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					                       International Code Council Ventura Chapter

                                         2009 Officers: Tony Falcone, President
                                        Renee Meriaux, Vice-President/Treasurer
                                          Amir (Ali) Hamidzadeh, Secretary
                                        Amal Sinha, Immediate Past President

AGOURA HILLS                                                                            MOORPARK
CALABASAS                                                                               OJAI
CAMARILLO                                                                               OXNARD
COUNTY OF VENTURA                                                                       PORT HUENEME
FILLMORE                                                                                SAN BUENAVENTURA
LOS ANGELES                                                                             SANTA PAULA
MALIBU                                                                                  THOUSAND OAKS

                                    ICC Ventura Chapter Meeting

                    CITIES                                COUNTIES                      AGENCIES
 Agoura Hills            Oxnard                    Ventura County B&S         CA Code Check
 Calabasas               Port Hueneme
 Camarillo               San Buenaventura          Ventura County FD          DC Plumbing
 Fillmore                Santa Paula               Santa Barbara B&S          Penfield & Smith
 Malibu                  Simi Valley               Other VC. Agencies         Simpson Strong-tie
 Los Angeles             Thousand Oaks
 Moorpark                                                                       Spears Mfg
 Ojai                                                                           Other

     CHAPTER MEETING MINUTES OF January 21, 2009 @ 12:00 P.M.
                 Location: Ottavio’s Restaurant, 1620 Ventura Blvd., Camarillo, CA
                          Attendance: Chapter members and guests present: 23
                 Representatives of the following cities, counties and other agencies were present

                                      MEETING MINUTES

1.0 Call To Order. By President, Tony Falcone @ 12:01 p.m.
2.0 Self Introduction
3.0 Chapter Business
        3.1   Old Business
               3.1.1 President, Tony Falcone reported on the December 17th Chapter
                      Installation Luncheon. Great event with plenty of food, gifts & fun.
               3.1.2 President Tony Falcone mentioned that this year we will be
                      working closer with the Los Angeles Basin Chapter.

        3.2   New Business
             3.2.1   President Tony Falcone mentioned that the Chapter Board met last
                     week and many ideas were brought forth and the members.
             3.2.2   Tony Falcone mentioned that he has had meetings with Roy Itani,
                     LA Basin President and they are thinking about writing a letter to
                     SEAOSC Board and invite them to meet and discuss the issues that
                     were brought up in the last issue of SEAOSC newsletter by
                     Williston Warren.
             3.2.3   Secretary Amir Hamidzadeh suggested the idea of having our
                     monthly meeting hosted by few of the member jurisdictions that
                     are interested at their location. There were several discussions; It
                     was decided that we try the idea by having one meeting hosted by
                     Steve Sutton at the “beautiful” City of Port Hueneme.
             3.2.4   President Falcone discussed the importance of attendance of the
                     meetings and encouraged all members to attend the meetings
                     regularly. He asked the Building Officials to allow their staff some
                     additional time so they can also attend the chapter meetings.

      3.3   Announcements:
             3.3.1 Ali Hamidzadeh mentioned that there is a job opening in the City
                   of Tustin which he has e-mailed to all members. He asked that
                   during these difficult times, it would be great if there the members
                   would share the knowledge of any job opportunities with the
                   chapter and their colleagues.
             3.3.2 Ali also suggested to create an Inspection Committee/Group
                   created so that the inspectors from the local jurisdictions could
                   network, share information, and create a better uniform methods of
                   conducting our inspections. The idea was well received and Mike
                   Kalske of Agoura Hills and Jason Reithoffer of Calabasas showed
                   special interest.
             3.3.3 There were few informative flyers that will be e-mailed to all
                   membership for their information.

      3.4   Treasurer’s Report – No detailed treasurer’s report was available due to the
            change of officers and banking changes, however it was announced that the
            chapter has now received the Home Depute settlement money and the
            account balance is close to $38,000. Treasurer’s report will be prepared and
            provided to the members in the next months meeting
      3.5   Code Discussion – None.

4.0 Committee Reports:
     The Committee sign up sheet was circulated among members; everyone was
     encouraged to assist the chapter and sign up for a committee of their choice.

      4.1   Education –
      4.2   Membership –
       4.3   Legislative –
       4.4   Public Relations -
       4.5   Code Committee –
       4.6   Chapter Marketing –
       4.7   Tri-Chapter –
       4.8   CALBO 2012 ABM–

5.0 Other Reports
       5.1   ICC - None
       5.2   CALBO – None.

6.0 Raffle – Raffle prizes including VCICC Chapter shirts, and gift cards were given
     away in a drawing to the membership

Program: Jim MacDonald presented the chapter with the Ventura County’s experience
with emergency preparedness. The County also brought their Emergency Trailer and
allowed the members to go through, experience and ask questions. Very informative and
great experience.

7.0 Adjournment (1:38 p.m.)

Next Meeting:
February 18, 2009 @ OttaviO’s RestauRant in Camerillo


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