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					December 20, 2006
                                      The Cub News            Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam                                                                 Volume 88, Number 3

     Appropriate Appropriations?
                                                            Part One of a Two-Part Investigation
     Nathan Bobinchak ‘07
          Photo Editor                         were different. Over a decade ago, the        were equally upset. Without money            of decrease the amount of money that
                                               Senate used to be able to vote on             coming from the school and being             a club receives. Instead, the Senate is
      Recently, the Student Senate             several propositions put forward by the       unable to raise money on their own, they     forced to vote for whichever
completed one of their most                    administration for what the money was         were effectively paralyzed. The Student      preordained balance suits them best.
controversial and difficult jobs—              to be spent on, not just what clubs it        Senate officers and the administration       Mr. Hill explains, “It’s a quasi-
deciding on how much Walk-a-Thon               went to, such as putting doors on the         met, and then came up with the               democratic process. The planks may
money to give back to the students:            stalls in bathrooms. The clubs, at that       framework for the process still used         only be written by a few people, but
through        appropriations             to   time, received little to no money at all,     today—the administration would               they are the people that the rest of the
extracurricular clubs. The amounts that        and thus were forced to fundraise so at       relinquish ten percent of the funds raised   school has elected to do this work. It
certain clubs recieve this year has            to cover their own expenses, something        in the Walk-a-Thon for the senate to         meets my requirements for a fair
caused considerable controversy, but           that is now forbidden in school.              appropriate back to the now bankrupt         democratic process. Is it perfect? No.
that is something that Mr. Dan Hill, the             The changes that the Senate is          clubs. This agreement was touted as a        There are huge problems. But it is the
Student Senate’s moderator, says is            forced to deal with today came in the         win-win situation by the administration,     best option we have at our disposal.”
nothing new. “We always have to deal           1995-1996 year, in the midst of the           as the senate gets ten percent of the           Meanwhile, the school continues to
with people who are unhappy with the           capital fundraising drive by the school       Walk-a-Thon money back, the clubs            be the big winner, reaping 90 percent
appropriations tally,” he admits,              akin to the “For the Greater Good”            get money again, and the administration      of the money raised by the Walk-a-
shrugging. “It’s never easy.” Which            campaign seen today. The school was           doesn’t have to worry about securing         Thon pledges for its own use, while the
makes The News wonder if there is a            campaigning tirelessly to accumulate          money for the school’s general fund.         students, club leaders, and senate
better way, as this method is certainly        funds, to build what is now known as             Following the 1995 reform creating        members quibble over the relatively few
not the only way. So, The Cub is               “the new wing” and needed as much             the plank system, the modern method          dollars left. So few, in fact, that the
launching a series of two investigative        money as they could get. In order to          for appropriating funds was born. In this    senate added $2,500 of its own money
articles on this topic to try to discover      secure whatever funds were out there;         system, individual clubs submit their        into the appropriations pool this year,
just how the Senate appropriates funds,        Fr. Shannon revoked the senate’s ability      requests for funds, the applications are     just to raise the amount of money
and how the process has evolved into           to vote on their portion of the money         reviewed, and the individual officers        available to $15,000, an amount that
the form it now takes.                         raised in the Walk-a-Thon. Placing it         write their own “planks,” which are          seems considerably generous until you
     To begin, The Cub News asked              all into the general fund and refused to      propositions for how the money should        factor in the sheer number of clubs
Mr. Hill how this year’s method for            let individual clubs fundraise. After all,    be divided between the clubs,                looking for a piece for their own. Still,
deciding the appropriations differs from       it’s difficult to get someone to donate       according to that particular officer. This   $15,000 can only be divided so many
other years. “It doesn’t differ at all from    $10,000 to the school if they just            means that the possible amount of            times before the individual clubs are left
the last four years,” he replied, though       donated $2,000 to the Yearbook or any         money that a club can receive is             with peanuts.
noting that if you look further back, to       other club. The Student Senate was            determined solely by the select few
the time when he first became                  understandably upset, both by the loss        officers of the Student Senate. The
moderator of the Student Senate, things        of control over the process.. The clubs       Senate at large cannot vote to increase

   Sowing the Seeds of Tomorrow
         Patrick Pijls ‘07                     graduating individuals able and willing       deteriorating” direction. For this           become an emerging force.” Since the
         Co-Editor-In-Chief                    to better the world in which they live.       reason, Mr. Ellison states, “we were         terrorist attacks of September 2001,
                                                 At nineteen years old, while attending      able to bring in Muslims, Christians,        Muslim Americans have been the
     Very few politicians enter the            college in Detroit, Mr. Ellison converted     Jews, Buddhists... We brought in             victims of all forms of discrimination.
textbooks. U of D Jesuit graduate Keith        from Roman                                                              everybody.”        Mr. Ellison’s victory, however, is
Ellison (1981) will likely join this           Catholicism to                                                          He suggests        evidence to a more tolerant and
privileged group after his landmark            Islam. Now,                                                             that the           educated American society that is
victory in early November when he              twenty-four                                                             religion of        beginning to set aside prejudices and
became the first Muslim ever elected           years later, he                                                         politicians is     look at fellow Americans as individuals
to the United States Congress. The             resides          in                                                     quickly            rather than in a stereotypical light.
Cub News feels that this story affirms         Minneapolis                                                             losing the              U of D Jesuit teaches each student
how U of D Jesuit continues to succeed         where he excels                                                         importance         to take the education he has acquired
in its profound commitment to                  in his career as                                                        it once had.       and use it to “set the world afire.” Keith
                                               a       defense                                                         “We still          Ellison followed this instruction. While
                                               attorney and                                                            have      43       some readers may have cringed after
  The Cub News                                 s t a t e                                                               million            learning that he left the Catholic Church,
                                               representative. As a devoted member           Americans uninsured. This is a problem       Mr. Ellison challenges fellow Americans
  What’s Inside......                          of the Democratic Party, Mr. Ellison          for everyone in the United States,” he       to move beyond rigid classifications of
                                               holds definitively liberal views, and he      said.                                        religion in order to unite for a common
Senate.....................2                   ran his campaign on a platform highly                  It would be inappropriate,          good. Certainly his Jesuit education has
                                               critical of the war in Iraq. Ironically, he   however, to undermine Mr. Ellison’s          remained with him as he seeks to apply
Business.................,3                    feels that his religious beliefs which have   achievement by ignoring his Muslim           it to his everyday life. It is no doubt that
                                               drawn national attention to his victory       background. MSNBC writes that                President Kennedy - the only Roman
Sports...................4-5                   played an almost nonexistent role during      “while Muslim Americans make up less         Catholic ever to hold the office of
                                               the course of the campaign. Mr. Ellison       than 3 percent of the U.S. population        President of the United States - smiled
                                               strongly feels that his supporters shared     and have largely been a non-factor in        from his resting place on November 7;
Editorials.................8                   his belief that American policy in the        terms of political power, get-out-the-       he and Mr. Ellison certainly have much
                                               Middle East is heading in - what the          vote efforts in several Muslim               in common.
                                               Iraq Study Group calls - a “grave and         communities could indicate they may
                                  Senate Connection
                 Ryan O’Laughlin ‘08
                     Staff Writer                        granted us the two Walkathon-free-days.                     for sale by the time you read this. If you wish to
                                                           Besides the Walkathon, the Student Senate has             support your Senate, and vicariously, the student
      As you read this edition of the Cub News during also been involved in two other endeavors during this          body go and buy one.
    whatever class you happen to be in (don’t                                                                                 Other than these activities, the Senate has
    worry, the teacher probably hasn’t yet                                                                                mostly used its time since the Walkathon to
    realized that you’re not paying attention),                                                                           regroup, and prepare for Winter Spirit Week.
    you may be wondering what your Student                                                                                Which is scheduled for mid-January. Also, the
    Senate has been up to since the last                                                                                  officers are still meeting with the administration
    “Senate Update.” Have they been                                                                                       to discuss the concerns which have been brought
    working for the betterment of the school                                                                              to their attention by members of the student body.
    and of the student body. Well, the Senate                                                                             Yes, for those of you who were wondering, the
    has been active during this period in a                                                                               officers are still in talks with the administration
    number of ways starting, of course, with                                                                              over the new dress code.
    the Walkathon.                                                                                                            Well, that covers most everything that the
        As a result of all the hard work put                                                                             Senate has done since the Walkathon. If you have
    forth by the teachers, parents, and Senate                                                                           any concerns or feel that the Senate is not properly
    members who set up the Walk, and by                                                                                  serving the needs of the student body, just inform
    the students who participated, this year’s                                                                           your homeroom senator or one of the Senate
    Walkathon was a resounding success. The                                                                              officers. According to the Senate Sergeant, Tony
    weather was pleasant, and there were no                                                                              Maccio, “now that we [the Senate] have gotten
    problems with the actual walk. Of course,                                                                            our major fundraisers out of the way, we can really
    some students procrastinated and didn’t                                                                              focus on student needs.” If you are worried that
    bring in their money on time. To remedy                                                                              the Senate will be unable to do this, relax.
    this situation, the Senate officers and                                                                              According to Maccio, the Senate is “definitely
    Walkathon co-chairs contacted everyone                                                                               ready to rock”.
    who still owed money, in order to remind                                                                                By the way, the teacher has noticed that you
    them to bring it in to the school. Also,                                                                             haven’t been paying attention for awhile.
    Senate President Tim Deters met with                                                                                 [Note: all information in this article was gained
    Mrs. Rowe, who granted an extension to collect all period, the first of which was the UDMUN Dance,               from interviews with Senate Sergeant Tony Maccio
    of the pledge money because of the excellent student held on December 1st. Members of the UDMUN                  and Senate Secretary Rob Perry]
    participation in the Open House and Auction. Thanks team worked with some members of the Senate to
    to the efforts of the Senate, and the students who put on a great dance. The Senate has also developed
    finally brought their money in, the administration a new winter spirit shirt, which should be available

