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Foreign PtF overflight NORWAY


									     Overflight of Norway by visiting National PtF Aircraft

            Pilots should check they have up to date information.

Extract from 2010 VFR Guide for Norway.
Written by Sverre H. Falkenberg
Updated by Avinor and Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) - 2009
Questions about this publication may be directed to:
Luftfartstilsynet/ Norwegian Civil Aviation Auhority
Allmennflyseksjon / General Avation Section
P.O.Box 243
N-8003 BODØ
Tel. +47 75 58 50 00
Fax. +47 75 58 50 05

page 26

Aircraft without standard certificate of airworthiness

In accordance with European Civil Aviation Council (ECAC) recommendation INT.S/11-1
Norway accepts flights over Norwegian territory by homebuilt aircraft with a Certificate of
Airworthiness or a “permit to fly” issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of another ECAC
member state. The flight test programme must be completed. Homebuilt aircraft in the class
experimental from other than ECAC member states can not fly over Norwegian territory
without special permission.

Aircraft not holding a standard certificate of airworthiness or operated on a “permit to fly”
(except homebuilt aircraft from a ECAC member state) must apply for a prior permission to
operate within Norwegian airspace. Permission may be obtained from Civil Aviation Authority
- Norway by ordinary mail or e-mail to or fax +47-7558 5005.

The application shall contain the following information:
• Name/address/phone/telefax/e-mail of the Operator
• Purpose of the flight
• Area of planned operations
• Timeframe of operations
• Documentation of airworthiness (copy of permit to fly with flight restrictions and flight
• Certificate of registration
• Valid maintenance documentation
• Relevant pages of flight

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