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LinkedIn is a social network with over 53 million users that enables them to make better use of their
professional network and help the people they trust in return. It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a great place
to network professionally, post and find jobs, and answer questions and build thought leadership. It is
probably the most obvious way to identify influential individuals at specific organizations. A search for
your target business or title on LinkedIn will identify people you may already be connected with, either
directly or through your connections. LinkedIn is a great tool to leverage your existing contacts to
connect with people and find potential customers online.

           Green Business Bureau

LinkedIn will play a critical role in GBB’s future. It’s a great place to share professional content with our
network; whether it’s announcing Marcos Cordero’s latest blog on Intuit or discussing best practices to
help small to mid-size businesses save money by going green.

There are certain guidelines GBB must follow in an effort to increase our followers.

Find Meaningful Contacts:

       Encourage our current clients to follow the Green Business Bureau on LinkedIn.
           o What’s in it for them? This will provide them with latest updates about the company
               and provide them an opportunity to interact with other followers.

Update GBB’s status:

       Note: Spamming not allowed.
            o I.e. do not post multiple status updates on LinkedIn. This is GBB’s professional network.
                Only share content that is worthy of sharing with GBB’s business clients.
       Stop Twitter feeds.
            o Twitter feeds are posted multiple times during the day. This strictly goes against ‘post-
                once-a-day’ on LinkedIn.
       Example of a post worthy of sharing: Latest blog on Intuit by GBB.
            o This is great for our clientele because it provides them with some sort of knowledge
                about certain news. It’s also great for GBB because it helps us establish a brand name
                within the green community.

       Needless to say, company profiles on LinkedIn are limited as to what information they can
        provide their audience. In order to increase the number of followers, other strategies (creating a
        blog or managing a group) need to be in place.
       LinkedIn admins must keep in mind that the number of followers will increase slowly but surely.
        Unlike Twitter, following and unfollowing is not as streamlined on LinkedIn.

          LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups give GBB a great opportunity to reach and engage potential customers online.

Currently, GBB has 2 LinkedIn groups, Green Your Business and Green Business Community.

       Green Your Business is a green community destination that serves to promote green business
        activities within the SMB industry.
       Green Business Community (GBC) is a new group that is a part of the Green Business Bureau.
        The work for this group is still in progress. Updates TBA.

Tips for promoting GBB groups:

       Promote the group on GBB’s website, blog, email newsletter and other social media networks.
       Invite coworkers, past colleagues, and customers to join and start discussions.
       Invite key industry experts to join and engage.
       Integrate LinkedIn into all of GBB’s marketing efforts. (We can do this after we have established
        Green Business Community).

Managing a LinkedIn Group:

       Add discussions, news and jobs.
           o The more opportunities for interaction you add to your group, the more valuable your
                group will be to the community.
       Use Popular Discussions.
           o Highlighting a particular content can increase traffic to GBB’s group.

          Lead Generation

LinkedIn allows GBB to stay in touch with our colleagues, contacts and followers. It also allows us to
generate leads for our business.

In order to generate leads, GBB must engage an audience and build a network. Do this by demonstrating
our expertise and thought leadership. GBB does not need to sell its services. Rather, drive people to
relevant and valuable content on our website or blog.
How does GBB generate leads?

       Use GBB’s group to demonstrate thought leadership in our industry, then promote the group
        and grow the community using the tips mentioned earlier.
       Answer Questions on LinkedIn.
           o When answering a question, you can leave links to relevant articles, landing pages, or
                blog posts.
           o LinkedIn users tend to trust experts in their subject categories and are often contacted
       Don’t Spam!
           o Trying to directly message or reach out to your LinkedIn contacts could be considered
                spam. Make sure that people you contact want to hear from you and that your message
                is relevant.


LinkedIn advertising is a great way to get leads and increase traffic to GBB’s website. It’s similar to
Google AdWords, but more B2B.

Further details on LinkedIn advertising will be coming, soon.

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