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Month/Date       Recipient                         Subject

        2      H. S. Zimmerman et al   letter of welcome to new representatives
        2      Richard Bowers
        2      Dan Harris Jr.
        3      Byron Youtz
        3      Jack Doughty
        3      Diane Lutz
        3      Byron Youtz
        3      Eldridge/ Carnahan
        3      W. Humphreys
        3      Donn Chamley
        3      Ed Burke
        3      Thelma Jackson
        3      Walker Allen
        3      Dep. Corn. Bur. of
        3      Dave Wallbom
        3      Charles Kincaid
        3      C. A. Widing
        3      Ronna Loewen
        4      Buckininster Fuller
        4      Laurie Besteman
        4      Lawrence Hall
        4      Eugene Andrews
        4      Sue Washburn
        4      Frederic Salinger
        4      Eliot Bartlett
        4      Melissa McCarthy
        7      Charles Dunsire
        7      MIM J. Rosen
        7      Portland State U
        7      Herb Bridge
        7      Morris Brown
        7      Ted Hagen
        9      Sigmund Groch
        9      Don Bonker
        9      Eric Wolters
        9      Mr. R. J. Seery
        9      Dean Clabaugh
        9      Paul Neuffer
        9      Fred Baker
        9      Sue Washburn
       10      Byron Youtz
       10      Dorothy Jackson
       10      Ted Schwarz
       10      Earl Epps
       10      Danile Keily
       10      Charles Weisbard
       10      Francis Tenny
       10      Ralph Lundgren
       10      Walker Allen
       10      Byron Youtz
       10      Bob Filmer
       10      Naoki Nakano
       11      Dr. Del Cross
       11      David Story
       11      Dick Joslin
                                           decline invitation to participate in cdnference info re enroll. of Priv. Sch.
                                           students at TESC Devaluation of credit by OTCC & Centralia faculty accept invite
                                           to be judge at Jefferson Award Congrats on excellect presentation
                                           Report of site visit by Sterling Nichols, Jr. Additional public TV issue
                                           Concerns of Larry Stevens
                                           letter to interested parent - sons curriculum history of Oriental families of
                                           Seattle article-good willingness of TESC to participate in new ed. program Student
                                           transfer agreement.
                                   Student Fin. Assist - Audit Control No. 10-04508 thanks for work on Fire contract thanks
                                           for gift of equipment for KAOS note to parent
                                           thanks for samples of student authors - Vancouver invitation to lecture at TESC
                                           express interest in possible savings with Sound Sav. & I Thanks for personal Planner
                                           for 1980
                                           Possible scholarship from Capitol S & L regret cannot attend Annual Engineers'
                                           Week Banquet letter to interested person in Evergreen
                                   Houser letter to student re problems with her program regret unable to speak
                                           letter to parents of student at TESC having problems Letter of recommendation for
11       Wm. Paris                     letter to Representative re program development
                              Mr. Terry Porter
                              thanks for letter of recommendation for P. Weigand application for 5th yr of Title
                              Viii support invitation to celebrate re=accreditation personal
                              thanks for letter of recommendation for R. Weisenborn letter of interest in
                              graduate program - reply Thanks for material on HOod Canal Bridge claim Sound
                              Savings and Loan
                              thanks for contribution
                              sorry we mixed you up w ith "Other" Fred Baker Fred Baker Address
                              Proposed COP Policy for Salary Administration Plan condolences at death of Dolly
                              letter to interested student - photography letter to interested applicant
                              response to previous letter not acknowledged letter to interested applicant
                              progress of proposal discussed Nov. 28 acknowledge TESC participation in Workshop
                              at Cob. Col~ Hankins Diplomas
                              Education at Bangor
                              reply to concerns in letter of 12-31-79 thanks for 1980 calendar
                              loss of Channel 13 to Public TV regret unable to attend David Story Day celebration
                              response to why sch. clossed due to snow

