WBF Convention Card 2.16 by yaosaigeng


									DEFENSIVE AND COMPETITIVE BIDDING                                         LEADS AND SIGNALS                                                                                WBF Convention Card 2.16
OVERCALLS (Style; Responses; 1/2 Level; Reopening)                        OPENING LEADS STYLE
Natural sound, New suit=F1, jump 2NT= 2-suiter,                                  Lead                                   In Partner's Suit
jump in new suit=Splinter and fit to partners suit, Romex Trial Bids      Suit   4th, MUD                               1., 3. 5.-highest. ATT if spported.
                                                                          NT     Journalist, Garozzo                    as above                          Category: Natural - GREEN
                                                                          Subseq ATT                                    ATT                               Country: Denmark
                                                                          Other:                                                                          Event:       ALL EVENTS
                                                                                                                                                          Players: Hans Christian Nielsen & Knud-Aage Boesgaard
1NT OVERCALL (2ND/4TH Live; Responses; Reopening)                          LEADS                                                                          SYSTEM SUMMARY
15-18 bal                                                                  Lead      Vs. Suit                           Vs. NT                            GENERAL APPROACH AND STYLE
4th pos. 11-14 bal                                                         Ace       AKx, AKJ10x                        AK, AKx                           ACOL-based system, Lowest 4-card suit, 1S=5+;1H=4+,
                                                                           King      AK, KQ, KQx                        KQJ10x, AKJ10x
                                                                           Queen AQJx, QJ, QJx                          KQ10xx, QJ10xx
                                                                           Jack      KJ10x, J10, J10x                   J109x, QJx,
JUMP OVERCALLS (Style; Responses; Unusual NT)                              10        K109x, 109, 10x,                   KJ10xx, K109x
1-Suit: 2S, 3H, 3S, Preempt. 3m is preempt after 1M-opening.               9         J987, K987, 109x                   Same-
2-Suit: 2NT= 2 lowest unbid suits; After 1 m: a) 3C shows at least 5-5 inHi-x        Sx, xSx, SSxx                      SSx, SSxxx                        1NT Openings: 15-18 bal
          highest and lowest unbid suits, b) 3D=the 2 highest unbid suits. Lo-x      HxxS, HxxS(+)                      HxxSS, AKxxS                      2 OVER 1 Responses: 10+P
Reopen: Double promises opening strength.                                  SIGNALS IN ORDER OF PRIORITY                                                   SPECIAL BIDS THAT MAY REQUIRE DEFENCE
DIRECT and JUMP CUE BIDS (Style; Responses; Reopen)                                    Partners Lead          Declarer's Lead        Discarding           A. direct Cue-bids: Revised Michaels CUE-Bid. F. ex. 1M-2M shows
Michaels Cuebids (revised) showing 2 suiters (6-11p). [1]                  Suit:1st Hi=DISCRG                 Hi/lo=O                Hi=DISCRG               at least 5 in other M and at least 5 in any minor. [1]
(1M)-3M=bid 3NT with stopper.                                                  2nd     Hi/lo=O                                                            B. MULTI 2D: (3-7 hp weak 2M; Bal= 25+; or strong with D). [2]
                                                                               3rd                                                                        C. 3C-opening = Any solid minor.
                                                                           NT: 1st encouraging                odd/even               Hi=DISCRG            D. 3NT-opening= Any minor (preempt).
VS. NT (vs. Strong / Weak; Reopening; PH)                                      2nd                                                   Hi/lo=O              E. 4C, 4D = Namyats (strong 4H/4S with 7½ to 9 losers).
