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                                             Assistant Desk Coordinator
                                                   Position Description

Title:                 Assistant Desk Coordinator
Department:            Housing & Residential Life
Reports to:            Desk Coordinator
Appointment:           2012-2013 Academic Year
Compensation:          Student Employment Classification A2, $7.90

Position Summary:
The Assistant Desk Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership, building community, and promoting learning in
the residence halls. Students should use the Guiding Principles of the Division of Student Affairs to focus their work.
These principles include:
               • Providing a diverse and inclusive community that encourages involvement and a free exchange
                     of ideas.
               • Valuing creativity, leadership, and excellence.
               • Promoting integrity, trust, and personal responsibility.
               • Including students in decisions which enhance their educational experience.
               • Being innovative and supportive in our programs, policies, and procedures.
               • Supporting students’ intellectual, professional, and personal growth.
               • Leading and supporting exemplary collegial relationships within the university community.

              • Train, supervise, and evaluate all student desk receptionists.
              • Work in cooperation with and under the direction of the Desk Coordinator to create customer
                  driven and oriented services in the residence halls.
              • Inventory and maintain all equipment at the reception desk, in cooperation with residence hall
                  student governments.
              • Complete a weekly desk supply inventory and submit to Desk Coordinator.
              • Maintain all money at the reception desk by performing nightly audits.
              • Coordinate student desk receptionist work schedules.
              • Assist with monthly staff meetings and attend required meetings, such as the weekly Desk
                  Management meeting and bi-weekly one on ones.
              • Coordinate daily opening and closing of the reception desk.
              • Process reception desk payroll.
              • Work with the Desk Coordinator to resolve any issues with the reception desk.
              • Report maintenance concerns related to reception desk operations to the facilities manager and
              • Perform all Residence Hall Desk Receptionists’ responsibilities.
              • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by and discussed with supervisor.
              • Attend 2 HuskyLEAD sessions per semester.
              • Work with Housing & Residential Life to provide appropriate check-in/check-out service
                  during the academic year.
              •   Email Housing Staff Assistant to initiate the core change process.
              •   Perform nightly audit of the reception desk key board making sure any missing keys match the
                  key forms in the key binder.
              •   Review and process all key-in forms for the reception desk.
              •   Update mail tags when room swaps or open space moves take place.
              •   Process package logs daily and file completed logs into the binder.
              •   Notify students who have packages at the reception desk for more than a week.
              •   Organize packages based on dates received.
              •   Update the reception desk bulletin board as needed.
              •   Process money exchanges through the Cashiers Office.
              •   Submit fine notifications to students regarding key-in fines or residence hall council fines.
              •   Support campus events such as, but not limited to: Orientation, K-Day, Open House,
                  HuskyLEAD, Leading Scholars, Homecoming, Make a Difference Day, Winter Carnival, and
                  Preview Day.
              •   Participate in departmental in-service and community service projects.
              •   Consider the Housing and Residential Life staff position as the primary out-of-class activity.
              •   Perform other duties as assigned and discussed with the supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications:
        • Must have completed a minimum of one semester of academic work at Michigan Tech at time of
        • Must be a full-time student (undergraduate 12 or graduate 6), with a maximum credit load of 16
          undergraduate credits or 12 graduate credits per semester. Exceptions to this must be approved by the
          Housing Staff Assistant.
        • Must have a minimum cumulative and semester grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 at time of application
          and maintain it throughout his/her time as a staff member.
        • Must be free of any disciplinary sanctions imposed through Student Conduct Services at time of
          appointment and remain free while employed with Housing and Residential Life.
        • Must be living in Michigan Tech on-campus housing at time of appointment.

Additional Desired Qualifications:
          • Serve in this position for one academic year.
          • Lived in a Michigan Tech residence hall and/or have one year of residence hall living experience.
          • Served as Student Affairs student staff member.
          • Have a strong personal commitment to academic success and a desire to share and encourage that
             commitment among peers.
          • Demonstrate leadership qualities.
          • Have strong communication skills.

                                          Please note this job description is subject to change.
                             If a position is offered and accepted, employees will be required to sign the
                                Assistant Desk Coordinator Position Description and Agreement for 2012-2013.

         Michigan Technological University is an equal opportunity educational institution/equal opportunity employer.

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