2011-2012 Ridgewood YMCA Dolphins Swim Team Registration

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					      2011-2012 Ridgewood YMCA Dolphins
     Swim Team Registration and Information

The Ridgewood YMCA Swim Team welcomes you for the 2011-2012 fall/winter
swim season. We look forward to another great season full of excitement, fun
and success and we thank you for being part of our team!

The 2011-2012 swim team season will begin on Tuesday, September 6th for all
swimmers. The season will end at your swimmer’s last qualifying meet or the last
swim meet (YMCA or USA meet) they are entered to swim in. The YMCA Division
Championship meet that all swimmers are required to attend will be either
February 4th or February 5, 2012.

Please read the registration packet carefully and make sure all forms
and payments are turned in so your child will be able to start practicing
on September 6th.
                        REGISTRATION PROCESS

1. Please read the packet carefully.

2. Complete all registration paperwork and return to one of the swim team
   representatives at the registration table or place in the black meet entry
   box on the swim team tables just inside the pool door by the lobby.
       Emergency Medical Form
       Parent Commitment Contract
       Swim Team Code of Conduct

3. Pay your swim team booster fee to one of the swim team representatives.
   This fee is due when you sign up. Booster fees for all groups except high
   school are $150.00 and high school booster fees are $50.00. Checks are
   made payable to the Ridgewood YMCA Swim Team. BOOSTER FEES CAN
   NOT BE PAID AT THE FRONT DESK. Booster fees must be paid by check or
   cash and given to a swim team representative or placed in an envelope and
   put in the black locked meet entry box just inside the pool doors, please be
   sure to put your swimmers name on the check.

4. Make sure your YMCA membership is up to date at the front desk or for
   new swimmers be sure to open a YMCA membership.

5. Pay at least one month’s swim team program fee at the YMCA front desk.

6. All new swimmers must be evaluated by head Coach Mike Milliken before
   they are placed into a group. New swimmer tryouts will be on Sunday,
   August 28th from 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. at the YMCA during registration and on
   Tuesday, September 6th from 5:00-6:00 p.m. at the YMCA.
                 FEES (Program Fees and Booster Fees)
                     YMCA SWIM TEAM PROGRAM FEES
The YMCA swim team program fees are payable at the YMCA front desk only.
The program fees this year are as follows:
HIGH SCHOOL SWIMMERS - $260.00 due in full at sign ups.
BOTTLENOSE - $390.00 or $65.00 per month. At least $65.00 is due at sign ups.
SPINNER- $360.00 or $60.00 per month. At least $60.00 is due at sign ups.
SPOTTED - $300.00 or $50.00 per month. At least $50.00 is due at sign ups.
FLIPPER- $180.00 or $30.00 per month. At least $30.00 is due at sign ups.
All swim team members MUST have a youth or family YMCA membership.
Membership information is available at the front desk.
Financial assistance for the swim team program fee is available to those in need.
Please ask for a scholarship application at the front desk.
The YMCA is not able to offer a discount this year for fees that are paid in full at
sign ups.


This is a one time fee made payable to the Ridgewood YMCA Swim Team.
The purpose of the booster fee is to cover the cost of pool rental fees, our
awards banquet at the end of the season, team gift, awards, equipment
purchases and part of the coaches salary. You will have the opportunity to
earn back some or all of your booster fee by participating in designated

Booster fees for the season are:

High School booster fee- $50.00

Bottlenose, Spinner, Spotted and Flipper booster fee- $150.00
*** At least $50.00 of this fee is due when you sign up and is non-refundable.
The remainder of the booster fee is due by October 1st if the full amount was not
paid at sign ups. Checks are made payable to the Ridgewood YMCA Swim Team.
Booster fees can not be paid at the front desk. Please give to a swim team
representative or place in an envelope marked booster fee and put in the black
locked meet entry box just inside the pool doors ***

Please remember all unpaid fees can result in your child not being allowed to

                              PRACTICE SCHEDULE
               MON.         TUES.            WED.        TH.          FRI.          SAT.

BOTTLENOSE    TBD- Monday –Thursday practices will be at one of the Parma City Schools

              From either 5-7 or 6-8 p.m. and Friday practice will be at the YMCA from

              5-7 p.m. Dryland times TBD.

SPINNER       TBD- Monday –Thursday practices will be at one of the Parma City Schools

              From either 5-7 or 6-8 p.m. and Friday practice will be at the YMCA from

              5-7 p.m . Dryland times TBD.

