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									                                                    COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                             PREPARATORY VISIT

                      Application Form 2008
                   For PREPARATORY VISIT
                   (and CONTACT SEMINAR)


LLP Sub-Programme               COMENIUS
                                LEONARDO DA VINCI
Action Type                     COMENIUS School Partnership
                                ERASMUS Mobility (new Inter-institutional agreements)
                                ERASMUS Intensive Programme
                                ERASMUS Student Placements
                                LEONARDO DA VINCI Mobility
                                LEONARDO DA VINCI Partnership
                                LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of Innovation Project
                                GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership

This application refers to:     Preparatory visit

                                Contact seminar

Call                          2008
Submitted to (National        ANPCDEFP

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                         1
                                                        COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                 PREPARATORY VISIT

Before completing this form, please read the relevant sections in the Lifelong Learning Programme Guide for
Applicants and the 2008 Calls for Proposals published by the European Commission and by your National
Agency, which contain additional information on closing dates, National Agency addresses to which the
application must be sent, and specific priorities for that year. Links to these documents and further information
such as Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Lifelong Learning Programme website:


A preparatory visit must be undertaken before submitting an application for the activity you intend to
prepare during the visit. If your institution has already submitted a grant application for the activity in question
starting in the academic year 2008/09, then it can no longer receive a preparatory visit grant for the same


    The participating institution has also submitted the application form by e-mail at

   The application form fulfils the application procedures in the Call for Proposals and has been submitted
respecting the closing dates set out by the National Agency.

   The application form is not hand written.

   The application form has been completed in full.

   The applicant institution/organisation is located in one of the countries participating in the Lifelong
Learning Programme. Please check with your National Agency or consult the Lifelong Learning Programme
website for further details.

    The applicant institution/organisation has checked with its National Agency whether there are any national
eligibility criteria in addition to the European ones and wheter the National Agency requires any additional
information to be submitted in support of the application.

   The application form bears the original signature of the person legally authorised to sign on behalf of the
applicant institution, as well as the original stamp of the applicant institution, if applicable.

   The applicant institution has submitted also the letter of intent.

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                               2
                                                                             COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                                      PREPARATORY VISIT


              Full Legal Name                  In national language and characters
                                               In Latin characters (where originals are not in Latin characters)
             Type of Institution/Organisation [Table A – Type of organisation]
             Legal Status                      Private         Public              Size (staff)       [Table B – Organisation size]
             Commercial Orientation            Profit          Non profit          Size
             Address                           Street – Number
             Postcode                                   City
             Country                                                         Scope                         [Table C – Geographical
             Telephone 1                                                     Telephone 2
             Mobile                                                          Fax
             E-mail                                                          Website

             2.1 PREVIOUS PROJECTS
             Please indicate similar or related projects funded by the LLP programme and/or its predecessors in the last five years.

Start Year    Programme or                 Type of Action        Identification         Contracting            Title of the            Website
              Initiative                                         number                 organisation           project

             Add rows if necessary


              First name                                            Family name
              Name of
              Address                    Street – Number (private address)
              Postcode                               City
              Telephone 1                                                         Telephone 2
              Mobile                                                              Fax
              E-mail                                                              Website


              First name                                            Family name
              Name of

             07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                                           3
                                                                 COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                          PREPARATORY VISIT

 Address                     Street – Number (private address)
 Postcode                                City
 Telephone 1                                                            Telephone 2
 Mobile                                                                 Fax
 E-mail                                                                 Website

In the case of two participants only: Please explain why the participation of a second person is necessary


    Type of applicant                 Educational field                    If educational field is a foreign language,
                                                                           please specify

    [Table D – Individual types]      [Table E – Fields of education]      [Table F – Languages]



Please give the details on your work experience most relevant for this application. If you provide CVs, please use the
Europass format:

If you have special needs, for example due to a disability, and consider that you require a higher than usual grant, please give
details because of additional arrangements necessary to enable you to take part in this activity.

Please provide information on the institution(s)/organisation(s) to be visited abroad (maximum 2 institutions to be visited per
preparatory visit). In case you intend to visit two institutions, please note that both visits should take place during one single
round trip.

