EIGHTEEN by liaoqinmei



              CHAPTER EIGHTEEN

                THE FIFTH CHAKRA
        The first, or root, chakra connects you to Gaia, the
Great Mother, and the seventh, or crown, chakra connects you
to Spirit, the Great Father. Your fourth, or heart, chakra, is the
integration of Spirit into matter and the portal through which
these combined energies can be dispersed to the physical
        You will now recalibrate your fifth, or throat, chakra so
that it may better integrate your Soul/SELF. The fifth chakra is
the higher octave of your second chakra. Hence, the higher
octave of your emotions, creativity, and communications will be
activated by the integration of your Soul/SELF.
        With the integration of Soul into your fifth chakra, you
will begin to realize how little you care about the concerns over
which your ego has constantly fretted. Also, the divine child of
your second, or navel, chakra is growing into maturity. Your
second chakra is the base of your lower-octave desire body,
whereas the higher-octave fifth chakra does not want, for it
holds the ability to instantly manifest your every need.
        Your adult divine child/SELF reminds you that once you
know that you are all, then you also know that you have all.


Furthermore, when you create from the ONE, you create for the
                                   LOCATION: The location of
                           this chakra is in our throat.
                                   PETALS: The fifth chakra
                           rules     creativity     and    higher
                           communications.        Whereas      we
                           awaken our psychic abilities in our
                           solar plexus chakra, we consciously
                           communicate with higher beings in
                           our throat chakra. The throat chakra
                           has 16 petals. In numerology, 16
                           reduces to a seven, which is the
                           number of analysis, understanding,
                           knowledge,        awareness,       and
                                   The number seven directs our
focus inwards, which is vital for creativity to germinate and for
deep communication with our SELF, with others, and with
higher beings. The challenge of the number seven lies in the
difficulties brought on by inner feelings, which we believe we
cannot express. The number seven urges us to go inside and
join our thoughts and emotions to find a creative expression.
          NOTES AND MANTRA: The note for this chakra is G#
and the mantra is “ham” or “u” as in blue.
          COLOR: The color for this chakra is sky blue or a
greenish blue.
          RULES: The throat chakra rules speech, hearing,
communication, self-expression, grace, and listening to our
Soul/SELF. This chakra urges us to find our SELF,
communicate with it through our creativity, and use the creative
force of our higher emotions to move our consciousness into
the higher dimensions.
          SENSE: The throat chakra rules the sense of hearing.
Just as we must learn to hear our inner self, we must also learn
to hear others.
          ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Gemini and its ruler Mercury
focus on communication. Many people with their sun in Gemini
enjoy performing and other means of creative communication
and are also very analytical. Their dual nature makes them very
gregarious and at the same time quite reclusive.


         ELEMENT: The ether, the fourth-dimensional element
for this chakra, is also known as our aura or prana. The throat
chakra is the first chakra ruled by an element that is not third-
dimensional, which enhances this chakra’s ability to tune into
the higher frequencies of reality.
         CONSCIOUSNESS: The fifth chakra directs our
attention toward the higher third and fourth dimensions. It is still
ruled largely by our conscious mind, but it has access to the
collective and planetary consciousness. With the integration of
Soul into this chakra, our consciousness will expand to
embrace the solar system, activating our solar consciousness.
When this chakra is balanced, our individual consciousness
has progressed beyond personal and group consciousness to
national consciousness.
         PERSONAL TIMELINE: The stage of life for this chakra
is adulthood. At this stage, a sense of self is well enough
established that we are able to build long-term relationships. If
we can use the power of this chakra, we can learn to go inside
of ourselves to determine the source of our emotional reactions
and share this information with others in a conversational
         In other words, we can talk to our mates about our
emotions without allowing our emotions to overtake our
communication. It is the ability to go inside to connect with our
inner guidance before we communicate with another that
creates true intimacy because it is based on our deepest inner
truth. If we do not know our greatest truth, we cannot
communicate it with others.
         SOCIAL TIMELINE: The time era best represented by
the throat chakra is the New Age—our present time. In this era,
our challenge is to shift from national focus to planetary focus.
In order to face the challenges that lay ahead of us, such as
pollution and the ability to end life as we know it with a nuclear
war, we must now realize that all of us are in this world
together. We are currently faced with many challenges that we
could never even conceive of in the past. We must all go inside
and call upon our highest guidance so that we can honestly,
effectively, and creatively express our solutions.
         Worship through this chakra has expanded beyond a
single male god who has the human characteristics of
conditional love, anger, and punishment and who lives far away
in heaven to instead encompass God/Goddess/All That Is, a