                    Black Friday
                                                             containing Nintendo Wii’s. However, I did find myself
                                                                                                                 Commandments to the people of Israel, “Mom, I
                       Pat Ellis ‘07                         sitting alone in a Chicago Nordstrom’s while my aunts
                                                                                                                 need these Uggs!” Shaking my head, I thought,
                       Staff Writer                          and female cousins pillaged the shoe department. If “No, you don’t need them. Children in sub-Saharan
                                                             one has ever watched Discovery Channel’s Shark      Africa need mosquito nets, food, clean water, and
        Thanksgiving is unrivaled in being the absolute      Week, the carnage is believable. All of a sudden my medicine.” It wasn’t moments later that my moment
     best holiday of all holidays, including the “African    head was swimming in the colors, the rushing, the   of superior humanity came crashing down like the
     Pygmy Festival of Nature”. There is no obligation       sounds, and…Mr. Roberge? Yes, there was my          Hindenburg when my mom pushed a pair of green
     to give gifts, fly flags, or even dress up. Although,   counselor Mr. Roberge, adorned in pearl white robes,boat shoes in front of me. “Do you like them?” she
     every family differs, there are only two obligations    hoisting his Calvin and Hobbes emotion chart above  inquired. I quickly responded, “Yeah, I need some
     of Turkey Day in my clan. The first is that I eat a     my head. Signaling for me to choose an emotion, I   new shoes.” My mother turned to the register when
     lot, because I am “so frail and small,                                                                      I slowly realized that such shoes were symbols of
     quite unlike your cousin David,” as                                                                         rebellion back home, and something I would surely
     my grandmother, a hardy woman of                                                                            by JUGGED for. I reminded my mom of this harsh
     traditional Irish stock, constantly                                                                         reality and she immediately dropped the footwear,
     reminds me. The second, is that I                                                                           as one would a rabid rodent.
     get slammed into frozen Illinois                                                                               It seems in the face of personal gain, everyone
     ground by my large uncle, Tom,                                                                              develops a “need” for things. As my good friend
     during some backyard football.                                                                              Martin Luther Kings Jr. explains, “ We must rapidly
           It is truly a day of slothful                                                                         begin the shift from a ‘thing-oriented’ society to a
     enjoyment and family, all to                                                                                ‘person-oriented’ society.” What does this quote
     commemorate the day that our                                                                                mean to me? It means that hopefully, one day we
     ancient American ancestors dropped                                                                          will live in a country where men and women are not
     their tomahawks and rifles to sit                                                                           trampled to death over Tickle-Me-Elmo’s. By no
     down and eat their murderous                                                                                means am I saying that the traditional custom of
     feelings away. One must wonder                                                                              exchanging gifts is an evil which must be abolished.
     why this day of peace must be                                                                               However, I do believe that we must always
     shattered only hours later by                                                                               remember that gifts and “things” are not the essence
     establishments like Sears and Wal-                      selected, with a trembling finger, “Distressed.” He of holidays. The true essence of holidays is good
     Mart, who have decided that they must open up at        smiled warmly and began to approach me, when people, good times, and, as Linus so eloquently pus
     five in the morning to remind turkey-stuffed dolts      suddenly, he transformed into my cousin shouting it, “’Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace,
     (like myself) that America thrives on competition. I    across the room: “Cute, right?” I nodded, half- good will toward men’”. That’s what Christmas is
     am proud to say that none of my extended family         heartedly. Nearby, a young girl exclaimed, as Moses all about, Charlie Brown.
     awoke at four in order to sack nearby shops             most likely did while delivering the Ten

                                                         newest video games and electronic gadgets,                actually take the time to enjoy the Christmas