 Full Legal Name                  In national language and characters
                                  In Latin characters (where originals are not in Latin characters)
Type of Institution/Organisation [Table A – Type of organisation]
Legal Status                      Private         Public              Size (staff)       [Table B– Organisation size]
Commercial Orientation            Profit          Non profit          Size
Address                           Street – Number

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                                              4
                                                             COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                      PREPARATORY VISIT

 Postcode                                     City
 Country                                                            Scope                     [Table C – Geographical
 Telephone 1                                                        Telephone 2
 Mobile                                                             Fax
 E-mail address

(Applicants for contact seminars do not need to complete this section)

 First name                                             Family name
 Name of
 Address                    Street – Number (if different from above)
 Postcode                               City
 Telephone 1                                                        Telephone 2
 Mobile                                                             Fax
 E-mail address

Add another table for the host if necessary.

This section must be signed and stamped (if applicable) by the person legally authorised to sign on behalf of the applicant
institution/organisation – usually the Head of the institution. Please note that the signature and the stamp (if applicable)
must be in the original on the application sent to your National Agency.

 First name                                             Family name
 Name of
 Address                    Street – Number (if different from above)
 Postcode                               City
 Telephone 1                                                        Telephone 2
 Mobile                                                             Fax
 E-mail address

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                                       5
                                                             COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                      PREPARATORY VISIT

"I, the undersigned,
Request from my National Agency a grant for my organisation as set out in section 2 of this application form.
Declare that:
         All information contained in this application, is correct to the best of my knowledge.
         The organisation I represent has the adequate legal capacity to participate in the call for proposals.
The organisation I represent has financial and operational capacity to complete the proposed action or work programme
The organisation I represent is considered to be a "public body" in the terms defined within the Call and can provide proof, if
requested of this status, namely: It provides learning opportunities and
         Either (a) at least 50% of its annual revenues over the last two years have been received from public sources;
         Or (b) it is controlled by public bodies or their representatives
I am authorised by my organisation to sign Community grant agreements on its behalf.
Certify that:
The organisation I represent:
         is not bankrupt, being wound up, or having its affairs administered by the courts, has not entered into an
          arrangement with creditors, has not suspended business activities, is not the subject of proceedings concerning
          those matters, nor is it in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure provided for in national
          legislation or regulations;
         has not been convicted of an offence concerning its professional conduct by a judgment which has the force of ‘res
         has not been guilty of grave professional misconduct proven by any means which the Agency can justify ;
         has fulfilled its obligations relating to the payment of social security contributions or the payment of taxes in
          accordance with the legal provisions of the country in which it is established or with those of Belgium or those of
          the country where the grant agreement is to be performed;
         has not been the subject of a judgment which has the force of ‘res judicata’ for fraud, corruption, involvement in a
          criminal organisation or any other illegal activity detrimental to the Communities' financial interests;
         following another procurement procedure or grant award procedure financed by the Community budget, has not
          been declared to be in serious breach of contract for failure to comply with its contractual obligations.
Acknowledge that:
The organisation I represent will not be awarded a grant if it finds itself, at the time of the grant award procedure, in
contradiction with any of the statements certified above, or in the following situations:
         subject to a conflict of interest (for family, personal or political reason or through national, economic or any other
          interest shared with an organisation or an individual directly or indirectly involved in the grant award procedure);
         guilty of misrepresentation in supplying the information required by the National Agency as a condition of
          participation in the grant award procedure or has failed to supply this information.
In the event of this application being approved, the Agency has the right to publish the name and address of this organisation,
the subject of the grant and the amount awarded and the rate of funding.
I acknowledge that administrative and financial penalties may be imposed on the organisation I represent
if it is guilty of misrepresentation or is found to have seriously failed to meet its contractual obligations
under a previous contract or grant award procedure.

The grant application will be processed by computer. All personal data (such as names, addresses, CVs, etc.) will be
processed in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December
2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies
and on the free movement of such data. Information provided by the applicants necessary in order to assess their grant
application will be processed solely for that purpose by the department responsible for the programme concerned. On the
applicant's request, personal data may be sent to the applicant to be corrected or completed. Any question relating to these
data, should be addressed to the appropriate Agency to which the form must be returned. Beneficiaries may lodge a
complaint against the processing of their personal data with the European Data Protection Supervisor at
any time. (http://www.edps.europa.eu/00_home.htm).