concept of God that includes both the masculine and feminine
polarities, as well as all of creation.
         ENDOCRINE GLAND: The endocrine gland for this
chakra is the thyroid gland. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped
gland that wraps around the front part of the windpipe just
below the Adam’s apple. It produces hormones that influence
essentially every organ, every tissue, and every cell in the
body. Thyroid hormones regulate the body’s metabolism and
organ function, affecting heart rate, cholesterol level, body
weight, energy level, muscle strength, skin condition, menstrual
regularity, memory, and many other conditions. In other words,
our thyroid communicates with our entire body and has much to
do with regulating our overall health and well-being.
         NERVE PLEXUS: The nerve plexus for this chakra is
the laryngeal plexus. This plexus controls our throat, shoulders,
arms, and voice.
         CLEAR: When this chakra is clear, we have good
communication, creative expression, inspiration, and positive
interactions with others. Our metabolism is healthy, our
cholesterol levels are good, we have vital energy, and we feel
strong, both physically and psychologically. We are inspired to
express our SELF and have a life enriched by creativity and
entertainment. Our relationships are based on truthful
communication and deep intimacy.
         UNCLEAR: When our fifth chakra is unclear, we often
have hearing problems, throat and/or voice problems,
coughing, stuttering, poor metabolism, thyroid gland problems,
and the flu. We feel creatively unfulfilled and may be bored and
boring. We may have problems speaking too loudly or fear
speaking out. Our relationships may suffer from poor
communication and a lack of intimacy. We feel uninspired and
disconnected from our spiritual guidance.
         EARTH CHAKRA: Mother Earth’s fifth chakra is in Mt.
Shasta, California. Mt. Shasta has long been known as a
spiritual vortex, with many retreats and seminars held there.
Metaphysically, the ancient Lemurians are said to have been
living in the fourth dimension of the area underneath Mt.
Shasta. Mt. Shasta is a pinnacle of inspiration, one of the
highest mountains in the United States.
         DIMENSIONS: The throat chakra rules the higher third
and fourth dimension. Our fearful emotions can pull us into the
nightmare of the Lower Astral Plane. Therefore, before any of

us can begin our travels through the inner planes of reality, we
must clear a tunnel through our own Dark Side that lies in the
netherworld of the Lower Astral Plane. Once we have
accomplished that, we open our consciousness to a wondrous,
inner world that is as real—in fact more real—than the world of
illusions of our physical reality.


         The compassion and unconditional love of our High
Heart, which is now merged with our heart chakra, gives us a
totally different viewpoint of life and assists us in maintaining a
state of self-healing and empowerment. Furthermore, merging
our High Heart with our heart chakra creates a greater capacity
for us to give and receive love. However, much of this love is
transpersonal, beyond personal, which does not feel like
romantic or parental love. Instead, it feels like love for all life, as
in God/Goddess/All That Is.
         This transpersonal love prepares us for the power of
transmutation, which is the ability to alter lower frequency
energies, emotions, thoughts, and/or structures into their higher
frequency expression. In this manner, we can use what once
seemed useless or negative as the building blocks for
something that is instead useful and positive. While
transmutation allows us to raise the vibration of what is already
created, the law of cause and effect teaches us the vital format
for all creation.
         The throat chakra, our higher creative center, correlates
to the fourth-dimensional Causal Plane and Causal/Rainbow
Body. The Causal Plane is an important school, for it teaches
us mastery of the law of cause and effect. Every cause,
whether it be an emotion, thought, intention, or action, creates
a result—an effect. When our unconscious cause (such as, “I
am afraid I can’t achieve this goal.”) is stronger than our
conscious cause (“I am ready to achieve this goal.”), we will
likely not achieve our goal. Then, we may believe that we
failed, but in reality we have successfully fulfilled our
unconscious cause.
         The Causal Plane teaches us to find the true cause of
our creations, even if they spring from our unconscious mind,
so that we can transmute the low- frequency causes of our
frightened, wounded ego/self to the superconscious causes of
our unconditionally loving Soul/SELF. While we still live in the
third dimension, it is difficult to maintain complete, conscious
surveillance of the cause of our every emotion, thought,
intention, and action. Fortunately, what is impossible for the
ego is simple for the Soul. Hence, it is best if we can surrender
all control of our physical reality to our Soul.

        Eventually, ego and Soul will be ONE, as will our
unconscious, conscious, and superconscious selves. In the
meantime, it is safest to allow our manifestation to rest under
the command of our Soul, assuring that the inner saboteur
hiding in our unconscious mind, our wounded ego, will not
interfere with our greater purpose. Fortunately, with conscious
access to the vast wisdom of our Causal Body, the deep
understanding of our precognition becomes activated.
Precognition does not mean that we actually see the future, as
the future is being created in every moment of the now. What is
actually occurring is that our extensive knowledge of cause and
effect allows us to see our destination from the very beginning
of the path.
        Our lower chakras create our reality from our personal
needs; our higher chakras create our reality from our
transpersonal needs; and our heart chakra integrates personal
and transpersonal. Through the integration of personal and
transpersonal, we can ground the multidimensional messages
of Soul/SELF into our Earth mother, Gaia. It is the constant
reception and integration of higher frequency communications
that expands our consciousness beyond planetary
consciousness to solar consciousness.
        Within planetary consciousness, we think of our SELF
as the planet. When we expand our sense of SELF to solar
consciousness, we begin to think of the planet’s family, the
solar system, as our family, too. At this point, our
consciousness expands beyond the confines of our planet to
embrace the entire solar System. With solar consciousness, we
feel intimately connected, not just to our individuality, our
family, humanity, and our planet, but also to our entire solar
System. With our expanded perception of reality, it is easier for
us to remain conscious when we are in Theta brainwaves, and
we may even be able to stay “awake” during the deep trance of
Delta brainwaves.
        With Theta Consciousness, we have some sense of our
physical form, but with Delta Consciousness we become
largely unconscious of our physical body. Therefore, it is vital
that our earth vessel is in a safe position in a protected
environment. At first, someone else may have to record our
experiences if we are able to talk, but with time we can
remember our experience long enough to write it down or draw
it. However, if we don’t quickly make our Delta brainwave

experience physically manifest, it will likely become lost to our
mundane mind.
        In preparation for your meditation, visualize your first
(root), second (navel), and third (solar plexus) chakras within
the shape of a four-sided pyramid, also known as a
tetrahedron, which is pointing downward toward Earth.
        Now place your seventh (crown), sixth (brow), and fifth
(throat) chakras into another four-sided pyramid that is pointing
upward toward the sky, with your throat chakra at the “helm,
just above the base of the downward-facing pyramid.
        Your fourth (heart) chakra will be in the center where
the two pyramids intersect.

