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                                                 Fall/Winter 2011-12

Toy Drive
2011 annual toy Drive   Craft Show & Bake Sale     Dial-a-Bus
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          Hanover Township’s 2011 Annual

                    Bring joy to a child in need this holiday
                 season during these difficult economic times.
                  All donations benefit the Hanover Township
                  Toy Drive. Please donate a new, unwrapped
                       toy at any of the below locations.

            Toy Box Collection Sites:
   American Chartered Bank, 388 Main Street, Bartlett
   Banbury Fair, 211 Railroad Ave, Bartlett
   Bartlett Public Library, 800 South Bartlett Road, Bartlett   Sponsor-A-Family program is in need of
   Village of Bartlett, 228 S. Main Street, Bartlett            sponsors! Contributors will select a family
   Bartlett Park District, 700 S. Bartlett Road, Bartlett       size and provide gifts for all children, adults
                                                                 are optional. Please contact 630-540-9085 for
   Bannerman’s, 858 S. Route 59, Bartlett
                                                                 more information.
   Raymond James Realty, 820 W. Bartlett Road, Bartlett
   Immanuel United Church, 1500 Old Church Rd., Streamwood      Monetary donations are needed for all holiday
   Hanover Township Senior Center, 240 S. Route 59, Bartlett    programs. Your support is greatly appreciated.
   Hanover Township Admin. Bldg., 250 S. Route 59, Bartlett
   Streamwood Village Hall, 301 E. Irving Park Road,              Did you know that a $15 donation helps
    Streamwood                                                      buy a meal box to feed a family of 4?
                                                                       Help feed a family in need this
   Park Place, 550 S. Park Blvd, Streamwood
                                                                              holiday season!
   Poplar Creek Library, 1405 South Park Ave, Streamwood
   Associated Bank, 200 West Bartlett Ave, Bartlett                        Happy Holidays!
   Village of Hanover Park, 2121 W. Lake Street, Hanover Park
   Menards, 900 Irving Park Road, Hanover Park
   Walgreens, 7350 Barrington Rd., Hanover Park
   Walgreens, 13 E. Irving Park Rd., Streamwood
   Walgreens, 5500 County Farm Rd., Hanover Park
                                                                    Where Great Service Happens!

                                                                   Brian P. McGuire, Supervisor

H              anover
  For comments, questions or submissions
  to Hanover Happenings, please contact:
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                                                        A Message from our Supervisor

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                                                        Township Clerk's Note & Calendar
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                                                        Township Assessor's Note

 our Mission                                            PAGE 6
                                                        Highway Commissioner's Note
Hanover Township is committed to providing an array
of quality, cost effective, community based services;
                                                        PAGE 7
and to acting as                                        Going Green to Save Green
a dynamic and
responsive organization
that delivers services in
                                                        PAGE 8
a responsible and
                                                        Craft Show and Bake Sale
respectful manner.

                   toWn Hall                            PAGE 9 - 13
        250 South Route 59 • Bartlett, IL 60103         Department News

                 Senior Center                          PAGE 14
        240 South Route 59 • Bartlett, IL 60103         Dial-A-Bus

     aStor avenue Community Center
     7431 Astor Avenue • Hanover Park, IL 60133         PAGE 15
                   630.540.9085                         Emergency Services

                mental HealtH
        Community reSourCe Center
    1535 Burgundy Parkway • Streamwood, IL 60107

       emergenCy ServiCeS Station #1
         218 Main Street • Bartlett, IL 60103
                                                        viSit uS online:

                     A messAge from our supervisor

        Dear Neighbor,

        As the fall season winds down, and the Chicago winter quickly approaches to
        close out 2011, I would like to bring you up to speed on some new and exciting
        things happening at Hanover Township.

        With all our projects and programs, we strive to identify grants that match our
        needs and limit our expenses. During the past two years, we have been very
        successful in securing funds to renovate and improve Township facilities and will
        continue to find grants to limit our operating costs to improve our service for

        During the past several years, the Township has received multiple Community
        Development Block Grants (CDBG) from Cook County to renovate the Hanover
        Township Astor Avenue Community Center in Hanover Park. With the majority of the funds secured from the
        grant, we will be able to enlarge the food pantry that services, on average, 900 families monthly. Expanded office
        space will allow more room to service residents who access the Township’s welfare services. This project began in
        October and should be completed early next year.

        In addition, the Township will finish the build-out of the lower level of the Senior Center building by year’s end.
        With the majority of funds from another CDBG grant, we will be able to expand the Office of Community Health
        that conducts wellness screenings and assist many residents daily. New office space will be made available to outside
        agencies assisting residents. A new multipurpose room will also be created for Township and senior programs.

        During the Holiday season, I am always impressed by the generosity of our residents. Each year, the Township runs
        an adopt-a-family program and toy drive for those that cannot afford presents. As you are aware, tough times have
        hit our community. Between making the decision to pay the gas bill or purchase groceries, there just is not enough
        money left for presents for some families. Please call us at 630-540-9085 if you are able to adopt-a-family this
        holiday season or if you would like to make a donation of a new, unwrapped toy.