Signature: _______________________________ Date: ______________________

Name of signatory: ____________________________________________________

Position within the organisation: __________________________________________

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                                           6
                                                               COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                        PREPARATORY VISIT

Name of the applicant organisation: ______________________________________

Stamp of the institution/organisation (if applicable):

I hereby declare that all the activities planned in this application form will be undertaken.
Name and position in capital letters of the participant/contact person:_____________________________________

Signature of the participant/contact person: _________________________________________________________

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                            7
                                                              COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                       PREPARATORY VISIT



For preparatory visits:
Please give a brief description of the future cooperation idea you would like to develop during the visit. If already known,
please indicate the objective(s), topics(s) and activities to be developed, and the planned starting date of your future project.
In case you want to visit two institutions during your preparatory visit, explain why.

For contact seminars:

Please give a brief description of your aims related to this seminar and of any future cooperation ideas you already have.

For preparatory visits and contact seminars:
Please explain how your future project will be linked to the activities of your home institution.


For preparatory visit:
Please describe the activities which will take place during the visit. Please indicate whether representatives from any of the
future participating institutions other than your own and the visit host institution(s) will also take part in this visit. Please
also include a draft agenda.

For contact seminars:

Please give the title of the seminar and include a draft agenda.

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                                            8
                                                            COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                     PREPARATORY VISIT

Please provide in the table below the requested information. Please note also that the maximum duration of a preparatory visit
is 5 days regardless of whether one or two institutions are visited.

When (Start)                     Duration in days

The grant will make a contribution towards travel, subsistence and contact seminar fee (if applicable). Please note that items
in the A boxes are funded on the basis of real costs incurred, provided that:
- for travel costs the cheapest rates are used;
- for Contact seminars the fee is reasonable.
For expenses linked to special needs of the applicant person, please contact your National Agency.
In case of two participants, make sure that the amounts mentioned below cover both persons.

 ITEM                                                              Expected costs                  Requested funding
 A. Items to be funded as a percentage of the real
 A1 Travel (including visa)
 Number of participants (maximum 2)
 Round trip cost per participant
 Total travel
 A2 Contact Seminar fee (if relevant)
 Contact seminar fee per person
 Number of people attending Contact seminar under this
 Total Contact seminar
 A3 Special needs of the applicant person(s)
 Number of participants
 Cost per person
 Total special needs

 B. Items to be funded as scale of unit costs                                                      Requested funding
 Subsistence cost if not covered by the contact
 seminar fee (please consult Annex II of this
 application form)
 B1 Country of destination (please indicate in the next
 B2 Number of nights x number of people (please
 indicate in the next box)
 B3 Daily subsistence rate (from Annex II)


Nb: If individuals reside in one of the overseas countries and territories or have one of these territories
as destination, real incurred travel costs shall be reimbursed in total, independent of the duration of
the mobility activity.

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                                         9
                                                                COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                         PREPARATORY VISIT

                                       ANNEX I: REFERENCE TABLES
The tables below should be used when filling in the 2008 application form. Whenever a field in the application
form refers to a table, the options available for filling the field can be found in the tables below. Please type in
both the code and the description in order to avoid later misunderstanding.

Table A – Type of organisation

     Code                                                   Description
 ASC-ADEdu       Adult education providers Association
 ASC-ADLear      Adult Learners Association
 ASC-LCA         Local community associations
 ASC-PAR         Parents' Association
 ASC-PUP         Pupils' Association
 ASC-RESEUI      Association of professors and researchers specialising in European integration

 ASC-SCH         Schools Association
 ASC-STD         Students' Association
 ASC-TCH         Teachers' Association
 ASC-TRNee       Trainees' Association
 ASC-UNIV        Association of Universities
 ASC-VET         VET providers Associations
 CONS-CNST       Consultancy
 CONS-CSLL       Counselling
 CONS-GUID       Centre for vocational guidance and counselling

