Matthew's by linxiaoqin


                   Matthew's -
                      ITALIAN RESTAURANT
                              'Dessert Menu
LEMON OR ORANGE SORBET                                                                6
 frozen sweetened fruit with whipped cream and powdered sugar
TARTUFO                                                                               6
 a chocolate shell consisting of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, centered with
 cherries and nuts, topped with chocolate syrup, coco powder and whipped cream
REGINETTA                                                                             6
 a thin layer of chocolate sponge cake, with amaretto ice cream, raspberry sauce
 and an almond paste crunch dressed with chocolate syrup and caramel sauce
SPUMONI                                                                               ·5
 chocolate and vanilla ice cream blended with citron fruits and rum
CANNOLLI                                                                              5
 sweetened riccotta with chocolate chips in a crisp shell
 sprinkled with powdered sugar and chocolate sauce
TIRAMISU                                                                              6
 mascarpone, espresso, ladyfingers topped with sliced coco blankets,
 powdered sugar and whipped cream
ITALIAN STYLE CHEESECAKE                                                              7
 a house specialty made with riccotta cheese, strawberry sauce and caramel
CHOCOLATE BREAD PUDDING                                                               7
 house specialty served warm with chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate

                            Lavazza Coffee's
CAPPUCCINO                              .4    ESPRESSO            single 3 / double   5
COFFEE                                   3    HERBAL TEA'S                            3

     Syecia{ty Coffee                          Jtfter 'Dinner Drinks
                   $8                                           $8
                                                     Averna            Bailey's
             ITALIAN KISS
                                                 Fernet Branca          B&B
      Southern Comfort, Amaretto,
                                                 Marie Brizzard        Nocello
             whipped cream
                                                 Grand Marnier        Drambuie
                SPANISH                            Frangelico         Liquor 43
    Tia Maria, Rum, whipped cream                 Patron Cafe        Disaronno
              SORRENTO                             Tia Maria            Grappa
       Limoncello, Grand Marnier,                    Sambuca Romana whitejblack
             whipped cream
               MEXICAN                                       Ports
    Kahlua, Tequila, whipped cream                 Fonseca Bin #27 Fine Reserve $6
                                                   Taylor Fladgate Tawny 20 Year $9
       jameson, Creme d'Menthe,
             whipped cream

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