                                           skirt but worn much higher and bathed under/over it. It worked and was more
                                           efficient because many people were about to “shower” together. On one of my
                                           outings to the community we took a side trip to a snake farm. This man
          basically teased the hundred cobras he had (a few at a time). We were standing near watching him when all
          of a sudden he dropped it on the ground at our feet. What were we to do but shriek and run hand in hand to
          As a last farewell there was a show of Thai dancing and acting put on by the students. About five minutes
          before it was to begin I was told I was going to perform, then it was too muddy, so I didn’t have to. Phew,
          that was close! We got home tired and satisfied.

                                     Halloween morning I happened to be at one of the exchange student’s houses. We
                                     knew we couldn’t just forget about it, so we dressed up and went to the other
                                     exchange student’s house. Our only transportation was a tuk tuk, so we rode across
                                     the city in the open back of the truck. I thought people looked at me a lot when I
                                     wasn’t dressed up; on Halloween I discovered I was wrong! Our treat was an unripe
                                     mango, but we didn’t mind. The day ended with lots of laughs.
                                     Love, me

                                     P.S. I also learned that you could play the flute with your nose. Apparently it’s not
                                     too hard because I watched a bunch of guys do it.

                                   Thank you to the Dewitt Club for sharing these experiences with us. If you club
          would like to share Exchange Student experiences please email them to

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         Upcoming and Holiday Happenings

           The Syracuse Rotary Club would be happy to have visitors from other clubs attend and help with
           the children by sitting with them.
           Coming Up On Friday, December 10 12:00 Noon Luncheon at Drumlins Country Club
           One of the memorable meetings of the Rotary Year is the Annual Holiday Party for Special Needs
           Children from the Syracuse City Schools
           This had been a tradition for many years and in the last few years the tradition has been revived
           under the leadership of Rotarians Pat Spadafora and Al Falcone , Mary Lou Thompson, with input
           from the teachers, chooses, purchases, and wraps, individually selected gifts for each child, which
           Rob Rothman, our Kosher Santa, with the assistance of his many Rotarian Elves presents directly to
           every child in attendance. This is a "do-not-miss" Program
           Regards, Frank

           Syracuse Inner City Rotary Club extends an invitation to District 7150 Rotarians, Family, Friends
           and club guest speakers to a Christmas Party Celebration.

           Where: Drumlins Country Club, Dewitt New York
           When: December 12, 2004
           Time: 2:00PM - 6:00PM
           Cost: $30/per person- RSVP by Dec. 3rd to Billy Denman @
           (315)727-9670 or Carolyn Haughton) 470-3300 ext.56. Please plan
           to join SICRC in a relaxed atmosphere with good music, a tasty menu
           and cash bar. Directions provided as per request.

           Marcellus Rotary has a Christmas Tree Sale at 31 North Street in
           the village of Marcellus on December 3,4, and 5, selling freshly cut
           white spruce for $22 each (6-8 ft. tall).

           The Fulton Rotary Club is hosting the four club Fulton-Oswego
           Christmas Party this year. Fulton Noon, Fulton Sunrise, Oswego Noon and Oswego Sunrise will
           join together for a joint Christmas Party at 6 PM on Tuesday, December 14, 2004 at the Battle
           Island Golf Course Club House. The Fulton-Oswego Rotary Clubs Christmas Party has been an
           annual tradition for over forty years.

           Sherrill Rotary Club's 50th Anniversary Celebration January 13, 2005!
           Please join the Sherrill Rotary Club in celebrating our 50th Anniversary at Dibbles Inn in Vernon on
           Thursday, January 13, 2005! Social hour will be at 6pm, Dinner at 7pm, followed by a terrific
           program you will not want to miss!
           Tickets are $20 and go on sale December 2nd. Tickets can be purchased from any Sherrill
           Rotarian or by contacting Colleen Bennett, Sherrill Rotary President, at 315-363-6446. We would be
           honored if you would join us in our 50th celebration!

           Skaneateles WinterFest 2005 January 29th! Skaneateles
           Sunrise Rotary Club will host & coordinate WinterFest 2005,
           centered at Skaneateles Community Center. Activities will
           include: Snow & Ice Sculpture Contests, Dog Sled & Snowmobile
           Rides, Children's’ Activities (Face Painting, Balloon Figures &
           Caricatures). There will also be a Chili Cook Off contest, which
           Rotarians may wish to enter. SSRC spearheads the mid-winter
           celebration primarily as a service project for our local community.
           Net proceeds from related fundraising will go to support Rotary
           service projects and charitable causes, e.g. Rotary Youth
           Exchange, Rotary International Group Study Exchange,
           Skaneateles Conservation Area Pavilion, Polio Eradication, and
           Literacy.If you wish further information, contact John Paddock
           (685-9511) or Dave Labourdette (685-8384).

