CommunicationsElectronicCommunicationsAnalyst by dandanhuanghuang


									Job Description
Electronic Communications Analyst

Purpose: This position plays a critical role in maintaining and improving the quality of Rhodes’ electronic
communications by providing data about the effectiveness of, social media projects,
broadcast emails and more. Using professional software to analyze our successes and failures, the
student associate will help make decisions about future projects and electronic formats. The position is
ideal for a student anticipating a career in marketing, communications, online media, business or


         Create monthly, quarterly and annual reports measuring overall effectiveness of Rhodes’
          electronic communications
         Analyze traffic and usage patterns on using Google Analytics and other tools
         Measure audience engagement with Rhodes’ social media projects on Facebook, YouTube,
          Twitter, Flickr and other sites
         Analyze effectiveness of selected broadcast emails to Rhodes audiences
         Track mentions of Rhodes College on other web sites, such as blogs and forums
         Compile benchmarking data to help set institutional goals for online media
         Investigate new online tools for measuring electronic communications
         Other tasks as assigned


         Interest in working with statistical data
         Excellent skills in Microsoft Word (for formatting documents) and Excel
         Experience with social media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr
         Interest in following trends in online communications
         Able to work independently and meet deadlines

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