11    Wm. Paris           letter to Representative re program development

        Month/Date        Recipient

         9                                      Jones, Grey, Bagley
         Jan. (Cont)Les Eldridge                Robert EVans
              11       B. Smith/J. Aikin        M/MD. Noll
              11       John Aikin               York Wong
              14       Geo. McCormick           Wyatt Cates
              15       James Carlisle           Oscar Soule
              15       Wm. Polfus               Arnaldo
              15       Mike Bigelow             David Barry
              15       Ofc. of Fin. Manage.     Jerry Anderson
              15       Susan Olsen              Roger Evans
              16       Brent Chamley            Robert Evans
              16       Herbert GElman           Gery Nelson/Thompson
              16       TWIMC                    Ed. Testing Serve
              17                                Jane Wirsig
              17                                Travel Acci.
              17                                Bob Banyan
              17                                Nels Hanson
              18                                Trustees
              18                                James Walters
              18                                Howard Coble
              18                                Dorothy Miller
              18                                Commander R.M. Cobb
              18                                Byron Youtz
              19                                Roland De Lorme
              19                                Hon. Bob Williams
              21                                Steve Hunter
              21                                Cov. Dixy Lee
              21                                Wm Leckenby
              21                                Bark Chambers
              21                                Les Eldridge
              21                                Rich Montecucco
              22                                L.E. Hall
              22                                Susan Valla
              23                                Alumni Assoc. Assoc. Bd. of Directors meeting Waiving indirect costs
              23                                thanks for outstanding job
              24                                response to parent re sons status aat TESC
              24                                re TESC use of owned, borrowed, or rented aircraft Lib. thanks for great
              25                                job
              25                                Fiscal Note-Procedure Fiscal Note Procedure
              30                                decline writing letter of recommendation - referred catalog and letter to
              21                      Ins.      interested student
              25                                unable to attend confirmation hearing recommendation for Johnnie Harris
              25                                   Personal
              25                                Corn TESC leave policies
              25                                   complimentary passes for pages to leg. CC outreach in Tacoma area
              25                                letter of recommendation for Craig Barrick
              25                                Portland State requirement for graduate school letter to retiring
              25                                colleague
              28                                extending library privileges to resident of Olympia Availability of Rec.
              28                                Center for Legislators
              28                                Coordination of Va materials
              28                                re Public disclosure requirements
              28                       Ray      confirmation of date of Board retreat handwritten notes
              29                                same
              29                                same
              29                                same
              29                                same
              29                                same
              30                                acknowledgement of his having served on note acknowledging recommedation
         Ed                                     thanks for report of Evergreen in Daily Olympian thanks for part in hearing
         Wash, St. Hum. Rts.                    for Charles Fauls
         Bucki Wolstenholme                     personal
         Larry Stevens                          personal
         Robert Drewel                          Library roof repair
         Byron Youtz                            public disclosure of affiliat~ons
         Joe Davis                              adding name to list of organizations Evans a member From Ed. Test. SERVE
         Richard Hammill                        incorrect envelop size on personal stationery policy for building naming
         Les Eldridge                           - suggestions?
         Larry Stenberg                         winter quarter enrollment
         Graham Johnson                         problems re financial aid check
         Trustees                               accepting invitation to Lincoln Day Dinner letter to donor
         Nat Jackson                            Naval Sub Bas at Bangor possible site of TESC programs Archeologiacal
11    Wm. Paris                      letter to Representative re program development
Institute                                  Response from Buckminster Fuller
regret, unable to speak at conference      Attached request from Nancy McGraw
confusion re invitation to speak at Bd.    Evergreen's accreditation report and the VA thanks for book, gift
of Realtors Winter quarter statistics      letter to interested applicant
decline chairmanship of commission for     Nat. Science Pa~
Perform Arts Ctr. letter to a friend