        Finally, I would like to thank our Township Officials, volunteers and staff for their hard work in 2011. We are lucky
        to have dedicated people that organize and support all the programs, events and services at the Township.

        As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever have a concern or question about the Township.

        Brian P. McGuire

            Township Supervisor
         Brian P. McGuire visited
             with students at the
              Camelot School in
                Hoffman Estates.

4   Hanover Happenings
                                                                         a note from your
                                                                  toWnSHip Clerk
The Hanover Township Clerk’s Office offers passport application processing – no waiting in long lines,
passport photo available on site, fast, and friendly service. We are open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
and offer later hours until 6 p.m. on Tuesdays. To give you more opportunity, we are also open one Satur-
day per month from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and by appointment. For more information please contact our office
or visit us online at

We invite outdoorsmen to visit our office this fall to purchase Illinois Fishing and Hunting Licenses. A
price list is available by calling our office or checking our website.

                                     Hanover Township urges you to be safe this coming winter; with the            Katy Dolan Baumer,
                                     inclement weather approaching, make sure you have your handicap
                                     parking placard as ordered by your doctor. The Clerk’s Office has
                                     request forms and can fulfill needs for temporary placards immedi-                     TownSHiP
     ContaCt inFo                    ately. Upon your doctor’s approval of the request and duration, you                       ClErk
                                     must return it to us for processing. Our website also has the form for
    Phone: 630.837.0301              easy download.
     Fax: 630.483.5689
                                     This fall, the Clerk’s office is hosting another “Cash Dash.” If you, or someone you know, think you may
                                     have unclaimed money from a long-forgotten account, now is the time to find out and retrieve those funds.
            HourS                    We will have a representative from the State Treasurer’s Office to assist you through the search and applica-
                                     tion process at the Township office from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on November 5. This is a free service!
       Monday – Friday
     8:30 AM to 4:30 PM              The Secretary of State’s Mobile Drivers License unit will be at Hanover Township’s Astor Avenue facility,
          Tuesdays                   7431 Astor Avenue, in Hanover Park, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., on January 27. This is an opportunity to get
     8:30 AM to 6:00 PM              your license renewed or to get a State identification card in a most convenient, hassle-free manner! Call
      One Saturday per               today to schedule your appointment.
      month 9:00 AM to
        12:00 Noon*                  The Clerk’s office will be conducting Voter Registration Services at senior retirement homes, high schools,
         *(Check Website)            libraries, and park districts in the area; you may also stop into our offices to register to vote. If you would
                                     like us to be on-site at your company to conduct voter registration, please contact our office.

        Clerk'S Community                       CalenDar 2011-2012
                                                                              2 — Hanover Park Tree Lighting, 6:00PM, Hanover Park Village
    November                                                                  Hall
    1   —    Township Board Meeting, 7:00PM, Township Senior Center
                                                                              3 — Breakfast with the Board, 8:30AM, Township Senior Center
    5   —    Breakfast with the Board, 8:30AM, Township Senior Center
                                                                              3 — Breakfast with Santa, 9:30 – 11:00AM, Hoosier Grove Farm-
    5   —    Cash Dash, 10:00AM – 1:00PM, Clerk’s Office
                                                                              stead Barn
    5   —    Village of Streamwood Cultures of Our Community
                                                                              6 — Board Meeting, 7:00PM, Township Senior Center
    celebration, 1:00 – 4:00PM, Poplar Creek Library.
                                                                              8 — Children’s Immunization Clinic, 4:00 – 7:00PM,
    6 — Bartlett Lions Club Pancake Breakfast, 8:00AM – 12:00PM,              Township Senior Center
    Bartlett Fire Barn
                                                                              20 — Board Meeting, 7:00PM, Township Senior Center
    12 — VFW Annual Pasta Night, 4:00 – 8:00PM, Bartlett Fire
    Barn                                                                      JaNuary
    15 — Board Meeting, 7:00PM, Township Senior Center                        6 — Board Meeting, 7:00PM, Township Senior Center
    18 & 19 — Annual Senior Craft Show & Bake Sale,                           17 — Board Meeting, 7:00PM, Township Senior Center
    10:00AM – 3:00PM, Township Senior Center                                  27 — Illinois Secretary of State Mobile Drive Service Unit,
    December                                                                  10:00AM – 2:00PM, Astor Avenue Community Center
    2 — Bartlett Holiday Tree Lighting, 7:00PM, Bartlett Park Gazebo

        visit us onlilne at for more event information.