Crown and brow chakras in the upward facing pyramid

Throat chakra in upward-facing pyramid, just above the
base of downward-facing pyramid

Heart chakra in the center, intersection point

Solar plexus, navel, and root chakras in the downward-
facing pyramid, below the heart chakra

        This double pyramid/tetrahedron is called a merkaba,
also spelled Merkabah. A merkaba consists of two interlocking
star tetrahedrons representing the male-outflow and female-
inflow polarity of third-dimensional earth. The female
tetrahedron points in/downward toward Mother Earth and the
male tetrahedron points out/upward toward Father Sky.
        A merkaba, which means “chariot” in Hebrew, is the
divine light vehicle allegedly used by the Ascended Masters to
connect and commune with the higher dimensions. "Mer"

means “light,” "ka" means “Spirit” and "ba" means “body.” A
merkaba is a spiraling energy of consciousness that moves you
from one reality to another via counter-rotating fields of energy.
These counter-rotating fields of outflow/masculine and
inflow/feminine allow your earth vessel to serve as a portal
through which the realms of God/Spirit and goddess/matter
interact. This interaction breaks you free of the third-
dimensional matrix of duality and polarity, thus releasing your
consciousness for interdimensional travel and communication.
         Your throat chakra is the chakra through which you can
begin to consciously connect heaven and Earth through your
own physical form. Therefore, take a moment to thank your
body Deva for holding the form of your magnificent earth
vessel, the vessel through which you visit Earth. Also thank
your Soul/SELF for assisting you in your many interdimensional
journeys and communications.
         Your throat chakra serves as a relay station between
realities, where communications from all planes are received
and translated into a language that your human brain can
understand and communicate. As you integrate your
Soul/SELF into your throat chakra, you will activate your relay
station for interdimensional travel and communication. Your
communiqués will assist you in manifesting your Divine Ideal in
your everyday life.
         Since your ideal was given birth in your heart chakra, it
has been maturing and developing. In the moments that you
are able to listen to your SELF, you are able to hear the next
step needed to fulfill your ideal. Since your ideal is a
transpersonal project, it can be quite overwhelming for your
ego/self. Fortunately, your Soul/SELF is increasingly in charge
of your life.
         Once you are totally within your personal merkaba,
center your perceptions on the position of your throat chakra in
the upward pointing pyramid. Feel the grounding of the
feminine/inflow pyramid, supporting your process and the
activation of the masculine/outflow pyramid calling you to


                                       With a long, slow in-
                               breath that begins at the
                               inverted peak of the feminine
                               pyramid, you will pull your
                               suppressed, lower-frequency
                               energies up from your lower
                               chakras into your fifth chakra,
                               where you will transmute them
                               into their higher expression. In
                               this manner, you will transmute
                               that which is of a low vibration
                               into a higher vibration.
       By inhaling from the heart of Gaia, you will also
transmute the lower-resonance emotions that are trapped in
her planetary body, as well as in your own. Therefore, take a
moment to ground the peak of your downward-pointing,
feminine pyramid into the body of Gaia.
       Integrating your Soul/SELF into your throat chakra not
only expands your multidimensional hearing, it also expands
the power of your voice. Therefore, as you breathe the lower
octave emotions up into your throat chakra, you will transmute
them into their higher-octave expression through the power of
your voice.
                      ALIGNING YOUR BODIES

To begin the meditation, align your third-dimensional body with
your fourth-dimensional bodies, as well as with the bodies of

     Align the base of your spine—first chakra—with your
                Etheric Body and Gaia’s hydrosphere
            And your physical body and Gaia’s lithosphere.

         Align your navel—second chakra—with your
            Emotional Body and Gaia’s biosphere.

       Align your solar plexus—third chakra—with your
             Mental Body and Gaia’s troposphere.


         Align your heart—fourth chakra—with your
     Guardian Angel/divine child and Gaia’s stratosphere.

           Align your throat—fifth chakra—with your
            Causal Body and Gaia’s mesosphere.

           Align your brow—sixth chakra—with your
            I AM Presence and Gaia’s ionosphere.

         Align your crown—seventh chakra—with your
         Multidimensional SELF and Gaia’s exosphere.

                    You are ready to begin.

You will first transmute your personal chakras:

With each in-breath, you will pull up lower-frequency
expression into your heart chakra, which is now merged with
your High Heart.

By breathing the unconditional love of your High Heart into the
lower-frequency expression, you transmute it to a higher

You will then exhale the transmuted energy into your reality
through your throat chakra.


Inhale up from your root chakra:
       The energy of fight/flight …
       Hold that energy in your heart, until love has
               liberated your fear…

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A powerful tone that expresses your courage and

Inhale up from your navel chakra:
       The cries of your wounded child…
       Hold that energy in your heart until your child is

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A sweet and gentle tone that expresses the song of
               your divine child…

Inhale up from your solar plexus chakra:
       Your powerless victim…
       Hold that energy in your heart until the victim is

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A steady tone that expresses your great power within…

Inhale into your heart chakra:
        The sorrows of your broken heart…
        Hold that energy in your heart until your sorrow is

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A pure tone that expresses the calm of your detached

Inhale down from your throat chakra:
       The lies you have told and heard…
       Hold that energy in your heart until the lies have been
               replaced by truth…

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A clear tone that expresses the truth of your SELF…

                    Rest for a long moment.