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         Benefit Raffle - Skaneateles Sunrise Rotary Club Community Service Projects
         2nd Prize - Skaneateles Community Center Household Olympic Membership (Transferable) - $685
         3rd Prize - Mobil Gas Card - $100 Value!
         Chances: 1 - $5 3 - $10 8 - $20 Contact 685-9511 for tickets
         Drawing 9 PM Saturday, January 29th @ Skaneateles WinterFest Celebration

          It is my pleasure to advise you the Gift of Vision Committee is quite active and requests your clubs
          participation in the following projects.

          Our first Gift of Vision recipient, Nene Koroma, has suffered a medical setback. Her cornea transplant has
          rejected. Dr. Erick Roth in Dakar, Senegal, has agreed to conduct a replacement cornea transplant. We will
          be supplying Dr. Roth with a fresh cornea purchased from the C.N.Y. Eye Bank.

                                                                                 The C.N.Y. Eye Bank will also supply a
                                                                                 second cornea so that Dr. Eric Roth can
                                                                                 perform transplant surgery on another
                                                                                 patient, Ndiakhate Mbaye. He is a
                                                                                 young man suffering from
                                                                                 kerataconus. Enclosed you will find a
                                                                                 photograph of Ndiakhate.

                                                                                 The Gift of Vision Committee has also
                                                                                 agreed to assist a local doctor, Dr.
                                                                                 Michael Geiss, with the costs associated
          with cataract surgery for a needy patient he has. His patient is a working mother who has a daughter in
          college and neither qualifies for Medicaid nor has health insurance. The committee felt charity begins at
          home and would not pass up the opportunity to assist Dr. Geiss in rendering medical services to this worthy

          Finally, we have received an urgent request from Professor Wade of the University Hospital in Dakar. He
          advised that the hospital desperately requires flourescein drug. This is a medication used to diagnose and
          treat blindness caused by diabetes. I believe it is called diabetic retinopathy. The Gift of Vision Committee
          desires to supply this drug to Professor Wade on an emergency basis.

          As in the past, the Gift of Vision requests the assistance of the member clubs in the District. We request your
          club provide us with a monetary contribution of $600.00. Please send the contribution to:
          "Rotary District 7150 Gift of Vision"
          c/o Harry Hood, Treasurer
          3210 Seneca Turnpike
          Canastota, New York 13032

          Thank you all for the wonderful support you have given to this project over the years. Please feel free to
          contact me at or (315) 422-1152 should you have any questions regarding these programs.