Revised Kelsey showing a 3 suited hand [3];                                    3rd                                                                        F. Revised Kelsey (Wohlin) after opponents 1NT. [3]
In 4th: 2C=M+m; 2D=M+M; D=3-suited [3].                                    Signals (including Trumps): Lavinthal, Smith Signal                            G. Weak 2 opening in M (6-10 hp)
                                                                                                       (Hi/Lo=interest in the suit led;
                                                                                                       Trumps:Hi-lo shows interest in ruff
                                                                           TAKEOUT DOUBLES (Style; Responses; Reopening)
VS. PREEMPTS ( Doubles; Cue-bids; Jumps; NT bids)                          Negative doubles, Responsive doubles,
LEB after (WK2x)-DBL-(P)-, OPT DBL, 2NT (afterWK2x)=nat                    Competitive doubles, point-showing doubles
                                                                                                                                                          SPECIAL FORCING PASS SEQUENCES
VS. ARTIFICIAL STRONG OPENINGS                                             SPECIAL, ARTIFICIAL AND COMPETITIVE DOUBLES/REDOUBLES Basicly, we use forcing-pass where we use negative doubles. [4]
Vs 1C: dbl=C+M, 1NT=Both m, 2C=D+M, 2D=Both M;                             Lightner doubles, Redoubles shows either any balanced
JUMPS=PRE,                                                                 hand 10+ points or interest in doubling opponent (new
                                                                           suit bid on the 1-level is natural 6+ and on the 2-level 10+)                  IMPORTANT NOTES THAT DON'T FIT ELSEWHERE
                                                                                                                                                          4th suit forcing to game.
Transfers after 1M-opening [5]; 2NT after 1m-opening= Raise
10+ points, 2NT after 1M-opening=Stenberg(GF with fit); New suit=                                                                                         Psychics: We use psychics once in 3-10 matches.
natural 6+/10+; RDBL=10+ and BAL/interest in penalty
Opening Artificial Min. Neg Dble thru                                            Responses                                            Subsequent Auction                            Passed Hand Bidding
1C                 3    2S          12+P                                         Nat., 3C=Limit, Splint=GF, 2NT=10-12HCP no major,1C-1Y 1NT = 2C invit and 2D =FG                   Jump shifts=Nat.+ Cfit.
1D                 4    2S          12+P                                         Nat., 3D=Limit, Splint=GF, 2NT=10-12HCP no major,1D-1H/S, 1NT-2C= Art invit; 2D ART FG             2H,2S, 3C=Nat.+Dfit.
1D                                                                                                                                    Openers reverse bid on 2 level may be weak.
1H                 4    2S          12+P                                         STENBERG'S 2NT=FG raise (relays), Splinter=9-11 1H-1S 1NT-2C= Art invit; 2D= Art FG                2C= Drury (FIT): 2D=12+P
1H                                                                                                                                    Openers reverse bid on 2 level may be weak.   STENBERG'S 2NT= good raise
1S                 5    2S          12+P                                         Stenberg's 2NT=FG raise (relays), Splinter=9-11      1S-1NT- 2C =Art (INV+); 2NT= FG (3-suiter).   2C= Drury (FIT): 2D=12+P
1NT                     2S          15-18 bal,                                   2C=Asks for strength/distr., Transfers, 2NT= both mSpecial defense after opponents interference.
2C       x         0    3S          a) 18-20HCP bal b) 23-24HCP bal              2D relay, 2H=Transfer-->S, 2NT=Semisolid 6+ suit ,
2C                                  c) Any Forcing with C                        2S and 3C= Forcing (5card+)
2D       x         0                                                         2NT                                           T
                                    MULTI(3-7 weak 2M; or 25+ bal; or NAT Acol) = Relay, 3M = FG natural 5-card+, 3m=FG NATl ransfer-bids may occur
2H                 5                Weak 2 in H (6-10 p). Vul at least 6 card.   2NT=Relay. New suit nat and FG.
2S                 5                Weak 2 in S (6-10 p). Vul at least 6 card.   2NT=Relay. New suit nat and FG.
2NT                                 21-22 bal                                    3C =Asks for M, 3H/3S=At least 5 cards in unbid M,
3C                 7                Any solid minor                              3M= Nat FG, Spec. asking bids
3D                 6                Preempt
3H                 6                Preempt
3S                 6                Preempt
3NT      x                          Preempt any minor                            4D= relay, spec. asking bids
4C       x         0                NAMYATS(strong 4H)                           4D= Relay, Spec. Asking bids
4D       x         0                NAMYATS(strong 4S)                           4H = Relay, Spec. asking bids
Danish asking bids, Cue Bids, SPL, WAITING 3NT, Additional-bids (kind
of CUE - not promising control in bid suit), Special sacrifice-
convention when not vul against vul, LIGHTNER

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