Michael O�Brien Goes For The Guinness World Record

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					Michael O’Brien Goes For The Guinness World Record

Michael O’Brien, a native of Tulla, Co. Clare, will attempt to break the Guinness
World Record for tossing an 8lb sheaf of hay. Michael will be attempting to break the
Guinness World Record that he set at the Trim Haymaking Festival in 2009.

Michael started sheaf throwing in 1989 and had his first major championship win in
August 1990 when he captured the Junior All Ireland at Cappamore Show with a
throw of 39ft. In 1992 he claimed his first All Ireland Senior title
again at Cappamore Show at a height of 50ft. He retained this title until 1994 when
John Greavy from Bonniconlon, Co. Mayo reclaimed the title he had held in 1990 &

In 1995 Michael took the title again this time in Bonniconlon Show, which he has
held onto since. In 1998 Michael travelled with a Irish Sheaf Throwing team to
Brittany where Michael won outright along with the team also winning over there. In
February 2002 Michael travelled to Australia to take on the Australians he finished in
4th place and was 1st of the Irish that year. Glen Young of Australia was
world record holder with a 8lb sheaf at a height of 59ft 10.5inches and won the title
that year in Australia.

Following on from Michaels trip to Australia he retained his All Ireland title and in
the process broke the world record with a throw of 60ft 2inches in Kilmurry Harvest
Festival, Co. Clare in August of that same year. In August 2004 the Australians made
a trip to Ireland with Ireland winning the outright championship. In Kilmurry at one
the international events he again broke his own record with a throw of 60ft 10inches
with a standard 8lb sheaf.

Michael then travelled with an Irish team made up of Tom Conroy, Woodford, Co.
Galway, Paddy Dooley, Birr, Co. Offaly and John Greavy, Bonniconlon, Co. Mayo to
Australia. They had a very competitive championship with Ireland coming out on top
with Michael taking first individual prize at each of the events.

This all led up to the Trim Haymaking Festival in June 2009 when Michael again
broke his world record with a throw of 62ft with an 8lb sheaf. Michael is looking
forward to challenging his own record and is counting on the same fantastic support
he got in 2009.

Michael O’Brien receives his prize from Tom O’Reilly after breaking the Guinness
World Record 8lb Sheaf Toss at the Trim Haymaking Festival 2009
Michael O’Brien watches as his toss makes it over the 62ft mark with room to spare
at Trim Haymaking Festival 2009.

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