          Yours in Rotary,
          James J. Gascon
          Gift of Vision Chair

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                   Club             SAR    Total    New Termin   Membership       Oct         Leading District Clubs
                                  Baseline               ated    change from
                     Name          7/1/04    Oct.Membership        #         %    % Attendce         Attendance         %
         Adirondack Foothills        32      31    0     0        (1)      -3%    61%        Eastwood (Syracuse)       87%
         Auburn                      23                          (23)     -100%              Little Falls              87%
         Aurora                      13      13      0    0        0        0%    63%        Marcellus                 87%
         Baldwinsville               31      29      0    0       (2)      -6%    81%        Moravia                   83%
         Camden                      19                          (19)     -100%              Solvay-Geddes             83%
         Camillus                    23                          (23)     -100%              Baldwinsville             81%
         Canastota                   27      27      0    0        0        0%    78%        Cazenovia                 80%
         Cato                        18      18      0    0        0        0%    74%        Clay,Cicero,N Syracuse    80%
         Cazenovia                   28      27      0    0       (1)      -4%    80%        Oswego Sunrise            80%
         Chittenango                 51      50      0    0       (1)      -2%    75%
         Clay,Cicero,N Syracuse      5       5       0    0        0        0%    80%           Most New Members        #
         DeWitt                      90                          (90)     -100%              Rome                       1
         Dolgeville                  13      13      0    0        0        0%    59%        Greater Utica Sunrise      1
         Eastwood (Syracuse)         37      37      0    0        0        0%    87%        Oswego Sunrise             1
         Fayetteville-Manlius        23                          (23)     -100%              Oswego                     1
         Fulton                      35      37      0    0        2        6%    68%        Skaneateles Sunrise        1
         Fulton Sunrise              16                          (16)     -100%
         Greater Utica Sunrise       26      28      1    0        2        8%    73%
         Hamilton                    40      40      0    0         0       0%    75%
         Herkimer                    27                           (27)   -100%
         Kuyahoora Valley            20      21      0    0         1       5%    67%          Membership Net Gain      #
         Little Falls                23      24      0    0         1       4%    87%        Rome                      10
         Liverpool                   17                           (17)   -100%               Syracuse Inner City        2
         Marcellus                   17      17      0    0         0       0%    87%        Greater Utica Sunrise      2
         Moravia                     17      16      0    0        (1)     -6%    83%        Fulton                     2
         Morrisville                 22      18      0    0        (4)    -18%    39%        Tully                      2
         New Hartford                37      36      0    1        (1)     -3%    57%        Little Falls               1
         North Utica                 19                           (19)   -100%               Oswego Sunrise             1
         Oneida                      88      85      0    2        (3)     -3%    75%        Oswego                     1
         Oneida Shores               17                           (17)   -100%               Kuyahoora Valley           1
         Oriskany Falls              22                           (22)   -100%                 Membership Net Gain      %
         Oriskany-Whitestown         21       21     0    0         0       0%    41%        Rome                      11%
         Oswego                      45       46     1    0         1       2%    76%        Tully                     10%
         Oswego Sunrise              20       21     1    0         1       5%    80%        Greater Utica Sunrise     8%
         Rome                        95      105     1    0        10      11%    67%        Syracuse Inner City       7%
         Rotary eClub NY1            7                             (7)   -100%               Fulton                    6%
         Sauquoit                    21      21      0    0         0       0%    63%        Oswego Sunrise            5%
         Sherrill                    12                           (12)   -100%               Kuyahoora Valley          5%
         Skaneateles                 52      51      0    0        (1)     -2%    79%        Little Falls              4%
         Skaneateles Sunrise         25      25      1    0         0       0%    62%        Oswego                    2%
         Solvay-Geddes               23      23      0    0         0       0%    83%
         Syracuse                   103                          (103)   -100%               Total Membership           #
         Syracuse Inner City         29      31      0    0         2       7%    75%        Rome                      105
         Syracuse Sunrise            31      31      0    0         0       0%    77%        Oneida                    85
         Tully                       21      23      0    0         2      10%    65%        Skaneateles               51
         Utica                      154                          (154)   -100%               Chittenango               50
         Waterville                  22      22      0    0         0       0%    65%        Oswego                    46
         West Winfield               23      20      0    0        (3)    -13%    48%
                                   1,580    1,012    5    3      (568)    ----    ----

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         Dolgeville’s Make A Difference Day

          Our club took on two events that Saturday...

                                         1.) To do a work project to clear brush and debris
                                         from the local signs leading into the Villages three
                                         main entrances that showcase area church locations,
                                         organizations, etc. These signs due to the height of
                                         the ever growing trees/brush made it next to
                                         impossible to see.

                                         2.) The second
                                         project we undertook
                                         was to try to raise
                                         some awareness of
                                         the plight of our local
                                         food pantry with
                                         regard to their food
                                         shortages. The pantry
                                         in Dolgeville serves
          over 1000 families during the year. They received
          aid in years past totalling $10,000, but has been cut
          to $6000. However, the servicing needs of the
          community and surrounding area has increased.

          While we only did the drive for a couple hours, we
          were able to raise approximately $175.00 and had
          donations of over 110 food items. The Pantry was very appreciative of our efforts.
          Other businesses in the community have also taken up the cause (Not that we can
                                           take credit)...the school's elementary classes have
                                           gathered 25 cases of food, the Village has a
                                           collection set up in the Village Hall, the boy scouts
                                           do a drive. We were just proud to assist in the
                                           efforts to feed the needy, especially with the
                                           holiday season arriving soon.

                                          For the record, for a small club, representation was
                                          good...We have 13 members, 2 school leaders
                                          were in Buffalo, two others were out of town on
                                          vacation. Of the remaining 9, 6 Hard working
                                          Rotarians worked the projects and were assisted
                                          by the Presidents spouse and two children of a
                                          past President. Below you will find pictures taken
                                          during the events. I'll list names of the volunteers,
                                          should you need them.The 1st 5 pictures are of the
          "Road Crew", the last 4 are from the Food Drive.