SPOTTED      7-8:30 PM    5-6:30 PM     7-8:30 PM     5-6:30 PM     6-7:00 PM      OFF

             @YMCA        @YMCA         @YMCA         @YMCA         @YMCA

FLIPPER      7-8 PM       5-6 PM         7-8 PM        5-6 PM         OFF         OFF

             @YMCA        @YMCA         @YMCA          @YMCA
                   AND FUNDRAISERS

All families will be assigned a food, drink, snack item or a small
monetary donation to bring for all home dual meets for the concession
stand and may be asked to donate desserts, side dishes, salads, etc. for
different parties or fundraisers there may be throughout the season.

All swimmers are expected to attend practice on a regular basis. If swimmers are
not attending the recommended amount of practices per week, they can not be
expected to reach their full potential this season. Parents, please try to get your
swimmer to practice as often as possible. In the situation of a prolonged illness,
please notify your child’s coach. Below are the recommended practices per week
for each group.

      Bottlenose - 5 practices per week
      Spinner - 4 practices per week
      Spotted - 3 practices per week
      Flipper - 2 practices per week

Through the course of the YMCA season we have 7 dual meets and 2
championship meets (division champs and league champs) These meets are
mandatory for all swimmers although you must qualify at division champs to be
able to go on to league champs. If you can not attend a meet due to a vacation or
family commitment, you must notify Coach Mike by email or a note in his mailbox
at least 7 days prior to a meet. If your child becomes ill the week of the meet you
must notify Coach Mike by email or a phone call to the YMCA as quickly as
possible. It is very time consuming for coaches to put together line ups and
relays for a swim meet, we normally have close to 100 swimmers on the team
and to have to change things around last minute is very stressful. If your child
does not attend a meet and the coaches have not been notified, they will be
suspended from one week of practice and the following dual meet.

       Tentative Ridgewood YMCA meet schedule for 2010-2011
9/25/11 – LOLLIPOP Just for Fun Meet at YMCA, warm up time 2:00.

10/22/11 - Ridgewood @ Youngstown , time TBD

11/05/11 - Ridgewood @ Tuscarawas, time TBD

11/19/11 - Ridgewood @ Vermillion, time TBD

12/03/11 - Westshore @ Ridgewood, warm up time 1 p.m. meet start 2 p.m.

12/17/11 - Wooster @ Ridgewood (Christmas Party following meet), warm up
time 1 p.m. meet start 2 p.m.

01/07/12- Ridgewood @ Cuyahoga Falls, time TBD

01/21/12 –David YMCA @ Ridgewood, warm up time 1 p.m. meet start 2 p.m.

*****Please note dual meets normally last between 3 and 5 hours.*****

Divisional Champs –TBD, either Saturday 2/4/12 or Sunday 2/5/12

League Champs –March 3, 2012 (swimmers must qualify from Division Champs to
swim at League Champs)

Great Lakes YMCA Zone Meet March 16-18, 2012 @ C.T. Branin Natatorium in
Canton, OH – must have qualifying times to swim at this meet.

YMCA National Meet – April 2-5, 2012, must have qualifying times.
                                LOLLIPOP MEET

Our Lollipop meet will be held on Sunday, September 25 with warm ups starting
at 2:00 p.m and the meet starting at 2:30 p.m. This is a just for fun, shorter
version, practice swim meet at the YMCA between our own swimmers just to
practice for and get our new swimmers acquainted with how our regular season
meets will run. Everyone on the team is encouraged to swim. Meet entry fees
are a donation and all proceeds will go to the Strong Kids Campaign at the YMCA!
There will be a pizza party after the meet as well as a Parents Meeting.

                          YMCA INVITATIONAL MEETS

In addition to our 7 dual meets there will be YMCA invitational meets that your
child will be able to sign up to swim at. These meets and information packets as
well as meet entry due dates will be posted on our website under the Meet
Registration tab. You will need to sign up for these meets in advance by filling
out a meet entry form and placing the form along with payment in the locked
black meet entry box at the YMCA or by e-mailing Donna Phelps your meet
entries at and then placing your payment in the meet
entry box. Donna must have all entries by the due date that is shown on our
website. Invitational meets are a lot of fun. Swimmers are able to choose their
own events and have the opportunity to swim events that are not offered at dual
meets and they have a chance to earn ribbons and medals.