  The Gray Box                                           degenerating traffic etiquette, party after party, and
                                                         of course all those Christmas Semi-Formal
                                                         dances— people of all shapes and sizes have
                                                                                                                   season? Is it even possible to appreciate December
                                                                                                                   before the 25th? As we run from sports, to
                                                                                                                   shopping, to whatever else we have to get done;
             Andrew Zembala ‘07                          begun to lose their senses. But the merchants,            where does the time go? Besides, is the holiday
                 Copy Editor                             florists and credit card companies are smiling, so        season really about buying things and work? I
                                                         why shouldn’t we?                                         should hope not. It’s a mystery why we get so
   Ah, December; The temperature and the snow
                                                            After all, the school is all decked out in tinsel      wrapped up in the Holiday Rush, because after a
are beginning to fall. The malls are filling up, our
                                                         and garland, a festive tree stands in the Atrium once     point, do we really enjoy it? Do we really love to
bank accounts are slowly draining, and The High is
                                                         again. The holiday spirit has everybody counting          run across town searching for that elusive gift that
rolling into the Holiday Season like a steamroller
                                                         down the days until Christmas Break, not to               nobody seems to have in stock, or fight the traffic
through a Kmart. We’ve made it through the
                                                         mention praying for the first snow day of the             to the mall and the crowds once we’re there? Does
Thanksgiving season, can finally bring ourselves to
                                                         season. Because, let’s face it, who can concentrate       anybody love the feeling of an empty wallet?
listen to Christmas music 24/7, and even resort to
                                                         on school when it’s snowing outside, and there are           December is a time to spend time with friends
an age old Michigan pastime— drinking hot
                                                         holiday festivities to prepare for? Besides, we at U      and family enjoy the winter festivities, a time to
beverages and complaining about the cold. But for
                                                         of D have our own Winter Rush. Between spring             celebrate with friends, and if you’re religious, a time
many the thirty one days between Thanksgiving and
                                                         sports warm-ups, basketball games, hockey                 to reflect. Not a time to get engulfed in a rush of
Christmas Eve this year will be lost, as have so
                                                         games, intramural bowling, rehearsals and practice        shopping. So I suppose my challenge for you,
many others, in the Holiday Rush of 2006. It
                                                         for the Spring Musical, and all of the other usual        Cubs, is to relax. Spend some time with your
started with Black Friday, the single largest
                                                         extracurricular activities. There’s more than any one     friends, have an epic snowball battle, go to a
shopping day of the year, and has hit Metro Detroit
                                                         person can handle going on during the winter              Christmas concert, or do whatever, because after
with full force. Complete with little old ladies
                                                         season, But hey, it keeps us from going stir crazy all    all the rush is over, it is Christmas, isn’t it?
beating each other for Tickle-Me-Elmos, lines of
people ransacking the local Best Buy to get the
                                                            When does it become too much? When do we

        Love the Madness                                               A Cub News Business Brief
               Austin Kronig ‘08
                 News Editor
                                                         outerwear. Moosejaw believes that: “When you’re           stated: “I went to a friend’s party last night. Last
   Here’s Today’s Remark: “At Moosejaw we want           in extreme conditions, matching your pack to your         year at the same party I broke a clock. So, this
to make shopping as much fun as backpacking the          vest really makes a difference.”                          year my friend removed all the clocks. When I used
Chilkoot trail, climbing in Yosemite, mountaineering         While the majority of Moosejaw’s revenue is           to go backpacking we would make sure no one
in the Himalayas or playing Red Rover with the           derived from outdoor equipment such as crampons,          had a watch on. The only problem was that you
neighbors who you don’t like that much but they’re       portable stoves, and kayaks, the rest of its sales come   couldn’t tell the time.”
always ready to play any game in the cul-de-sac so       from basic T-shirts and hats that simply say Moosejaw.    In response, Moosejaw receives hundreds of
you make do.” Did you get the memo?                      The company likes the fact people buy Moosejaw’s          responses daily from customers commenting on the
       This is just a snapshot of Moosejaw               branded line of apparel, because it builds its brand      idiocy of the remarks. However, as Wolfe describes
Mountaineering’s self-described                                                                                                          it, “To get people to proactively
“mind-set” towards doing business.                                                                                                       e-mail you everyday is
One of Moosejaw’s founders,                                                                                                              amazing.”
Robert Wolfe, envisioned long ago                                                                                                              Moosejaw hired a New
creating a mountaineering store that                                                                                                     York consulting firm to help
would “sell the dream” of a cool                                                                                                         further grow the company, but
and hip lifestyle brand. While a lot                                                                                                     soon after decided to revert to
of the stuff it sells, such as Acr                                                                                                       its own business strategies.
Teryx and North Face, can                                                                                                                Moosejaw’s rewards points
typically be found at other large-                                                                                                       program is one of those
scale stores like REI, Moosejaw has set out to “create   recognition.                                              strategies, which allows shoppers to receive 10%
loyalty in the madness” with tactics such as rewards          In addition, Moosejaw has an off-the-wall            back from in-store and online purchases. One of
points and numerous other marketing tools, all of        marketing strategy that exudes a distinctive culture      Moosejaw’s latest initiatives is the creation of
which are undoubtedly intended to set themselves         that’s hard to dislike. In 2005, Moosejaw recorded, another Moosejaw on-line division that
apart from their competitors.                            65% of sales from its on-line store alone. Today,         sells snowboarding gear and clothing.
   Moosejaw was started in 1992 by two recent U          Moosejaw’s Web site remains its critical tool to drive         The Moosejaw experience and mindset have
of M graduates, both of whom were self-proclaimed        the business.                                             extended far beyond the store, into the online Web
“outdoorsmen.” Since its first store opening in Keego    As a means to promote Moosejaw’s brand                    site and across the country. A popular Moosejaw
Harbor, Michigan, Moosejaw has grown to eight            personality, Moosejaw has created the quirky, yet         anecdote recounts the story of two Moosejaw
retail stores throughout Michigan and Illinois. By       ever-popular Moosejaw Madness page, which                 customers who ran into each other at a Seattle cafe,
focusing on the customer, Moosejaw has created its       includes features such as “Today’s Remark,” authored      one wearing a Moosejaw T-shirt and the other
own distinct personality. Unlike most other outdoor      by an anonymous character named Trapper. This             donning a Moosejaw hat. Both recognized the
companies, Moosejaw markets towards a fashion-           blog-like posting is e-mailed to thousands of             “coolness” of the other and the culture they were a
oriented consumer. So not only does it see business      Moosejaw’s customers in the form of daily trivia          part of. Clearly, Moosejaw is more than just a store,
from the outdoor aficionados, Moosejaw gets              questions and irreverent captions that are nonetheless    it’s a phenomenon, so embrace the madness!
business from young people looking for fashionable       hysterical. Case in point, the November 25th post

                                                                                 Joe Shanley ‘07
   Andrew Zembala ‘07
                                                                                   Sports Editor
       Copy Editor
                                  2006-2007 Editorial Staff                                                    The Cub News welcomes all students
       Isaac Elster ‘07                     Ross Berg ‘07                     Tommy Meredith ‘07                   who are interested in writing or
       Managing Editor                     Co-Editor-In-Chief                  Entertainment Editor             photography. However, the editorial
                                                                                                                 staff reserves the right to edit the
   Nathan Bobinchak ‘07                     Patrick Pijls ‘07                  Austin Kronig ‘08               submissions to assure that they fit in
        Photo Editor                       Co-Editor-In-Chief                    News Editor                  the overall message of the publication.
                                                                                                                The editorial staff also reserves the
  Brandon Porwoll ‘01                      Allan Benedict ‘08                   Rob Runyan ‘02                 right to withhold any submisions that
       Moderator                              Layout Editor                       Moderator                       are submitted after the deadline.