          Enjoy...Mark Stalnaker

8 of 9                                                                                             12/1/2004
         Fellow Rotarians of District 7150

                                As we finish November (Foundation Month) and enter the holiday season, take time to
                                enjoy the opportunities that Rotary has offered to us

                                 When I spoke to the many clubs in this district that invited me to do a presentation,
                                 several people told me that they were not really looking forward to a "Foundation"
                                 program. I am very pleased to tell you that every club I visited responded with a thank
         you for coming. I tried to show everyone that it is the Rotary Foundation that allows us to do the things we do.
         No, I did not dwell on asking you to increase your contributions. Your personnel desire to be a contributing part
         of what Rotary is doing in the world is sufficient motivation for what you give. All I did is to show and remind you
         of some of the fantastic things that happen around the world every day because of wonderful people like the
         Rotarians of district 7150.

         The greatest gift is giving. I want to thank each and every one of you for giving your money, your time and most
         importantly your heart to make this world a better place. Isn't it wonderful that Rotary serves as a way to do
         what we can, when we can.

         I am sure that you now realize the importance of giving and I trust you will continue to support the Rotary
         Foundation so these outstanding programs can continue throughout the world.
         Thank you also for responding to PDG Ed Paperella's request to fulfill your club
         commitments on the polio eradication program.

         Happy Holidays and "Thank You" once again,
         Michael J. Miers, Sr.District 7150 Rotary Foundation Chairman 2004 - 2005

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         Paul Nelson, Editor/Designer

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Print Date: 12-Nov-2004                                                           The Rotary Foundation                                                                           Page:            1 of 1
                                                             The Monthly Polio Eradication Fund Raising Campaign Status Report
                                                                                                     (In US Dollars)
                                                                                                       Month Ending 31-Oct-2004

  District: 7150
                                   The Monthly Polio Eradication Fund Raising Campaign Status Report – Month Ending 31-Oct-2004

                                                                                                         Contributions         < ------------------------- 01-Apr-2002 to 30-Jun-2005------------------------->
                                                                                                         for the Rotary Year   <-------- Pledge Activity for Individuals --------> -----------------------------------
--------><-------- Cash --------->
 <------------------------------------ C L U B -------------------------------------->   Contributions   01-Jul-2004 to          Total        Contributions           Unfulfilled    Polio Eradication
                                                                                         for the Month                           Pledges      towards Pledges         Pledges        Campaign Contributions *
 Number                    Name                                    Commitment

7150                District 7150 Contribution.                              $0.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00    $500.00
4825                Adirondack Foothills (Barneveld), NY,                $6,000.00           $1,025.00         $1,891.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $3,866.00
4826                Auburn, NY, USA                                      $6,000.00               $0.00         $1,500.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $4,061.00
4827                Aurora, NY, USA                                      $1,000.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $1,182.50
4828                Baldwinsville, NY, USA                               $7,800.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $7,255.00
4829                Camden, NY, USA                                      $1,500.00             $750.00           $750.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $1,500.00
4830                Camillus, NY, USA                                    $6,000.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $2,525.00
4831                Canastota, NY, USA                                   $4,500.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $3,627.00
4832                Cato, NY, USA                                        $3,000.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $2,250.00
4833                Cazenovia, NY, USA                                   $3,000.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00    $750.00
4834                Chittenango, NY, USA                                $13,600.00               $0.00           $250.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $11,955.00
4849                Clay-Cicero-North Syracuse, NY, USA                    $900.00               $0.00            $30.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00    $805.00
4835                Dewitt, NY, USA                                     $15,000.00               $0.00             $0.00       $2,000.00            $1,300.00             $700.00 $3,096.76
4836                Dolgeville, NY, USA                                  $4,500.00           $1,500.00         $1,500.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $3,500.00
4837                Eastwood (Syracuse), NY, USA                         $7,800.00               $0.00           $150.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $5,026.00
4838                Fayetteville-Manlius, NY, USA                        $3,000.00               $0.00           $800.00          $75.00               $75.00               $0.00 $2,350.00
51656               Fulton Sunrise, NY, USA                              $1,500.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $3,020.00
4839                Fulton, NY, USA                                      $7,800.00               $0.00           $700.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $5,400.00
28927               Greater Utica Sunrise, NY, USA                       $7,000.00             $125.00           $675.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00 $6,800.00
4840                Hamilton, NY, USA                                    $7,200.00               $0.00           $100.00         $900.00              $600.00             $300.00  $5,250.00
4841                Herkimer, NY, USA                                    $1,500.00             $500.00           $500.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00   $1,000.00
4842                Kuyahoora Valley, Newport, NY, USA                   $2,000.00             $625.00         $1,352.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00   $1,352.00
4843                Little Falls, NY, USA                                $5,205.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00   $1,000.00
4844                Liverpool, NY, USA                                   $5,550.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00   $2,350.00
4845                Marcellus, NY, USA                                   $3,000.00             $273.00           $293.00       $1,500.00            $1,200.00             $300.00  $2,535.00
4846                Moravia, NY, USA                                     $4,800.00               $0.00         $2,000.00         $600.00              $600.00               $0.00   $5,300.00
4847                Morrisville, NY, USA                                 $1,500.00               $0.00             $0.00           $0.00                $0.00               $0.00    $770.00
4848                New Hartford, NY, USA                               $12,000.00             $320.00         $2,030.00       $1,610.00              $875.00             $735.00  $7,665.00
4850                North Utica, NY, USA                                 $2,175.00              $75.00            $75.00         $675.00              $300.00             $375.00  $1,475.00
* Total Campaign Contributions and Cash received towards Pledges to date starting 01-Apr-2002
Print Date: 12-Nov-2004                                                 The Rotary Foundation                                                    Page:            2 of 1
                                                   The Monthly Polio Eradication Fund Raising Campaign Status Report
                                                                                         (In US Dollars)
                                                                                           Month Ending 31-Oct-2004

