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JUNE 2009
thirty pence

Father Peter Writes

The Reformation was not something that was only about
Henry 8th. and his wish to divorce Catherine of Aragon. The
Reformation was a process that went on for much longer
time, throughout the reign of the Tudors and Stuarts and
beyond. Nor was the Reformation limited to us in this country,
it was a Europe wide movement. One of the things that marks
the Church of England out as different was the claim that it
was part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church,
albeit reformed. One of the things that marked it out as such
was the Church of England’s insistence on retaining the Holy
Orders of Deacon, Priest and Bishop. Whatever turmoil came
to the Church, over the centuries of the Reformation process,
this truth was maintained, often when the Protestant
Churches left it behind.

June sees the Solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul,
those two great leaders of the Faith. It is an important day
and as such, breaks into the Sunday pattern of worship and
we will remember them on Sunday 28th June.

Peter and Paul were among those first ordained as bishops,
the early leaders of the Church and so the Solemnity of Peter
and Paul has long been associated with ordinations.
Ordinations,     which continue their work and Christ’s
command that we do so.
Please keep in your prayer this month those to be ordained
deacon or priest, their families, the parishes in which they will
serve and those who will train them. Please also remember
our bishops who will ordain them. Deacons, priests and
bishops, are fundamental to the very nature of the Church, its
history, its present and its future.

Wishing you every blessing

Fr Peter Walker

Monday Mass June
Monday   1 June    Mass      7-00pm   St James

Monday   8th June Mass     11-00am      Colonia Ct, St Andrew’s Ave.
Monday 15 June     Mass    11-00am      Cranmere Ct, Exeter Drive

Monday 22nd June Mass      8-00pm     60b East Hill
Monday 29 June     Mass      8-00pm     The St Paul Centre

Tuesday Mass

The Tuesday Mass at the St Paul Centre on 2nd June will be at 9-30am
and not the usual time of 10-00am.

The Holy Rosary
The Rosary will be prayed on Monday 15 June, 7-30pm in St James.
Everyone welcome and if this style of prayer is new to you, please still
come along as instruction is given.

House Mass

The June house Mass will be at the home of Kate Thurston, 60b East
Hill, on Monday 22nd June at 8-00pm. Everyone welcome to this time of
worship and fellowship. Why not invite someone to join you and come
along ?

Saints Days June
Thursday 11 June

Corpus et Sanguia Christi
The Solemnity of Corpus Christi fall on Thursday 11 June the Mass will
be sung at 7-30pm with sermon and procession of the Blessed
Sacrament. Mass followed by Bring and Share Refreshments.

Wednesday 24 June

The Birthday of St John the Baptist

Mass St James 7-00pm.

Sunday 28th June

Ss Peter and Paul Apostles,

Usual Sunday services.

From the Parish Registers

Funeral Service
29 April 2009

Evelyn Betty Collins, aged 80, followed by cremation

150th Anniversary of the Foundation of St James’ School

On Saturday 20th June at 2-30pm the Bishop of Chelmsford will preach
at the service to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of our
church school. 150 years of service to this parish and the community.
The Mayor of Colchester, Cllr Henry Spyvee will be attending the
service. It is hoped that as many former members of the School‘s
community will join present members for this celebration. Please put the
word around to anyone who might be interested. A Hog Roast will follow
the service at St James’ School where there will be an opportunity to
see how the school looks today and view the various displays. If you
have any information or photographs about the history of the school
please let Fr Peter or Jeff Graham have it. This important occasion will
probably be Bishop John’s last visit to the parish before his retirement at
the end of August this year.

Confirmation 2009
Bishop Keith will be at St James on Friday 3 July to preside at Mass
and to administer the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. The
service will be at 7-30pm and it is important that as many of us who can
come, do come, to support and pray for those from St James who are
being confirmed. I hope to present eleven candidates to Bishop Keith for
Baptism and Confirmation. As we will be joined by other churches, we
will need extra refreshments so if you can help with this please do.

