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					                 HUMBER PREMIER LEAGUE
                      (Formed 2000)
                    (FA Supply League)

(Affiliated to the East Riding County Football Association Limited)

Secretary’s Notes

Welcome to the 10th Season of the Humber Premier League. Congratulations to Chalk Lane on winning the
Premier Division Championship for the first time and to Hall Road Rangers Reserves on their double
winning the Division One title and the ERCFA Intermediate Cup. Congratulations also to Reckitts AFC,
winners of the Grays League Cup and to Hessle Sporting Club on gaining promotion to the Premier
Division. Sculcoates Amateurs succeeded in retaining the ERCFA Dave Whitton Champion of Champions
A warm welcome to Crown FC and East Riding Rangers and trust you enjoy your football in the HPL. The
resignation of Easington United has resulted in the Premier Division having 15 teams with 12 teams in
Division One.
The FA Respect Programme
HPL Referees will continue to work with the team captain in order to manage the players and the game
effectively. From this season the Fair Play handshake will take place between the starting eleven from both
teams and the match official(s) before each game (See enclosed details).
Footwear and jewellery inspections/Team sheets
Please note the instructions to referees on the next page.
In order to enhance our application to become a Step 7 League in the revised national league structure, it is
important that we operate with 16 teams in the Premier Division next season. However, Rule 12 (C) will be
implemented this season providing there are no withdrawals from the League. This is necessary to
accommodate teams from other Leagues who are likely to be allocated to the HPL in the new national
league structure.
Cost Equalisation
It is important that you complete the Cost Equalisation Sheet after each HPL League game. Do not include
Grays League Cup games, County Cup or Yorkshire OB Shield games on this form. Only record the
travelling expenses of the Match officials who should hand you their expenses card prior to the match.
Please retain these and also indicate the amount claimed on your match result sheet in case of any queries.
Clubs are reminded that it is the responsibility of the Home Team to telephone the result to Gosnays and
also remember there is a different telephone number for midweek fixtures.
Match result sheets and Referee mark sheets can be e-mailed to and to Match reports for the Sporthull and Full-time websites can be e-mailed
directly to Mike Edge at From September the fixtures will be e-mailed so it is
important you notify me of address changes. Posted documents should be sent to the ERCFA Office, Roy
West Centre, 220 Inglemire Lane, Hull, HU6 7TS.
New Website
The League is now using the FA’s Full-time website which has an improved format and can be found at the
following link:- although is
linked to the website.
League Management Vacancies
I am acting as League Secretary until a replacement is appointed. Also Geoff Hanson wishes to retire as Referees
Secretary and there is a vacancy on the committee for a representative from Division One clubs. Anyone
interested in these positions please contact me.

R Lester.
(Acting League Secretary.)
Notes for Match Officials
Closed Dates
Closed dates received before 31st July should have been observed. I have received 165 closed dates for
August so it is essential that appointments are accepted as there only a few referees left available for
re-appointments. In order to avoid receiving further line appointments, Level 4 Referees must inform their
Contributory League referee appointment officer and the Football Association of the dates on which you
have been appointed to officiate HPL games. Email: Assistant Referees who
have been notified of their nomination for FA competition appointments must also close their HPL
dates with the FA. This is essential to avoid possible duplication of appointments. You must keep me
informed of all known closed dates even after receiving these appointments as it causes even more work
when I re-appoint only then to be told of unavailability. If you have closed dates in September, please let
me know before Monday 17th August when I will start preparing next months appointments.
Joint Travel
Officials with a * next to their name should travel together. If this is not convenient, you must obtain
permission from me before travelling independently. # indicates joint travel with a referee appointed to a
game in another division. ** indicates joint travel with an official on another nearby game. In these cases
the travelling expenses are to be shared equally between each game.
FA Respect Programme
Please read the enclosed information regarding Working with the Team Captain and the pre-match Fair
Play handshake which will take place this season.
Match Officials Expenses Card
All match officials have been issued with these cards which should be handed to the home club secretary
prior to the start of the game. Further supplies can be obtained from the ERCFA office.
Team Sheets
Please remember to arrange for the managers or team captains to exchange team sheets in your changing
room 30 minutes before the kick off.
Footwear and jewellery inspections
These mandatory inspections will take place as the players leave the changing rooms. If possible, this can
be done in the corridor before leading the teams on to the field of play. Please note that all items of
jewellery must be removed as it is no longer permissible to tape over any form of jewellery. Assistant
Referees under the age of 18 should not conduct these inspections.
Match Report Form
This form should be submitted within 2 days of the match either by post or by e-mail using the template in
the website – This season the total expenses claimed by all the match officials
should be included on this form so that any queries can be investigated.
Please return the enclosed acknowledgement form or you can use the template on the website to reply within 7 days to Please do not use any
other ERCFA email address as sometimes the communication is not forwarded to me. Match officials with
E-mail will in future receive their appointments electronically so it is important you notify me of any
address change.
Duration of Play
Please note that if conditions dictate then the two captains can agree to play 80 minutes in consultation with
you prior to the commencement of the game.
Fees and Expenses
The home club is responsible for payment after the match.            Referee Fee            £20.00
                                                                     Assistant Referee Fee £10.00
                                                                     Travel Expenses            .25p per mile
                                                                                            Plus bridge tolls.
In the Grays League Cup, the fees and travelling expenses are to be shared equally by both clubs.