You will now transmute the planetary chakras:

With each inhale, you will pull up through each earth chakra the
lower-frequency expression into your heart chakra, which is
now merged with your High Heart.

By breathing the unconditional love of your High Heart into the
lower-frequency expression, you transmute it to a higher


You will then exhale the transmuted energy into your reality
through your throat chakra.

You will begin by imagining that you are going down, down,
deeper, deeper, deeper into the core of the planet.

Inhale up through Mt. Sinai:
       The energy of planetary unrest…
       Hold that energy in your heart until the unrest is

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A tone that expresses a planet grounded in peace and

Inhale up from the Brazilian Amazon:
       The energy of the destruction of the Earth’s
       Hold that energy in your heart until destruction becomes

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A tone that expresses the creative force of Gaia…

Inhale up from Mt. Kilimanjaro:
       The energy of the alienation of human rights…
       Hold that energy in your heart until alienation becomes

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A tone that expresses the power within to make a
               difference in the world…

Inhale up from Haleakala:
       The energy of isolation…
       Hold that energy in your heart until isolation becomes

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A tone that expresses the unity of planetary love…

Inhale up from Mt. Shasta:

       The energy of being close-minded and afraid to
              acknowledge higher dimensional realities…
       Hold that energy in your heart until restriction becomes

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A tone that expresses our multidimensional world…

Inhale from your area on earth:
        The energy of discord in your area…
        Hold that energy in your heart until discord becomes

Exhale out through your throat chakra:
       A tone that best expresses harmony and fellowship…

          With the creative power of your fifth chakra,
             you have transmuted fear into love..

Do not doubt yourself, for doubt is the messenger of fear.
Accept that you are a multidimensional being and create
through transmutation and surrender, as you say:

“I surrender my breathing to my SELF
        so that I may breathe in light.
I surrender my vision to my SELF
        so that I may travel to the higher worlds.
I surrender my hearing to my SELF
        so that I may hear the music of the spheres.
I surrender my thoughts to my SELF
        so that I may experience freedom.
I surrender my emotions to my SELF
        so that I may feel unity.
I surrender my words to my SELF
        so that I may speak the truth.
I surrender my heart to my SELF
        so that I may be unconditional love.
I surrender my ego to my SELF
        so that I may be my Multidimensional SELF.
I surrender my person to my planet
        so that we may be ONE.”


         I am today—and tomorrow spent
      I am the place—where the future went

         I am the sun—inside the moon
     The morning after—that comes too soon

            I am aware—and unafraid
      I’ve done my work—my sins are paid

      I ask for nothing—and I’m here to say
            I am the past— I am today

          I am you—and you are me
        Together now—we both are free!


                GAINING MASTERY
                       The three-dimensional game is a grand
              illusion, a hologram, which was created so that
              fragments that are actually copies of our total
              SELF could experiment with the polarity of light
              and dark. Since the higher dimensions are
              beyond polarity, there is only light. Light can only
              cast the shadow of darkness in a polarized reality
              that is separate from the ONE. In truth, of course,
              there is no separation from the ONE. Therefore,
              there is no darkness. Darkness is an illusion of
              the third-dimensional hologram.
                       In order to experience the third-
              dimensional game, a fragment of the white light
              (all colors in ONE) of our Multidimensional SELF
              moved through the prism of the third-dimensional
              matrix to create many colors, including no color
              (darkness). Since we are integrating our
Soul/SELF into our earth vessel, we are beginning to know that
light and love are truth, whereas darkness and fear are illusion.
         We have learned that only our Multidimensional SELF
resonates beyond separation, which is why we are integrating
it. However, many still have not been able to free themselves of
illusion. Because of this, there are currently two realities, the
horizontal, third-dimensional reality and the vertical,
multidimensional reality, which coexist in a crisscross fashion.
The horizontal reality is the third-dimensional game of illusion,
which is best perceived with the five physical senses of our
ego. Conversely, the vertical reality is the multidimensional
reality of the ONE, heaven on Earth, which can only be
perceived with the higher senses of our integrated Soul/SELF.
At each point where these realities overlap is a window.


        Each window is a portal, which we open when we
integrate our Multidimensional SELF into our physical body.
Through downloading the higher vibrations of our Soul/SELF
into the lower vibrations of our ego/self, we create small
openings in the illusion of our third-dimensional reality that

allow the infinite potential of the vertical, multidimensional
reality to weave into the limited potential of the horizontal, third-
dimensional reality.
         The point where the vertical and horizontal realities
overlap is the point of integration, the intersection of the
interwoven threads where both realities exist simultaneously.
The point of integration is the window through which we can
perceive, interact with, and blend the horizontal and vertical
realities into oneness.
         However, each window can become blocked by the
ripples of fear that emanate from experiences and behaviors
that have deeply affected the collective and planetary
consciousness, as well as the actual land, sea, sky, and
creatures of planet Earth. To blend the horizontal and vertical
realities, we must calm those ripples of fear.
         The two realities can only be blending into oneness by
the creators of the ripples—members of the third dimension.
Therefore, we who still hold the form of a third-dimensional
earth vessel are needed to transmute these ripples of fear.
Then the windows can be opened and the point of integration
can accept the flow from the ONE into our third-dimensional
world. Just as slowly dripping purple ink into clear water will
eventually make the water purple, the gradual drip of the
vertical, multidimensional reality into the horizontal, third-
dimensional reality will eventually transform our physical reality.
         With the increased power of communication and
creativity of our integrated throat chakra, we can perceive these
ripples on an energetic level. As we go through our mundane
life, we may suddenly, or gradually, become aware of a ripple
of fear in the fabric of our reality. When this happens, we can
use the power of creativity to transmute the ripple of fear into
the flow of unconditional love to open the window.