                          a note from your                                                                          ContaCt inFo
                          toWnSHip aSSeSSor                                                                        Phone: 630.837.0301
                          Early last month, Cook County Tax bills for the second installment were                   Fax: 630.837.1059
                          mailed with a due date of November 1. This year, many homeowners saw
                          an increase in their property taxes, while others received a decrease. This                 HourS
                          type of seesaw effect is largely due to the Cook County tax cap, which,
                          according to Cook County, is expected to expire in 2012. With the decrease             Monday – Friday
                          in assessments, there is also a decrease in the amount of the homeowner              8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
                          exemption and an increase in tax rates. The Cook County tax system is
                          very complex, which is why, throughout the year, the Assessor’s Office
                          tries to educate taxpayers to make sense of their tax bills. We hold seminars regularly for residents to attend that
Thomas S. Smogolski,      explain the tax system and the available exemptions they are entitled. The first is the Assessor’s office; second
                          with the Board of Review, and the third with Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB). The most recent seminar was
                          held on October 12 at the Township by Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios. If you would like to know more
TownSHiP                  about these seminars and other information that affects you as a homeowner, please visit www.hanover-township.
aSSESSor                  org and e-mail us at to be added to our e-news alerts.
                          Hanover Township opened for 2011 appeals on October 3, 2011. Residents have until November 3, 2011 to file
                          an appeal. If you feel you are over assessed or unfairly assessed you have a right to file an appeal. If you need
                          help filing an appeal or need help having your tax bill explained to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. The
                          Township Assessor’s office is here to serve you and help with issues you may have about your real estate taxes.
                          Our office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and on Tuesday from
                          8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. or you may call us at (630) 837-0301.

                          a note from your                                                                          ContaCt inFo
                          HigHWay CommiSSioner                                                                     Phone: 630.837.0960
                                                                                                                    Fax: 630.891.1413
                          I was recently asked by a Township resident how I liked my job. This was a very
                          simple question to answer. I said, “I love my job!” I love the residents I work
                          for; I love the wonderful Highway Department staff I work with; I love our                       HourS
                          Township personnel since they are the best in the world. I believe the work we
                          do for all our Township residents is excellent. The resident who asked me that             Monday – Friday
                          one simple question give me a big hug and said, “Great, have a good day.”                 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
                          We hear over and over again: “discover your purpose”. Find your passion (like
                          mine above). So I thought I would write to you about your passions. You might be saying to yourself, “I really do not
                          have a passion, but I would like to, where do I start?” Well, passions are born out of experiences.
P. Craig Ochoa,           You love your favorite team because it was the first game you ever went to, or at the very least, it was the team that you
HanovEr                   and your family cheered for from your living room. You are crazy about that one movie because of how it made you
TownSHiP HiGHway          feel when you watched it for the first time. These are examples of experiences that left a mark on you; the emotions
CoMMiSSionEr              they conjure up, and the passion you feel came after the initial experience.
                          Discovering your passion for work and life follows this same pattern. You will never become passionate about something
                          while sitting around. If you want to discover a burning passion, then you need to put yourself in a position to have
                          burning experiences.
                          I know a woman in the Township that discovered her passion by accident. When her child started kindergarten, she took
                          a cake decorating class to fill the void. This experience led to a passion and talent for cake decorating that blossomed
                          into a home-based business that lasted many years and resulted in hundreds of wedding cakes. She was very successful
                          due to her passion.
                          You need to read something new, talk to someone new, go somewhere new. Get out there and give it try. See where it
                          takes you. Have a new experience, whether it is around a familiar topic or an unfamiliar one. Believe it not, it will be
                          Are your wheels turning yet? Think of something new you can try today, this week, this month; even if it is a small
                          experience. You can find your passion, just like I found mine as your Hanover Township Highway Commissioner. I love
                          my job!

6    Hanover Happenings
going green to Save green
With climate change consistently in the news, it seems everyone is doing their part to Go Green. Hanover Township is glad you want to take
action too. Luckily, many of the steps Hanover Township residents can take to make a green change benefits everyone, as well as your pocket
book. Below are seven simple ways to Go Green and save green:

    1.   Unplug and Embrace the Dark - Turn off unused lights and appliances or use “smart” power strips that sense when electrical devices
         are off to reduce the risk of “phantom” or “vampire” energy use. In terms of dollars, turning off electronics using 100 watts for 18
         hours per day could save $131 over the course of one year.

    2.   Pack Waste Free Lunches - Much of the trash we generate comes from the packaging of food we buy, and lunch foods are no excep-
         tion. In fact, it has been estimated that on average, a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per school
         year. That equates to 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school. Waste-free lunch programs favor the
         use of reusable food containers, drink containers, utensils, and napkins. They discourage the use of disposable packaging, such as
         prepackaged foods, plastic bags, juice boxes and pouches, paper napkins, and disposable utensils. If you packed a waste free lunch for
         each school aged child, per year, you would save $246.60 (

    3.   Skip the Paper and Plastic, Pick Up the Porcelain - Help your office and the environment by bringing in reusable utensils, porcelain
         coffee mug and a dish set to work. Depending on the size of your organization, this can save up to $1,145 per year for organizations
         with 50-100 employees. Total annual savings per employee: $15.27.

    4.   Swap Entertainment With Friends – Grab your friends and create a media club where you can share magazine subscriptions, books,
         CDs and DVDs. You will cut back on subscription and/or purchasing costs, as well as save paper and packaging! Total potential yearly
         savings = $276 (based on two magazine and one DVD purchases per month).

