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									RIVERDELL PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                           WORLD LANGUAGES

                                   DISCIPLINE POLICY

¡Bienvenidos a mi clase! I look forward to working with you this year! Below please
find all of the classroom discipline procedures.

   1)   Have all appropriate materials on your desk and be seated when the bell rings.
   2)   Respect other people, equipment and school furnishings.
   3)   Follow directions the first time they are given.
   4)   Adjust your voice level to suit the activity.
   5)   Observe all the rules in the school handbook.

In addition to the four things listed above, I will also ask you to adhere to the following
school policies:

1. No eating, drinking or gum chewing in class.
2. Please have your agenda book/planner. You will not be permitted to leave the room
without your own agenda book and lanyard.
3. Sign in and out according to school policy. If you forget to sign in, I am not
responsible for inaccuracies to your attendance record.
4. If I see and/or hear a cell-phone, pager, etc…I will hand it over to the office.

1. Be on time and be prepared. Arriving late is disruptive to me and to the other members
of the class. Excessive tardiness will reduce your marking period grade because it
reduces the amount of time that you can participate in the lessons. Please prepared and be
ready to work, with all materials out as soon as the bell rings.

2. Communicate with respect. Learning a language involves taking risks. Respect is
essential to this process. Therefore, I will not tolerate put downs, name-calling, negative
attitudes, or inappropriate language of any kind.

3. Learn to listen carefully. Listening is one of the most important skills in language
learning. Learning a language requires active listening, which is really hard work. It is
impossible to listen carefully to others when you are speaking. I won't talk while you are
speaking, and I expect the same in return for myself and for others in the class.

If you choose not to do the above things, this is what will happen:

-First offense: verbal warning.
-Second:        15 minute detention with me at my convenience.
-Third:         30 minute detention with me at my convenience.
-Additional offenses: School detentions through the main office.
-Persistent behavior will result in administrative detentions and calls to parents.

   1.   Textbook
   2.   Workbook
   3.   3-5 Subject Notebook
   4.   4 folders
   5.   Pens and Pencils

You are responsible for the textbook (and workbook) that I hand to you in class at the
beginning of the year. You must return the same book to me in June or you will be
issued a fine. Finally, I suggest that you keep all handouts organized in a binder or
separate folder. There are many times that I will not work from the book so it will
necessary to keep what I distribute to you.

Plagiarism / Cheating

Copying someone else's homework is cheating. Discussing what is on a test or a quiz
with someone who has not taken it is form of cheating that will not be tolerated. If you
are caught cheating in any way, you will receive a 0 and will not be permitted to make up
work. Using any type of translator for any assignment will be considered cheating
due to the nature of this course, you may use the approved electronic dictionaries
listed on my school wires page only. You will also be turned in to the office for further
disciplinary action.

Voice mail number is (201) 599-7250 ext 214. Please feel comfortable to call me. My e-
mail is miriam.gargiulo@riverdell.org

Cut and return to teacher

STUDENT: I have read this classroom discipline plan, understand it, and will honor it.

Name (please print) ___________________________ Date:___________________


PARENTS: My child has discussed the classroom discipline plan with me. I understand
it and will support it.

Signature____________________________________ Date:___________________

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