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					                              Holy Cross Catholic School
         Ms. Marie Spaniol ~ 8101 West 95th Street ~ Overland Park, KS 66212 913-381-7408 #80
Dear Parents of Second Graders,                                      August 31, 2010
I hope you are finding your second grader to be settling into a routine quickly and easily. If you
find something that I could help you with, please contact me as soon as possible. Any of the
numbers may be used from above, but a planned conference is usually the best bet.
I have been blessed with very independent learners this year!
We are going to become very busy, academically, very quickly. If your child experiences what
seems to be a lot of homework, it is probably due to not having completed the regular work in
the time allowed for that subject material during class. Keep in mind, this early in the year, that
as second graders, they still need to adjust to working at an appropriate pace in the classroom.
Daily Folders should come home and be returned every day – Monday – Thursday. Please take
the time each night to look through the daily folder and talk with your second grader about the
day they had at school. It is nice for them to know that you really care how their day went.
Students will be responsible for returning the daily folder and the homework that was in it.
Please feel free to use this folder as a form of communication between us and for your notes to
the office as well.
I am more than happy to help with any and all concerns your may have for your child.
Friday Folders will be sent home each Friday. These folders will contain work that has been
graded, a written spelling list for the following week, perhaps a P.R.A.I.S.E ticket, and any other
information sent home from the school office. Please be sure to take some time over your
weekend to look over what is in the Friday folder. Please take out all papers from the Friday
folder. If there is a check mark at the top of a paper, your second grader needs to re-do that
paper and bring it back to school on the same day the Friday folder is returned. Finally, please
sign the Friday Folder and the P.R.A.I.S.E. ticket in the appropriate space and return it to
school on Monday, or the first class day immediately following the weekend.
This can also be a great form of communication for us.
Educonnect/Holy Cross Catholic School web site is also a form of communication between
parents, the classroom and the school. Please sign up for a password as soon as possible.
Classroom information, spelling lists for each week, and field trip information are all among the
important news you will find on the 2SP site.
“I don’t have any homework” is certainly something that you should never hear this year.
Spelling is regular nightly work, as well as 15 minutes of reading out loud to you at home. Math
skills can be drilled at home with homemade flash cards or store-bought flash cards. Sight words
can also be drilled in this manner. Please encourage good study skills now, as it will make your
job as a parent not as complicated in the future. I do not assign homework over the weekend,
generally, however there may be an occasional task for some students to complete.
If you feel your child has excessive homework, please contact me as soon as possible.
Second grade will prove to be exciting, new and challenging!
I know we’ll have a wonderful journey through this year together!!
Ms. Spaniol

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