    5.   Pay Your Bills Online – Switching to a system of electronic bill pay is easy and decreases your carbon footprint drastically – the Envi-
         ronmental Protection Agency reports that paper billing uses more than 674 million gallons of fuel each year! Plus, you will save money
         on postage and can set up handy reminders so you are never late with a payment. Total annual savings = $26.40 (using five stamps per

    6.   Skip the Bottled Water – Use a water filter to purify tap
         water instead of buying a bottle of water. Not only is
         bottled water expensive, but it generates a large amount
         of container waste. Did you know that for every six
         water bottles used; only one makes it into the recycling
         bin? To help combat this, bring a reusable water bottle
         with you while traveling and at work. Total annual sav-
         ings = $365.00 (one water bottle purchase per day).

    7.   Stop idling! Vehicle idling is one of the biggest prob-
         lems among today’s drivers. People do not realize that
         idling wastes money and natural resources; it can dam-
         age your vehicle, as well as harm your health. Thirty
         seconds of idling can use more fuel then turning off
         the engine and restarting it. If you are stopped more
         than 30 seconds – except in traffic – turn off your en-
         gine. Every gallon of fuel you purchase produces about
         19 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Eliminating 15
         minutes of idling every year from a small car saves 30
         gallons of gasoline and 220 pounds of carbon dioxide
         emitted. Total annual saves at $3.50/gallon =

If you make these simple adjustments, over the course of one
year, you can potentially save $1,165.27! That‘s a lot of green for
Going Green!

   “Handmade in Hanover”
              Craft Show
   30th Anniversary of our Bake Sale
          Fri. Nov. 18 & Sat. Nov. 19
                10 AM to 3 PM
              FREE ADMISSION!

                            Handmade in Hanover
                                 Finely handcrafted items by
                           Hanover Township local artisans:
                            quilts, knitted wearable, fine art,
                             hostess gifts, collectables and
                                                 much more!

Homemade in Hanover
Celebrating our 30th annual bake Sale;
our bakers have been busy creating
yummy treats and baked goods
in time for the Holiday season.
Stop by and stock up!

         Hanover Township Senior Center
               240 S. IL Route 59

      For more information, please call 630-483-5660 or
Youth and Family Services
John parquette, Director

Each year, American families spend
precious time, energy and funds                our mission
                                                                                      Winter Break open gym
celebrating during the holiday season.
                                               The mission of
According to the Mayo Clinic, families                                     Ditch the scarf, gloves, and boots and bring your kids to thaw out at
can utilize some simple tips that help         Hanover Township            Hanover Township’s Open Gym program during their winter break.
reduce the level of stress of this             Youth and Family            Open Gym, a free program, takes place in U-46 schools and park
highly family focused time and can             Services is the pre-        district facilities, offering youth and teens a safe, supervised
help families take control of the              vention of juvenile         environment to participate in recreational, educational and social
holidays.                                      delinquency and the         activities. Besides these programs, Winter Break Open Gym also
                                               promotion of posi-          offers creative cooking activities that do not involve a stove.
Acknowledging stress, reaching out to          tive development in
others, and planning ahead can reduce          young people. This          “I’m excited for winter Open Gym. I love going there and playing
the stress of the holidays. Sticking to        is      accomplished        games like dodge ball,” said Jesse Hernandez, 11, a student at Laurel
a budget, planning visits and menus            by providing ser-           Hill Elementary. Jesse’s enthusiasm is what Open Gym is all about.
well ahead can make this time more             vices which help to
enjoyable for all. Families change over        strengthen families,        Having fun, exercising, meeting new people, getting reacquainted with
time, making room for new traditions           to provide outreach         old Open Gym friends is the Open Gym experience. Please visit www.
and keeping a few that are most                to children and teens, or call 630-483-5799, in November to view the
important to family members creates            at risk of school fail-     Winter Break Open Gym schedule.
comfort in family life. Trying to find         ure and delinquency,
time for you – even as little as 15            and to contribute to
minutes a day – can go a long way in           the building up of a
making the holidays more enjoyable             healthier communi-
as well. Having realistic expectations         ty for all Township
about the holidays (not looking for            youth.
the ‘perfect’ holiday for instance) and
accepting family members as they are
will help to reduce stress.

Finally, seeking help outside of the family may bring the most relief.
A family that has had a major loss such as a family member, job, home,
or a relationship, may experience a challenge than can be helped by        open GYM volunteers
seeing a counselor. Hanover Township Youth and Family Services             Make a positive impact on the lives of youth as a volunteer for Hanover
counseling is available should you like this support. Counselors draw      Township Youth and Family Services’ Open Gym program. Open
on the strength of your family to meet challenges, such as the stress of   Gym volunteers are positive role models to youth and have
the holiday season. For further information, please call (630) 483-        opportunities to share their skills and interests by leading activities.
5799.                                                                      Volunteers will receive training, supervision, support, and opportunities
                                                                           to work with staff and other volunteers. Volunteering also serves as
                                                                           a great way to develop your skill sets and gain valuable experience.

