Ballroom Dance Club at the University of Michigan by 7Q3Sf7


									                         Ballroom Dance Club at the University of Michigan
                                      Executive Board Meeting
                  February 12, 2006, 5:30 p.m., Michigan League, Room B, 3rd Floor
                                              2nd draft

       Officers: Laura Povlich (President), Doris Wu (Treasurer), Stephanie Yeung (Student Advocate,
Director of Dance Hosts), Matthew Gutchess (Secretary).
Directors: Elizabeth Cooper (Facilities), Stacey Feng (Team Liaison), Ron Hagiz (Volunteer Teachers),
Yong McDowell (Curriculum), Lee May (On-Campus Publicity & Website), Lindsey Ortbal (Parties),
Bob Pinter (Music), Jason Stewart (Volunteer Teachers), Daniel Smouse (Workshops).
       Not Present: Angela Bell (Vice-President), Gerlinda Melchiori (Scholarship), Jack Tyus (Off-
campus Publicity).

At 5:38 p.m. a quorum was present and President Povlich called the meeting to order.

1) Review of January Minutes. Matthew Gutchess.
Item 1) Items 8 and 12 need to be corrected from December minutes. Item 10) Doris will not be at the
U of M next year.

2) Item 8 from December 2005, VTTP Director, Contingency Plan. Daniel Smouse.
   Usually, the VTTP Director employs Club Volunteers to teach Level 1 and 2 classes and the
Curriculum Director employs professionals to teach Level 3 classes.
   RESOLVED that the Volunteer Teacher Director shall have the authority to hire a professional dance
instructor for a Level 1 or Level 2 class in an emergency, as defined by the Volunteer Teachers

3) Promotional Dance Passes. Laura Povlich.
      Laura distributed two (2) promotional passes to each Board Member present.

4) VTTP. Ron Hagiz, Jason Stewart, Laura Povlich.
   The Volunteer Teachers will teach Salsa and Tango at the end of March.

5) Union Arts Valentines Dance. Laura Povlich.
       Laura reported that the Ballroom Club's involvement has been cancelled, due to their plan to
   play only swing music.

6) Winter Party, March 12th. Lindsey Ortbal.
       Lindsey reported that the Team has been scheduled to decorate the League ballroom,
   Swingmania will perform live music and Dorian Deaver will serve as DJ. The Team will teach the
   pre-party lessons which will be Rumba (Stacey Feng and Ron Hagiz) and Merengue (Lee May and
   Stephanie Yeung). Lee May will serve as the Master of Ceremonies.
       RESOLVED that the entrance fee will be $5- for students, $10- for non-student Members, and
   $15- for non-Members, including pre-party lessons.
       President Povlich announced that the next Board Meeting will be March 19th.

7) Dance location changes. Beth Cooper.
      Beth reported that she met with Mary Stuart, the contact person for the Union, and Lindsay
   Sorgenfrei, the contact person for the League. Beth warned the Club that there may be room
   changes in March.

8) Team-Club Membership responsibility. Laura Povlich.
       Laura reported that according to the Club bylaws, Team Members must also be Club Members
   and the Team must present a list of its members prior to Club appropriations.
       RESOLVED that each semester the Team must present a list of its Members, which may be
   updated throughout the semester. The Club will honor this list by awarding one-year memberships
   to the Club. A tentative list must be presented before allocations are given to the Team.

9) Constitution. Laura Povlich.
      Laura reported that the Club ratified the proposed changes to the Club Constitution. Laura
   reported that five (5) votes were cast. Laura submitted the ratified, updated Club Constitution to the
   SOAS Office.

10) Team Agenda. Stacey Feng.

11) Workshop financial report. Doris Wu.
       Doris reported that the workshop earned an $83- profit for the Club. Doris reported that 19
   people paid $5 each, and 70 paid $10- each for $795 in income. Expenses were $600- for the top
   professional instructors, $112 for the room, and $0 for volunteer door managers. Doris stated that
   Becca Juliar, the Team Treasurer, is completing the accounting and also will prepare a report.
       Doris reported that the Team will repay the $2000- loan for the 6th Annual Competition.

12) Membership refunds. Matt Gutchess.
        Matt reported that Lei and Ming Wei, Members in good standing, are moving and asked for a
    refund of their membership dues. Mr. Wei stated that he paid $80- for a September to September
    2006 Membership and moved February 4th.
    RESOLVED that Mr. and Mrs. Wei will be refunded 1/2 of their dues, $40-.
    RESOLVED that $3- one-day, trial membership fees will not be refunded.

13) Officer replacements. Laura Povlich.
       Laura stated that she is interested in serving on the Board, but not as President, and Doris will
   be graduating. Laura stated that only Angela Bell, as a student with at least one year of experience
   on the Board, is eligible to run for President. Laura urged Board Members to recruit replacements
   for her and Doris.

14) Campus Advertising. Lee May.
   Lee lead a discussion about bus signs and Diag signs for the Party.

15) Scholarship update. Gerlinda Melchiori.
       The USABDA Magazine ad will run in the March / April 2006 edition. No applications have been

The meeting was adjourned at 6:52 p.m.

Important future dates:
Board Meetings                               February 12, March 19, and April 9, 2006, 5:30 p.m.
Party, St. Patrick's Day Theme               March 12, 2006, 5:00 - 11:00 p.m., League
Elections                                    April 2006

Matthew Gutchess, Secretary

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