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					                                          Spay and Neuter Mandate
Today’s Date: ________________________ Spay and Neuter must be completed by: _______________________

       ROCKY MOUNTAIN PUPPY RESCUE’S mission is to                      NOTICE FOR NON-COMPLIANCE: Failure to have
       find loving forever homes for as many unwanted                   adopted rescue puppy altered within 90 days of
       puppies and dogs as possible, and we are dedicated               adoption and to provide proof to RMPR has
       to the promotion of responsible pet ownership. ONE               consequences. If the adopter does not return
       KEY RESPONSIBILITY is by requiring neutering or                  documentation, the $100 deposit is forfeited in
       spaying of each puppy within 90 days of their                    accordance to the state mandate ($50 state, $50
       adoption so no other animals will be born and                    RMPR) and donated to the rescue’s SPAY
       subsequently add to the homelessness and kill rates.             NEUTER FUND.

       The state of Colorado mandates rescue and shelter                No refund will be given for transferred ownership
       puppies must be altered within 90 days after adoption.           without previous permission from RMPR. RMPR does
       Rescues and shelters are required by the state to                not condone transferred ownership without our
       collect a $50 spay/neuter deposit. RMPR feels very               permission. The spay neuter refund will be donated to
       strongly about this mandate, so we require $100 to               the SPAY NEUTER FUND. Any dog returned within
       insure that all adopters comply. Rescues and shelters            the 7 day allowable return period, that is not s/n will
       must report to the state the number of pups adopted              receive a refund, All animals must see a vet before
       and that we have a 100% compliance rate. The                     being returned. See the RMPR adoption agreement
       adopter is responsible to have the puppy altered                 and release for return details.
       and to provide proof of spay/neutering to ROCKY
       MOUNTAIN PUPPY RESCUE within the 90 time                         By signing this agreement the adopter
       frame. When the rescue receives the refund                       acknowledges that If RMPR finds the adopter has
       request form veterinary proof of alteration, AND A               not complied within the set period, it is the RMPR
       copy of original vet bill the $100 will be refunded              representative’s rights to reclaim the puppy from
       to the adopter. AGAIN, two documents MUST                        the adopter’s home. And the adopter by signing
       accompany your request:                                          this agreement forfeits the adoption fee and
       1) copy of original vet receipt showing spay neuter              recourse. RMPR can and will enforce the rule to
       completion dated within the 90 days as specified on              spay and neuter and any costs related to court
       this mandate                                                     fees will be paid by the adopter.

       2) RMPR’s spay neuter refund request sheet filled out            Please, be responsible, have your animal altered and
       with your current address, your dog’s name at time of            provide proof.
       adoption and your dog’s new name.
                                                                        Thank you.

       I the adopter _______________________________(print name) , have read and understand all contents of this
       document and agree to abide by all policies set forth by the Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue.

       Adopter has agreed to spay/neuter the adopted puppy within 90 days after adoption.
       Failure to send in proof of alteration within 90 days results in automatic forfeiture of the $100 deposit, and
       can lead to RMPR reclaiming your dog.

       By signing this document you are agreeing to all statements put forth here.

       Signature:___________________________________________________Date:                    ________________

       *Extensions can be granted ONLY with an official letter from your Veterinarian stating the date for spay neuter and
       with a viable and reasonable medical reason. These must be sent to RMPR PRIOR to the deadline set here, so we
       can have them on file. If you fail to adhere to the date set by your VET for extension you will forfeit your spay neuter
       deposit and it will be applied to the RMPR Spay Neuter fund.

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