                                                                           Please note that volunteers must be at least 16 years old and pass a
                                                                           background check. For more information on becoming an Open Gym
                                                                           volunteer, please contact Jennifer Kleiman, MA, LSW, Volunteer
                                                                           Coordinator/Prevention Specialist at (630) 483-5799 or jkleiman@

                                                                                     Phone: 630.483.5799 • Fax: 630.483.5789
                                                                                   Monday through Thursday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
                                                                                            Friday 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM

senior Services
Barb kurth-Schuldt, Director

Adopt a senior!                                                                  mind carpooling.
Are you looking to be a part of something meaningful this holiday                This is a great
season? Partner with our Social Services team by making a difference             way to get
in your community. The Adopt-a Senior Program provides custom-                   involved with
ized care packages to Township seniors based on generous gift dona-              your community
tions received from our community. Each care package includes items              and provide a
such as food, towels, clothing, cleaning products and a gift card for            needed service to
either prescriptions or food.                                                    those who might not otherwise be able to attend! Mileage
                                                                                 reimbursements are available.
Beginning Tuesday, November 1, donations will be accepted for non-
perishable food items and paper products. Monetary donations are             • Auxiliary Staff Positions
greatly appreciated to purchase the remaining gift items. Checks may            Share your talents with the seniors of Hanover Township. We are
be made payable to Hanover Township and mailed directly to: Ha-                 always on the lookout for crafters, artists, computer instructors,
nover Township Senior Services, Attention: Social Services, 240 S.              clerical aides, certified exercise instructors and presenters to vol-
Route 59, Bartlett, IL 60103.                                                   unteer their time and give back to the community.

Beginning Wednesday, November 9, our Giving Tree will be displayed               Please contact Molly Sass, Senior Services Volunteer Coordinator
in the Senior Center lobby. Each ornament displayed will represent               at 630-483-5667 or if you are inter-
an item to purchase for a senior in need. Simply remove the orna-                ested in any of the above volunteer opportunities.
ment off the tree, obtain and wrap the specified item and return to
Social Services. Please return the paper ornament with the gift item         Handmade in Hanover
to ensure it is properly matched to each recipient. For clothing items,      The 5th Annual Holiday Craft Show and Bake Sale returns on Novem-
it is helpful to include a gift receipt. All gifts must be returned to the   ber 18 – 19, running from 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. both days. The show
Senior Center by Friday, December 16. We thank everyone in advance           prides itself on displaying handmade items from over 40 talented ven-
for your generous donations and involvement with the 2011 Adopt-             dors. Participants donate an item for our raffle (tickets are $1 each
a-Senior project.                                                            or 6 for $5) and proceeds go to the Adopt-A-Senior Program, which
                                                                             purchases gifts for needy seniors during the holidays.
There are so many simple ways to get involved that make a huge im-
pact on the lives of others. We are looking forward to making it the         Our Bake Sale is celebrating its 30th year! Bakers have been busy bak-
most wonderful time of the year for our Hanover Township residents           ing up a storm for this two-day sale. Do not miss their famous cakes
who are in need!                                                             and cookies in the lobby of the Senior Center.

volunteer opportunities in senior services                                   For questions about the Craft Show and Bake Sale, please contact Se-
                                                                             nior Services at 630-483-5600.
• Help a Neighbor and Volunteer as a Tax-Aide Representative
   Senior Services and the American Association of Retired Person
   (AARP) are always looking for Tax-Aide volunteers during the tax
   season. Volunteers should have good math skills, be comfortable
   on a computer and have good communication skills. You do not
   have to be an accountant to be a Tax-Aide volunteer. AARP will
   provide training in January for volunteers.

• Volunteer Express Drivers and Riders Program
    Volunteer Express is available! Volunteers drive residents to and
    from the Senior Center and your home. Please consider this
    opportunity if you are already attending a program and would not

     Phone: 630.483.5600 • Fax: 630.483.5690
     Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
          Saturday 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

10      Hanover Happenings
office of community Health
trish Simon, Director

The Office of Community Health (OCH) would like to thank everyone          Visit Hanover Township to pick up your card today! Can’t make it to
that attended the 4th Annual Health & Wellness Expo “Just for the          the Township? Download your discounted prescription card at www.
Health of it!” on September 22. It was a great success with over 1,000, go to “print free card”, go under “township” and
attendees and 70 vendors! Mark your calendars; the 5th annual health       make sure to download the Hanover Township Card. The COAST-
and wellness expo will take place on September 20, 2012. Be on the         2COAST Rx Card is not insurance and not intended to replace insur-
lookout for special events during the expo to celebrate our 5th            ance.
                                                                           off-site clinic to begin at
                                                                           the elgin recreation center
                                                                           A community health nurse will be at the Elgin Rec Center located at
                                                                           1080 East Chicago Street in Elgin to provide FREE wellness screenings
                                                                           the first Thursday of each month from 4:00pm-6:00pm. The clinic
                                                                           dates are as follows: • Thursday, November 3, 2011
                                                                                                  • Thursday, December 1, 2011
                                                                                                  • Thursday, January 5, 2012
                                                                           Wellness Screenings include: diabetes, blood pressure, heart rate and
                                                                           anemia testing. Please take this opportunity to talk to a registered nurse
                                                                           to answer health related questions and provide resources for your
                                                                           health and wellness benefit.