 CONS-INF        Body providing guidance and information on Lifelong Learning

 EDU-ADLT        Adult education provider
 EDU-COMP        Company training department
 EDU-HE          Non-university higher education
 EDU-InISrvTr    Institution for in-service teacher training
 EDU-InTTr       Institution for initial teacher training
 EDU-LIB         Library
 EDU-SCHArt      Secondary art education
 EDU-SCHNur      Pre-primary school
 EDU-SCHPrm      Primary school
 EDU-SCHSec      General secondary school
 EDU-SCHVoc      Vocational secondary school
 EDU-HEIVoc      Vocational training institute tertiary level
 EDU-SpNeed      Establishment for learners/pupils with special needs

 EDU-UNIV        University or higher education institution (tertiary level)

 EDU-VET         Vocational training centre or organisation
 ENT-BC          Broadcasting company

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                              10
                                                             COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                      PREPARATORY VISIT

 ENT-CHCom       Chamber of Commerce
 ENT-CHCrft      Chamber of crafts
 ENT-CHInd       Chambers of Industry
 ENT-            Company (services)
 ENT-FIN         Financing bodies
 ENT-LARGE       Enterprise large (> 500 employees)
 ENT-PBL         Publisher
 ENT-PROFS       Professional Associations
 ENT-SME         SME
 ENT-TRD         Trade organisations
 ENT-UNION       Social partners (trade unions, etc)
 NFP-ASC         Non-profit Association
 NFP-CULT        Cultural organisation (e.g. museum, art gallery)

 NFP-FND         Foundation
 NFP-NGO         Non-governmental organisation ("NGO")
 NFP-VOL         Voluntary body
 OTH             Other
 PUB-COMP        Private company
 PUB-HSP         Hospital
 PUB-LOC         Public authority (local)
 PUB-NAT         Public authority (national)
 PUB-PRSN        Prison
 PUB-REG         Public authority (regional)
 RES-HE          HE Research centres
 RES-PRV         Private Research Centres
 RES-PUB         Public Research Centres (not HE)

Table B – Organisation size (staff)

 Code                               Description
 S1                                 1 to 20
 S2                                 21 to 50
 S3                                 51 to 250
 S4                                 251 to 500
 S5                                 501 to 2.000
 S6                                 2.001 to 5.000
 S7                                 more than 5.000

Table C – Geographical scope

              Code                                     Description
 L                                  local
 R                                  regional
 N                                  national
 E                                  european
 I                                  international

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                  11
                                                              COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                       PREPARATORY VISIT

Table D - Individual types

             Code                                     Description
 LAB                          People in the labour market
 LAB-FJS                      First Job Seekers
 LAB-UNE                      Unemployed
 LAB-SAL                      Employed
 LAB-RET                      Retired
 LAB-EMP                      Employers
 LAB-SELF                     Self employed
 STD                          Learners
 STD-PUP                      Pupils
 STD-STD                      Students
 STD-TRNee                    Trainees
 STD-APP                      Apprentices
 STD-ADL                      Adult learners
 STD-UNIV                     University Students
 TCH                          Teaching staff
 TCH-TCH                      Teachers
 TCH-LANG                     Language teachers
 TCH-TRNer                    Trainers
 TCH-PRF                      Higher Education Professors
 TCH-STAFF                    Headteachers, Directors, Rectors
 TCH-MNGR                     Education managers
 TCH-ADMIN                    Administrative and other non-teaching staff
 TCH-INSP                     Inspectors
 TCH-ADV                      Advisors
 TCH-CNS                      Counsellor or careers adviser
 TCH-FAC                      Educators/ mediators / learning facilitators
 TCH-TRV                      Staff involved in intercultural education or working with
                              children of occupational travellers, migrant workers,
                              gypsies and travellers
 TCH-SpNeed                   Staff working with pupils with special educational needs

 TCH-OTH                      Other

Table E – Field of education

       Code                       Description                                1016         Civics
        0           General Programmes                                       1017         Mother Tongue
       01           Basic/broad, general programmes                          1018         Foreign Language
       010          Basic/broad, general programmes                          1019         Mathematics
       1010         Basic programmes                                         1020         Physics
       1011         Broad, general programmes                                1021         Chemistry
       1012         Arts and Crafts                                          1022         Biology
       1013         Music                                                    1023         Geography
       1014         History                                                  1024         Environmental Education
       1015         Religion/Ethics                                          1025         Health Educ