        When we feel that dissonance and fear have attached
to our body and/or our environment, we can:

            1. Ground ourselves by breathing up from the core
               of Gaia and into our heart and throat chakras.
            2. Merge our consciousness with the unconditional
               love and detached compassion of our
               integrated High Heart/heart chakra.


            3. Stretch our right hand out toward the ripple, as
               we exhale through our mouth (throat chakra) to
               direct the love and compassion out from our
               right hand toward the ripple of fear.
            4. With our out-breath, direct compassion and
               unconditional love toward the ripple of fear.
            5. Maintain this exercise until the ripple is calmed.

         In this manner, we can transmute darkness and fear
into light and love, as well as open the windows at the points of
integration between the vertical and horizontal realities. Once
the windows are opened, all we need do is be the opened
portal through which the ONE can flow. With the ripples
calmed, the fear of the horizontal, third-dimensional realities will
no longer block the healing flow of the vertical, higher-
dimensional realities.


        Our throat chakra teaches us mastery of the etheric
element. It also teaches us to be masters of transmutation. The
etheric element is the interface between the third and fourth
dimension, which guides us into the flow of the fourth-
dimensional River of Light connecting the third dimension to the
ONE. It is through opening the flow of the ONE into our
physical reality that we transmute the lower-frequency
thoughts, emotions, actions, behaviors, and forms into their
higher-frequency expression.
        Since we have established relationships with the
Elementals, we are now ready to commune with the higher-
dimensional group Elementals, the Devas, and the highest
expression of holders of form, the Elohim. We will now take a
moment to commune with these great beings. Communication
is the lower octave of communing. When we communicate, we
are aware that we are separate beings. However, when we
commune, we blend into oneness and touch each other’s
        When we commune, words are not necessary and are
often too slow for us to grasp the full meaning being relayed.
When we commune through our throat chakra, we use our
expanded senses of telepathy, empathy, clairaudience, and
clairsentience to know the message we are receiving. We can

then use our throat chakra’s creative force to translate that
message into our native, third-dimensional language. We can
translate our message by drawing a picture, playing music,
dancing, and speaking through our High Heart.
        With the higher communication of our throat chakra, we
can commune with our body Deva, who is the overseer of all
our personal Elementals, to thank it for its great service. We
can also ask if any area of our body might need an extra
blessing of our unconditional love, acceptance, or forgiveness.

         We take a moment now to give and accept the blessing
from our Soul/SELF to our body Deva…
         We make sure to ground our essence deep in the body
of Gaia, so that our body Deva can fully accept its gift...
         Through grounding the blessing of our Soul/SELF, we
share our gift with the planetary Elementals and all the group
Devas who are overseeing Gaia’s great forests, mountains,
deserts, and valleys...
         We also share our blessing with group Devas who
assist and protect the many human creations, such as
buildings, bridges, cities, airplanes, ships, and even homes...
         Now, we expand our consciousness further and further
until we can perceive the great Elohim, who serve with the
Angels to channel the higher light of Spirit into our third-
dimensional reality…
         We hear the flap of the Angels wings and see the
glorious light of the Elohim who assists our form to accept it…
         We feel the Elohim and Angels who engulf us in their
mighty essence, assisting us to contain this love in our third-
dimensional form…
         Using our throat chakra’s expanded perceptions, we
listen to the message that accompanies their blessing…

         With our advanced, multidimensional perceptions of
instinct,   intuition,   empathy,      telepathy,   clairaudience,
clairvoyance, clairsentience, and compassion, we have also
gained precognition. The expansion of our consciousness to
encompass the wisdom of our Causal Bodies allows us, with
practice, to discern a possible reality from a probable reality.
         A possible reality is a road that we may, or may not,
choose to travel. On the other hand, a probable reality is
already in place in the higher dimensions. As we surrender to

our Soul, it will guide us into this reality. Of course, we could
always choose to ignore our Soul/SELF and take another path.
Earth is a planet of free will, and we can choose the reality that
we wish to experience.

          In fact, many of our symptoms of transformation have
centered on whether we take the path of our ego/self or the
path of our Soul/SELF. Although by now, it is almost impossible
to fall into being a victim, as our Soul/SELF has integrated our
first five chakras and reminds us that we choose and create our
own world. Now we can consciously observe the many choices
we have made and the results of those choices. Our ego/self
may still try to search for a way in which others are to blame for
our failures, but our Soul responds, “The only failure is in not
learning from your experience.”
          Since our throat chakra rules our thyroid gland, we may
have problems with our metabolism and organ function such as
heart rate, cholesterol level, body weight, energy level, muscle
strength, skin condition, menstrual regularity, memory, and
many other conditions. In other words, our thyroid
communicates with our entire body and has much to do with
regulating our overall health and well-being. The nerve plexus
for this chakra is the laryngeal plexus. This plexus controls our
throat, shoulders, arms, and voice. We can also have problems
with our hearing and speech as our body tries to blend the
polarities of our ego/self with the higher frequency of our
          However, with the activation of our great creative force,
we are often too busy following our inner directions for the
manifestation of our Divine Ideal to linger on problems of
transformation. Because our consciousness has expanded to
embrace the Causal Plane, we can now commune with the
Devas and Elohim, who are assisting in creating the form of our
Divine Ideal. We are becoming increasingly obsessed with our
ideal now. We have finally found our purpose, and going to
work seems like a distraction from our true goal.
          In fact, we find that many mundane actions are
becoming a heavy burden. We are ready to be our SELF in our
everyday life and live our Divine Ideal. We still have problems,

of course, but when we consult our inner SELF, we remember
that surrendering to Soul allows the solution to flow into our life.
Also, our enhanced creative force is finding ways to make our
life more fulfilling, exciting, and fun, and our expanded powers
of communication allow us to more intimately share our life with


Slowly the world around me is beginning to change. At first, I
thought that my vision had become blurred. People and objects
seem to have lost their edges, and there seems to be a wavering
movement in the air when there is no breeze. Conversely, certain
other things are becoming denser and difficult to be around or
even to look at.