Township resident receiving a screening at the 2011 “Just for              OCH is also at the Victory Centre of Bartlett the third Thursday of
the Health of!” health and wellness expo.                                  the month from 1:00 to 3:00p.m. and Glendale Terrace Apartments
                                                                           the second Thursday of the month from 9:30 to11:30a.m., as well as
                                                                           the Hanover Township Astor Ave. building every Wednesday
planning a visit to the                                                    (appointments preferred) to see residents. As always, we are located in
community Health office?                                                   the lower level of the Senior Center Monday through Thursday and
Please pardon our dust! Largely funded with grants from Cook County,       would love to meet with you. Please call (630) 483-5665 to schedule
we will be expanding office space. Be on the lookout for details for an    an appointment with a nurse today.
open house. OCH will be open during this process to provide labs,
screening services, education, immunizations and case management           Dr. Ginsberg, Doctor of podiatric Medicine
services.                                                                  Foot evaluations, diabetic, bio-mechanic foot examinations and routine
                                                                           foot care are available by Dr. Ginsberg once a month at the Office of
Hanover township Free                                                      Community Health. Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or self-pay
Discount prescription card                                                 are accepted. Call (630) 483-5665 to schedule your appointment.
While the card is generally for people without health insurance, in
some cases the Coast2Coast Rx Card may offer better pricing than           Just a reminder!
certain health insurance plans. It is important for residents to compare   We offer the following services: Lab draws with an MD order, ProTime
pricing on prescription drugs. Plus, some medications might not be         monitoring, anemia and diabetes screenings, HGB A1C, TB skin tests,
covered in health plans that are covered by the Coast2Coast Rx Card.       tetanus shots, collaboration with MD as appropriate, generalized
                                                                           assessments, medication assistance, physician referrals as appropriate,
Here are some of the Coast2Coast Rx Plan Highlights:                       as well as health and wellness education on various topics. Please note
    • Over 59,000 participating pharmacies including major chains          some small fees may apply for services. We also provide a FREE
      and most independents                                                emergency bracelet program in collaboration with the Bartlett,
    • Over 60,000 drugs included in the formulary                          Streamwood and Hanover Park Police departments.
    • Savings of up to 65% on brand name generics
    • Card is good for the entire family                                   Flu season is here!
    • Card has no expiration date and may be used as of then as            Take preventative action and get your flu shot today! Flu shots take
      needed                                                               two weeks to work into your system and they last about six months.
    • Card is good for pet prescriptions when filled at a participating    The best time to get a flu shot is October through mid-November. For
      pharmacy                                                             more information on where to get a flu shot, please contact the office
                                                                           at (630) 483-5665.

Welfare Services
mary Jo imperato, Director

Many families in Hanover Township are facing hard choices this                 The Hanover Township Food Pantry is serving an average of 900
holiday season. Families displaced from their homes, historical high           families each month, and is increasing daily. Tax-payer dollars are not
unemployment and the rising costs of food and necessities makes the            used to provide food for the pantry. All food and personal care items
holiday season an even more difficult time. With the help and support          are donated or purchased with monetary donations received from our
of our community, Hanover Township sponsored more than 1,200                   supporters through the Hanover Township Foundation. It is only with
children and hosted a toy drive benefiting an estimated 1,500 children         the help and support from the community that we are able to provide
last year. With the current economic climate, the need for assistance          for Township families in need. Thank you to all our community
is greater than ever.                                                          partners: Bartlett Lions Club, Immanuel United Church of Christ of
                                                                               Streamwood, Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Neighbors for Neighbors,
Can you help a needy family this holiday season? There are several             Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Streamwood Kiwanis Club,
levels of support to help our neediest families. Sponsor-A-Family              Streamwood Woman’s Club, St. Ansgar Parish, St. John’s Parish and
contributors select a family size and provide gifts for all children, adults   Knights of Columbus, Mary’s Millennium Council 12801, VFW Post
are optional. Contributors are asked to spend a minimum of $35.00              5151, Walmart, as well as community partners including Panera, Poplar
per family member. The Toy Drive Program allows contributors to                Creek and Bartlett Libraries, Starbucks, Target, Ultra Foods and the
purchase toys for any gender and age group up to 15 years. Monetary            many others not mentioned here.
donations will be used to purchase food and gifts for families and
children not sponsored. A monetary donation of only $15 feeds a                Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
family of four from the Northern Illinois Food Bank.                           applications are now being processed. Seniors, disabled men and
                                                                               women, households with children under 5 years old, or households
Applications will be accepted for Sponsor-A-Family and Toy Drive,              that are in disconnect status, may apply by appointment only. Residents
Monday from 9:00am-11:00am and 1:00pm-3:00pm, Wednesday and                    interested in applying need to bring the following documents to their
Friday from 9:00am-11:00am through November 18. Families not                   appointment: proof of gross income from all household members for
sponsored will be invited to attend the Toy Drive on Saturday,                 the 30 day period to the application date; copy of the most recent heat
December 17 beginning at 9:00a.m., on a first come, first serve basis          and electric bills (if you pay for your home energy directly) and proof
at the Hanover Township Senior Center, 240 South Route 59 in                   of Social Security numbers of all household members. If a member
Bartlett.                                                                      of your household receives TANF, you must bring their Medical
                                                                               Eligibility Card. Applicants that have their utilities included in the rent
                                                                               must bring proof of their rental agreement stating the monthly rental
                                                                               amount and that utilities are included, as well as landlord contact
                                                                               information. Rent costs must be greater than 30% of household gross
                                                                               income for 30 days prior to application. Please call (630) 540-9085 to
                                                                               schedule an appointment.