               Is It in You?
                                                                      A preview of Cub Basketball
                                                                                            like passing skills of Senior Jordan        Rotter says, “can expect a hard-
           Marty LaRouere ‘07
                                                 r a w                                                           “Skittles”             working, close-knit group of guys that
               Staff Writer
                                                 athleticism                                                     Redditt.] Head         work well together.” Even with the
       “Oooohh, Ah, Oooooo Showtime!”            and hard                                                        Coach          Curt    departure of Dion Sims, the team can
    Yes, Cubs, it’s that time of year again.     work can                                                        Rotter will begin      go “eight or nine deep, with
    It’s the time to lose your voice on every    overcome                                                        his fifth campaign     contributions coming from a wide range
    Tuesday and Friday night. To drive to        t h e i r                                                       as coach of the        of players.” Coach Rotter says that his
    cities across the entire Metro-Detroit       inexperience.                                                   Varsity team and       team will approach every game with
    area including the D, Warren,                [The Cubs                                                       will lead his troops   tenacity and a desire to win, especially
    Birmingham, Orchard Lake, and                offer a lot of                                                  against some of        against teams in the Catholic League.
    Detroit-Redford-Wixom-Novi; and to           threats with                                                    the best teams in      Senior Jordan Redditt believes that “the
    sport your impressive spirit shirts while    the low                                                         Southeast-             team prides itself in defense. We have
    the greatest show on court performs.         post play of                                                    Michigan.              players that are quick, can
    This December, the avid U of D Jesuit        Sophomore                                                       Despite         last   communicate well, and will give their
    community will unite again in Curly Hall     Jordan                                                          y e a r ’ s            best effort on the court.”
    to cheer on the Varsity Basketball Team.     Morgan,                                                         shortcomings, the            With all of the promise and
    Names like Jacobs, Barwin, Simpson,          the mid-                                                        Cubs look to           anticipation for the U of D Jesuit
    Clancy, Williams-Hinton, Hurst, and          r a n g e                                                       establish              Basketball season, students can count
    Coach Hafner have cemented                   jumper of                                                       themselves at the      on an electrifying atmosphere in the one
    themselves in U of D Jesuit Basketball       Sophomore                                                       top of the Catholic    and only Cub student section. This is
    history, and members of this year’s team     M i k e                                                         League and take        the time of year to show your U of D
    look to have the same impact as these        Wenderski,                                                      the tough-learned      Jesuit spirit, and with the dedication and
    studs once did.                              t    h       e                                                  lessons from last      commitment of the players and coaches,
        This year, the talented basketball       rebounding                                                      year and use them      who wouldn’t want to see their games?
    team looks to contend in the Central         o            f                                                  to get off to a        So, Cubs, is It in you? But, the more
    Division of the Catholic League and          Sophomore                                                       quick start against    important question for the team, though,
    make a run in the State Playoffs. After      Daniel                                                          Catholic League        is It in them? Come see this well-
    looking over the roster, it is clear that    Fields, the defensive intensity of         opponents.                                  coached, smart, and multi-dimensional
    this year’s squad is loaded with             Sophomore Gerald Bridges, the three-          Coach Rotter is very excited, and        squad take on some of the best. You
    underclassmen. However, after                point shot of Sophomore Jeff Jones, the    pleased, with the progress his team has     never know— you might see a triple-
    watching the team play during “Meet          run and shoot capability of Senior         made in practices and scrimmages. “U        double, a dunk, overtime, or a game-
    the Cubs” Night, it is apparent that their   James Holly, and the Magic Johnson-        of D Jesuit basketball fans,” Coach         winning, half-court shot at the buzzer.

                       Frozen for Failure?
                                                           Cub hockey looks to rebound in new season
                                             hustle, being the first to every loose       description of scoring and finishing.         goals this year – one may call that a
           Medvis Jackson ‘07                puck. It requires a desire, not only to                                                    wild forecast, or wishful thinking. The
                                                                                          Scoring chances come suddenly,
              Staff Writer                   beat your opponent, but to humiliate                                                       fact is, the student body needs to
                                                                                          lingering only for seconds. They can not
        “Offense scores points, Defense your opponent.                                    be scheduled, in practice, drills, or in      continue to support their team, the
    wins Championships,” goes the old                                                     dreams. “I think we can be more               doubt will come from outside these
    sports saying. However, good defense       I spoke to Dan Reddy of the Varsity                                       physical       limestone walls . It was the Shamrock
    is pointless without goals to defend.                                                                                than last      who received a slap of reality when the
    With the extremely tough schedule which                                                                              year”          Cubs joined them in the 2005 State
    the Cub Hockey team will face this year.                                                                             ,said          Semi-Finals. It was the Warrior who
    “A part of the dilemma is the                                                                                        senior         got “ravaged with astonishment” when
    competition . Every game is a challenge.                                                                             p l a y e r,   the Cubs earned their way into the
    We get no nights off because many of                                                                                 Nolan          Lacrosse State Finals in 2005. The
    our opponents are former top ten                                                                                     Stempin.       Michigan High School Baseball World
    teams.” So says Coach Bennetts who                                                                                   “Talent is     received a “Cannon” when the Cubs
    steered the Cubs to the State Semifinals                                                                             important      marched their way in the State Finals in
    in 2005. The Cubs do have talent in                                                                                  in terms       2006. The Cubs turned Pilot heads this
    goal, with Veteran Michael Raymond.                                                                                  o          f   past fall, after opening the season with
    Other key players, such as Steve                                                                                     scoring,       a 6-1 loss to Brother Rice, by making
    Harnadek, Stew Copley, Richerd                                                                                       but        I   an appearance in the Catholic League
    Winton, and Capt. Steve Yackley seek                                                                                 think it       Championship. The Soccer team did
    to dangle their opponents.                                                                                           will take      this with the Faithful U of D Hooligans.
                                                                                                                         a lot of       The Hockey team will need that same
         Making the opponent pay for             Hockey team, discussing the status of hard work and I feel that we have more           loyal fan support this season. Yes,
    mistakes in front of their own net will      the team. When the topic of scoring guys, who will want to work harder on              Unity!!! The Cub Hockey Team will
    be key to Cub Hockey this year.              goals came up, his answer was very the ice.”                                           score goals this year. U of D Jesuit fans,
    However, finishing is easier said than       open. “Whether we can score more . .                                                   “Be at the game to see these goals”
    done. Finishing is about attitude and        . only time can tell.” That is a perfect    The Cub Hockey Team will score