St James Day
We will keep our patronal Festival on Sunday 26 July will a said Mass
at 8-00am and a Sung Solemn Festal Mass at 10-00am, where the
preacher will be Canon Bob White, formerly Vicar of Brentwood. Do add
this important date into your dairy now.

Richborough Festival
Bishop Keith will be holding the Richborough Festival on Saturday 18
July in Norwich Cathedral. There will be a Solemn Mass at noon, a time
to enjoy the city and the day will conclude with Choral Evensong and
Benediction at 3-00pm. Fr Richard Tillbrook is organising a coach and if
you would like to join him add your name to the list in St James or ring
Fr Richard direct on 797481.

              SOCIAL EVENTS for your diary!

                                Thai 1

 Another evening at the Thai 1 Restaurant on East Hill will be held on
 Wednesday 1 July. The cost will be £ 15-00 for a two-course meal,
  extra courses, wine and other drinks will be extra. Everyone is very
welcome and these evenings are usually great fun so why not consider
joining us. The profit from the evening will be forwarded to the Additional
   Curates Society. Please add your name to the list in St James if you
                            would like to join us.

                                At Home

  The next At Home will be on Sunday 5th July at the home of Janice
Fielden, 8a The Avenue and will begin at 2-30pm. Tickets will be £ 2-50
                 each. This is in aid of Church Funds.

                        St James’ Pudding Club

  St James’ Pudding Club will meet for the first time on Thursday 27th
 August at 7-00pm. There will be a small savoury appetiser followed by
 three different proper puddings to try and enjoy, bring your own wine.
Tickets from Fr Peter and Caroline will be £6-00 each and will be limited
                        to 15, so get yours soon.

                            Secret Gardens

A number of residents of Roman and Castle Roads will be opening their
       gardens on Sunday 7 June from 2.00pm until 5.00pm.

       Amongst those open are: - Rosie White, 41 Roman Road

                                Martin Woods, 29 Castle Road

  There will be teas, cakes, home-made ice creams, plants and many
more items for sale. Entrance is £2.50 to all the gardens. All proceeds
are to aid the work of Beacon House, which does much invaluable work
   with the homeless in our Parish. Please do come and support the


I would like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to all those who helped in so
many ways and came to enjoy the Baritone Recital at the end of April. It
was a delightful afternoon which would not have happened without your
support. The grand total of £317.28 net has been paid into the Organ

 £30,000 is needed for the next phase of refurbishment, we
 still have a little way to go yet so do continue to support our

Saturday 11 July at 7.30pm - Essex Police Concert. Plans are well in
hand for this concert; a musical treat not to be missed. Tickets at £8 will
be available soon; the price will include refreshments. Any help that you

can give towards providing refreshments will be much appreciated; a list
will be displayed on the church notice board nearer the time.

Curry Evening – Wednesday 12 August – Lis and Graham West are
kindly inviting us to their home, 23 Wells Road, and hosting this event.
There will be curry to suit everyone’s taste – strong (for all serious curry
eaters!) medium (for people like me who can’t stand the heat) and
vegetarian, for those of that persuasion. The cost, a mere £8, which
includes a glass of wine – a very reasonable price for delicious home-
cooked food to eat in good company. Numbers are limited, so once the
list goes up for signing, be there, and indicate your choice of curry,

‘In Accord’ Singers: The ‘In Accord’ Singers, who sang in St James’
last year have requested a return visit. I know those who came last time
really enjoyed it and I am very pleased to say that they will be singing for
us again on Saturday 19 September 2009 at 7pm in St James and
John Brunning from Classic FM will again be the Presenter. Please tell
your friends and neighbours and come yourself as well – you will not be

                 Reserve the dates in your diary now!

                Ten Pin Bowling - Friday 5th June

Come and join us for an evening of bowling - more details later and see
                         the poster in church.

                           Strawberry Tea

     At the home of Stephen Pawlak on Sunday 14th June at 3pm.

                         Ramble in the Park

 Peter Sansom will lead a Ramble in the Park on Friday 24th July, (time
           tbc) followed by Fish & Chips at St. Paul’s Hall.

