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					                               Kumu 2 Kumu
                            Kamehameha Schools – Kapälama – K-12 Curriculum Articulation
                              Wednesday, November 4, 2009            1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
 E lawe i ke aÿo a mälama, a e ÿoi mau ka naÿauao – He who takes his teachings and applies
                                        them increases his knowledge.
    WEO Framework: Grow by identifying strengths and needs and pursuing appropriate

      Where we were…                        Where we are…                         Where we are going…
   Developing a                             Better understanding                 Identify areas to work
    Professional Learning                     of content and skill                  on next year
    Community                                 progression                          Stronger communication
   Begin to build K-12                      Notice areas to work                  and alignment
    conversations around                      on to enhance student                Link Kumu2Kumu with
    student learning                                                                system, tri-campus,
    (content and skills)                                                            campus, unit, content
                                             Comfortable sharing                   area group’s goals
                                              with colleagues
Overall Outcome:
Kumu will implement a K-12 Content Area Action Plan for the 2009-10 Year
Kumu 2 Kumu Content Area Agenda

1:30 pm   Pule, Welcome/Sign In                   Charlene         Attendance: Clare Ho, Gail Fujimoto, Kawika
–                                                 Hamaguchi        Makanani, Renee Teraoka, Charlene Hamaguchi,
                                                                   Nalani Naluai, Alan Takano, Chelsea Keehne.
                                                                   Absent: Ruby Redona, Grace Omura.
          Explain use of Kumu2Kumu blog                            Referred to email sent out prior to meeting.
1:40 pm                                           Gail Fujimoto
1:40 pm   1) Review Action Plan with Group –      Gail Fujimoto    Reviewed 4/13/09 action plan.
3:15 pm
          2) Discuss Ke Ala Imi `Ike research   Charlene        Recapped the history of the process and how
          process, set deadline for adoption    Hamaguchi       the document has morphed from the Big6 to
          & publication                                         Ho`onui ika `Ike (See attachment #2 on K2K
                                                                blog), will now be referred to as a
                                                                “learning” process as opposed to a
                                                                “research” process.
                                                                 Recommendation to have title read
                                                                   Kamehameha Schools Kapalama …
          3) Research process application
          beyond the library                                     Nalani will check with Holoua Stender on
                                                                  the whether the title should be “E
                                                                  Ho`onui…” or “Ho`onui…”.
                                                                 Amended article will then be forwarded to
                                                                  committee members for presentation to
                                                                  their `Alaka`i group, feedback, and
                                                                  eventually adoption of the learning
                                                                 Handout #1 – Anu`u Hana was given only as
          4) Application to WASC content                          another perspective which was the
                                                                  research process using Hawaiian `olelo
                                                                  no`eau. No action will be taken on this

                                                                 This project, Ho`onui i ka `Ike will also
                                                                  be a part of the Library write-up for
                                                                  WASC due to its common framework which
                                                                  provides consistency for tri-campus, K-

3:15 -    Summarize action items, closing       Recorder –      The goal for our next meeting will be to
3:30 pm                                         Nalani Naluai   present findings for the following…
                                                                 Alan & Renee will review, evaluate, and
                                                                   recommend adoption of standards based on
                                                                   comparisons of ISTE and Indiana State
                                                                 Each unit will work on writing their
                                                                   curriculum maps using the common terms
                                                                   listed on the handout ,   “Bloom’s Verbs
                                                                   and Matching Assessment Types”
                                                                 Next K2K meeting 2/12/10 will focus on
                                     the above and have curriculum mapping
                                     time built into the schedule. It was
                                     decided that the librarians would meet at
                                     the elementary campus in the Hi`ilei
                                     Media Center.

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