Chapter 11 The Federal Court System by 938285


									                               Chapter 11 The Federal Court System

Define the terms listed below and answer the following questions on your own paper.
Work completed on this page will NOT be graded. Please use appropriate numbering.

Section 1                              Section 2                              Section 3
1. jurisdiction                        10. Constitutional courts              17. Riding the circuit
2. concurrent jurisdiction             11. District courts                    18. Opinion
3. trial court                         12. Grand jury                         19. American Bar Association
4. original jurisdiction               13. Indictment                             (ABA)
5. appellate jurisdiction              14. Petit jury                         20. National Organization for
6. litigants                           15. Legislative Courts                     Women (NOW)
7. Marbury vs. Madison                 16. United States Circuit Court of
8. Judicial review                         Appeals for the Federal circuit
9. Due process clause

Section 1: Powers of the Federal Court
   1. Where do federal courts derive their power from?
   2. Describe the concept of the dual court system.
   3. Federal courts hear cases about _______
   4. State courts have jurisdiction over _______
   5. When would concurrent jurisdiction exist?
   6. What did the Court declare in Marbury v. Madison?
   7. What did the court declare in McCulloch v. Maryland?
   8. What case broadened the meaning of interstate commerce?
   9. Explain the significance of the Dred Scott v. Sandford case?
   10. What amendment extends the due process clause to the states?.
   11. What case established the separate but equal doctrine?
   12. What case overruled the separate but equal doctrine?
Section 2: Lower Federal Courts
   13. Which courts are constitutional courts? They are established under which article of the Constitution?
   14. What two types of cases do district courts hear?
   15. Which courts are the workhorses of the federal judiciary?
   16. How many appellate courts are there today?
   17. List 6 legislative courts and describe the cases they hear.
   18. What is the term for federal judges in Constitutional Courts? What is the purpose for this term?
   19. Who appoints all federal judges? What is the check on this power?
Section 3: The Supreme Court
   20. What article of the Constitution created the Supreme Court?
   21. How do most cases get to the Supreme Court?
   22. What does “Court of last resort” mean?
   23. What types of jurisdiction does the Supreme Court have?
   24. Describe the Supreme Courts Original Jurisdiction?
   25. Describe the Supreme Courts Appellate Jurisdiction?
   26. How many Justices sit on the Supreme Court?
   27. What are the duties of the justices?
   28. Describe the justice’s additional duties in regard to the 12 federal judicial courts.
   29. How do current justices influence nominations to the Supreme Court?

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