                           Penny Pots

Over the years £5,200 has been collected for the Restoration Fund from
the Penny Pots. Should anyone wish to have a pot for collecting loose
and unwanted change, please do have a word with Paul. Gold bags are
also available, both these and the pots can be Gift Aided.

                   Mampong Babies Home

The collection over Lent for the Mampong Babies Home was extremely
successful this year thanks to everyone’s generosity, the total being a
fantastic £234-58.

A big thank you as always, to all church members. I have sent a
separate letter to St James’s School as a sizeable amount of the total
came from the children and their families.

The most recent newsletter for May 2009 is on the notice board and
updates us with detail of new arrivals and plans for the future. We are
asked to pray for the wellbeing of the staff, the children and the
children’s families.

            How We Receive Holy Communion

On June 11th we will keep the great festival of Corpus Christi, the Body
and Blood of Christ. We remember and give thanks of the Eucharist
twice a year, on Corpus Christi and Maundy Thursday. Maundy
Thursday has many other themes going on at the same time so another
day, Corpus Christi has been part of the Christian Calendar since the
thirteenth century.

It is a day to remind us to give thanks for the Eucharist and for Christ
giving this great Sacrament to His Church. We concentrate on the
command of Christ to do this in remembrance of Him. We also reflect
on the fact of our faith, that as we receive the Sacrament of the Altar,
we receive the very Body and Blood of Christ. After all, Jesus did say to
the Apostles, when he first shared this meal with them, This is my
Body…… This is my Blood. Really and truly His Body and Blood, made
present of us in the action of the Church and the Priest who stands at
the Altar on behalf of his people. The Anglican Roman Catholic
International Commission agreed doctrinal documents of 1981, remind
us that this change is real and a fact. Christ’s presence is in the
changed bread and wine that was brought to the altar at the offertory
and there is mysterious and radical change that takes place. The ARCIC
documents go on to say we do not know how the change takes place
just that it does.

That fact of our faith influences so much of our worship and devotion.
When we come to the altar we come to receive God Himself. When we
reserve the Blessed Sacrament after Mass we reserve the presence of
God in the Lady Chapel for devotion and future use. This is why, as God
is present in the Blessed Sacrament that is reserved in the Tabernacle,
the Lady Chapel is at all times a place of silence and prayer. When we
come to the Altar rail to receive Holy Communion we come to receive
the very Body and Blood of Christ Himself. With that fact of our faith in
mind, it is important that when we receive the Blessed Sacrament we do
so in a spirit of reverence and devotion.

With the concerns over the Flu outbreak last month worries have been
expressed about receiving the Precious Blood of Christ from the chalice
and whether by so doing one is put at risk. The answer to this is
probably no. Silver is used for chalices as it does have some anti-
bacterial properties, as does wine, with careful use of the Chalice cross
infection is less likely. Those most at risk would be the priests who
consume what is left of the Sacrament at the end of Mass, I do not view
this as a great concern. There may be a very few occasions when one
should not receive from the chalice, if one has an open sore on the lip
for instance, but these occasions are few. However, if one does have a

concern about this then one should receive the Host alone and allow the
chalice to pass one by.

Dipping the Sacrament into the chalice is not a good practice for several
reasons. The first is that it endangers the Blessed Sacrament. Often
when people dip, drops of the Sacrament from the chalice are split on
the floor or people’s clothes. At times the Host becomes overloaded
from the chalice and drops into the chalice. If our faith teaches us this is
the Blood of Christ, then such carelessness is wrong.

Another reason is that we now have a growing understanding of how
much bacteria is carried on our hands and so to go dipping into the
chalice is no more hygienic than drinking from the chalice. Just think,
one cannot go anywhere near a hospital now without being asked to put
spirit cleanser onto one’s hands.