   BCS (Blatantly Corrupt System)
                                         truly believe that the Michigan              Championship. They absent-mindedly           teams ever to be produced by Ohio
         Joe Shanley ‘07
                                         Wolverines deserved a chance to win          overlooked the fact that this game drew      State. How can one degrade U of M’s
           Sports Editor
                                         their twelfth national championship. The     the largest television audience for any      performance this season to the
  The holiday season is a time of family Associated Press, the NCAA                   regular season game in the last thirteen     Pasadena Rose Bowl against an
togetherness, joyful celebration and                                                                        years.                 undeserving, two-loss USC Trojans
smash-mouth football games. The BCS                                                                              The National      team? So as a fan, what can we expect
(or Bowl Championship Series) is                                                                            Championship           from this year’s National
determined by four components:                                                                              game is designed       Championship? It’s simple; it will be an
subjective polling (Associated Press,                                                                       for the two best       absolute blowout. The National
ESPN Coaches’ Poll, Public Opinion                                                                          teams in college       Championship game is supposed to be
Poll), computer rankings based upon                                                                         football          to   the most exciting game of the Bowl
winning percentages, and the strength                                                                       compete for the        Championship Series, not an
of a team’s schedule. In this year’s BCS                                                                    national title.        anticipated demolition. However, one
Championship game the Florida Gators                                                                        F l o r i d a ’s       positive aspect of this year’s BCS
will be battling the juggernaut Ohio                                                                        demanding              selections, is that Florida will be
State Buckeyes, in hopes of capturing                                                                       schedule and           exposed as the sacrificial lamb for the
their second national title. With the                                                                       conference             corruptive BCS selection standards.
exception of a hardly-thrilling win                                                                         championship           Football fans all over the nation will soon
against Arkansas for the SEC                                                                                victory deserve        understand that subjective selection
championship, Florida’s national title                                                                      some attention but     standards cannot determine an exciting
berth was primarily due to Coach                                                                            does not account       football game. Football is not a game
Urban Meyer’s ability to campaign for                                                                       for their loss to      of politics; there are no campaigns to
the Coaches’ poll vote and the general                                                                      Auburn         who     determine the victorious teams. There
public aversion to a Big Ten rematch.                                                                       finished 10-2 in the   have been a number of suggested
However, the Florida Gators’                                                                                regular season.        solutions to this fraudulent BCS system
corruption of BCS has lasted over a                                                                         Many skeptical         such as the installment of a possible
decade, starting with their lopsided                                                                        critics believe that   playoff system, but the media and
defeat to Nebraska in the 1995                                                                              Michigan’s             American public refuse to recognize
championship, and their ability to fine                                                                     opportunity to win     justice for deserving teams. Rather than
tune the subjective polls in favor of an                                                                    the      national      reminiscing about a memorable 2006
SEC Championship rematch against                                                                            championship was       National Championship in Arizona,
Florida State; for the National Coaches’ poll and the American public                 lost through their tragic defeat by Ohio     every college football fan will always
Championship in 1996. I am intentionally overlooked Michigan’s                        State on November 18th. This loss            remember the blatant injustice the
thoroughly disgusted with these tragic three point loss against Ohio State            should not have determined the fate of       Michigan Wolverines endured at the
opinionated selection standards and at Ohio Stadium for the Big Ten                   an 11-1 season against one the best          climax of a phenomenal season.

         Let it Snow                                                                    Corrections...
         Jon Hevron ‘09                                                                 Editor’s Note: In last month’s issue of The
           Staff Writer                    and giant slalom. In each league there
                                                                                        Cub News there were missing letters in two of
                                           are divisions with ten teams each. All
      While most of us enjoyed the         the teams in the Cubs’ league ski at Mt.     the titles. This was through no fault of the
unseasonably warm weather through          Brighton. The placing is simple; they        newspaper staff. There was a mistake on the
November, there were some among us         compete against each other’s best times      part of the printing company.
who looked to the skies for snow. These    that day.
few are, of course, the members of the        After losing seniors Alan Walbourne
U of D Jesuit ski team. Returning from                                (All League),
last year’s squad                                                                         At JS Printing, we strive for excellence in technical assistance, customer
are sophomores                                                                         service, and quality printing with the goal of meeting and exceeding the
                                                                      Grant (All
Jordan Koss,                                                                           expectations of our customers. There may be instances, from time to time,
                                                                      League) and
Reid Walbourne,                                                                        while we maintain sight of our vision, that we unknowingly permit minor
                                                                      Ted Jones
and Jake Lyon;                                                                         errors to slip through production. Missing text, blurred images and illegible
                                                                      (All Region)
juniors Loren                                                                          content are all aspects of what makes our job so challenging. We work
                                                                      the Cubs will
Smith and Jeff                                                                         tirelessly to monitor potential problems and catch errors as they come, and
                                                                      have a tough
Harness; and                                                                           in turn, hope that our customers do the same. We welcome and invite you
                                                                      task       of
seniors Chaz                                                                           to tell us when we have not held up to our standard.
                                                                      repeating a
Anderson,                                                            season as            In the November 3, 2006 issue of The Cub News, characters were
Andrew Clark                                                         great as last     missing from two headlines, “Walk-a-thon Memories” and “The Front
(co-captain), and                                                    years. Junior     Page”. JS Printing acknowledges this as an internal production error and
John Ross (co-                                                       Jeff Harness,     has amended its proofing checklist to ensure issues such as this do not arise
captain). These                                                      All League        in the future.
men of the                                                           and        All
mountain are led                                                     Region, and
by Coach Kusch.                                                                                 Sincerely,
                                                                     senior co-
       The team                                                      captains
practices and races                                                                                      JS Printing
                                                                     Andrew Clark
at Mount Brighton                                                    and John Ross
in     Brighton,                                                     will hopefully
                                                                                       One more correction: In the November issue
Michigan. They prefer natural              lead the Cub skiers to another third        of The Cub News Phil Clark’s name was
snow (of course) but, like most skiing     place finish or better in the regional      misspelled on the golf article. The editorial
venues, Mount Brighton can make            meet, and to another appearance at the      staff apologizes for the mistake.
enough snow to cover the hill for races.   state finals, where last season they
The races have events such as the slalom   finished ninth.