G.Hanson. (Referees Secretary.)

   1. As some grounds are not available in August, there is an imbalance in home and away fixtures
      which is unavoidable.
   2. Please note evening games will take place this month in the Premier Division. Rule 10(A) states
      that the duration of play can be 80 minutes if mutually agreed by the two captains in consultation
      with the referee prior to the commencement of the game.
   3. Requests for a blank date detailing the reason must be received in writing before the 15th of the
      preceding month for consideration by the management committee.
   4. The HPL will be competing in the FA National League Cup for the first time. The Round 1 tie at
      home to the West Cheshire League will take place at North Ferriby United on Saturday 19th
      September, KO 2.00pm. Consequently, the fixture list will be reduced on this date.

A Warvill. (Fixture Secretary.)

Handbook Amendments
Match Officials
Add Ben Barr, 14 Orchard Drive, Middleton on the Wolds, Driffield, YO25 9UW
Tel: 01377 217683(h); E-mail:

All Saturday Games Kick Off at 2.00 pm
Midweek Games Kick Off at 6.30 pm unless otherwise stated
Premier Division                                       Referee:                          Assistants:
Saturday 15th August 2009
Hedon Rangers                     v     Chalk Lane                     A P Ward*            P Braimbridge*
                                                                                            S R Hunt*

Hessle Sporting Club              v     Malet Lambert YC               P A Cook*            N Cook*
                                                                                            D Fidlin*

Hornsea Town                      v     Cleethorpes Town               D W Whatling         G T Overrill*
At Bishop Burton College 3g                                                                 J M Rowley*

Pocklington Town                  v     Hall Road Rangers Res          A R Brown*           W A Leigh*
                                                                                            J L Wilkin*

Reckitts                          v     Beverley Town                  G H Stead*           M G Broxham*
                                                                                            M L Wright*

St Andrews                        v     Sculcoates Amateurs            A Lewis*             C L Andrews*
                                                                                            T Redmore*

Westella & Willerby Res           v     Hessle Rangers                 S P Cooper*          G M Tindall*
                                                                                            N Woodcock*
Tuesday 18th August 2009
Hall Road Rangers Res        v   Cleethorpes Town       A P Ward         C S Barker
KO 7.45 pm                                                               M G Broxham

Hessle Rangers               v   Sculcoates Amateurs    A R Brown*       K Spaven*
                                                                         C Wallis*

Wednesday 19th August 2009
Malet Lambert YC             v   Hedon Rangers          G H Stead*       D Gill*
                                                                         P Hugman*

North Ferriby United Res     v   Hessle Sporting Club   C C Ward*        J W Forman*
                                                                         T J Precious*

Pocklington Town             v   Beverley Town          C A Hitchcock*   S N Keillor*
KO 7.30 pm                                                               D E Stamper*

Westella & Willerby Res      v   Reckitts               A Lewis*         D Fryer*
                                                                         S G Leaning*

