6th World History Syllabus by dandanhuanghuang


									                                  6th Grade World History

Instructor: Mr. Ross Rollinger

Email: ross.rollinger@k12.sd.us

Materials Needed:
Lined notebook paper
Binder or folder for keeping notes and handouts
Pen or pencil

Course Description:
        In 6th grade World History we will learn about civilizations outside of the U.S. and how
they have influenced our world today. We start out with the basics of history, to include where
we obtain it and what we can and cannot believe to be true. We will then jump into various
civilizations to include: Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. We will cover the rise
and fall of each of these civilizations, as well as their contributions to our world today.

Text:          World History: Ancient Civilizations Through the Renaissance. Holt McDougal.

Grading Scale                 95-100 A                      79-83 C
                              93-94 A-                      77-78 C-
                              91-92 B+                      75-76 D+
                              88-90 B                       72-74 D
                              86-87 B-                      70-71 D-
                              84-85 C+                      0-69 F

                              *Daily worksheets, weekly quizzes, group and individual
                                      projects, and tests will reflect grades.
                              *70%-Daily Work, to include quizzes
                              *I will only round a student’s grade when the grade is within
                                      .5% of the desired grade. This will be based on class
                                      participation, no late work, and respect in the
                                      classroom. If these criteria are not met, the grade will
                                      remain the same.
       The class will consist of lecture, PowerPoint, and group discussion. The students will also
be required to read each section of each chapter and complete worksheets and projects as
assigned. Group work will also be used, but will only be used as the class behavior allows.
Late Work Policy
       Any work that is not turned on time will automatically be given a late earmark and will
only be counted for ¾ credit. The student will also be assigned a 9th hour.

        Cheating will not be tolerated. Any student caught cheating will receive a 0 on that

6th World History Course Outline
      1st Semester
              Chapter 2: The Stone Age and Early Cultures

               Chapter 3: Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent

               Chapter 4: Ancient Egypt and Kush

               Chapter 5: Ancient India

               Chapter 6: Ancient China

               Chapter 8: Ancient Greece

              Chapter 9: The Greek World
       2nd Semester
              Chapter 10: The Roman Republic

               Chapter 11: Rome and Christianity

               Chapter 12: The Islamic World

               Chapter 13: Early African Civilizations

               Chapter 16: The Early Americans

               Chapter 17: The Early Middle Ages

               Chapter 18: The Late Middle Ages

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