                       It’s Nice?
                                                                      Two Cubs and their thoughts on Borat
              Issac Elster ‘07
                                                   unpleasant side of their personalities.     less radical. When American society                “[‘Borat’] has managed to spark an
              Managing Editor
                                                   Hilarity ensues.                            changes, Hollywood is always one step          immense interest of the whole world in
         For weeks, there has been a great             One of the most frequent criticisms     ahead. Besides, most of the offended           Kazakhstan – something our authorities
    deal of talk regarding the film “Borat:        that uninformed people make is that         audience members I know have voiced            could not do during the years of
    Cultural Learnings of America for Make         “Borat” is anti-Semitic. Indeed, the        the same opinion: “It was so disgusting,       independence,” said Asip-uly. “If state
    Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”         “Kazakh villagers” in the film do display   I couldn’t look away!” They couldn’t           officials completely lack a sense of
    (“Borat”). Studio executives predicted         a lot of anti-Semitism. Perhaps the most    have found the scenes too offensive if         humor, their country becomes a laughing
    another underwhelming box office for           blatant example is Kazakhstan’s yearly      they did not turn away.                        stock.”
    a film that became popular through the         “Running of the Jews”, a festival               Lastly, there are many people who              Cohen’s goal is not to put down an
    Internet, like “Snakes on a Plane”             inspired by Pamplona’s Running of the       complain that “Borat” is offensive             economically disadvantaged country.
    (“SoaP”). Instead, “Borat” became              Bulls. Also, at one point Borat and his     because it mocks Eastern European              That would just be cruel. Instead of the
    what “SoaP” was supposed to have               associate Azamat believe that an elderly    countries as anti-Semitic, homophobic,         joke being on Kazakhs, the joke is on
    been: a smash hit. Instead of discussing       Jewish couple have transformed into         superstitious, incestuous, and downright       Americans. He is not making fun of
    airplane safety and the best way to            cockroaches and throw money at them,        backwards. Those who make such                 the villagers paid to bring cows into their
    construct a homemade flamethrower at           trying to get them to go away.              complaints simply do not understand            living rooms, but the very same
    Thanksgiving Dinner, people were                   Many people have found jokes like       Cohen’s humor. Ever since Cohen took           Americans who were so innocent that
    arguing which was the funniest and/or          those offensive, and in any other case,     up the role of Ali G, the fake television      they did not recognize a prankster when
    most offensive scene in “Borat.”               they would be right. In any other           host who had a knack for making his            he was laughing in their faces. These
        Just how offensive is “Borat,” if at       situation, he’d be just like former         interviewees uncomfortable, he has             were also the very same Americans who
    all? Does this film cross the boundary         “Seinfeld” star Michael Richards.           embraced the type of humor displayed           were so uninformed that they actually
    of good taste and settle down in the           However, Cohen is never tries to be         in “Borat.” From his very first                believed when they were told that
    territory reserved for John Waters-type        politically correct, instead his humor is   broadcast, Cohen would embody the              Kazakh fathers marry off their
    gross-out comedies and all the                 directed at those feelings that people      Eastern European stereotypes, and his          daughters when they turn twelve, and
    unsuccessful “mockumentaries” that             may have behind their political             interviewees would be none the wiser.          that the Kazakh government holds
    came in the wake of “This is Spinal            correctness.                                      When Cohen pretended to be               competitions to see who are the
    Tap”? On the contrary, it is one of the             Secondly, many people found the        ignorant as to how a toilet worked and         country’s best prostitutes.
    most enlightening and relevant comedies        now notorious “Family Photos” and           why his sexual history was not an                 In order to fully appreciate “Borat,”
    to come out in years, and is in no way         “Male Nude Wrestling” scenes                appropriate dinner conversation in             members of the audience must swallow
    offensive.                                     offensive. These complaints are coming      strangers’ houses, he was not making           their pride and accept that there are
         For those who have been living in         from people (mainly men) who have no        fun of Kazakhstan. If he were truly            people who are completely ignorant of
    oblivion for the last few years, “Borat”       problem viewing various forms of            insulting that country, Kazakh President       foreign cultures. There is nothing in
    is a film in which British comedian            female nudity in many of the films they     Nursultan Nazarbayev would not have            “Borat” that should be considered
    Sacha Baron Cohen (Da Ali G Show)              watch. Scenes like those from “Borat”       expressed his support of the movie,            offensive, and if a person did not enjoy
    poses as Borat Sagdiyev, one of                that would make these people                insisting that it has raised Kazakhstan’s      the movie, s/he either must have been
    Kazakhstan’s top reporters. He is sent         uncomfortable were bound to happen          profile around the world. Also Kazakh          born with a seriously deficient sense of
    to America to find out why it is such a        sooner or later. Both the feminist          novelist Sapabek Asip-uly would not            humor.
    prosperous nation. Cohen tricks people         movement and the Gay Pride movement         have nominated Cohen for his nation’s
    into believing that he is an actual reporter   have gradually become more                  Club of Art Patrons’ annual award on
    and prods them into revealing the              mainstream and their ideas have become      November 27.
              Kevin Dolan ‘07                      anti-Semitic behavior or actions in the         From these people that Borat meets         how a westerner would display a third
                Staff Writer                       movie; Sasha Baron Cohen is Jewish          can we reasonably say that the bulk of         world nation. He paints the picture that
      It was about five o’clock on Saturday        and, in my opinion, he can mock his         America is represented? I don’t think          all Kazakhstanis are crude, Anti-
    night; I called my friend Richard “Dick”       religion all he wants to. However, I am     so. In addition to the stereotypical people    Semitic, racist, and above all
    Dougherty and asked him the questions          going to gripe about how we as a nation     Sasha Baron Cohen chooses to interact          insensitive. Kazakhstan does not
    that teens and adults all across America       and our Kazakhstani brothers are            with, we also have to look at how he           deserve the labels that Americans will
    were asking their friends: “do you want        portrayed in Borat. If watch closely, you   treats them, which is disrespectfully. He      now subconsciously put upon it. In the
    to go see Borat?” This was a simple                                                                               draws something         end, instead of raising awareness and
    question which I deeply regretted asking                                                                          out of each person      helping the nation of Kazakhstan with
    six and a half hours later.                                                                                       that        publicly    its numerous issues, this movie just
       Throughout Borat: Cultural                                                                                     embarrasses him/        places the country further into the
    Learnings of America for Make                                                                                     her. I am also          literal laughing stock of America. As
    Benefit Glorious Nation of                                                                                        ashamed by the          a result of the film the nation of
    Kazakhstan I found almost everything                                                                              way that the old        Kazakhstan had to take out four pages
    that was projected upon the screen to                                                                             cowboy in the stalls    of advertisement in the New York
    be completely and utterly offensive. I                                                                            and the people in       Times in order to demonstrate the
    do have to say that I found some scenes                                                                           general at the          country’s self worth.Borat forced the
    funny, but overall I found myself forcing                                                                         rodeo reacted to        government of Kazakhstan to waste
    laughter at parts of the movie that were                                                                          Borat            the    time and money defending its pride and
    supposed to be funny.                                                                      character. They did not show Borat any         dignity, something that the west should
       National Public Radio correspondent         will notice that Sasha Baron Cohen          more respect than Cohen displays in his        never force an eastern nation to do.
    and Los Angeles Times movie critic             chooses the extremes of American            encounters. America was built as a                  While this reviewer understands
    Kenneth Turan agrees, “…we laugh out           culture to include in his fake              nation of immigrants; we should not turn       that there exists a fine line in comedy
    of astonishment and disbelief, out of          documentary. He interviews the liberal      our backs on people from foreign               between offensive and funny, Sasha
    embarrassment for what the people on           feminists, the ultra conservative           countries, especially not Arab people.         Baron Cohen crosses this line. Do we
    screen are going through, and because          cowboys, the “proper” southern dinners,         The biggest issue I have with Borat        really need to see two absolutely butt
    we simply can’t figure out any other           the rude fraternity boys, the grossly       is how Cohen portrays the nation of            naked men wrestle on screen for
    way to respond.”Frankly Borat is a gross       overweight prostitute, the fanatical        Kazakhstan. The scenes in his “home”           close to five minutes? In my opinion,
    misrepresentation of Americans, Jews,          evangelical Christians, and finally the     town of Kuçzek are hard to watch. As           absolutely not. I would hope that as a
    and most of all Kazakhstanis.                  prime example of American sexuality,        a former member of the two mission             University of Detroit Jesuit student you
      No, I am not about to gripe about the        Pam Anderson.                               trips here at the High, I did not appreciate   agree.

