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					What you need: FireFox and iMacro
If you dont have iMacro here is a link for install:

           1. Register on SubXcess – on that site you get points for
 subscribing/following/watching videos…etc and you can give the earned
      points to other people for subscrbing to you or following you on
                             Twitter…and so on:


 2. Link your accounts to SubXcess and set the points you give for subs,
                     follows..etc in Settings. Example:
3. Login into SubXcess and go to Sub-Station. Then open iMacro. On Rec tab
                  set Click Mode to X/Y and start recording.
      Click on someone to Subscribe and stop recording. Example:

 4. After stopping the macro, go to Edit tab and click on „Edit macro”. Delete
          the first 3 lines and add „WAIT SECONDS=3” to the end.


                             CLICK X=241 Y=684
                              WAIT SECONDS=3

  5. It’s important to randozmie every macro – so it won’t be as suspicious.
Copy the two lines more than 4 times and replace „3” with different numbers.

                              CLICK X=241 Y=684
                               WAIT SECONDS=3
                              CLICK X=241 Y=683
                               WAIT SECONDS=2
                              CLICK X=241 Y=684
                               WAIT SECONDS=4
                              CLICK X=241 Y=683
                               WAIT SECONDS=2
                              CLICK X=241 Y=684
                               WAIT SECONDS=3
                              CLICK X=241 Y=683
                               WAIT SECONDS=2

  7. Save and then you can start using you macro with Play (Loops) option –
           that will repeat the macro as many times as you want.
 Note: it’s allowed to subscribe only to ~35 channel per hour. So you should
                 run macro every hour to earn more points.

This method works with f-zone, vid-hq, facebook and twitter too, but need to
make new macros for them – because the position are not the same. If you
experience that the macro stops working try leaving the „URL GO TO=url”
command - that will refresh the desired page on every reloop.

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