I am beginning to avoid these things or people, as they upset me
in a strange way, because the overwhelming peace in the rest of
my environment is so much more comfortable.

Time also seems to be changing. It doesn’t seem to fit what the
clock says. Some hours seem to last a very long time, whereas
other hours seem to last only a few moments. These changes in
time seem to be related to what I am doing.

Any activity that engages my creative force speeds by, while it
also appears to last forever. On the other hand, mundane
activities crawl by like a snail across a damp sidewalk. I know I
still have to care for certain necessities of life, but they seem to
be less and less necessary.


A feeling is arising from deep within my heart that is different from
anything I have ever felt. This feeling reminds me of some distant
memory that is awakening a deep longing in every cell of my

This feeling brings about different desires, latent desires that I
have always had, yet have never allowed myself to indulge.
Music, art, poetry, nature, intimacy and deep communication are
becoming more important than making money, being right, or
getting ahead.

An inner compass seems to be leading me. I do not know to
where, and I don’t care. This compass takes my mind into places
that it has never before explored. The fear and worry that has so
plagued me before is being replaced with a peace and sense of
active waiting. I don’t know exactly what I am waiting for, but I do
know that I will recognize it when it appears. I am actually living in

Meanwhile, the inner and outer worlds are blurring into one. The
distinction between them had once been very clear, but now my
imagination and activity are becoming one. I am living in a globe
of light, but I also sense a looming darkness. Is this darkness
growing or is it merely becoming denser and less diffuse so that it
can separate from the light?

But all light has darkness within it, does it not? However, this
darkness is different, as it seems to be a darkness that is afraid of
the light. In fact, maybe this darkness is just fear. Fear of change.
A change is definitely commencing. I feel it from deep, deep
within. I don’t understand it, but I know that this darkness does
not want to change. It wants things to stay the same.

This darkness refuses to realize that there is a parting of paths
and each of us has to accept a new reality or gradually spiral
downward into that which is ending. A new vibration is coming to
the planet. I can not alter that, nor can I avoid it. I can only accept
it. In accepting it, I must also accept myself. I must face that place
of darkness within me that is also afraid of change.

I must allow my darkness to come to the surface where it can be
exposed to the ever-growing light. To free my darkness, I must

journey deep into the furthest recesses of my lost hopes and
dreams, into those secret places in my core where I have hidden
the parts of myself that are afraid,
        afraid to face the light,
                 afraid to face the truth,
                          afraid to change,
                                   and afraid of the new reality
                                           that is softly glimmering
                                                   just before me.

At the same time, I feel an invisible hand that is touching me
deep inside my heart. Can I give my fear to this hand of love?
Can I trust my dreams and imagination? What is there to lose but
fear and darkness?

Yes, I will journey deep into my core and release all my fear to
the hand of love! I will allow my escalating vibration to move deep
into all the secret hiding places of fear, anger, and negativity and
uproot all resistance to change, and then plant the seeds of
hope—hope and light, and love.

The phoenix is rising.
      I will leave my darkness in its ashes
                and join it in its flight!


               PERSONAL REALITY/
               PLANETARY REALITY
         More and more, we are experiencing reality through the
viewpoint of our Soul/SELF. As we increasingly live life through
our Soul, being our SELF is increasingly important, while the
needs of our ego have much less importance. The process of
releasing the realities that we no longer wish to experience
creates a void that is automatically filled by the realities that we
do wish to experience. This is where the constant connection to
our SELF and to the planet on which our SELF lives is so
         Gradually, we are living in our higher consciousness
and are more detached from old dramas and illusions that once
took all our attention. We are beginning to realize that emotions
are there to indulge in, thoughts are available for us to choose,
and the experiences we create are based on how we decide to
combine these thoughts and emotions.
         We came to Earth to hone a certain element of our
consciousness. One element of consciousness that all
grounded ones are honing is this: “Everything is alive—
because nothing is separate from the life force of the ONE.”
The concept of separation from our Multidimensional SELF was
one of the primary illusions that limited our consciousness to
the third dimension. The release of that foundational illusion
allows us to return to unity with our SELF and our planet.
         What if we spent one day perceiving everything as alive
and an element of our SELF, who in turn is an element of the
planet? How would we behave differently than we do under the
third-dimensional paradigm of separation? What reality would
we create in a world where everything is alive and a portion of
our total SELF? In this oneness we cannot do anything to any
other life-form for there is no other in the ONE. What would it
be like if we could live for one hour, or even for one minute,
from the perspective of total unity?
         In the new paradigm of unity, doing and being are the
same. Therefore, every breath, thought, feeling, emotion, and
action is an expression of the oneness. Whenever our
consciousness resonates to the oneness, it sends a

Multidimensional flow through all of the third and fourth
dimensions. In a purely energetic manner, this flow sends a
healing multidimensional light into any darkness that still
remains to be healed. Once we have discovered these final
hiding places of fear and darkness, we can transmute them into
love and light.


