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So you are probably wondering why you downloaded this
PDF right. It's because you want to generate traffic, all by
yourself, all the time, whenever you want it. I'm going to
teach you exactly how to do that, with proof. I created this
tutorial, however I created NONE of the programs used in
this tutorial. I take no credit for those, I am strictly making
this to create the ultimate noob guide.

What's required: You need your brain, a website, tunakas
hits generator, and poison proxy checker.

I will walk you step by step on how to do all of this. And
for some of you, it may even be your first time venturing
into this. Have no fear, we will get everything rocking and
rolling for you.

Firstly, if you haven't checked out this thread :
3, then you need too. In there, I have the most basic e-
book from going start to finish on creating a website. Its
60 pages long and would be silly for me to start over. I
want to keep this reference e-book simple, short, and too
the point. That e-book is made for a complete noob on
how to get auto-blogging with wordpress, start to finish.
Check it out if you don't know where to begin.

Secondly, after you have your website up, you need to
download Tukanas Hits Generator. This program is
extremely easy to use. It comes pre-installed with browser
modules, proxies, and referrers for all that SEO
This thing is amazing. It works wonders. Its extremely
easy to install. Its not as sophisticated as SENuke or
XRumer, but it gets the job done.

Thirdly, to make the proxies very easy to obtain, you need
Poison Proxy Checker. This program uses state of the art
coding to download proxies, check them, and export them
into a convenient txt file, which you upload to Program
Files, Tukankas Hit Geneter, and replace the proxies.txt
there. How much easier could this get?!

Once you have saved that proxy file, just replace the one
within your program files, and you have yourself a unique
impression generator.

And lastly, I created this tutorial. This is just the basics,
but Im leading everyone in the right direction to obtain all
of this massive auto traffic that is unique. Many of you are
going to re-post in the thread and ask if its adsense safe.
That I cannot answer, because Google algorithms are
highly sophisticated. So, this you have to use at your own
risk. But if you arent using it for Google Adsense, this is a
good way to get anonymous traffic to your site. Youll be
raising your statistics over night!

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