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					Fashion Design and Merchandising
Fashion design and merchandising programs help prepare students for some of
the most exciting careers in the fashion industry. There are many different
diploma, certificate and degree programs in the fashion field and not all of them
are related to designing clothes for the runways, as some might assume. There
are also education and training programs related to the merchandising,
marketing and business side of the fashion industry. Fashion merchandisers,
also known as buyers, have an important role in the industry, ensuring that
retailers ranging from small boutiques to massive department stores have the
latest fashions in stock. It's an excellent career for fashion lovers who also have
good interpersonal skills and a knack for the business side of things.
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The Value of Education
If you really want to get ahead in the field of fashion design and merchandising,
a bachelor's degree will probably be your best bet. Diploma and certificate
programs will only qualify you for the lowest entry level jobs in the field, and
many employers are also looking for more than an associate's degree these
days. You may, however, be able to complete your associate's degree at an
affordable community college or an online university and transfer into a four-year
school that offers an accredited fashion merchandising program. If you have a
specific job or employer in mind, it might be wise to see what level of education
most of the people have in that position or with that company and where they
went to school.
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The Cities of Fashion
There are many fashion merchandising programs to choose from, and not all of
them are in the bustling metropolis of New York City, as some might imagine.
Some of the most prestigious fashion design, marketing and merchandising
programs in the U.S. are at schools in California, particularly in the cities of Los
Angeles and San Francisco. Programs in cities like Miami, Chicago, Houston
and Seattle also carry quite a bit of prestige, and you may find some very
formidable programs in smaller cities as well.

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