                                                                               Thank you to the many volunteers who help serve Hanover Township
                                                                               residents: Richard and Doris Bayer, Donna Bowers, Mary Cooper,
                                                                               Sherry Craig, Marie and Nick DeBrown, Mirva Diaz, Ken and Gloria
                                                                               Francesconi, Karen Frasier, Patty Gabris, Ruth Geils, John Kennedy,
                                                                               John Koziol, Tom and Terrie Kuenker, Jenny Lee, Patti Loomis,
                                                                               Rodger McDowall, Charlie and Cheryl McGraw, Richard Nelson, Jay
                                                                               Olriksen, Michelle Pacini, Josephine Perrino, Judy Porto, Peggy
                                                                               Reinhardt, Paulette Rogers-Gumbus, Kristin Rubino, Shirley Schrade,
                                                                               Luz Schuring, Norma Smith, Nina Valdez and Larry Zisman. We
                                                                               could not do it without your help.
     7431 Astor Avenue • Hanover Park, IL 60133
                                                                                    Food pantry top ten needed items:
     Phone: 630.540.9085 • Fax: 630.289.1057
                                                                                    1. Macaroni and                   6. Hamburger Helper/
     Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM                                       Cheese                               Tuna Helper
                                                                                    2. Canned Tuna/                   7. Peanut Butter/Jelly
            Food Pantry Hours                                                          Canned Chicken                 8. Instant Potatoes
           Tuesday 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM                                               3. Soup                           9. Paper Goods (Toilet
                                                                                    4. Cereal                            paper, paper towels,
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
                                                                                    5. Pancake Mix/Syrup                 Kleenex)
         Saturday 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM                                                                                 10. Laundry Detergent

12      Hanover Happenings
Mental Health Board
Suzanne powers, Coordinator

renz celebrates 50 years of service                                         community
This year, Renz Addiction Counseling Center celebrates their 50th year      resource center
of providing services to the community. Located in Elgin, Renz              The Community Resource Center in
Center opened its doors in 1961 as Community Concern for Alcohol            Streamwood was established over
with James Renz and a variety of concerned citizens. Mr. Renz was the       10 years ago to provide a centralized
executive director for 25 years helping lead Renz Center into the           location for agencies receiving
multiprogram agency they are today. Renz Center provides alcohol,           funding from the Mental Health
substance abuse and compulsive gambling treatment. Renz also offers         Board. Last year, over 1,000
programs for women, youth, and those who are in a close relationship        Hanover Township residents utilized
with a person who is addicted. Renz Center also recently initiated the      the services at the Resource Center. In order to expand the resources
Community Homeless Integration Project, which provides                      provided by the agencies, the space underwent renovations that began
comprehensive case management services for individuals who are or           in June of this year. The Mental Health Board completed renovations
at risk of becoming homeless.                                               to the Community Resource Center on November 1.

On September 24, Renz celebrated its 50th anniversary with its 4th          Throughout the summer, the Hanover Township Maintenance
annual Epicurean Delight Dinner. At the event, they honored the             Department worked diligently to update the current space. The
Mental Health Board with the Julie McCormack Award. For over 25             renovations included reconfiguring office space, relocating the
years the Mental Health Board has worked with Renz Center to provide        handicap parking spot to the front of the building and a new fire alarm
prevention, intervention and substance abuse treatment programs to          system. The Board also took the opportunity to make some
the residents of Hanover Township. With the support of Hanover              environmentally friendly updates such as energy efficient lights and
Township, Renz provides substance abuse programming to Hanover              energy star appliances. With the space newly renovated, the agencies
Township youth and their families and collaborates with local schools       will be able to provide better service to Hanover Township residents
to further their reach in the community.                                    and allow future growth of the Community Resource Center.

With 50 years of service behind them, Renz Center will continue to
bring innovated approaches to substance abuse prevention, intervention
and counseling to the community. The mental Health Board looks
forward to another 25 years of continuing Renz Centers mission of
“providing anyone affected by addition or addiction-related issues with
the most effective preventative and clinical care in a safe and nurturing
environment through a teamwork approach.”

To learn more about Renz Addiction Counseling Center, please visit
their website at or by calling 847-742-3545.