If one does have a concern about receiving the Blessed Sacrament of
the Blood of Christ from the chalice then just receive in one kind, the
Host alone, the Body alone and allow the chalice to pass one by. This is
after all, what we all do on Good Friday. The Church has always
understood that it is permissible to receive Holy Communion in one kind
only and still receive the fullness of the benefits of the Sacrament of the
Eucharist. If one is sick then we usually receive in one kind only , the
Body of Christ, as this is easier to transport. On a very few occasions
we may receive from the Chalice only, perhaps if the sick person had
trouble with swallowing or had intolerance to the wheat in the bread
used at the Altar. So if concerns grow about flu or if one is ever ill, it is
quite in order to receive in one kind only and then allow the chalice to
pass one by. Never stop coming to receive God in this way because of
any concerns you might have. At time of most concern we need God,
His Church and His Sacraments more than ever and He is there for us.
Receive God in one kind at times such as this.
If anyone has any concerns or worries about any aspect of this please
speak with Fr Peter.

            Skipping Rams        (Psalm 114 and Samuel 4)

Within a century of it's creation the peoples of the tribal federation were
under threat of a new bondage; nothing less than a miracle by their Lord
God, similar to one of those which had enabled their transfer from
Egypt to Caanan, would be able to save them. The exodus and desert
wanderings formed the foundation of the Israelites creed and the
inspiration for many psalms. Often the saving events are told in great
detail while the poet constantly stresses that time after time the tribes
had broken their vows. Psalm 114 is a glorious exception; a gem of
brevity and light hearted joy.

'When Israel came out of Egypt

Jacob from a people of outlandish speech,

The sea looked and ran away

Jordan turned back

The mountains skipped like rams.'

Exodus and settlement in a nutshell, a masterful achievement.

Nevertheless the settlement was doomed to new slave masters unless
something dramatic happened, a further intervention in history by their
God on behalf of His people, a further line in the poem. As the years
passed the problem worsened. The reason was obvious enough, the
tribal armies were comprised of farmers using bronze weapons. The
united charge driven forth with tremendous courage and alarming noise
was their main tactic and often prevailed against equals. But the
Philistines, their nearest neighbours, were not equal combatants, far
from it. They used trained mercenary bands equipped with iron
weapons. Furthermore along the coastal plain and central lowlands
which divided the hill settlements they used their terrifying war chariots.
More and more frequently patrols sortied out from their impregnable
fortress cities and established garrisons among the tribal lands. The
final outcome seemed inevitable.

The beginning of the Israelite collapse was signalled when a Philistine
army moved up into the hills in force. At their first encounter, probably
against a single tribe, they achieved a crushing defeat. The Ark was
fetched from the sanctuary at Shiloh then circulated to create a full scale
federal army. As the account in Samuel reports:

'When the Ark came into the camp all the Israelites greeted it with a
great shout and the earth rang with the shouting. The Philistines heard
the noise and when they knew the Ark of the Lord had come into the
camp they were afraid and cried “We are lost, we are utterly lost.
Courage Philistines and act like men. Be men and fight.” The

Philistines then gave battle and the Israelites were defeated and fled to
their homes.'

The Ark itself was captured and it's attendant porters killed. It appeared
that if the mountains were again to skip like rams it would be to entertain
the Philistine god Dagon. Yet in later years our poet was able to write
that wonderful line

'Dance, O earth, at the presence of the Lord.'

Salvation approached but at the Lord's chosen pace. When He did
eventually intervene the explosion was so great that it's reverberations
are felt into the present age; Jesse of the tribe of Judah was presented
by his wife with yet another son. They named him David.

John Thompson

                      HELP PLEASE!

                         Church Linen

 Our altar linen in St James is always well cared for and
 has been for a long time. Barbara Tuffin looks after the
 small linens and Paul Bareham has been looking after
the larger altar cloths. We could now do with some help
   with the larger altar cloths. Could you help launder

If you think you may be able to help please speak to

                        School News

. RINGSFIELD HALL – Our Year 6 pupils are going this month on a
5-day residential trip to Ringsfield Hall in East Anglia. The pupils
learn to live together and learn about environmental issues in
beautiful grounds. There are lots of activities, including camp fire
singing, adventure trails, puzzles, community singing.

FOUNDATION STAGE NEWS – Our youngest learners are making
the most of the new environment that we have created for them

and are now experiencing the joy of planting and growing vegetables
and fruit and flowers, with newly installed planters.