         The adventure as third-dimensional humans has been a
fun game, filled with drama, victory, defeat, fear, and love. We
have played out all the polarities of the third dimension and are
now ready to return to the unity of the ONE. We have
experienced the many fears available in the third dimension
and found the inner resources to conquer them. We have also
initiated and received many types of love, from human to
divine. Now we are ready to find the divine within our mundane
life, as well as in all the creatures and things that we have
previously considered unimportant or lifeless.
         We feel our Divine Ideal now and are realizing how our
personal puzzle piece fits into the giant planetary puzzle of
peace and love. We understand that we have always felt it
somewhere in the back of our awareness. When we were a
small child, we imagined ourselves fulfilling it, and our inner
child has safeguarded that memory ever since. Now we can
feel the connection with the pure innocence of our divine child.
We are now ready for a new adventure, the adventure of being
a planet.



             Mt. Shasta, California
         Gaia’s fifth chakra, Mt. Shasta, in California, is an
outflow/male energy chakra, with its highest peak acting as a
lightning rod to collect the higher-dimensional light and
download it into Earth’s core. Merging our personal throat
chakra with the planetary throat chakra is an important step
toward our acknowledgment that we are all gods and
goddesses of planet Earth. Long, long ago, like a small seed
falling from a flower, we allowed a tiny fragment of our total
SELF to drop into our third-dimensional reality. We entered the
third-dimensional game because we wanted to know if a
fragment of our full, multidimensional SELF would better learn
and grow in an environment based on separation and limitation.
         In our lifetimes on this planet, we have survived myriad
hardships. However, through facing our inner and outer
conflicts, we have completed our experiment and are restless
to return to the totality of our Multidimensional SELF. Because
we are integrating our Soul/SELF into our physical earth
vessel, we are able to communicate with Gaia and consciously
enter into the creative partnership of creating our joint Divine
Ideals. With the blending of personal and planetary fifth

chakras, which rule higher communications and expanded
creativity, the fulfillment of our unified Divine Ideal shall be
        By joining our essence with Gaia’s, our antenna will be
amplified so that we can better communicate, not only with
Earth but also with the spiritual beings in the higher
dimensions. We are also in the process of our greatest creation
of transforming ourselves and our planet, as can be seen by
the many changes in our bodies and in Earth's form and
weather patterns. These symptoms of transformation occur
because in order to create the new, we must be willing to go
through the chaos of releasing the old.
        Let us now merge our personal and planetary fifth
chakras, so that together we can peacefully and steadily
experience the adventure of returning to our true,
multidimensional form. Through this return, time and space are
revealed as illusion, and unity and illumination become fact; as
ONE being, person, and planet, we return to SELF.


         Once again, begin this merging by grounding your body
in the core of the planet. Imagine that you begin this journey by
entering a dark cave. As you enter your cave, you traverse
down into Earth’s core, absorbing the heightened frequency of
the light that Gaia now holds and projects. As you absorb the
light, a pathway is shown into Earth’s core that leads you to the
electromagnetic vortex, which is the doorway into fourth-
dimensional Earth.
         You follow the pathway that is in front of you, which
leads you to a huge golden door. The door is large because the
fourth-dimensional beings are often much taller than the third-
dimensional beings. You stand before the door, feeling its
emanation of unconditional love. As you accept the love, the
door slowly opens to reveal a primordial land. You see another
path, which you sense will lead you to fourth-dimensional
         Along this path your see your spirit guides. As you walk
past each one, you feel their majestic bodies of light and know
their great patience and commitment to purpose. When you
come to the end of the path, your guides encircle you and draw
you into their consciousness. They have long waited for your

conscious awareness of them and telepathically welcome you
to their world of truth.

With open hearts, they share their minds.
Open your heart and mind so that you can better understand

As your essence communes with theirs, you remember more
details about how your Divine Ideal will contribute to planetary

Little by little, you receive the messages that your spirit guides
have chosen to communicate with you…

Listen closely as they assist you in manifesting your Divine
Ideal in your daily life…

As your spirit guides whisper in your heart, repeat with them:

                “I remember why I came here,
                       what I came to do,
                     and who I came to be.

                   The circle is complete as
                 I am becoming and creating
                 a planet of peace and love.”

As you travel the inner passageways to the peak of the
mountain, your path becomes increasingly clear. Finally, you
emerge into the light of the outer world, to be the creator that
you have always been.

As you stand upon the peak of Mt. Shasta, you reach up into
the vast sky and pull down the light of the ONE to place into
your personal/planetary body.

You are ONE with your SELF.
You are ONE with your Divine Ideal.
You are ONE with Earth.

Now live it!


Release the struggle and accept the gift
 For heart and mind to make the shift

    Into the ONE that’s always been
     Beyond all fear and free of sin

  This step is one, we know we’ll make
   It is the journey, we ALL must take

    We know and own, all of our life
  To cherish love and release the strife

     For as we travel where we go
  The Truth within, we soon shall know

  Where once we hid to close our eyes
   We hold the Truth and free the lies

    We have awakened just in time
    To feel our SELF that is sublime

 We accept the call from Heaven’s Gate
    For now, we can no longer wait

    Into our SELF, we forge ahead
Toward all we’ve done, and all we’ve said

         Our life will never be the same
      For now each Soul, will have a name

       We shall see the ONE in every face
        As, collectively, we live in Grace

       Together NOW, we all shall travel
      To find the Mysteries we will unravel


EGO: I seem to be losing control of too many parts of my life.
Over and over, I have to say to myself, “Well, there doesn’t
appear to be anything I can do.” I guess I just have to let go
and see what happens. I must admit though, I am a bit scared.