                                                                            renovations at the Township’s Mental Health resource Center

renz Center Board President ian Jones presents Township Su-                           Phone: 630.837.0301 • Fax: 630.837.0068
pervisor Brian P. McGuire with the Julie McCormack award.                             Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Dial-A-Bus provides transportation to residents ages 55 years and older, and to disabled
residents over age 18. Receipt of Social Security Disability Income is required as proof of disability.
Medical appointments to doctors, dentists and therapy may be made up to 6 weeks in advance.
Reservations for personal business and Township sponsored mall or grocery trips may be scheduled up
to 7 days in advance.

Dispatch is open:
Monday - Friday, 7:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
Dispatch is closed on Saturdays.
Vehicles operate:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.,
Saturdays 8:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.
to Senior Center only.
A donation of $1 one-way, $2 round trip
is suggested. You may also purchase a
$20 Bus C.A.R.D. for 20 one-way trips.

                                                                                       We also have the
                                                                        TRIP Program
                                                                   that takes residents to nearby areas
                                                                    like Arlington Heights, Palatine, Elk
                                                                   Grove, Schaumburg, and Wheeling.
                                                                           On Tuesdays, Thursdays and
                                                                    Fridays this service can take you to
                                                                        the University of Illinois Medical
                                                                           Center, Rush Medical Center,
                                                                         Stroger Cook County Hospital,
                                                                          Loyola Hospital, and Hines VA
                                                                                   Hospital in Maywood.
                                                                      The cost is $5.00 each Township
                                                                   line that you cross with a maximum
                                                                                   of $10.00 each way.

            call Dial-A-Bus Dispatch at
            (630) 483-5656 for more information.
emergency Services
Dan palmer, Director

Winter is right around the corner! If this year is anything like last
year, expect heavy rain, sleet, snow and blizzards. Hanover
Township Emergency Services Department suggests that you
Be Prepared for whatever weather comes to Illinois. Since
January 27, 2009, Emergency Services has been doing its best to
prepare the Township for both manmade and natural disasters.
This past February, Emergency Services volunteers logged 150
man hours during the great blizzard of 2011. You may have also
                                                                        Director Dan Palmer, volunteer Dan Moreno and Deputy Director
seen these great men and women shovel out cars, senior citizens
                                                                        kevin Forkin at the Emergency Services recognition dinner in au-
driveways and assisting your local government agencies with
snow related emergencies. The department’s preparedness
includes recruiting, training and maintaining talented volunteers.
You may ask – “Who are these individuals?” They are selfless              The American Red Cross suggests that every home consisting
individuals that wish to give back to their community; they are           of two individuals, have an emergency kit containing:
individuals that have dedicated both their time and talents to be
a professional emergency responder. In coming issues, these               12 - Aqua Blox Water Boxes           2 Sleeping Bags
members will be profiled and thanked for their dedication to the          24 – 200+ Calorie Bars               Body Warmers
Emergency Services Department and the residents of Hanover                20 – Water Purification Tablets      2 Person Tube Tent
Township. The department’s diverse group of members includes              AM/FM Radio                          2 Ponchos
retired and current law enforcement officers, fire service                Flashlight                           2 Hygiene Kits
members, a United States Marshall, maintenance workers,                   Batteries                            First Aid Kit
computer technicians, small community business owners,                    30 Hour Emergency Candle             Infectious Waste Bag
engineers, nurses, painters and college students. In short, this            or Green Emergency Glow Stick      Compass
group brings a wide breadth of experience to supplement and               Playing Cards                        Signal Mirror
assist local law enforcement and fire service agencies. Emergency         Knife                                Flint Starter
Services volunteers are available 24 hours per day, seven days per        Working Gloves                       Waterproof Container
week; 365 days per year.                                                  Nylon Rope                           Waterproof Matches/ Lighter
                                                                          Dust Masks
There are many ways that you, as an individual can Be Prepared.
In the event of large scale regional emergencies, help may not            For more information regarding recommend emergency kit
be readily available. It is recommended that residents be able to         items, visit
carry on for up to 72 hours after an emergency event.

   Become an emergency Services volunteer today!

   Name ___________________________________________________________________________________

   Address _________________________________________________________________________________

   City _______________________________________ State ____________ Zip _______________________

   Phone ________________________ E-mail ____________________________________________________
                                                             Please return to:
                                   Emergency Services • 250 S. Route 59 • Bartlett, IL 60103
                                          or email

                                                                                    PRSRT STD
                                                                                   U.S. Postage
                                                                                  Bartlett, IL 60103
                                                                                     Permit #40

                                                            CAR RT SORT
                                                          POSTAL CUSTOMER

                                                                      Brian P. McGuire

                                                                      Katy Dolan Baumer

            The Hanover Township Board presented                      Thomas S. Smogolski
    William Christian with a Veterans Honor Roll certificate.
                                                                      HigHWay CommiSSioner
                                                                      Craig Ochoa

                                                                      Frank Liquori

                                                                      Mary Alice Benoit
                                                                      William Burke
                                                                      Howard Krick
 The Hanover Township Board presented Girl Scout Troop 42301          Sandra Westlund-Deenihan
     with a certificate for their support of the Food Pantry.

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