FOOD EVENING – Our Food Evening in May was a big success with
over 70 people enjoying an ‘Amercian Style’ meal with pretzels,
potato chips, burgers, beans salad, blueberry muffins and homemade
apple pie. Our thanks go to all the ‘Friends of Saint James' School
Committee, staff, parents and pupils for helping and supporting this
event. There is talk next of having an ‘Indian’ or ‘Chinese’ style

TABLE TENNIS CLUB – We are fortunate now to have 4 table
tennis tables, which is part of our commitment to providing facilities
to keep pupils healthy and promote lifelong exercise. Over the last
2 terms, pupils in Key Stage 2 have had the opportunity to learn how
to play table tennis at an after-school club. We also use the tables
in our popular Breakfast Club each morning.

TIME CAPSULE – As part of our 150th celebrations, we are going to
have a time capsule and any ideas as to what we should put in it are
very welcome. If you have any photos, records, artefacts etc
relating to school life, we would be very happy to have them as part
of our work on researching the school’s history.

LAMINATING AND PHOTOCOPYING – The school now has state of
the art colour photocopying machines and laminators. We are very
happy to provide a photocopying and laminating service to members
of the congregation and local community. Our rates are very
reasonable. Contact the school office for details.

church a copy of our school vision statement, which appears all over
school and informs everything that we do. Earlier last year, the
P.C.C. was consulted on its contents.

VOUCHERS – If you happen to shop at Tesco or Sainsbury’s, we
would very much welcome the school vouchers that they are
distributing at the moment.

Jeff Graham


                          Messy Church

  St James Messy Church, for pre-school age children and their
parents or carers, will meet on Monday 15th June at 2-30pm in St
 James School and again on Monday 13th July, 2-30pm St James’

A time of activities for the children and worship, which is followed
 by refreshments, everyone is welcome so please mention this to
               anyone you think may be interested.

