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					                     Silent Reading (Almost) Monthly Book Report Choices
You may choose any one of the following projects to demonstrate your knowledge of a
novel you have read. You will need to choose 5 different projects. Once you have decided,
you need to create a plan of action. Your plan of action can be in the form of an outline, a
web, or a checklist.

1. Create a research project based on a topic that is related to the novel that is new to you or
interests you. In your introductory paragraph explain how the topic relates to the book. (3
paragraphs ) You will need to hand in your original plan and evidence of revision as well as
your final product.

2. Draw, paint, or sculpt in detail a color map of where a major part of the story takes place.
Label the major landmarks or points of interest and describe in a few sentences what parts of
the plot take place at each landmark.

3. Create a brochure to promote the book. You need to include a summary of the characters,
plot, and setting, including time and place. Each of the summaries must be 3 to 5 sentences.
Graphics are encouraged.

4. Write the next part of the story (minimum 3 paragraphs). You will need to hand in your
original plan as well as your final product.

5. Change the ending to the story (minimum 3 paragraphs). You will need to hand in your
original plan and evidence of revision as well as your final product.

6. Explain how you would make your book into a movie. Who would play the main characters,
where would you film it, what part of the book would you want to emphasize? Would you
make any changes to the plot? What special effects would you need to create? You must
explain your choices. (minimum 3 paragraphs)

7. Imagine you are a news reporter in the time of the story. Choose one event from the story
and write a news article. (Use the proper format for a newspaper article.) You will need to
hand in your original plan and evidence of revision as well as your final product.
8. Write an interview with one of the major characters of at least 10 questions and provide the
character’s detailed response. Think of good reporter questions that require the character to
explain their answer. Have your teacher check your questions before responding.

9. Do a collage of a major theme of your novel and explain in a couple of well written
paragraphs what you are depicting in your collage.

10. Create a CD cover for the novel. Include 10 songs (simile, metaphor, hyperbole,
interjection, synecdoche, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration and 2 of your choice).
Choose one of your song titles and explain how it connects to the story in a well written

11. Character Box. In a shoebox, include 10 objects that would be meaningful to the
characters. On a separate piece of paper, provide an explanation for why you have chosen
each object.

12. Create a power point presentation of the book. It needs to depict the setting, major
characters, plot, and a rating/recommendation of the book and why. (Minimum 10)

13. Choose an important scene in the book, and create a comic strip to explain what happened
(minimum 5 frames with great detail). Write a caption for each frame.

14. Create an interesting board game that incorporates parts of the novel (including
information cards on the setting, characters, setting and plot – minimum 5 information cards).

15. Construct a diorama which includes models of people, buildings, plants and animals of one
of the main events in the book. Include a written description of the scene.

16. Make a mobile about the story that has 2 characters, setting (including time and place),
plot (beginning, middle, and end), and 2 hand drawn pictures about the story. Include a
written paragraph description of each item.

17. Make 2 wanted posters for characters in the book. Include the following: a drawing, a
physical description, a list of the character’s “crimes” (use evidence from the story) and other
important information in a paragraph for each “criminal”.
18. Create a book cube. Cover a square box with paper. On each of the four sides illustrate the
following from your story: important characters, setting, problem or conflict, solution to the
conflict. Use the top of the square to write the book’s title and author. Include images as well.

19. You are going to be the MC at a banquet honoring the main character in your novel.
Prepare a speech that introduces the character, describes the award being presented, and
explains why he/she deserves this special recognition (minimum 3 paragraphs). You will need
to hand in your original plan and evidence of revision as well as your final product.

20. Compare and Contrast – create a Venn diagram comparing two characters in the story
(minimum 15 points), then in a paragraph explain which character you are the most like and

21. Jeopardy Power point – Using the template provided (see your teacher for the file) create
a jeopardy review game using power point based on the novel (avoid yes or no questions).

22. Time Line – Create a time line of the novel from beginning to end featuring the important
parts of the story. Remember to use words and pictures to represent the events. Use at least
10 events and explain each event in a sentence.

23. On the News – Create a video production (or live class production) of a news broadcast set
from the story. As the newscaster you will need to report on at least 2 major events occurring
in the story. Your script needs to be handed in.

24. Create a scrapbook containing 10 artifacts and, in 3 to 5 sentences, explain how each
artifact connects to the story. Each artifact has to be different (lock of hair, piece of jewelry,
lego character, photograph, piece of cloth, etc).

- Remember to hand in your Plan of Action.

- The due dates will be: October 28, December 16, February 24, April 27, and June 15
                                          Book Report Rubric
      Criteria                  Mastery               Proficient                        Basic
                                   5                       3                              1
    Evidence of         Action plan is detailed Action plan outlines            Action plan was
     Planning           and appropriate to      the key aspects of the          incomplete.
                        scope of the product. project.
   Uses Content         Story elements are      An aspect of each of            Not all aspects of the
    accurately          effectively depicted    the story elements is           story are evident.
                        (plot, character,       evident (plot,                  (plot, character,
                        setting)                character, setting)             setting)

                                             There is some
                        Connections between attention to                        There is little or no
                        plot, character, and connections between                attention to
                        setting are readily  plot, setting and                  connections between
                        evident              character.                         plot, setting and
    Quality of          Product meets               Product meets               Product does not
  Craftsmanship         specifications with         specifications              specifications.
                        meticulous attention
                        to detail.

ELA Curricular Objectives:
7.1.1 explore and assess oral, print, and other media texts recommended by others
7.1.2 use talk, writing, and representing to examine, clarify, and assess understanding of ideas, information,
and experiences
7.2.1 use concept mapping and mental rehearsal to remember main ideas and relevant details
7.2.2 compare the choices and behaviours of characters portrayed in oral, print, and other media texts with
those of self and others
7.2.4 choose appropriate strategies for generating ideas and focusing topics for oral, print, and other media
7.3.1 use note-taking, outlining, or representing to summarize important ideas and information in oral, print,
       and other media texts
7.4.3 clarify and support ideas or opinions with details, visuals, or media techniques

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