                        YMCA GREAT LAKES ZONE MEET

The five state YMCA Great Lakes Zone meet this season will be held at Canton
McKinley High School in Canton, OH March 16-18, 2012. There are age group
qualifying times that must be achieved by the swimmer to be able to participate
in this meet. Zone times will be posted on our website and on the information
boards at the pool throughout the season.
                  2012 YMCA SHORT COURSE NATIONAL MEET

The YMCA short course National meet will be held Monday, April 2 through
Thursday, April 5, 2012 at the Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, North
Carolina. Qualifying times must be achieved to be able to participate in this meet.

                                 USA SWIMMING

In addition to being a YMCA team the Ridgewood Y Dolphins is also a USA Team.
Anybody can become a USA registered swimmer by paying a USA registration fee
and be able to participate in additional USA only swim meets. Some advantages of
joining USA swimming are there are additional swim meets to enter at high
quality facilities with more opportunities to better your times, opportunities to
swim events that are not offered at YMCA meets and the swimmers choose their
own events at all USA meets. Please remember that YMCA meets are a priority
over USA meets. USA meets are also listed on our website under the Meet
Registration tab. You must be a USA member to enter any USA meet. If you
would like to find out more about USA Swimming please talk to George
Oryshkewych or e-mail him at

                             SWIM TEAM CAP POLICY

It is not mandatory that a swim cap be worn but if a swimmer chooses to wear a
swim cap at any dual, invitational, USA or championship meet it MUST be a RYD
team swim cap. Other swim caps can be worn during practices.

                           TEAM SUITS AND APPAREL

Team suits, caps and spirit wear will be available. More information will follow.
                                          TEAM PICTURES

We will offer swim team individual and team pictures. Date and Time TBD.


You will be notified about Team fundraisers throughout the season by e-mail,
postings on our website and bulletin boards. ALL FAMILIES ARE EXPECTED TO

Information regarding individual fundraisers to help earn back all or part of your
booster fee will be available as information becomes available again by e-mail,
postings, website and bulletin boards.


RYD Team Website-                      Please become familiar with our website.
All meet entry information and meet due dates will be posted as well as meet results, general
information, announcements, pictures, records, phone numbers/e-mail address, etc.

League Website-                    This website will have information regarding YMCA
locations, YMCA invitational meet information , YMCA championship meet information, dual meet
schedules for all team, etc.

Lake Erie Swimming Website (USA Meets)                                This
website will have all local USA meet information.

USA Swimming-                    This information covers all USA swimming
information. There is a times database on this website that will keep track of all your swimmers times
from all USA meets. (This will not have YMCA meet times, only USA meet times if you are a USA

YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving Website-         Information regarding YMCA competitive swimming
across the nation.
Head Coach: Mike Milliken              YMCA Aquatics Director: Monica Zayd
Phone: 440.842.5200                    Phone: 440.842.5200
E-Mail:        E-Mail:

2011/2012 Swim Team Parents’ Board:

President: Maria Tarbuck               1st V.P./Meet Entries: Donna Phelps
Phone: 440-590-5192                    Phone: 440.382.0074
E-Mail:            E-Mail:

2nd V.P./Fund Raising: Sarah Bodrock
Phone: 440.842.0729

Secretary: Jen Foster                  Treasurer: Rich Sobiech
Phone: 440.666.9837                    Phone:
E-Mail:              E-Mail:

Meet Director/USA Liaison: George Oryshkewych
Phone: 440.666.4295

Swim Team Communication and Important Information

Since we have a large swim team and our groups practice at different times and at different
sites our main form of communication is through e-mail. It is very important to make sure you
list your e-mail address on the emergency form and make sure to get us your updated e-mail
address if it changes. If you are not receiving e-mails within the first week, please e-mail Jen
Foster at to make sure we have your correct e-mail address.

Our team website is You can find contact information, current
announcements, team records, USA and YMCA Invitational Information, forms, practice
information and other useful information on our website.

Every swimmer will also have their own “mailbox” or folder within a few weeks. Your mailbox
will be located just inside the pool doors at the YMCA. Swim team information, important
papers, fundraising info., medals and ribbons from invitational meets,etc. will be put in your
mailboxes so please check them regularly. If you practice off site most of the week try to stop
by and check your mailbox when you can and make sure to check them at Friday practices.