        Mass and Prayer Intention for June

1 Mon                        Christian Martyrs

2 Tue                        The Society of the Holy Cross

3 Wed                        Missionaries

4 Thu                        Confirmation Candidates

5 Fri                        Parish Social Life

6 Sat         Christian Marriage

7 SUN         Church and Parish

8 Mon         Chelmsford Cathedral

9 Tue         Outreach

10 Wed        Colchester Deanery Synod

11 Thu        Thanksgiving

12 Fri        Local Clergy

13 Sat        Bishop Keith

14 SUN        Church and Parish

15 Mon        St James Messy Church

16 Tue        St James’ School Governors

17 Wed        St James Fabric Committee

18 Thu        Stewardship

19 Fri        The Bishop of Chelmsford

20 Sat        St James’ School

21 SUN        Church and Parish

22 Mon        All who suffer for the Faith

23 Tue        The Mayor of Colchester

24 Wed        Thanksgiving

25 Thu        Those being Ordained

 26 Fri                St James Contact Centre

 27 Sat                Mampong Babies’ Home

 28 SUN                Church and Parish

 29 Mon                The Children’s Society

 30 Tue                Christian Aid

          Diary for June
1 Mon        19-00 Mass                St James

2 Tues        9-30 Mass                St Paul

3 Wed       19-00    Mass              St James

4 Thurs     12-30    Mass              St James

5 Fri        9-00    Mass              School

6 Sat        9-00    Mass              St James

7 SUN        8-00    Mass

            10-00    Sung Mass

            18-30    Evening Prayer

8 Mon       11-00    Mass              Colonia Ct

9 Tues      10-00    Mass              St Paul

10 Wed                    19-00     Mass              St James

11 Thurs Corpus Christi   12-30     Mass              St James

                          19-30     Sung Mass         St James

12 Fri                      9-00    Mass              School

13 Sat                      9-00    Mass              St James

14 SUN                      8-00    Mass

                          10-00     Sung Mass

                          18.30     Evening Prayer

15 Mon                    11-00     Mass              Cranmere Ct

                          19-30     The Holy Rosary   St James

16 Tues                   10-00     Mass              St Paul

17 Wed                    19-00     Mass              St James

18 Thurs                  12-30     Mass              St James

19 Fri                      9-00    Mass              School

20 Sat                      9-00    Mass              St James

21 SUN                      8-00    Mass

                          10-00     Sung Mass

                          18-30     Evening Prayer

22 Mon                     20-00 Mass                 60b East Hill

23 Tues                   10-00     Mass              St Paul

24 Wed St John the Baptist 19-00    Mass              St James

25 Thurs                  12-30     Mass              St James

 26 Fri                    9-00    Mass             School

 27 Sat                    9-00    Mass             St James

 28 SUN Ss Peter & Paul    8-00    Mass

                          10-00    Sung Mass

                          18-30    Evening Prayer

 29 Mon                   20-00 Mass                St Paul

 30 Tues                  10-00    Mass             St Paul

Churchwardens of the Parish

                  Mr Paul Bareham         01206 210270

                  90 London Road

                  Copford CO6 1BJ

                  Mrs Janet Walker        01206 790448

                   38 Gladstone Road

                   Colchester CO1 2EA

Parochial Church Council Officers

Secretary          Mrs Pamela Lee         01206 573491

                    Hillside 4 Acland Avenue

                    Colchester CO3 3RS

Treasurer           Mr Michael Batten     01206

                    18 Hills Leigh Mews

                    Colchester CO1 2QV

Electoral Roll      Mrs Sheila Sansom      01206 560464

Officer             50 Causton Road

                    Colchester CO1 1RT

Child Protection    Mr David Howse         01621 892425

Officer             8 Wellands Close,

                    Wickham Bishops

                    Witham CM8 3NE

Health & Safety         Mrs Janet Walker       01206 790448

Officer                 38 Gladstone Road

                        Colchester CO1 2EA

St James’ Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Headteacher             Mr Jeff Graham        01206 865747


Bible Reading            Mrs Janice Fielden     01206 574600


Childrens’ Society       Mrs Joyce Mays          01206 841681

USPG                    Mrs Gill Scott          01206 867403

(Mampong Babies Home)

The Church Union         Mrs Claire Epsom        01255 861202

(Local Contact)

Child Contact Centre                 07855 752421

Sidesmen           Mr Paul Bareham       01206 210270

Readers            Mrs Janet Walker       01206 790448

Intercessions      Fr Peter Walker       01206 866802

Stewardship        Mrs Kate Thurston     01206 793243

Acting Organist    Miss Pat French        01206 862118

& Choir Leader

Sacristan          Mr Brian Appleby      01206 852073

Team                   Mr Paul Bareham      01206 210270

                   Mr Stephen Pawlak      01206 729810

Children’s’ Liturgy      Mrs Diana Irven          01206 386393

& Flowers

Magazine Editor        Mrs Lucy Mason             01206 386766

St Paul’s Centre       Mr Brian Appleby          01206 852073

Manager & Bookings

Rector                 Fr Peter Walker SSC          01206 866802

                       The Rectory                   07867 972231

                       76 East Hill                  01206 799444 (fax)

                       Colchester CO1 2QW


Father Peter and Caroline are always happy to welcome parishioners to the

Services at St James the Great, East Hill

Sundays               Morning Prayer        07:25

                      Said Mass             08:00

                      Sung Mass             10:00

                      Evening Worship       18:30

Weekdays              Morning Prayer        07:45

                      Evening Prayer        18:00

Monday                Mass                  see page3

Wednesday             Mass                  19:00

Thursday              Mass                  12:30

Friday                Mass in School        09:00

Saturday              Mass                  09:00

           Festivals and Saints Days see monthly calendar.

Services at The St Paul’s Centre, Belle Vue Road

Tuesday        Mass                   10:00

Confession      By appointment with the clergy

Holy Baptism   By arrangement after preparation

Ministry to    Names of the Sick to the clergy, the Blessed

the Sick       Sacrament is reserved for the communion of the
               Sick, and the Oil of the Sick for Anointing.


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