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                                 12
                                                         COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                  PREPARATORY VISIT

     1026      Sports                                            1443    Primary teaching ERA-05.2
     1027      New Technologies                                  1444    Teacher training for children with special
                                                                         need ERA-05.6
     1028      Economy and Business
                                                                 145     Training for teachers with subject
     1029      Vocational Subjects                                       specialisation
     1030      Other basic programmes                            1451    Secondary teaching ERA-05.3
     1031      General programmes with no special                1452    Teacher Training theoretical subjects, e.g.
               subject emphasis                                          English, Mathematics, History
      08       Literacy and numeracy                             1453    Teacher Training: Foreign Language
     080       Literacy and numeracy                             146     Training for teachers of vocational
     801       Basic remedial programmes for adults                      subjects ERA-05.4
     802       Literacy                                          1461    Teacher Training arts and crafts

     803       Numeracy                                          1462    Teacher Training commercial subjects

      09       Personal skills ERA-16.0                          1463    Teacher Training music

     090       Personal skills                                   1464    Teacher Training- nursing

     9010      Argumentation and presentation                    1465    Teacher Training -physical training

     9011      Assertiveness training                            1466    Teacher Training- technical subjects

     9012      Communication skills                              1467    Driving instructor training

     9013      Cooperation                                       1468    Training of instructors at companies

     9014      Development of behavioural capacities             1469    Training of trainers

     9015      Development of mental skills                      147     Teachers Adult Education ERA-05.5
                                                                  2      Humanities and Arts
     9016      Job seeking programmes
     9017      Public speaking                                   21      Arts

     9018      Self esteem skills                                210     Arts (broad programmes) ERA-03.0

     9019      Social competence                                 211     Fine arts ERA-03.1

     9020      Time management                                   212     Music and performing arts

     9021      Physical Education, Sport Science ERA-            2121    Music and Musicology ERA-03.2
               16.1                                              2122    Performing Arts ERA-03.3
     9022      Leisure Studies ERA-16.2                          213     Audio-visual techniques and media
     9023      Home Economics, Nutrition ERA-16.3                        production ERA-03.4
     9024      Nautical Science, Navigation ERA-16.4             214     Design (Graphic Design, Industrial
                                                                         Design, Fashion, Textile) ERA-03.5
     9025      Others in Other Areas of Study ERA-16.9           215     Craft skills
      1        Education ERA-05.0                                22      Humanities
      14       Teacher training and education science            220     Humanities (broad programmes) ERA-
     140       Teacher training and education science                    08.0
               (broad programmes)                                221     Religion
     1401      Teacher training, general                         222     Languages and Philological Sciences
     1402      Practical pedagogical courses, general                    ERA-09.0
                                                                 2221    Modern EC Languages ERA-09.1
     141       Teaching and training ERA-05.1
                                                                 2222    General and comparative literature ERA-
     142       Education science                                         09.2
     1421      Didactics                                         2223    Linguistics ERA-09.3
     1422      Education science ERA-05.7                        2224    Translation, Interpretation ERA-09.4
     1423      Educational assessment, testing and               2225    Classical Philology ERA-09.5
               measurement                                       2226    Non-EC Languages ERA-09.6
     1424      Educational evaluation and research
                                                                 2227    Less Widely Taught Languages ERA-09.8
     1425      Pedagogical sciences ERA-05.8
                                                                 2228    Regional and Minority Languages ERA-
     143       Training for pre-school teachers                          09.8a
     1431      Early childhood teaching                          2229    Others – Languages and Philological
                                                                         Sciences ERA-09.9
     1432      Preprimary teacher training
                                                                 223     Mother tongue
     144       Training for teachers at basic levels
                                                                 224     History, philosophy and related
     1441      Class teacher training                                    subjects ERA-08.3
     1442      Home language teacher training                    225     History and archeology ERA-08.4

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                             13
                                                          COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                   PREPARATORY VISIT

