SPORTS ADVISORY BOARD

                              Minutes of September 2, 2009

The meeting was called to order by President, Charlie Muracco, at 7:06 p.m. at the
Washington Township Municipal Building.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America was recited.

Those in attendance:
       SAB Members: Charlie Muracco, President
                     Rich Silvesti, Vice President
                     Lisa Collins
                     Shawn Kraemer
                     Mike Mullin

      Sport Board Members: Baseball – Dave Eggert
                           Basketball – Steve DiGiulio
                           Cheerleading – Debbie Poolos
                           Football – Vincent Cianciotti, Paul Heston, Chris
                           Lacrosse – Kevin Moyer, Lee Robledo
                           Soccer – John Daly
                           Softball – Jim Quinn
                           Track & Field – Rock Siravo
                           Wrestling – Kim Smith

         Others in attendance: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paul – Soccer

Approval of minutes:

         Lisa Collins moved to approve the minutes of the June 3, 2009 SAB meeting. The
         received a second and was approved.

         Lisa Collins moved to approve the minutes of the July 1, 2009 SAB meeting. The
         received a second and was approved.

-Dave Eggert introduced himself as the new President of the Baseball Advisory Board.
-The board has two (2) vacancies as Greg Lomax and Dan Barbara resigned. Appointed
to take their places were James Liscio and Laura Boyle. Baseball was reminded to
submit all resumes from the applicants to the SAB for their review.
-Fall Ball will start September 8th and continue until October 17th. The list of Fall Ball
coaches must be submitted in Megan’s Law format.
-Sam Scimeca, Al Piccoli and Dave Eggert will revisit bylaws.
-The Baseball Board was asked to reconsider just having one date, April 30th, as their cut
off for age.

-Steve DiGiullo held his first meeting as Commissioner on Wednesday, August 26th.
-The Basketball Advisory Board consists of 11 members. League Directors are non-
voting members except for those grandfathered in.
-The SAB reminded the Basketball Advisory Board that when filling any open positions
on the board, all resumes must be submitted to the SAB with Basketball’s order of
preference noted.

-Football Cheerleading is off to a good start. They are using the field at Bunker Hill
Middle School.
-The cheerleaders participated in the Veterans’ Cup which was moved to the WTHS turf
-Exhibition at Washington Lake Park Amphitheater went will.
-Nitros Cheerleading will start in September. Two (2) mats are missing. They are
investigating their disappearance. The mats had been at Orchard Valley Middle School
and then moved to Showtyme Cheerleading facility.

-This is the first month for Football. The Veterans’ Cup worked out well at the WTHS
turf field. Thanks extended to Nick Pileggi, Park Rangers and Staff at WTHS.
-Golf Outing was very successful. Every hole had more than one (1) sponsor.
-Three (3) coaches have not received their Megan’s Law approval and are not allowed to
-Football’s use of the WTHS turf field was discussed. Football needs to provide a final
schedule as soon as possible. Lisa Collins is the official scheduler of the turf field.
-Hurffville-Grenloch field will be available beginning October 25th for Patriot B and C
teams’ games.

-September 11th is the official start of the 2009 season.
-Two (2) open board positions have been filled. Resumes will be presented to the SAB.
-The coaches’ list showing 137 coaches for the Travel, Intramural and Clinic programs
was presented.

       Lisa Collins moved to approve the coaches’ list as presented on September 2nd
       the exception of those not Megan Law approved. The motion received a second
       and was approved.
-The Soccer Advisory Board purchased four (4) light towers and two (2) are missing. He
asked WTPR to look into this.
-The Soccer Advisory Board advised the SAB of an issue that concerned a child with
ADHD who was not drafted to the team of the coach that had previously coached him.
The Soccer bylaws state that after the draft there is no movement from one team to
another. The Soccer Advisory Board voted to uphold this bylaw. The child’s mother was
to attend this SAB meeting, but instead met with Mr. Muracco and resolved the issue
prior to the meeting. The child was drafted to another team and it is not a problem.

-Financial report will be submitted when this board meets in Closed Session with the
-The listing of the Travel Team coaches was submitted. Bill Neimeister has yet to be
Megan’s Law approved.

       Shawn Kraemer moved to approve the 2009 Fall Softball coaches with the
       exception of Bill Neimeister who has yet to be Megan’s Law approved. The
       motion received a second and was approved.

-A golf outing will be held on October 3 and 4, 2009 with the proceeds going to the
purchase of uniforms and personalized equipment.

       Rich Silvesti moved to approve the 2009 Fall Softball Golf Outing to be held
       October 3 and 4, 2009 with proceeds going to the purchase of uniforms and
       personalized equipment.

-The Softball Advisory Board removed two (2) members due to low attendance.
-Jim Quinn is now President; Rene Iannace, Vice President; Margaret Earling, Secretary.
Two new Board members have been selected. Resumes for the SAB to review will be
-Upon review of the bylaw changes, concern was expressed by the low number of
residents required in the travel programs. Coaches would have final say. The Softball
Advisory Board will sit with coaches to review team. Board members will attend the

-Track and Field presented their 2009 bylaws showing changes for 2010.
-Their 2009 season’s financial report was presented. Also included was a breakdown of
their Snack Stand income and disbursements.

-Final reading of bylaws

        Shawn Kraemer moved to approve the 2009-10 Wrestling Bylaws. The motion
       a second and was approved.
-Next board meeting is September 13th. Board meetings take place at the CAC or the
Court Room.
-Sign ups will take place at the Community Activity Center on October 4, 5, 11 and 12.

-Michael and Cindy Paul met with the SAB and John Daly, Soccer Commissioner
regarding the issue of an out of town player being picked over their daughter to play Fall
Soccer. Their daughter attended two (2) tryouts and was cut. The reason given was that
she did not play Spring Soccer. In the spring, she played Lacrosse. However, four (4)
times during the Spring Soccer season, she was asked to play Soccer by the same team to
fill the roster.
Rich Silvesti spoke strongly against the child being penalized for choosing to play a
different sport in the spring. Mr. and Mrs. Paul stated they had informed the coach and he
said it was okay for her to play Lacrosse in the spring. Discussion followed ending with
the SAB suggesting to John Daly that he inform the coach to take the player per the
SAB’s decision.

-Financial report with back statements was presented. With the extra money left over,
each player received a jacket at a cost of $31.00 each.
-2010 bylaws submitted for SAB review.


Ken Patrone, Municipal Services Coordinator was introduced. He will be in charge of
scheduling the fields, Senior Center and Grenloch Community Center. He will work out
of the Washington Lake Park Office and can be reached at 589-6427.

Next meeting is Wednesday, October 7, 2009, 7 pm at the WT Municipal Building.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

                                                    Mary Schneider, SAB Secretary

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