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Yandina Creek Quarry Objection Procedure by z30g074


									           Yandina Creek Quarry Objection Procedure

A properly made submission needs to meet a number of requirements:

   1. Must be in writing and signed and dated by each person who
      makes the submission

   2. Must be received by the last day for making the submission,

                 Friday 18th Feb 2011

   3. Must state the name and address of the person making the

   4. States the grounds of the submission and the facts and
      circumstances relied on in support of the grounds

   5. Must be directed to the council CEO

   (It is not necessary to write more than a paragraph on each issue that
   concerns you)

The following represents a suggestion as to how a submission can be
Chief Executive Officer
Sunshine Coast Regional Council
PO Box 76
Nambour Qld 4560

Dear Sir

Re: MCU09/0072 REC09/0059 OPW09/0175 – Objection to Quarry

Parklands Blue Metal Pty Ltd

Grounds of submission.
I object to this development at Yandina Creek on the grounds that a quarry in this
area will adversely affect the character and amenity of the area, and that there is no
need for another quarry on the Sunshine Coast.

In support of my submission, I rely on the following:

Unacceptable noise levels as a result of the proposed quarry are one of the major
concerns to residents. The area has a low natural noise level, which will be severely
impacted by a quarry operating 6 days a week for 12 hour shifts for 40 years.

Noise will come from blasting, drilling, crushing, screening and loading etc, and also
from large truck movements in and out of the area.

Hard rock quarrying produces a lot of dust which will affect the environment, and in
particular the many houses located directly to the north-west of the site i.e.: directly
downwind of the prevailing south-easterly winds.

 The dust will affect local fruit and aquaculture farms, as well as Bed and Breakfast
resorts on Pryor Rd and also of course children and family’s health.

All properties in the area live off rain/ tank water and increased dust levels will
pollute that drinking water.
It is estimated that there will be 112 truck movements per day- each of 30 tonne B-
double. This will be dangerous and noisy.

The proposed entry is onto McCords Rd - which is not a Designated Haulage road -
then Yandina Creek /North Arm Rd consists of two very sharp corners in the first 200
metres westward from McCords Rd.

These roads are part of a school bus route.

McCords Rd is a dead end road, and so residents have no other access alternatives
other than past the quarry area.

The proposal fails to analyse the effect of trucks entering onto McCords Rd, or to
mention Pryor Rd traffic at all, even though the site has 1.2 km frontage to that

McCords Rd, Yandina Creek/North Arm Rd and Toolborough Rd all have very low
lying sections, and yet the application contains no provisions for dealing with these.
These roads are already impassable in wet weather, and 112 trucks per day for 40
years will destroy them, even if some asphalt is laid.

Sunshine Coast Council currently have a permanent team of earth moving / road
building operators to rehabilitate the roads on a constant basis due to frequent
flooding and surface break up, corrugations on a monthly basis.

The quarry is estimated to need 140,000 litres per day. Where will this water come
from- if from underground bores then what effects will that have on surrounding
groundwater levels?

The proposal to deal with run-off from the site in times of heavy rain is totally
inadequate and will result in massive pollution of Yandina Creek and the Maroochy
River, and of surrounding properties.

Any raising of Yandina Creek Rd as a causeway in the 200mtre section before
Toolborough Rd will result in extensive flooding of private property, unless extensive
culverts are built.

Endangered creek and estuarine habitats will be directly affected by increased
sediment load especially in as the areas is subject to frequent high rainfall and
significant local flooding. The whole Maroochy Catchment in particular the Yandina
Creek Sub catchment are rated as having very poor status under the EPA’s Maroochy
River Report Card
The site contains endangered species of flora and fauna, and these will be put at
severe risk from the quarrying. I request that there be a referral to the
Commonwealth Dept of Environment to determine if Ministerial approval is required
for a quarry on this site.

The Qld Government Dept of Mines and Energy in its publication dated Feb 2009
states that “it is well known that fly-rock can travel over 1 km from the blast site”
This means that over 1.5km of public roadway on Yandina Creek Rd, McCords Rd and
Pryor Rd and 25 private residences are at risk of being hit.

Council’s own Code for Extractive Industries states” no rock extraction involving
blasting be carried out within 500 metres ... of any housing”. At least 7 houses are in
that zone.

On this ground alone, the quarry should be rejected.

The applicant states that there has been no fire on this property in the last 20 years.
This is incorrect and the site is a serious fire hazard to surrounding properties.

As was decided by Judge Robertson in the appeal to the Planning and Environment
Court in October 2007 (No: 137/2005), there is no need for another hard rock quarry
on the Sunshine Coast. And this is especially so with the recent approval by the Court
to quarry at Kin Kin in the north of the Shire.

Asbestos/Silica Dust
What steps have been taken to test for and to ensure that there are no hazardous
substances on the site, such as asbestos? What safety procedures will ensure that
silica dust is contained on site?

Visual Amenity
Many houses in Coolum Chase, Coolum Country, McCords Rd, Zgrajewski Rd, and
Aloura Dr will overlook the quarry. Their views will be adversely affected for the next
60 years, until rehabilitation of the site is complete.
Cultural Heritage
This site has strong links to the Gubbi Gubbi tribe, and it should not be disturbed by
any sort of mining activity.

Property Values
The development of the proposed quarry will adversely affect property values in the
area. The very reason that drives the demand for property in the Sunshine Coast
Hinterland is under threat – our lifestyle. There will be a significantly loss to lifestyle
and asset value when there is no viable community need or benefit shown by the


This part of the Sunshine Coast is a beautiful peaceful rural area where families and
children live and go to school. When this area was designated as Extractive industries
in the early 1990’s it was a fairly remote area mainly surrounded by cane farms and
the associated heavy equipment, harvesting and haulage.

This is no longer the case, and Council have actively encouraged and approved
housing estates very close to the proposed quarry.

 Into the middle of the 21st century, it is no longer appropriate for mining and its
associated activities to be located here. The time for extracting the resource from
this land has passed, and a mine at this site is not a legacy that we want to be
responsible for passing to our children and their children!



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