11     Wm. Paris                          letter to Representative re program development

          9                            20
          Month/Date              Subject
                                  John Wilson                  letter to applicant, declining employment
          February                Stephen Richter              letter to interested applicant
                                  Earlyse W. Swift             Offer of position        Outreach Coordinator
              1                   James Hanson                 clearify forms management officer at being same
              1                   M/M Mike Bi9ciow             Congrats on birth of son
              1                   Eldon Marshall               sewer and water connections
              1                   Philip Marshall              inable to speak at inauguration
              1                   Steve Herman et al           personal notes
              1                   Mrs. E. Evans Wyckoff personal note
              1                   Lee Minto                    same
              1                   Washington Travel SErvice same
              1                   Sue WAshburn                 need info re scholarship quidelines
              1                   Dean Calbaugh                FM Transmitter on Capitol Peak
              1                   Rene LeVitre                 acknowledge scholarship program
              4                   Byron Youtz                  tickle re archeological team selection
              4                   Rita Cooper                  notes on candidates for College Realtions Position
              4                   Phil Haven                   endorsement of grant proposal to Weyerhaeuser
              4                   Al Saunders                  report of Northwest Assoc evaluation committee
              4                   Thomas Dixon                 same
              4                   Mrs. Lister Holmes           same
              6                   RAymond Meredith             same
              6                   Halvor Halvorson             same
              6                   Joseph Clark                 decline invitation to participate
              6                   Dr. Aldon Bell               thanks for great article about Evergreen in Seattle TimE
              7                   J.W. Peltason                decline participation in Commission on Cove. Relations
              6                   Barbara Leigh Smith          Grant Proposal to the S & H Foundation
              7                   Youtz/Stenberg               My visit with the Registrar's staff
              7                   John Gordon                  sorry to miss l~gislative ball an' banquet
              7                   Dave Wallbom                 Material from TRA Associates
              7                   James Hussey                 enclosed materials from TRA
              7                   Hon. Jim Matson              two recent accolades given college
              7                   Carl B. Lind                 letter to interested applicant
              7                   Jerry Graser.                thanks for good job done in community by students
              8                   Tim Ball                     same
              11                  J.C. Armbruster              appointment as student rep to Bd. of Publications
              11                  Mary Blackburn               response to letter inquiring about outreach to Lonview
              11                  All Evergreeners             Open interviews for finalists - Dir. of College Relatior
              11                  Evergreen Community          Notice of death of Dean Clabaugh
              11                  N/N Nortimer Thomas    news item of Dr. Aldon Bell shared with members ofc~urbes,
              12                  Harry Mullikin               same
              12                  MIM Bruce Stevenson          same also sent to 8 other Pres. Club members
              12                  Rev. Frederick Buechner Welcome to Pres. Club - share Dr. Bell news article
              12                  Rich Schlatter               invite to speak - S & H Foundation lecture series
              11                  Hon. Patricia Roberts missions of the new Dept of Health & Human services
              13                  Bernard Kelly                thanks for services of Mary Isabell
              13                  Rita Cooper                  Anne Turner classification
              13                  All Evergreeners             open interviews for d'rect~or of College Relations
              13                  Will Bachofner personal note
              13                  rn/rn C. Ross                same
              19                  Mrs. Dean Clabaugh           same
              20                  Mike Bigelow                 same
              20                  Les Eldridge
              20                  C. A. Widing
              20                  Claudia Craig
              20                  same
              20                  re Jennifer Micheau also letter to friend letter to interested applicant