There are swim team information boards located as you walk into the pool area. One directly
above your mailboxes/folders and one just diagonal from that. Please check the bulletin boards
regularly. A lot of important information is posted there as well as meet line ups several days
prior to a swim meet, volunteer sign up sheets, fundraising info., zone times, etc.

Another form of communication are parent meetings and question and answer sessions. Parent
meetings will be announced and board members will come to different group practices sessions
here and there for question and answer sessions to give parents a chance to find out what is
happening on the team and to ask any questions they might have in an informal setting.

Just inside the pool there is a small table that is for the swim team. There is locked black meet
entry box on the table. The meet entry box that is attached to the table is used to turn in your
meet entries, meet entry fees for YMCA invitationals and USA meets and for turning In any
other kind of swim team paperwork, fees or payments, booster fee money, relay money, etc.
There is also a folder on the swim team table with blank meet entry forms and other paperwork
can be found on the table such as sign up information for fun meets, extra emergency forms,
etc. Please familiarize yourself with your mailbox, the swim team table and the swim team
bulletin boards.

Any outstanding paperwork that needs to be turned in can be put in the black meet entry box.

And most importantly, VOLUNTEERING, it’s why we are able to have a swim team. It is not
only necessary to volunteer but a mandatory swim team obligation. We can not run a
swim meet without many volunteers. Each meet requires about 30 volunteers not including
officials. Please make sure you have read the Parent Commitment Contract and make sure to
volunteer and sign up to work at home meets, championship meets and USA meets when
required and please volunteer when there are team fundraisers. If your child is entered in any
championship meets at the end of the season, YMCA or USA or any invitational meet that
requires us to provide volunteers you must be able to volunteer if you enter your child in these
meets or find somebody to volunteer in your place. It is not fair when the same group of parents
always volunteer their time and other parents do not. Each family will be required to have at
least 4 volunteer commitments this season and high school parents are required to have at least
2 volunteer commitments. Failure to meet ALL your volunteer commitments will result in a
$100.00 fine at the end of the season. You can earn your volunteer requirements by
volunteering at the Lollipop meet, home meets as an official (must be certified), a timer, a
runner, concession room helper, event board worker, clean up helper or 50/50 raffle worker or
by signing up for duties at our Christmas party, end of the year banquet, helping out at team
fundraisers or any other event that may take place this season. Please note that anybody can
be trained quickly to do any of the volunteer jobs required except officials need to take a class
and be certified.

Please feel free to ask questions if you do not understand something, do not hesitate to talk to
or e-mail your coach or anybody on the parents board or any other swim team families. There is
a lot to know and new swimmers and parents can sometimes feel very overwhelmed. We
understand this and we have all been new to the team at one time. We have a great team and
great kids and parents that would all be glad to help out. Please do not hesitate to ask for help!


Certified YMCA Swim Team Official- Ensures a fair swim meet by making sure all swimmers
are following all rules and swimming their strokes legally and disqualifying swimmers with illegal

Timer- Accurately time swimmers with a stop watch in one lane for the duration of the swim
meet. Three timers are needed per lane at each swim meet. Watches are started at the flash of
light and are stopped at the completion of the race as soon as the swimmer touches the wall.
All timers must be in position to view the swimmers touch at the end of the race.

Runner- Collect lane slips and disqualification slips after each race and deliver to the desk.

Event Board Worker (Pool Area) and (Gym)- Writing event numbers down on dry erase
boards so spectators and swimmers know what event number is in the water and what events
are going to be coming up to help others follow the swim meet.

50/50 Raffle – Sell raffle tickets for the first half of the swim meet by walking around the pool
area and gym area of the swim meet selling tickets. .

Concession Worker- Set up food, drinks, replace food and drink items as needed, collect
money for concession items and clean up of concession stand during each home meet.
Locker Room Monitor and Clean Up (Boys and Girls)- Check locker rooms every 15
minutes by walking through to ensure there is no vandalism, rough housing, etc. for the duration
of the swim meet and general clean up of the locker room area after the meet is over. This
position requires you to stay after the meet and make sure the locker room is clean after most
people have gone.

General Clean Up- Clean up of the whole facility after the meet is over. Throwing away
garbage left behind and on floors in pool area, gym area, hallways, sweeping, vacuuming and
emptying garbage cans in the facility at the completion of the meet.

8 and Under Helpers- Gathering, finding and lining up the 8 and unders for their relay events.
Making sure the swimmers are on the correct side of pool.

                    Have a great swim season!
                               GO DOLPHINS!

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