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					     Who is Alfa Software Group?
       In March 1990, a group of seven specialists in computers, software and
electronics set up ALFASOFT Company, that have as based activities the
implementation of management information systems, software development,
computers and peripherals distribution. The company’s market was in the first
stage limited to the Romanian northwest region, being in time more enlarged,
subsidiaries being open over the country.
       In 1991 ALFASOFT was appointed as XEROX distributor for
Transylvania. The cooperation with XEROX was more than profitable, in 1993
ALFASOFT being in size terms, the sixth XEROX distributor from Central
       The company’s development was accompanied by investments and
settings up of new businesses like Transylvania Bank, Leasing Transylvania,
SAR Transylvania Insurance Company, CD Radio Cluj Napoca and ALFA
Global Solutions a company specialized in implementing management
information systems in very large organizations that is also Microsoft Certified
Solution Provider, ICL and Max distributor.
       In 1997 was emerged from ALFASOFT a new company ALFA
SOFTWARE that took from the parent company the software development
activities. In fact, in a short period of time, ALFA SOFTWARE became the
hurt of an important business group. The development of business includes
also other activities like GSM distribution, constructions, agriculture and so
on. The leasing was one of the most profitable businesses of the group
through LEASING ROM – a company specialized in offering leasing services
with subsidiaries in many towns. In the same time new investments were
made in computers distribution through Pentium Company, bar code
distribution through AQ Company, other office supplies – Rino Company and
Audio- Video-TV through AXA Electronic. Likewise, ALFA SOFTWARE set
up new branches in major Romanian towns.
       This year ALFA SOFTWARE was appointed as Magic Software
Enterprises Ltd. Distributor and also set up a new company TURBO SOFT
with the head office in Bucharest. The role of this company in the Group will
   1. To enlarged the market for ALFA SOFTWARE products and services,
       by covering Bucharest, Romanian biggest market.
   2. To establish new contacts with foreign partners and to propose new
       development projects.
   3. Software design, development, implementation and export.
     Software Development
        From the starting point, in 1990, the software development represented
a main goal of business. The major idea was the development of a
managerial application with a high grade of flexibility and integrity. This
management information system was developed in the actual complex form
based on the cooperation with well-known accountants, experienced software
developers and customers feedback.
        Romania is characterized by an economic transition that is
accompanied by major law changes. This affects in a big measure the
architecture of all organizations’ information system. The developing software
team built a solid product adaptable to any company, without considering
their activity object, adaptable to changes of law, customized to organization
        The software development was based on domestic software specialists.
From the starting point database management was the main focus, FoxPro
being the first solution. As business grow, the number of IT specialists
increased and also their specializations. Today, through more than 50 IT
specialists ALFA SOFTWARE is expert in:
               1. Designing and implementing of management information
                  systems for different type of organizations.
               2. FoxPro and Visual FoxPro the first base of the application
               3. Magic – the newest management information system made
                  by ALFA SOFTWARE called ASiS is made in Magic
                  Development Language that is an Israeli product. Magic is a
                  Rapid Application Development and Deployment Language
                  that allows easy application creation and facilitates further
                  development. It is very good for adaptation and
               4. Big databases – Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, and so on.
                  ASiS is an application that can use different databases, in
                  function of the client’s needs.
               5. Visual C – development of special applications.
               6. Web design and development – Internet is a major future
                  business purpose.
               7. Networking development – large organizations needs large
                  and well-designed networks.
        For the future ALFA SOFTWARE wants to enlarge its expertise field in
order to cover other business opportunities like software export, cooperation
with big software houses, electronic commerce, virtual enterprise, artificial
intelligence and new forms of Internet.
     ASiS – A product for the new Millennium
       ALFA SOFTWARE is not a simple provider of software applications. It
delivers a Total Solution. Through its specialists it offers client support
starting with the assessing of the client needs, explanation of the solution
offered, customization of different applications, implementation of the solution
which can be accompanied by old data recovery, training and post selling
assistance. More, at each three months developing team is issuing updates.
       The main product designed, created and implemented by ALFA
SOFTWARE is ASiS. The designing process of this complex product started
ten years ago and still continues in present. The Management Information
System propose by ALFA SOFTWARE is a product that records continuous
improvements, based on introduction of the new technologies and
environmental changes.
       The starting with a system based on FoxPro was adapted to Romanian
situation from that time. It helps the team creation and a lot of experience was
gain in management information solutions. The continuous improvements,
good quality and services, good marketing strategy made ALFA SOFTWARE
to have till present more than 1000 satisfied clients, from small kindergarten
to very large organizations. AS200 represents in fact the eighth version of the
management information system proposed by ALFA SOFTWARE.
       ASiS is an integrated solution that simplified a lot the accountant work
through a lot of automatic procedures, it offers confidentiality to all data and
different access rights to different users. For the management this solution is
very well tailored, each manager can receive in synthesis all the information
that he needs.
       The solution is built on modules that are formed by many applications.
This type of architecture makes ASiS to be a best solution at a very attractive
price. Each client acquires only the applications he needs; in this way he will
not pay for the entire module, he will really pay what he used. More, the
hardware requirements are more limited, making the entire system to have an
economic cost.
       Being a Windows application, ASiS has an attractive graphic interface.
The system uses a single database, each data changes having impact over
the entire database.
       This solution was also implemented in large organization, where the
workstations were at big distances. More, the system is portable without
rewriting needs; it works in Windows, Unix, Linux and so on.
       The ASiS’s modules are covering the Financial and Management
Accounting, Personnel, Wages, Fixed Means, Production Management,
Project and Contract Analysis and Overall Performances.
       In conclusion ALFA SOFTWARE is an important Romanian Software
House that have all the chances, through its specialists to record a nice
development in the near future.

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