11    Wm. Paris                    letter to Representative re program development

Month/Date       Recipient                             Subject

February (Cont)
     20         Ray Moore         sent catalog at requested
     20         Robert Gargias submitted Dr. Ed LaChapelle for Distinguished Teaching Award
     20         Pete Steilberg Draft letter to NAIA Executive Bd.
     20         Mary Lux          American Nurses Assoc. request for BA at Evergreen
     20         C. Winge          sent info re grad program
     21         M/M R. Rae        thanks for Continental Soldier as anniversary gift
     21         Melissa L. Fuller recommend Marissa Zwick for scholarship
     21         L. Rockefeller personal note
     21         H. Nelson         regret unable to attend retirement dinner for Charles Allison
     21         Mrs. Clabaugh      thanks for attending trustee mtg - resolution honor. Dean
     21         N/N J. Locke       letter to parent of student
     21         Martha Jolly      re summer day camp program - Evergreen facilities
     21         George Lamb       comply with Public Disc. Act, requirements enc.
     22         Joe Derting       regrets, unable to participate in Mock Constitutional Conv.
     22         Esperanza Joyce- letter to TESC grad
     22         Adrian Arnold     unable to be luncheon speaker
     25         Yvonne Wilson-Cox    -regrets, VPrincipals conference
     25         Robert Rushmer regrets - Workshop on Energy-Related Engineering
     25         Gordon Tongue     - personal note
     25         Byron Hunt        personal note
     26         Dave Wallbom       Contract Research Corp
     26         Rita Cooper        Same
     26         Rita Cooper       Ben Evans' letter
     26         Ed Kormondy       repayment plan for sabatical overpayment
     26         Michael Raleigh      letter to interested applicant - Humphreys
     26         Paige Parker       letter to interested applicant- Humphreys
     26         Tim Nelson        unable to speak at grad ceremonies - Kent-Meridian
     26         Cliff Cox          letter to interested applicant - Humphreys
     26         Bob Hallgren       letter to applicant - Public Relations Ofc.
     26         J. Fredericksen      acknowled. recommendation for Chuck Fowler
     26         B. Youtz           Outdoor education
     26         B. Youtz          Review of Student Originated Grants
     26         Mike Bigelow       Report on reserves
     26         Maurice Lundy      recommendation for Arthur Skolnik
     26         Walter McGovern - re Bob Perry sentencing
     26         N. L. Biddle       endoresment of efforts of Cornish Ins. rec. Nat. Endowment
     26         Rita Cooper        Vancouver Buildings
     27         York Wong          Pres. Evaluation of Robert Filmer,
     27         Ray Weisenborn acknowledge choice of C. Fowler as Dir.
                                                                                     of College Relations
     27         N/N D. Burcombe           letter to concerned parents
     27         Kenneth Howerton          regrets
     27         Robert Anderson           regrets
     28         Byron,Youtz    academic deans meet with Pub Board?
                Jeanne Chandler et al - thanks for serving on committe

                                                                                          -   Dir. of College Rel

                     4          Stephen Murphy     personal letter -personal letter
                     4          Jack Chisholm      accept invitation to write forward to book
                     4          John Pollock       Potential cooperative project for Evergreen end. letter
                     4          Jerry Cook         of recommendation for same
                     4          William Polfus     letter of recommendation for Wm. Polfus
                     4          Alex Edelstein

