; Expectations of Desk Manager
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Expectations of Desk Manager


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									                           Expectations of Desk Manager

1. Office Hours
             -10-12 hrs a week
             -8-10 hrs at the desk
2. 1:1 Weekly- 1 hour (schedule)
3. Communication
        Best methods for DS/DM
        Appropriate hours of communication
        Turn around time for email
        Open lines of communication are essential
4. Training new desk clerks (whose responsibility)
5. Recruitment and Hiring new DCs
6. Finding Balance
        -discuss other roles on campus
        -signs you are stressed
        - student first
7. Hopes and Fears
8. Evaluations (1x a semester)
9. Role Clarification (review DM position description and A/HD roles)
        -AHD is here to make DM look good
10. Discipline (who does what)
        - documentation (positive and negative should be documented)
        - outline discipline philosophy (create)
                 -missed shift
                 -late to shift
                 - lacking in performance
                 - letters come from both
11. Personal Goals in position
12. Shared Office Space

DM Responsibilities
-Run meetings (monthly meetings or as needed and scheduling meetings)
-Notify DC of meetings a minimum of one week in advance
- Most communications to desk clerks come from DM
- We will create/review meeting agendas in 1:1
-Inventory of desk supplies/equipment every three weeks
-Inventory of forms/key cards weekly
-Daily or minimum 4x weekly review talk log and respond appropriately
-1st point of contact if DC have concerns-document and share with DS

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