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					     Boroug                                                                               Free
No              Name             Address                      Transportation                   Free Hours        Phone     Website     Miscellaneous
       h                                                                                  Day

              Bronx       1040 Grand Concourse                                                                             www.bron
                                                                                                              (718) 681-
 1 Bronx      Museum at 165th Street Bronx,        4, B, D to 161st St.                   Fri.   11am - 8pm                xmusem.o
              of the Arts NY 10456                                                                                         rg

                                              •Express Bus from Manhattan
                                              The BxM11 express bus makes stops
                                              along Madison Avenue, between 26th
                                              and 99th Streets, then travels directly
                                              to the Zoo’s Bronx River entrance
                                              (Gate B). For your return trip, pick up
                                              the bus just outside the same gate at                                                 Wednesday:
                        1040 Grand Concourse,                                          Wed 10am-              (718) 367-   www.bron
 2 Bronx      Bronx Zoo                       the MTA BxM11 sign (just before the                                                   Pay-what-you-
                        Bronx, NY                                                      .   4:30pm             1010
                                              underpass).                                                                           wish
                                              •2 or 5 train to East Tremont
                                              Ave/West Farms Square. At street
                                              level, walk straight ahead (follow train
                                              uptown) on Boston Road 21⁄2 blocks
                                              to the Zoo’s Asia gate entrance (Gate

                                                   4, B, D to Bedford Park Blvd Station
                                                   From the station exit and walk eight
                                                                                               W: 10am-
              The NY      Bronx River Parkway at   blocks down the hill on Bedford Park   Wed
                                                                                               7pm        (718) 817-       www.nybg.
 3 Bronx      Botanical   Fordham Road Bronx,      Blvd to the end (approximately 20      .&
                                                                                               Sat: 10am- 8700             org
              Garden      NY 10458                 minutes). Turn left onto Kazimiroff    Sat.
                                                   Blvd and walk one block to Mosholu
                                                   Gate entrance.
                                                                                                                               Target First
                                                                                                                               Ticket lines
                                                                                                                               often form 30
                        200 Eastern Parkway,                                                                         www.broo minutes before
             Brooklyn                           2 or 3 to Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn   1st                (718) 638-
4 Brooklyn              Brooklyn, New York                                                5-11pm                     klynmuseu ticket
             Musuem                             Museum                               Sat.               5000
                        11238-6052                                                                              distribution at
                                                                                                                               the Visitor
                                                                                                                               Center located
                                                                                                                               in the Rubin
                                             • F or Q to the West 8th Street station
                    Surf Ave. & West 8th St. in Coney Island, Brooklyn.                                              www.nyaq
           The NY                                                                                       (718) 265-             Friday: Pay-
5 Brooklyn          Coney Island Brooklyn, • N or D to the Coney Island-Stillwell Fri.     3-4:30pm        
           Aquarium                                                                                     FISH                   what-you-wish
                    NY                       Avenue Station, then walk two blocks                                    m
                                             east on Surf Ave.

                                                •2 or 3 to Eastern Parkway—Brooklyn
                                                Museum station;
                                                                                          8am-                                Free Weekdays
           Brooklyn     1000 Washington         •B or Q to Prospect Park station;    Tues
                                                                                          4:30pm        (718) 623-   www.bbg. admission
6 Brooklyn Botanical    Avenue, Brooklyn, NY    •4 to Franklin Avenue;               .-
                                                                                          Sat & Sun:    7200         org      (November 17
           Garden       11225                   •S shuttle to Prospect Park station. Sun.
                                                                                          10am-                               – March 2)
                                                (The B train does not run on