     226       Philosophy and ethics ERA-08.1                      4      Science, Mathematics and Computing
     227       History of Art ERA-03.6                            42      Life science ERA-13.0
     227       Theology ERA-08.2                                  421     Biology and biochemistry ERA-13.1
      3        Social sciences, Business and Law                  4211    Microbiology, Biotechnology ERA-13.4
      31       Social and behavioural science                     422     Environmental science
     310       Social and behavioural science (broad              44      Physical science
               programmes) ERA-14.0                               440     Physical science (broad programmes)
     311       Psychology ERA-14.4
                                                                  441     Physics ERA-13.2
     312       Sociology and cultural studies ERA-14.2
                                                                  4411    Nuclear and High Energy Physics ERA-
     313       Political science and civics ERA-14.1                      13.5
     314       Economics ERA-14.3                                 4412    Astronomy, Astrophysics ERA-13.7
     315       Social Work ERA-14.5                               442     Chemistry ERA-13.3
     316       International Relations, European                  4421    Biochemistry ERA-13.6
               Studies, Area Studies ERA-14.6
                                                                  443     Earth science
     317       Anthropology ERA-14.7
                                                                  4431    Geography, Geology ERA-07.0
     318       Development Studies ERA-14.8
                                                                  4432    Geography ERA-07.1
      32       Journalism and information ERA-15.0
                                                                  4433    Environmental Sciences, Ecology ERA-
     321       Journalism and reporting ERA-15.1                          07.2
     3211      Radio/TV Broadcasting ERA-15.2                     4434    Geology ERA-07.3
     322       Library, information, archive ERA-15.4             4435    Soil and Water Sciences ERA-07.4
     3221      Documentation, Archiving ERA-15.5                  4436    Geodesy, Cartography, Remote Sensing
     3222      Museum Studies, Conservation ERA-15.6
                                                                  4437    Meteorology ERA-07.7
      34       Business and administration
                                                                  4438    Oceanography ERA-13.8
     340       Business and administration (broad
               programmes) ERA-04.0                               4439    Others – Geography, Geology ERA-07.9
     3401      Business Studies with languages ERA-               46      Mathematics and statistics ERA-11.0
                                                                  461     Mathematics ERA-11.1
     3402      Business Studies with technology ERA-
               04.2                                               462     Statistics ERA-11.2
     341       Wholesale and retail sales                         4621    Actuarial Science ERA-11.5
     342       Marketing and Sales Management ERA-                48      Computing ERA-11.3
     3421      Public Relations, Publicity, Advertising           481     Computer science
               ERA-15.3                                           4811    Artificial Intelligence ERA-11.4
     343       Finance, banking, insurance                        482     Computer use
     344       Accounting and taxation ERA-04.3                    5      Engineering, Manufacturing and
     345       Management and administration                              Construction
     3451      Industrial Relations and Personnel                 52      Engineering and engineering
               Management ERA-04.5                                        trades ERA-06.0
     3452      Tourism, Catering, Hotel Management                520     Engineering and engineering trades
               ERA-04.4                                                   (broad programmes)
     346       Secretarial and office work ERA-04.6               521     Mechanics and metal work ERA-06.1

     347       Working life                                       522     Electricity and energy ERA-06.2

      38       Law                                                523     Electronics and automation Era-06.5

     380       Law ERA-10.0                                       524     Chemical and process ERA-06.3

     3801      Comparative Law, Law with Languages                525     Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft
               ERA-10.1                                           5251    Aeronautical Engineering ERA-06.8
     3802      International Law ERA-10.2                         54      Manufacturing and processing ERA-06.6
     3803      Civil Law ERA-10.3                                 540     Manufacturing and processing (broad
     3804      Criminal Law, Criminology ERA-10.4                         programmes)
     3805      Constitutional /Public Law ERA-10.5                541     Food processing

     3806      Public Administration ERA-10.6                     542     Textiles, clothes, footwear, leather

     3807      European Community/EU Law ERA-10.7                 543     Materials (wood, paper, plastic, glass)

     3808      Others – Law ERA-10.9                              544     Mining and extraction
                                                                  58      Architecture and building

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                              14
                                                          COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                                   PREPARATORY VISIT