  District: 7150
4852            Oneida Shores (Brewerton), NY, USA           $1,500.00               $0.00           $0.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $1,500.00
4851            Oneida, NY, USA                             $21,000.00               $0.00           $0.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $7,062.00
4853            Oriskany Falls, NY, USA                      $6,000.00              $75.00         $275.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $5,125.00
4854            Oriskany-Whitestown, NY, USA                 $3,960.00               $0.00           $0.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $2,640.00
57811           Oswego Sunrise, NY, USA                      $1,000.00               $0.00           $0.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00      $987.00
4855            Oswego, NY, USA                             $12,000.00             $100.00       $3,640.35         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00 $14,288.50
4856            Rome, NY, USA                               $23,500.00             $853.00       $1,403.00     $8,200.00    $6,414.50    $1,785.50 $19,924.71
65454           Rotary eClub of District 7150 NY1,             $700.00               $0.00          $25.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00      $200.00
4857            Sauquoit, NY, USA                            $6,000.00               $0.00         $505.00     $4,600.00    $2,103.40    $2,496.60    $4,345.05
4858            Sherrill, NY, USA                            $4,500.00               $0.00           $0.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $4,410.00
62599           Skaneateles Sunrise, NY, USA                 $3,000.00               $0.00           $0.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $1,734.45
4859            Skaneateles, NY, USA                        $12,150.00             $100.00         $727.00     $3,455.00    $2,330.00    $1,125.00    $9,335.50
4860            Solvay-Geddes, NY, USA                       $1,500.00               $0.00           $0.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $1,000.00
61305           Syracuse Inner City, NY, USA                 $1,500.00               $0.00         $750.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00      $750.00
21893           Syracuse Sunrise, NY, USA                    $5,000.00               $0.00           $0.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $3,715.00
4861            Syracuse, NY, USA                           $20,000.00               $0.00       $4,025.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00 $21,065.00
26744           Tully, NY, USA                              $11,700.00               $0.00          $50.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $9,434.50
4862            Utica, NY, USA                              $30,000.00              $75.00       $3,790.78     $3,300.00    $3,300.00        $0.00 $29,419.18
4863            Waterville, NY, USA                          $2,000.00               $0.00           $0.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $1,775.00
4864            West Winfield, NY, USA                       $6,000.00               $0.00         $900.00         $0.00        $0.00        $0.00    $5,180.00
     Totals for District    7150                           $330,000.00           $6,396.00      $30,687.13    $26,915.00   $19,097.90   $7,817.10 $242,057.15


      Polio Eradication Campaign Contributions from Clubs and Districts                               $242,057.15
      DDF Total + Polio Eradication Campaign Contributions from Clubs and Districts                   $260,557.15

      Total District Commitment                                                                       $330,000.00

* Total Campaign Contributions and Cash received towards Pledges to date starting 01-Apr-2002

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