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Rainforest Forests: Proving Their Worth

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RAIN FORESTS: PROVING THEIR WORTH brings to light a critical effort to help

protect the rain forests and their inhabitants. This hour-long PBS documentary follows a

campaign by environmentally conscious businesses to market foods and cosmetics

derived from renewable plant materials from the tropical forests. In turn, they hope to use

the profits to provide indigenous inhabitants with the economic means to protect their

vanishing lands. Rain Forests: Proving their Worth also documents some of the obstacles

remaining: Brazil Nut collectors do not get fair prices, and the harvested trees are burned

for charcoal to feed iron ore smelters. Even the best-intentioned green businesses often

find themselves in a situation in which demand exceeds supply and begin to purchase the

raw materials from agricultural monopolies that practice neither sustainable harvesting

techniques nor respect fair labor practices anti-child slavery laws.

Letimaren Project


PROJECT LETIMAREN is a self-run resource management project created by a

collaboration of several Indian communities. Together, the diverse groups work toward a

common goal of integrating traditional ways into habit conservations and village

development. Project Letimaren was sponsored by the Federation of Indigenous Peoples

and commissioned by Cultural Survival Inc. and the Ford foundation.

Bringing Life Back
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Interlock Media collaborates with Greenleaf in awakening city planners to the importance

of composting within the urban landscape. This documentary highlights the

neighborhoods of Boston, but, in fact, cities throughout the country suffer from dead

soils. Bringing Life Back demonstrates how compost can renew plant life in towns and

can even provide hope to impoverished neighborhoods.

Deja Shoe


This animated corporate video describes an eco-company’s mission to promote

sustainable development as a profitable business strategy for Brazilian Rubber Trappers

and Indian (Is this really “Indian” or meant to be “indigenous”?) extractivist

cooperatives. Deja Shoe, which is also the name of this green company, was produced for

the Ocean Aid concert series and for this green organization’s international point-of-sale

usage. Robert C. Farentinos, Ph. D., the Deja Shoe Company’s VP of Environmental

Affairs writes:

       I can say without equivocation that your involvement with this program has been

       vital to its ultimate success. From networking us with key individuals in the

       scientific, cultural and political arenas to the planning and execution of logistics

       in the field, your assistance has been invaluable.

The Charges Against Paulinho Paiakan

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Interlock Media, Inc., helped in investigating the politically-charged rape accusation

levied against Kayapo Indian (Do we want to use “Indian” or “Native American”?)

leader Paulinho Paiakan by the family of a young non-Indian Brazilian woman. News of

the rape made headlines at the 1992 Earth Summit, effectively neutralizing Paiakan as a

spokesperson for his people and spurring on anti-Indian and anti-environmental

sentiments in Brazil and elsewhere. This seven-minute piece first presents the evidence

against Paiakan, which initially appeared irrefutable. Many rainforest activists believe,

however, that Paiakan was framed through the careful orchestration of the Brazilian

government in order to dismantle the recently acquired indigenous protections in the

Constitution – reforms in which Paiakan played a major role. Through a series of

interviews conducted by Interlock Media with key players in the original investigation,

The Charges Against Paulinho Paiakan reveal possible contradictions that could be

detrimental to the prosecution's case.

Urban Asthma


URBAN ASTHMA produced by a group of energetic teens for teens is a different and

effective take on a common childhood health problem. The video hopes to promote our

youth to take prescribed medication to avoid a growing epidemic that affects more than 4

million children. Presented by the Boston Medical Center, Urban Asthma is produced by

Interlock Media in collaboration with Youth Voice Collaborative, Dorchester Youth

Voice Collaborative, and Arts in Progress (Jamaica Plain/Roxbury).
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A Voice From the Past (Is this “A Voice From the Past: Letters from Karelia”?)


A VOICE FROM THE PAST documents Russian actress ______’s discovery of several

Stalin-era propaganda films. The film investigates the psychological effects of this

propaganda on the Soviet population from 1929 to 1953, when millions suffered

atrocities under Stalin’s regime. “A Voice from the Past” is a deftly crafted social and

historical commentary presented through ______’s world-shaking discovery.

Our Rain Forests, Our Heritage

Category: Co-Production

OUR RAIN FORESTS, OUR HERITAGE is an environmental education effort for

citizens of Latin America, made in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute. Produced

in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Interlock Media’s film follows a young woman

named Maria as she learns to appreciate the environment’s vital role in Latin American


Shrimp Fever


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A critical look at the prawn farming industry in Ecuador and Latin America, SHRIMP

FEVER reveals ways in which prawn farming has devastated coastal ecosystems and

impoverished local communities while making quick money for a handful of investors.
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The one-hour film, produced in English and Spanish, is a prototype for an integrated

community-based approach to coastal resource management.

The Rainforests and the Tribal Peoples


Produced in collaboration with Rainforest Action Network, Cultural Survival, and


promote and support preservation projects initiated by indigenous peoples. Interlock

contributed a series of concerts and educational videos for the campaign.

Tunnel Visions: Into the Sea of Uncertainty



progress of the Boston Harbor Project. Tunnel Visions aired in November of 1998,

broadcasted on WGBH TV and WGBX TV. The two half-hour segments are available

from The Video Project at 1.800.475.2638. Packaged with the film is a 24-page audience

guide elaborating on scientific and technical topics the Boston Harbor Project has brought


Minyan in Kaifeng

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MINYAN IN KAIFENG chronicles the history of inter-faith exchange between

descendents of Chinese Jewish communities and other Jewish expatriates around the

world. Interlock Media is proud to support this production as a way of promoting

discussion about the history of Judaism in Kaifeng. Among other issues, the film

addresses important questions about maintaining ethnic identity in a foreign place.

Jaguar Trax


Shot in Costa Rica’s Talamanca mountain range, JAGUAR TRAX is an entertaining,

fact-based tale that teaches the value of rainforest biodiversity while encouraging

sustainable use practices. The 45-minute film follows two protagonists, a high school

student who spends her summer working on a rainforest documentary, and her science

teacher, who visits Costa Rica and learns about sustainable agriculture in the rainforest.

Over 300 people contributed to the production of this film, both in the US and in Costa

Rica, where films crews worked with local agricultural organizations and the indigenous

Bri Bri Indians (Again, do we want to use “Indians”?). Talented American and Costa

Rican actors worked closely with narrator Jeff Corwin of Animal Planet’s The Jeff

Corwin Experience to quickly and efficiently shoot the complicated script on a tight

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Major supporters for Jaguar Trax include Costa Rica, The Kellogg Foundation/EARTH

University, and Environmental Education Fundraisers, Inc.

The Gunung Palung: Forestry Education for Indonesia



project for Indonesian grad students studying tropical rainforest and park management.

The film depicts threats to a 90,000 hectare park, home to endemic proboscis monkeys

and the largest remaining population of orangutans.

Vietnam Radio First Termer: Wartime Propaganda From Tokyo to Radio

Category: Public Radio

VIETNAM RADIO FIRST TERMER is a film version of “Radio First Termer,” a series

that aired on National Public Radio between 1989 and 1990. The film traces the

production and impact of propaganda radio and pirate psychological operations from

World War I through the conflicts in Vietnam and Korea. A distinguished panel of

judges, including Mike Wallace, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Ken Auletta, and John

Chancellor, awarded Vietnam Radio First Termer the Livingston Award for Investigative


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