                        United Wii Play
          Joe Dimuzio ‘08                        currently only available in stark white,       few years this has been the company’s           DVDs. The graphics made capable
            Staff Writer                         much like its poratble counterpart the         focus. They also have presented                 on the Wii can’t really compare with
                                                 DS Lite (A revamped DS). As much               wonderful game experiences unlike any           these systems, sadly a major selling
       The Wii (pronounced “Oui” or              as words can convey, the easiest and           in history with their portable DS system        point for mainstream consumer titles.
  “Wee”... pity the French and owners            most effective way to comprehend the           and the Wii. From the brain-analyzing           Not a single online game has been
  of adolescent boys...) is Nintendo’s           Wii is to play it... and play it you should!   “Brain Age” to Nintendo’s overlooked            released for the Wii, while the PS3
  newest gaming system, and its dazzling             Nintendo’s conception of the Wii           and Atlus-made “pro-surgeon”                    and 360 are essentially online
  quality lies in its intuitive and              was formed under a variety of                  simulator “Trauma Center”, to cooking           machines. Nintendo hopes that the
  delightfully conceived remote                  influences. In a market climate stifled        simulators (Cooking Mama), puppy-               sheer playability and creativity of their
  controller. Resembling a television            with complex game controllers and              raising (Nintendogs), lawyer-                   underpowered little box can conquer
  remote in appearance and a King-               games, Nintendo Creative Lead                  simulators (Phoenix Wright: Ace                 a new generation of consumers.
  Size Snickers bar in size; the remote          Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of legendary         Attorney) At the system’s launch,                      Upon its US release on
  offers a gameplay experience unlike            character Mario and classic franchises         Nintendo released another entry in the          November 19th and Japan release on
  any console has ever managed to                like “The Legend of Zelda”) sought to          greatest video game series of all time          December 2nd, the Wii has essentially
  incorporate. Through the use of                create a console that defied convention.       with “Legend of Zelda: Twilight                 been ripped from the shelves. The
  complex sensoral technology,                   Miyamoto and Nintendo had released             Princess”, arguably the greatest game           system is nigh impossible to procure
  Nintendo has created a wireless and            the Nintendo DS in 2004, a new and             of the last decade.                             here, and the demand for it in Japan
  motion-sensitive controller, capable of        original portable system that ran on              Another wondrous component of                fostered lines of over 2000 people.
  reading and virtualizing the                   creative touch-based control. As the           the system’s capabilities is its online         The Wii has rapidly accumulated
  controller’s motions. (It sounds more          underpowerered system prevailed over           “Virtual Console”. This lovely function         prevailing sales over Sony’s
  complicated than it really is, and I shall     rival Sony’s graphically impressive but        allows online access to a library of            astronomically-priced and scarcely
  thus provide examples of its use). For         quality software-lacking Playstation           classic Nintendo titles; spanning from          available Playstation 3. Stephen
  example, if you’re playing a baseball          Portable in Japan and America, their           their first home console to their               Colbert declared it the greatest threat
  game the Wii, you would simply pick            desire to shake up the console market          underrated Nintendo 64. Supported by            to America. The Wii is picking up
  up your Wiimote and swing it like a            slowly multiplied. Disillusioned by the        Sega, Konami, Capcom and a ton of               undeniable steam and glowing press
  baseball bat or swing your arm to              lack of creativity and repetitive nature       other game-publishing companies, the            coverage.
  throw a baseball. You can swing,               of modern game design and production,          Virtual Console will release new titles             How is it to play? Well, the first
  throw, dip, dodge, balance, the                Nintendo desired to create a console           every week that gamers can purchase             time my friend and I picked up
  possibilities are endless. The remote          that presented a way of playing games          online and store on their console for           Wiimotes to challenge each other in
  also features a small slot at its hilt which   that had never been effectively                eternity. Another plus for the Wii is its       round of bowling, we found ourselves
  allows attachment to various other             orchestrated.                                  already sterling game library, due to its       smiling uncontrollably. The idea is
  controller peripherals. One of these              “Wii will break down that wall that         compatibility with every single game,           hard to express, but playing the Wii
  is the nunchuck, which is essentially a        separates video game players from              controller and accessory for its previous       is simply fun. It reminds me of the first
  small joystick housed in another               everybody else. Wii will put people            console, the Gamecube.                          time I ever played a video game, and
  motion-sensitive base. This controller         more in touch with their games … and                Yet the Wii is somewhat of an              presents a type of enjoyment I have
  and its accessories interact with a            each other.” declared Nintendo less            anomaly within the enormously                   never experienced. I have yet to meet
  small sensor bar attached to your              than a year before its release. Simply         profitable video game market. As Sony           a soul disappointed with the system’s
  television and the console housing             put, Nintendo wants your grandmother           plunges forth with its vastly powered           performance. Nintendo may as well
  itself, which is roughly as large as three     to play games. They want everyone in           Playstaion 3, capable of “cell                  copyright the word “intuitive” because
  DVD cases stacked atop each other.             your house to play. They want to reach         processing” and essentially running a           it defines the Wii. The games feel
  The Wii is portable, and eerily                every demographic there is by creating         multimedia home theater, and Microsoft          natural, eerily comfortable and
  resembles Apple’s enormously                   a simple controller capable of simple,         roughs it with their online-intensive           damned fun. The new, years-in-
  profitable iPod. The system is                 “pick-up-and-play” sensibility. In the last    Xbox 360, the Wii can’t even play               waiting Zelda title plays like a dream.

                      Spotlight: Jens Lekman
                                                 deep voice. There is more compacted            a song trilogy revolving around the             here the album turns somber. With
          Garrett Miller ‘07                     into these 17 tracks than in most 2-disc       character Rocky Dennis. These songs             nothing but Jens deep voice, a few
            Staff Writer                         albums. This transitions into the next         tell a story of his heartbreak and              background singers, and an orchestra
    A sad-stricken, simple ballad opens          area of marvel for this album. Not only        cowardice. With beautiful music to              of cricket Jens contemplates the beauty
this album. A simple piano line backed           does Jens mix perfect beats to his music,      support his lyrics Jens releases from his       around him in “Another Sweet
by the deep voice of Jens Lekman                 crescendo and                                                          soul “I can sit and     Summer’s Night on Hammer Hill”.
introduces us to one of the most amazing         soften his voice                                                       watch my life go        Amongst the agony of his friends he
albums of our time. From this simple             acutely to the                                                         by or I can take a      comment’ “its hard to stay mad when
beginning Jens slides into a gorgeous            soul of the                                                            tiny chance/Cause       there’s so much beauty”. In the silence
violin introduction, into a top-notch drum       music, and soar                                                        someday I’ll be         broken only by the cricket’s chirps the
line, picked up by an alternative violin         to the high notes                                                      stuck in some           tracks change and a deep sorrowful
line, followed by an additional drum beat,       as well as he                                                          museum scaring          cello line, accented perfectly by an
then at last, his soul-jerking voice. Track      handles the low                                                        little kids/ With the   electric guitar and again perfect drum
2, “Maple Leaves [EP Version]”, is one           ones, but he                                                           in        scripture     beat enters and entices. This song is “F-
of the first songs off of Oh You’re So           does all of this                                                       ‘Carpe Diem’”.          Word” and boldly starts with the
Silent Jens to grab the listener. It is just     while singing                                                          Two songs later, in     question: “Would you stand up for this
the beginning. Jens, 2 songs later in            beautiful prose                                                        “I Saw her at the       kind of beauty?/Cause this kind of
“Pocketful of Money” shows off his               and lyrics.                                                            A n t i - W a r         beauty won’t stand up for you”. Two
talent on the piano with a simple, yet                  He sings                                                        Demonstration”,         song later, the album concludes on a
catchy lick set to the beat of snapping          about sorrow,                                                         Jens again pulls off     remix of the “Maple Leaves [EP
fingers. A sliding bass line carries the         sadness, love,                                                        an unbelievable          Version]” by adding to the vivacious
piano through each of its transitions,           heartbreak, and                                violin intro. The violin enters sad and         drum beat formerly used. All in all, the
completing the feel of the song. The             inherent beauty. In the 6 th track,            draggy; out of the blue, a 1950s Beach          album is an eclectic, forever changing
amazement of this album is that you will         “Someone to Share my Life With”, Jens          Boy reminiscent electric guitar blares          its mood fro upbeat to sad, to loving, to
think the song has introduced all the            tones down the complexity of his songs.        through the speaker and a gentle voice          somber. Considering, the divers
instruments, all the licks, all the lines, all   After an intricate song involving electric     ties it all together. After this complex        emotions engendered by this album. One
the melodies, then softly in the                 guitar, harpsichord, a wind instrument,        song, Jen simplifies it all again. “A Sweet     would think it impossible for it to all come
background you will hear the “chaa               and church bells; he plays a slow song         Summer’s Night on Hammer Hill” be-              together well and sound good. But it
chaa” echoed delicately by a hi-hat,             involving a very simple message: “ I           bops away into your head with its sole          doesn’t sound just good, or just well. It
followed thirty seconds later by a voice         don’t want a girl who thinks she has to        trumpet line and catchy chorus of               sounds jubilant, true, soul full, and purely
speaking “I’ll come running with a heart         fake/ I just want someone to share my          “BADABADABADABADABA/Can                         amazing.
on fire” octaves lower than Jens own             life with”. From here Jens proceeds into       you hear the beat of my heart?” From