Supposedly, there are other jobs for me to do, other
assignments and such, but I feel really out of the loop. This
new system of reality has such different rules that I feel like a
fish out of water. I hope the new captain knows what’s up,
‘cause I sure don’t!

SOUL: You do not need to understand because I know. I am
your Soul; I know all of all. You see, I am liberated from the
third-dimensional game, while at the same time, I am still
playing it through you, my grounding point.

EGO: Well, if you know so much, then tell me what my part is
now! I am used to being in charge of everything—well at least
everything in my conscious mind. No, that isn’t exactly correct
either. OK, I am used to being in charge of every part of the
consensus reality of which I am conscious. I guess that isn’t
actually too much.

SOUL: Yes, dear ego, I am aware of your great contribution
and sacrifice.


EGO: Sacrifice! What sacrifice?

SOUL: Your sacrifice was that you split off from the ONE; you
diminished your awareness to embrace only one small,
separate life, on one small, separate planet. You turned off
your awareness of SELF so that you could participate in a great

EGO: Experiment? What experiment did I participate in? I don’t
remember splitting off from my SELF. In fact, I have always
been myself…except...except that there has always been
another presence, a guide, or something, someone… I called it
by many names. The names changed as I changed. I mean, I
was the same person, but my awareness changed.

SOUL: Yes, your awareness changed as you became more
conscious of me, your Multidimensional SELF. Even though
you split off from me, I have never left you. How could I, for I
am you! I am the presence that you have always felt, but you
could not believe that you could hold such power, wisdom, and
unconditional love. Therefore, you projected these feelings onto
other guides, Angels, and masters.

Because you split off into the realm of separation and limitation,
you were separate from me, your Soul/SELF. I am the you who
lives in constant unity with your guides, Angels, and masters. In
fact, I am your guide, I am your Angel, I am your Ascended
Master, and much, much more. At the same time, I am the you
who is free of the third-dimensional hierarchical systems that
are separated into polarities of bad—better—best. In my reality,
the true reality, there is no separation, there are no polarities.
Hence, there is no hierarchy for we are all ONE.

EGO: I don’t understand how that can be. How can there be no
separation, no polarity? If there is no hierarchy, then how do
you learn from those who know more than you? Whom do you

SOUL: There is no learning in my reality. There is only
knowing. There is no worship, for no one is better or worse.
There can be no better than if we are all ONE. Therefore we

don’t worship. We know. We love. We appreciate and assist
our fragments, such as you, who have split off from us to enter
the great experiment of life in a polarized, lower-dimensional

To us, being a third-dimensional human is being a fragment of
a multidimensional planet. To us, all these grounded
expressions of Earth are the same. Hence, a person is no more
significant than a tree or a fish. Since we are all ONE, we view
all life as ONE.

EGO: Now you are telling me that I am no better than a fish? I
don’t think I can believe that. A fish doesn’t do anything but
swim and get eaten by bigger fish or by people. What good do
they do?

SOUL: You don’t understand what I am saying. Here, there is
no doing. There is no eating, there is no polarity of good or bad.

EGO: That sounds boring to me!

Soul: Yes it would sound boring to a third-dimensional person
who is trying to do good, especially when you are separate
from me, your Soul. But just as you cannot conceive of unity,
knowing and being, I could not understand separation, doing,
and boring. That is why I split off a portion of my SELF to enter
into the experiment of life on the third dimension.

You have taught me much, and I wish to thank you. I also wish
to bring you home, into me, your true SELF. That is why I have
been recalibrating your earth vessel, chakra by chakra, so that I
could integrate my essence into yours. You see, then we will no
longer be separate. We will be ONE again.

EGO: Does that mean that you have left your reality?

SOUL: Oh no, my dear grounding point. There is no leaving in
my reality. How can you leave when there is no separation? If
there is only unity, how can you leave unity?

EGO: You are confusing me. I don’t understand this unity thing
that you speak of. It sounds nice. In fact, it feels much like the

feeling I have had inside all my life, the feeling that I have
worshipped. But I don’t understand how I, the separated one,
can move into a reality that is so different from any reality that I
have ever known, or even studied?

SOUL: You create it!

EGO: Create it? How can I create something I don’t
understand? This creation you speak of is beyond my ability to
even conceive.

SOUL: You surrender to me—your SELF. You fall into the flow
of unity that I am. You are the one who has to make the
decision for us to reunite, as you live in a reality of free will. The
rules that we agreed to before you logged onto the third-
dimensional game were that we can never log out of the game
until our grounded one asks us.

We agreed that we would wait until our fragment, the copy of
our    totality,   awakened      enough       to remember its
Multidimensional SELF and to seek our assistance. Then,
when it was ready, we would guide our fragment back to unity.
That was the experiment: Would a being who separates from
the unity of All That Is ever desire to return?

EGO: Well this has been a long experiment—millions of years,
in fact!

SOUL: It has not been long to us, as we do not have years. In
fact, we don’t have time. We live in the now. When you live in
the now, you will have no regrets from the past or fears of the
future. When you remember how to live in the now, you will be
able to find the flow into which you may surrender to me, your
Soul/SELF. Once you are reconnected to me, you will return to
the unity of the ONE.

EGO: How do you know that I want to surrender into this flow?
How do you know that I want to return to the ONE?

SOUL: Because, dear portion of my SELF, you are choosing to
integrate me into your earth vessel. You see, the ONE is not a
place. It is a vibration. Thus as you integrate me, you integrate

the Earth and all of her inhabitants. You do not return to the
ONE. You become the ONE!


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