11       Wm. Paris                          letter to Representative re program development

Month/D3te   Recipient March cont

              5      George Duff                        14           Joseph P. Durgan
              5      Warren Bryon                       17           Mary J. Clark
              5      B. Smith/ R. Jones                 17           Nathaniel Jackson
              5      Jen Jacob                          17           Christopher Lasch
              5      Gerry Esterbrook                   17           Marge Piercy
              6      Brent Chamley                      17           Diane DcMoulin
              6      Carolyn Kato                       17           Peggy Vallenti
              6      Norman Clavo                       17           John Rupp
              6      Hal Wolf                           17           Pete Steilberg
              6      George Duff                        18           Sid White
              6      Gordon Maclean                    letter of recommendation for Gerry Esterbrook decline participation in article due to schedule Potential
              6      Fat Baillargeon                   fundinf for fall conference Additional student housing
              7      Charles Fowler                    thanks for so much help with proposal presented in NY re course of study at TESC compared to one
              7      Bill Aidridge                     offered UC.
              7      Barbara Coffman                                                                                                                     Davis
             10      Carl Cerny et al                  decline as grad speaker
             10      Gloria Shatto                     invitation to join Foundation Bd. of Gov. invotation for AWB to hold metting at Evergreen trade fair
             10                                        donation compensate Pat Baillargeon Funding of Trade Fair
             10      Liz Casey                         Thanks for a 1st rate job on trade Fair presentation confirmation on employment agreement
             10      Gail NOrris                       funding for 1½% increase approved by leg. letter to interested applicant letter of recommendation for
             10      Benjamin Evans                    Stuwart Elway organizational info to sister institution letter of recommendation for Tracy Stevens letter
             10      William Leckenby                  to prospective student invitation to join. for lunch with Trustees letter to former student re re
             10      Jill Ryan                         registration cover letter for fellowship funding request letter seeking financial support for fellowships
             10      Alan Otten                        arrangements for dinner during Tn-lateral meeting. Cost Accting for Self-sustaining Off-Campus
             11      Gail Norris                       Courses unable to accept speaking engagement response to Upward Bound report filmmaking/media
             11      James Henderson                   petition forwarded to Academic Deans Washington Mutual's interest in lectureship Athletic planning
             13      Sterling Nichols                  Man of LaMancha - great job same
             13      Gary Katz                         same
             13      Sue WAshburn                      same
             13      Pete Steilberg                    Potential Evergreen visitor
             13      Ainara Wilder                     I will be out-of-town during your visit working with faculty and students in field of nutrition OFM
                     Don Chann                         directive A80-2
             13      Bud Johansen                      thanks for offer to help in Dean Clabaugh replace. searci unable to attend meeting
             13      Chuck Pailthorp                   Fairhaven/Evergreen comparison handwritten note
             14      Byron Youtz                       problem re thanks for invitation
             14      John Maxwell                      security charges for organization mtg. here contribution
             14      Roger Meyer M.D.                  to be graduation speaker at TESC
             14      Rita Cooper                       same
             14      William Gerberding                thanks for calligraphy on nametags for leg. reception same
             14      Ernest Boyer                      unable to serve on
             14      Byron Youtz                       our support for women's champ. comp under NAIA/NCAA thanks for fine job on VEG

11     Wm. Paris                          letter to Representative re program development

Month/Dnte     Recipient

March (Cont)

             20            Mary Nelson                             20           Peter Richards
             20            Gordon Beck                             20           Brian Johnson
               18          John Northrop                           27           Amer. Council on Ed
             18            Bob Carr                                27           Bradley Cloven
               18          Leila Hammond                           31           John Walker
               18          John Aikin
               19          Richard Cellarious et               April
               19          R.M Cobb                                 invitation to serve of VDG same
               19          Russ Lidman                                 letter to interested applicant Lawsuit re Forest Trust Lands letter of commentation for Cecile
               19          Byron Youtz                              Lindquist Data Processing Authorit's report al         Response to DTF report -Marine Facilities
               19          Walker Allen                             educational programs on SUBASE Bangor Statement on State Tax Policay Proposed cooperative
               19          David Barry                              effort with Dept. of Ecology Graduation
               19          Don Holmlund                                letter to friend re eduacational possibilities letter to parent of student
               19          Edie Kaufman                              evaluation
               19          Rita Grace                                Mtg with Vancouver Advisory Committee on campus reporter's visit to TESC
               20          Charles Dunsire                             Response to Senator Donahue's clam great report
               20          Bob Carr                                    Semester at Sea people locating at TESC additional funds for Evergreen 38
               20          Steve Hunter                        tion Request for funds for writers conference/recruitment tr expenses for US/Japan Friendship
               20          Byron Youtz                              commission
               20          Byron Youtz                                 letter to parents of student re evaluation orientation on campus
               20          Asian Pac. Isle Coal                     invitation to serve on VEC as student member invitation to serve on VEC as staff member invitation
               20          Roberta Stewart                          to serve on VDG as student member add Evergreen to mailing list
               20          M/M David Burcombe                          unable to serve as keynote speaker
               20          Vancouver Adv. Corn                         employment contract levels for current & ensuing biennia
               20          Kim Wolston