                                                                                             Monday -
             Staten                                                                          12pm - 5pm              www.state
    Staten              75 Stuyvesant Pl. at the Take the ferry and walk two blocks                     (718) 727-             Recommended
7            Island                                                                    Daily Saturday                nislandmu
    Island              corner of Wall St.       from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal                  1135                   admission $2
             Museum                                                                          10am - 5pm    
                                                                                             12pm - 5pm
No        Name            Address           Free Day    Free Hours       Phone     Website                        Miscellaneous
     Museum of                                                       (212) 708-
 1                    11 West 53 St.       Friday      4-8pm
     Modern Arts                                                     9400
                      1 Whitehall St. at
     Stante Island                                                   (718) 727-   www.siferr
 2                    South St.          Daily         24 hrs
     Ferry                                                           2508
                      (Battery Park)
     The Forbes       62 5th Ave. at       Tuesday –                 (212) 206-               Thursdays are reserved for group tours and advance
 3                                                     10am -4pm                  sgalleries.
     Galleries        12th St.             Saturday                  5548                     reservations are required.
                                           Tuesday-    12-8pm        (212) 217-
 4 Museum at FIT      7th Ave. at 27 St.                                                      December 31st-4pm
                                           Friday      Sat: 10am-5pm 4558         334.asp
   The National    Alexander                           10am–5pm                              The National Museum of the American Indian, George
                   Hamilton U.S.           Daily                     (212) 514-   www.nmai Gustav Heye Center, is located at One Bowling Green
 5 Museum of the                                       Thur: 10am-
                                           (12/31-5pm)               3700
   American Indian Custom House                        8pm                                   adjacent to the northeast corner of Battery Park, New
                   One Bowling                                                               York, New York.
                                                                                             Reservations guarantee admission and can only be
                                                                                             booked a minimum of seven days and up to three months
                      Sony Plaza at                                                          prior to your desired visitation day. We do not accept
                                                       10am-5pm                   wondertec
                      56th St. and         Tuesday-                  (212) 833-              same day reservations. Tickets are valid for the date and
 6 SWTL                                                Sun: 12pm-       
                      Madison Ave.,        Sunday                    8100                    time indicated. Reservations can be booked by speaking
                                                       5pm                        com
                      NYC                                                                    with a Visitor Services Representative on our General
                                                                                             Information Line.
                                                                                             General Information Line: (212) 833-8100
                                                       Tues–Thurs:                           Reservation Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
     Metropolitan     1000 5th Ave. at Tuesday-        Fri & Sat:   (212) 535-
 7                                                                                museum.o Suggested donation $20
     Museum of Art    82nd St.         Sunday          9:30am–9pm 7710
   American           Central Park
                                                                     (212) 769-   www.amn
 8 Museum of          West at West         Daily       10am-5:45pm                        Suggested admission $16
   Natural History    79th St.
     Museum of Arts   Columbus Circle                                (212) 299-
 9                                    Thursday         6-9pm                      museum.o Thursday: Pay-what-you-wish
     and Design       at 59th St.                                    7777
                      45 West 53rd St.                                            www.folka
     American Folk                                                   (212) 265-
10                    (between 5th and Friday          5:30-7:30pm                rtmuseum.
     Art Museum                                                      1040
                      6th Ave.)                                                   org
   International       1133 Ave. of the
                                                                     (212) 857-   www.icp.o Voluntary Contribution on
11 Center for          Americasat 43rd Friday          5–8pm
                                                                     0000         rg        Fridays, 5:00–8:00 pm
   Photography         St.
   The Morgan
                       225 Madison                                   (212) 685-   www.them
12 Library &                              Friday       7-9pm
                       Ave. at 36th St.                              0008
                        170 Central Park
     The New-York                                                    (212) 873-   www.nyhis
13                      West between     Friday        6-8pm
     Historical Society                                              3400
                        76th & 77th St.

     Whitney Museum 945 Madison                                      (212) 570-   www.whitn
14                                        Friday       6-9pm                                Friday: Pay-what-you-wish
     of American Art Ave. at 75th St.                                3600
   Solomon R.                                                                     www.gugg
                       1071 Fifth Ave.                               (212) 423-
15 Guggenheim                             Saturday     5:45-7:45pm                enheim.or Saturday: Pay-what-you-wish
                       (at 89th St.)                                 3500
   Museum                                                                         g
     Museum of the    1220 Fifth Ave.                                (212) 534-   www.mcny
16                                        Sunday       10am-12pm                           Verification needed on free admission
     City of New York at 103rd St.                                   1672         .org
                       1 East 70th St.                                                       Library reading room hours:
   The Frick           (between                                      (212) 547-   www.frick. Monday through Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
17                                     Sunday          11am-1pm
   Collection          Madison and 5th                               0641         org        Saturdays, September through May: 9:30a.m. to 1:00
                       Ave.)                                                                 p.m.
                       30 Rockefeller
   Rockefeller                                                       (212) 664-   www.rock Mon-Thur: 8:30am-4:30pm (departs every 30 minutes)
                       Plaza (Enter on
18 Center NBC                          $19.25                        3700         efellercent Fri-Sat: 9:30am-5:30pm
                       49th St between
   Studio Tour                                                                Sun: 9:30am-4:30pm (departs every 15 minutes)
                       5th & 6th Ave)
                       5th Ave.           Rental: $9                              www.theri
     Rockefeller                                                     (212) 332-             8:30–10am/10:30am–noon/12:30–2pm/2:30–4pm
19                     (Between 49th      Admission:                              nkatrockc
     Center Ice Rink                                                 7654                   4:30–6pm/6:30–8pm/8:30–10pm/10:30pm–midnight
                       and 50th St.)      $19                           
   The Tree at
                       30 Rockefeller                  5:30am-       (212) 588-
20 Rockefeller                            Daily
                       Plaza                           11:30pm       8601
                                                                                             Stand-by tickets are distributed at 7am on the 49th st.
                                                                                             side of 30 Rockefeller Plaza on the mornings of the
                       49th St. side of                                                      tapings. You may choose a stand-by ticket for either the
     SNL Stand-by                                                                 www.nbc.c 8pm dress rehearsal or the 11:30pm live taping. Please
21                     30 Rockefeller     Saturday     7am
     tickets                                                                      om/tickets arrive no later than 7:15pm for the dress rehearsal or
                                                                                             10:45pm for the live show. A stand-by ticket does not
                                                                                             guarantee admission and no one under the age of 16 will
                                                                                             be admitted.
   The Tonight
                   Gate 3 on                          (818) 684-
22 Show with Conan                  Weekdays   10am
                   Lankershim Blvd.                   3057
   The Colbert
23 Report Stand-by 513 W. 54th St. Weekdays    4pm