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FBML lesson


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									: Installing the FBML

To begin with:
1. You need to install FBML (facebook markup language)
In the pop-up window select which pages you want to install/activate FBML

You should now be taken to your new pages edit options. Firstly you’ll need to
remove a few things. There’s no need for you to clutter up your page with Videos and
Notes if your not going to use them.

So click the Remove link on anything your not going to be using.

Now you’ll need to add the FBML (Facebook Markup Language) to your Page. This
can be done easily by clicking the below button and selecting “Add to my Page”
under the profile picture.

Install FBML

Next: The Good Stuff

Now that you have the Facebook Markup Language installed on your page it’s time to
make it work. So, click onto the “Edit” link in your FBML settings.

Click Edit Page, then click Apps on the left

Now your going to be placing the code that will allow you to show different content
depending on whether a visitor has liked your page. To begin with, you’ll need to
enter a title for your FBML box.

Then simply paste the following code into the FBML text area and make the
necessary modifications.

<div style="height: 650px;">
 <div style="margin-top:0px; position: absolute;
 top:0px;left:0px; height: 200px;; width:100%;">
 <img src="IMAGE1.jpg">
 <fb:fbml version="1.1">

 <div style="margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:40px; position: absolute;
 height: 650px; top:0px;left:0px; width:100%; background-color:
 <a href="http://your fanpage url">
 <img src="IMAGE2.jpg" border="0"> </a>              Highlighted YELLOW
</div>                                               is the only things that
</fb:visible-to-connection>                          need changing in the
                                                               Title can be anything
                                                               you want

                                                             This is the box you put
                                                             the code in.
                                                             See the image links to pre
                                                             and post pressing of the
                                                             like button

                                                             If you want to use
                                                             these images, just use
                                                             the same code.

                                                             If not enter your own
                   This is the link to your                  pics and location.
                                                             Click SAVE when

If your not a programmer don’t be intimidated by the above code, I will explain it.

BTW you can have more than one FBML link, so you can create another script ie diff
pics and switch very easily


Exactly same script but I changed the title even goes to same page
You’ll need 2 things when using this code.

. The first shown image/text

I’m using images in this example because you can make them look very attractive. If
you want to use text that’s fine just make sure you don’t fill the space with paragraph
after paragraph.

Keep it simple, on topic, intriguing and most of all telling people to click the like

Here is the actual image I used for my page:
. The Second Image Shown with Link

So I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that the first image will be shown when a visitor
has not become a fan of your page, it’s there to intise people to click that amazing
Like button.

Now your going to need an image/text for when a person becomes a member. Once
again I’m going to show you what image I have used for one of the pages I created:

Note: I asked you to save a link earlier on, your now going to need it. Now that a
visitor has become a fan by clicking the Like button it’s time you reveal to them what
they wanted (paste your link above where shown).

Now you can go ahead and click “Save Changes” and we’ll move on.
Step 5: A Little Bit of Tweaking

Your almost done, the last important thing left to do is to make sure new visitors fall
onto your new FBML landing page. This can be done by changing your “Wall

Simply change your Pages “View Settings” landing tab to your newly created FBML

And your done! Every new visitor to your page will now be prompted with your
FBML tab asking them to Like your Page before they find your hidden content. I hope
you’ve found this tutorial helpful and if you’d like to see my own

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