Thursday 20th August 2009
St Andrews                   v   Hornsea Town           P A Andrews*     P McWatters*
                                                                         J Suddaby*

Saturday 22nd August 2009
Chalk Lane                   v   Hornsea Town           A Lewis*         M Hemsworth*
                                                                         P Hugman*

Hall Road Rangers Res        v   Malet Lambert YC       C C Ward*        P J Blenkin*
                                                                         W Scoots*

Hessle Rangers               v   Hedon Rangers          L P Towse#       T J Precious#
                                                                         D E Stamper#

Hessle Sporting Club         v   Sculcoates Amateurs    A P Ward*        P Braimbridge*
                                                                         N B Taylor*

North Ferriby United Res     v   Cleethorpes Town       G H Stead*       D Gill*
                                                                         S Sheriff*

Pocklington Town             v   Reckitts               P A Cook*        N Cook*
                                                                         G Cox*

Westella & Willerby Res      v   St Andrews             S P Stevenson*   S Fewlass
                                                                         M P Whittingham*
Tuesday 25th August 2009
Hedon Rangers                 v   Westella & Willerby Res   S P Porter       P McWatters*
                                                                             S Sheriff*

Hessle Rangers                v   Beverley Town             A R Brown*       R A Wallis*
                                                                             J L Wilkin*

Hall Road Rangers Res         v   St Andrews                L P Towse*       J Law*
KO 7.45 pm                                                                   W A Leigh*

Wednesday 26th August 2009
Malet Lambert YC           v      Hornsea Town              W M Pharaoh*     C L Andrews*
                                                                             S G Leaning*

Pocklington Town              v   Chalk Lane                D W Whatling*    P J Blenkin
KO 7.30 pm                                                                   W R Pike*

Hessle Sporting Club          v   Reckitts                  N R Hunt*        A Hornby*
                                                                             C Wallis*

North Ferriby United Res      v   Sculcoates Amateurs       A D Cherry*      D Fryer*
                                                                             P Hugman*

Saturday 29th August 2009
Chalk Lane                    v   Sculcoates Amateurs       S Wade*          D Gill*
                                                                             P McWatters*

Hornsea Town                  v   Beverley Town             P A Cook*        D Fidlin*
At Bishop Burton College 3g                                                  M Harrison*

Hedon Rangers                 v   Reckitts                  S V Barber*      P Dixon*
                                                                             M L Wright*

Hessle Sporting Club          v   Hessle Rangers            D L Parkinson*   R Barrett*
                                                                             J A Cartlich*

North Ferriby United Res      v   Malet Lambert YC          S P Stevenson*   J M Rowley*
                                                                             R A Wallis*

St Andrews                    v   Cleethorpes Town          S P Porter*      C M Thorne*
                                                                             G M Tindall*

Hall Road Rangers Res         v   Westella & Willerby Res   A M Butler*      S Fairless*
                                                                             S G Leaning*
Division One                                               Referee

Saturday 15th August 2009
East Riding Rangers         v   Inter Charter              C Wallis
Kingburn Athletic           v   Bransholme Athletic        R A Wallis
Long Riston                 v   Bridlington Sports Club    J W Forman
North Cave                  v   North Ferriby Athletic     M Elliott
Scarborough Athletic Res    v   Crown                      J Pickering
Withernsea                  v   Brandesburton              M Hemsworth

Saturday 22nd August 2009
Brandesburton               v   North Cave                 P McWatters
Inter Charter               v   Bransholme Athletic        C Calvert
Kingburn Athletic           v   Bridlington Sports Club    P P Godfrey
Long Riston                 v   East Riding Rangers        W A Leigh
North Ferriby Athletic      v   Crown                      K R Crick#
Withernsea                  v   Scarborough Athletic Res   S Lazenby

Saturday 29th August 2009
Bridlington Sports Club     v   North Cave                 D Marley
Brandesburton               v   Inter Charter              C R Owen
East Riding Rangers         v   Withernsea                 G Wilkin
Long Riston                 v   Crown                      G T Overrill
North Ferriby Athletic      v   Bransholme Athletic        N Giles
Scarborough Athletic Res    v   Kingburn Athletic          S N Keillor

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