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					There are many injuries and physical disorders
that represent life-threatening emergencies.                                                                What are the Risk Factors for Bloat?
There is only one condition so drastic that it          How to tell if your Dog has Bloated
overshadows them all in terms of rapidity of                                                               Classically, this condition affects dog breeds that
consequences and effort in emergency treatment.                                                            are said to be deep-chested. The top 3 breeds at
This is the gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV) –       The dog may have an obviously distended
                                                                                                           highest risk are 1) Great Dane (41.4% higher risk
the bloat.                                              stomach especially near the ribs but this is not
                                                                                                           than a mixed breed), 2) Saint Bernard, 3)
                                                         always evident depending on the dog's body
                                                                                                           Weimaraner; the risk is so high in these breeds
         BLOAT is a canine medical                                                                         that prophylactic surgery is often recommended.
               emergency                                                                                          ANY DOG CAN BLOAT AT ANY TIME
                                                          The biggest clue is the vomiting:                         even Dachshunds & Chihuahuas.
                                                          the pet appears highly nauseated and is
  With BLOAT, the disease progresses in minutes                retching but little is coming up.
      or, at most, hours. The only treatment is                                                              Factors Increasing the Risk of Bloat
            emergency medical attention.                If you see this, rush your dog to the
                                                                                                            Feeding only one meal a day
                                                             veterinarian IMMEDIATELY!
                                                                                                            Exercise too soon after eating
                What is BLOAT?                                                                              Having closely related family members with a
                                                                                                             history of bloat
  Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) is also known                                                           Eating rapidly
  as "bloat," "stomach torsion," or "twisted                 It is imperative that this condition be        Being thin or underweight
  stomach." Bloat is an extremely serious                             recognized EARLY!                     Moistening dry foods (particularly if citric acid is
  condition, and should be considered a life-                                                                listed as a preservative)
  threatening emergency when it occurs. There                     Signs of bloat include:                   Feeding from an elevated bowl
  are no home remedies for bloat, therefore dog                                                             Restricting water before and after meals
  owners must contact their veterinarians
                                                         excessive salivation/drooling of saliva           Feeding a dry diet with animal fat listed in the
  immediately if they suspect that their dog has                                                             first four ingredients
  bloat. Dogs can die of bloat within several hours.     frequent retching and attempts to                 Fearful or anxious temperament
  Even with treatment, as many as 25-33% of             vomit (occasionally victims may be able             History of aggression towards people or other
  dogs with GDV die.                                    to regurgitate a pool of foamy saliva)               dogs
                                                         anxiousness, restlessness, & pacing               Male dogs are more likely to bloat than females
  The gastric dilatation is one part of the condition
                                                         lethargy or agitation                             Older dogs (7 - 12 years) were the highest risk
  and the volvulus or torsion is the second part. In                                                         group
  bloat (dilatation), due to a number of different       abdominal distension
  and sometimes unknown reasons, the stomach             rapid breathing/panting                            Factors Decreasing the Risk of Bloat
  fills up with air and puts pressure on the other       cold/pale mouth membranes
  organs and diaphragm. The pressure on the
  diaphragm makes it difficult for the dog to            depression/shock/collapse                         Inclusion of canned dog food in the diet
  breathe. The air-filled stomach also compresses                                                           Happy or easy-going temperament
  large veins in the abdomen, thus preventing                                                               Feeding a dry food containing a calcium-rich
  blood from returning to the heart. Filled with air,                                                      meat meal (such as meat/lamb meal, fish meal,
  the stomach can easily rotate on itself, thus                                                            chicken by-product meal, meat meal, or bone
  pinching off its blood supply. Once this rotation                                                        meal) listed in the first four ingredients of the
  (volvulus) occurs and the blood supply is cut off,                                                       ingredient list.
  the stomach begins to die and the entire blood                                                            Eating two or more meals per day
  supply is disrupted and the animal's condition
  begins to deteriorate very rapidly.
                 What to Do                              Our Most Sincere Thanks to

Transport to a veterinary hospital or emergency
facility immediately. In all cases, this condition
                                                      Dr Gonsky & West Loop Veterinary Care
                                                     815 West Randolph Street Chicago IL 60607
                                                                                                  DOG BLOAT
requires professional assistance.                                   312.421.2275                        “The Mother of All Emergencies”
              What NOT to Do
                                                              Dr Cruikshank & AETC
   Do not attempt to relieve the gas from the          Animal Emergency & Treatment Center       BLOAT CAN KILL A DOG IN UNDER AN HOUR
                   stomach.                           3927 West Belmont Ave. Chicago IL 60618
         Do not give anything by mouth             
                                                                                                   If you read no further than this, read just one
                                                        PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION
                                                                                                   more paragraph that may save your dog’s life.
Today the survival rate is better than 80%. Part     WITH ANY DOG OWNER YOU KNOW, YOUR
of the reason for this is increased owner            DOG SITTER, DOG WALKER & BOARDERS
                                                                                                    If your regular vet doesn't have 24-hour
awareness. The earlier the veterinarian gets                                                      EMERGENCY SERVICE, know which nearby
started with treatment, the better chance there is   DOG OWNER AWARENESS IS WHAT CAN
                                                     SAVE THE LIVES OF OUR FURRY FAMILY           vet does! PROGRAM THIS # AND ADDRESS
for survival. Extremely aggressive medical and                                                             INTO YOUR PHONE NOW!
surgical intervention early in the course of the                  MEMBERS
disease has the most dramatic impact on overall
treatment success.                                                                                     Bloat is a life-threatening condition.
                                                       Please help promote GDV Awareness
                                                            by wearing an orange ribbon            Without immediate medical care, the chance of
Although we have summarized information we                                                          survival is extremely low. If you own a large
found about possible symptoms, causes,                                                            deep-chested dog – or indeed any dog -- please
methods of prevention, and breeds at risk, we                                                       make sure that you have a good relationship
cannot attest to the accuracy.                                                                      with your local veterinarian and that you are
                                                                                                  familiar with the signs of this condition, so that if
      CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN                                                                       it happens to one of your dogs, you are
       FOR MEDICAL INFORMATION                                                                           prepared to deal with it immediately

Resources:                                               In Loving Memory of   MUFASA (search ‘GDV’)                                                   If you believe your dog is experiencing bloat,                                                                       get your dog to a veterinarian immediately!

                                                                                                            TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!
Additional Resources:                                                                             Call your vet to alert them you're on your way                                                             with a suspected bloat case.
mmer/canine-acd.htm                                                                   WWW.MUFASAHAHN.ORG
                                                       A WEST LOOP CHOW 11/24/04-10/12/10

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