     581       Architecture and town planning ERA-                722     Medical services
               02.0                                               723     Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy ERA-
     5811      Architecture ERA-02.1                                      12.6
     5812      Interior Design ERA-02.2                           724     Dental studies ERA-12.3
     5813      Urban Planning ERA-02.3                            725     Medical diagnostic and treatment
     5814      Regional Planning ERA-02.4
                                                                  726     Therapy and rehabilitation
     5815      Landscape Architecture ERA-02.5
                                                                  727     Pharmacy ERA-12.5
     5816      Transport and Traffic Studies ERA-02.6
                                                                  76      Social services
     582       Building and civil engineering ERA-06.4
                                                                  761     Child care and youth services
     5821      Materials Science ERA-06.7
                                                                  762     Social work and counselling
      6        Agriculture and Veterinary
                                                                   8      Services
      62       Agriculture, forestry and fishery ERA-
                                                                  81      Personal services
     620       Agriculture, forestry and fishery (broad           810     Personal services (broad programmes)
               programmes) ERA-01.1                               811     Hotel, restaurant and catering
     6201      Agricultural Economics ERA-01.2
                                                                  812     Travel, tourism and leisure
     6202      Food Science and Technology ERA-01.3
                                                                  813     Sports
     6203      Tropical/Subtropical Agriculture ERA-01.8
                                                                  814     Domestic services
     621       Crop and livestock production
                                                                  815     Hair and beauty services
     622       Horticulture ERA-01.4
                                                                  84      Transport services
     623       Forestry ERA-01.6
                                                                  840     Transport services
     624       Fisheries ERA-01.5
                                                                  85      Environmental protection
      64       Veterinary
                                                                  850     Environmental protection (broad
     640       Veterinary ERA-12.4                                        programmes)
     641       Animal Husbandry ERA-01.7                          851     Environmental protection technology
      7        Health and Welfare                                 852     Natural environments and wildlife
      72       Health                                             853     Community sanitation services
     720       Health (broad programmes) ERA-12.0                 86      Security services
     721       Medicine ERA-12.1                                  860     Security services (broad programmes)
     7211      Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology ERA-            861     Protection of persons and property
               12.2                                               862     Occupational health and safety
     7212      Public Health ERA-12.7
                                                                  863     Military and defence
     7213      Medical Technology ERA-12.8

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                                            15
                          COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                   PREPARATORY VISIT

Table F - Languages
 Dutch; Flemish
 Spanish; Castilian

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                               16
                                                     COMENIUS, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI,
                                                              PREPARATORY VISIT

                               ANNEX II: SUBSISTENCE RATES

                                              Duration in days
          HOST COUNTRY         1          2          3           4         5
                                         Maximum Reimbursement
        Belgique/Belgie - BE       157        314        471         628       785
        Balgarija- BG              101        202        303         404       505
        Ceska Republika - CZ       134        268        402         536       670
        Danmark - DK               216        432        648         864       1080
        Deutschland - DE           157        314        471         628       785
        Eesti - EE                 125        250        375         500       625
        Ellas - EL                 146        292        438         584       730
        Espana -ES                 161        322        483         644       805
        France - FR                185        370        555         740       925
        Eire/Ireland - IE          191        382        573         764       955
        Italia – IT                176        352        528         704       880
        Kypros - CY                143        286        429         572       715
        Latvija - LV               120        240        360         480       600
        Lietuva - LT               119        238        357         476       595
        Luxembourg - LU            157        314        471         628       785
        Magyarorszag - HU          119        238        357         476       595
        Malta - MT                 142        284        426         568       710
        Nederland - NL             173        346        519         692       865
        Oesterreich - AT           167        334        501         668       835
        Polska - PL                120        240        360         480       600
        Portugal - PT              144        288        432         576       720
        Romania- RO                101        202        303         404       505
        Slovenija -SI              136        272        408         544       680
        Slovensko -SK              138        276        414         552       690
        Suomi - FI                 183        366        549         732       915
        Sverige - SE               180        360        540         720       900
        United Kingdom - UK        218        436        654         872       1090

        Island - IS                180        360        540         720       900
        Liechtenstein - LI         188        376        564         752       940
        Norge - NO                 218        436        654         872       1090

        Türkiye - TR               117        234        351         468       585

07/12/2011 03:42:41                                                                          17

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