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					Asbestos Related Claims
Asbestos, a common material found in insulation, has caused numerous health benefits to those exposed. Many of these health problems have not
surfaced until significantly past the exposure period. Many victims of asbestos exposure find it difficult to navigate the confusing waters as asbestos

Basically, when seeking compensation for asbestos exposure, there are three types that you can secure. The first is basically a DSS (Department of
Social Security) benefit. This is paid weekly as a pension by the government. The second method would result from damages that are paid to the
victim through common law. The third type of compensation comes as a result of the Workers' Compensation Act of 1979. This method comes into
play when the former employer is unable to be found or if they have filed bankruptcy. This is often necessary as some firms simply go under from a
few asbestos related claims. Also, many asbestos claims do not occur until many years later, which could mean the business has been sold or

Workers contracting asbestos related complications should immediately file to receive the DSS benefits paid by the government. Also, the worker
should seek damages from their employer through specifications in common law. It is advisable to seek reparations within three years of diagnosis.
However, this is not a steadfast rule, and your solicitor can help you determine your situation. Typically, you will receive higher compensation when
taking this route over the other two.

If your former employer is unreachable then you would need to take the route mapped out by the 1979 Workers' Comp Act. While this is your best
option, it will provide a smaller reward than the previously explained form of compensation. Again, securing the services of an appropriate solicitor
would be wise to help you with your claim. If you are a member of a union, your union can also provide you with advice as well as suggest some
solicitors specializing in asbestos compensation. This is one reason why it is wise to maintain your union membership even after retirement. Often
times, this membership continuation can be at no charge.

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