               Happenings at The High
    Armistice of the Bands
             Garrett Miller ‘07
               Staff Writer

         The hallways carry with them a
    certain ring-a-ling this time of year
                                                 way to utilize the gifts and blessing God
                                                 has bestowed upon us in a positive
                                                                                                hours into this event and I am still not
                                                                                                satisfied. I will work tenaciously until I
                                                                                                                                               Mr. Marando’s
    because soon it’ll be Christmas time.
    While, most people will be asking for
                                                 manner, after all 80% or more of the
                                                 profits would be donated to charity?
                                                                                                know that this event can be executed
                                                                                                flawlessly. The idea has the backing, the
    the new X-box, the latest Rockafella
    album, or their two front teeth; I will
                                                 Am I right? Wouldn’t this be wonderful?
                                                 Iam convinced that most of the student
                                                                                                funding, the fuel, and the care to have
                                                                                                its foundations built.
    simply be asking for permission to           body and some members of the faculty                 There are 120 days till the first               Casey Martin ‘08
    present a Battle of the Bands at U of D      agree with me, however, I also have a          potential date. In this time, all that would            Staff Writer
    Jesuit.                                      sinking feeling that this project might fall   need to be done, on the part of the
       After, discussing the hindrances and      through as punishment for reaching too         administrative board, is a designation           With the dawn of a new Christmas
    the possibilities of a Battle of the Bands   far. For going out a limb (and spending        of time and location. From there, the          season here at The High, The Cub
    with Mrs. Rowe, both of us have              hours and hours of work on a project)          board who volunteered to organize and          News has decided to continue one
    decided that a strict Battle of the Bands    only to have the limb snap, this is what       plan this event and the formerly written       of its oldest traditions, namely, its
    would not be best for U of D Jesuit.         I fear. This is what I know, this is the       proposal of a UDJ Talent Show or               investigation of the holiday habits of
    Rather, an Armistice of the Bands, or a      reality. The limb, supposedly, has             Armistice of the Bands. I’d like to thank      G.A. Marando.
    UDJ Talent Show, much like the one           snapped, and we are falling to the             the cooperative administration and the
    held in the year 2002, would better suit     ground clutching our idea. Even though         members who I have specifically met
    the students, faculty, and Cubs. I think     nearly every detail of the Armistice of        with for their generosity, honesty, effort,
    this would be even better than a Battle      the Bands has been planned out, even           and time. They have been more than
    of the Bands. The devilishly charming        though a board of students with two            helpful. If you are a student (or faculty
    paintings of Dan Quinn, or Jacob             adult moderators has been formulated,          member) reading this article and
    Mechlowitz could be put on display next      even though there is a list of willing         wondering what you can do to help; I
    to the ethereal sound of Matt Marsh’s        faculty chaperones, the idea is falling.       will make a petition form and either
    piano playing. Kids with talents in dance    This notion that the Armistice is too          carry it myself or place it in the library.
    would be able to participate, and even       big to pull of without major issues must       Please sign it, if you care or would like         For those that have Mr. Marando
    a stand up comedian or poet could take       be changed. It is not unrealistic or an        to see a UDJ Talent Show/Armistice             in class, it is part of the everyday
    the stage. What a great way to liven         unbearable amount of work. I have              of the bands.                                  experience to hear about our beloved
    the mood of U of D Jesuit? What a great      already committed an estimated 16                                                             language teacher’s travels in exotic
                                                                                                                                               locales. Whether it be the cafes of

                Fast Time at The High                                                                                                          Paris, the streets of Toledo, or the
                                                                                                                                               jungles of Central America, the
                                                                                                                                               breadth and sheer volume of tales
           Brandon Mazey ‘07                     written on our spirit wear, recited for that takes nearly four years to read.                 that abound surrounding Mr.
               Staff Writer                      four minuets each day, and stuck to our Growing with that model has taught me                 Marando’s excursions never cease to
                                                 bumpers, but it’s a three word message many things, and ignoring it has backed                amaze his inquiring pupils. So as the
        Four and out, be a two-                                                                        me into many an parts                   holiday season approaches, it
    thirty-seven man, dodge                                                                            of my life I won’t forget               becomes only natural for a student
    those JUGs and never look                                                                          (such as making my off-                 to wonder: Where, o where will Mr.
    back. Is that the best way to                                                                      campus privileges                       Marando jet off to for Christmas?
    make it through The High (or                                                                       disappear). It has                      Rio de Janeiro? Tokyo? Peru?
    in reality any way at all)?                                                                        helped classes find their               Perhaps to Moscow? Or is it Chile
    This article is a delicate                                                                         way, together, through                  this time? While he’ll be visiting
    topic, and may come off                                                                            trying (even crippling),                friends and family in Cleveland and
    exceedingly melancholy. In a                                                                       events. Disasters such                  possibly later traveling to California
    strange way, it’s a shout-out,                                                                     as a class torn apart by                (Los Angeles, of course), the
    a warning, and a calling. It’s                                                                     racism and drugs.                       “ultimate Christmas vacation” that
    a note, which has been                                                                             Now, I guess what I’m                   Mr. Marando has in mind is quite
    secretly passed down from                                                                          trying to convey,                       different. But to where? For a
    desk to desk, class to class,                                                                      through all the                         multilingual trekker who’s ridden a
    generation to generation. It’s                                                                     metaphors, in all                       camel in the deserts of Morocco,
    something we all knew                                                                              attempts to reason the                  where does the heart of cultural
    about, something we all                                                                            seemingly alchemic                      fulfillment lie? The answer rests in
    came to experience, and                                                                            process that is U of D                  Hawaii. “It’s my favorite place in the
    something we understood,                                                                           Jesuit, Men for Others                  whole world,” commented Marando:
    but never talked about. This                                                                       can do the same thing                   “I’d love to just go there and plop
    article is about what it means                                                                     to ‘10 as it did to ’07.                down for two weeks on the beach.”
    to be at U of D Jesuit – the                                                                       Students, faculty,                      While he is not an “all-inclusive resort”
    real reasons – and it has just                                                                     parents, and staff, one                 person, Mr. Marando says he enjoys
    been slipped to the Class of                                                                       senior offers his                       being out in the streets and meeting
    ’10.                                                                                               message to the U of D                   new people throughout all of the
         The phrase “Men for                                                                           community – please                      many places he visits. Wherever he
    Others” is chiseled into the                                                                       don’t lose faith in the                 goes, it’s more than likely that he will
    walls, hung in the                                                                                 magic. Go Cubs!                         be able to speak the language.
    classrooms, carved into the
    desks, placed on exams,


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