      1           Ronald Petersen                       letter to interested~applicant
      1           Lynn Brant                            same
      1           Walker Allen                          late credit at end of winter quarter
      1           Kaye Sullivan                         congrats on book endeavor
      1           James Showalter                       letter to interested applicant - refer Humphreys
      1           Paul Warwick                          same - refer Barbara Smith
      1           Steve Charak                          confirm appointment to KAOS Advisory Board
      1           Lisa Keller                           letter to prospective student re foreign language study
      1           Lisa Randlett                         confirm appointment to KAOS Advisory Board
      1           Bob Costello                          same
      2           Kenneth McLean                        letter to scout receiving Eagle Award
      2           Duke Kuehn                            confirm appointment to Hearing Board
      2           Judy Lindlauf                         same
      3           News Release                          announcement of Board mtg to consider WAC -parking reg.
      3           Annie Jacobs                          confirm appointment to KAOS Adv. Board
      3           Norm Calvo                            confirm acceptance to Bd of Governors of TESC
      4           Harris Hunter                         ack. recomendation of J. Youngblood to Clabaugh position
      7           Roman Mankus                          re policy of billing small amounts
      7         Judy Libby.                             Request fdr $600 - endorsement ofRun for Your Life proj.
      7         Bill Winden                             Port Angeles Chamber group performance
      8         Cirrelda Snider                         TESC assistance in locating daughter at death of father
      8         David Frey                              letter to interested applicant - refer Humphreys

11     Wm. Paris                                   letter to Representative re program development

Month/Date     Recipient

April (cont)

      8          Mark Cassidy
      8          Grad Committee
      8          Rusty Blomgren
      9          Nary Nelson
      9          Chris Fitzgerald
     14          Dan Farber
     14          Melvin Lindbloom
     14          Cecile Lindquist
     14          Wm. Eblen
     14          Lynn Lunde
     14          Walter Howe
     14          Ann Brown
     14          Robert Drewel
     14          Denis Streeter
     16          Evergreen Community
                                           letter to interested applicant - refer VP for Business Graduation speaker and
                                           upcoming committee mtg. letter to interested applicant - refer-R. Cooper thanks for
                                           sharing paper on Wash. geologic history thanks for observation of Evergreen Council
                                           letter to former student -re Strawberry Creek College regret unable to attend
                                           retirement of Pres. of Corn. Coll acknowledgement of letter of recommend. for Wm.
                                           Ziegler regret unable to participate in symposium
                                            acknow. letter of commendation for security dept. KAOS translator site with
                                            Weyerhaeuser thanks for efforts in locating Liz at death of her dad letter of
                                            recommendation for Les Eldridge Eagle Award receipent
                                            Service on COG IV DTF
     14         Ellis Dunn et al            Vancouver Adv. Committee at TESC, map & parking permit
     15         Evergreen Council           April 2 memo re COG IV
     17         ~eff Jacob                  trip expenses to Washington D.C.
     21         Trustees                    Graduation ceremonies and btidget hearings
     21         David Morrison              resources for the blind
     21          Floyd Roller               VP for Business deadline
     21          Robert McCall              unable to accept commitment as awards committee member
     21          Jay Fredericksen           thanks for check to cover costs of Amer. Chern. Road Show
     21         Alexander Norm              merge SOS with under grad. Res. Participate. program
     22         Hugh Smith                  $50,000 grant for US/Japanese understand. in Wash State
     22          T. Evans Wyckoff           same
     22         Walter Williams             same
     22          George Duff                same
     22          Pat Baillargeon            same
     22          Daniel J. Elazar           unable to participate
     22          Rita Grace                 Meeting for Evergreen 38 pro ject
     22          Tony Nugent                letter to interested applicant - teaching
     22          Donald Morford             reply to letter of recommendation - Hilmar Kuebel
     22          Richard White              same
     22          David Hastings             thanks for pictures for archives
     22          Rita Cooper                Publication of "Management Focus" enclosed
     22          Al Albert                  handwritten note
     22          Walker Allen               David C. Poulson letter
     22          Ralph Larson               action taken by Wash. State Personnel Board
     23          Joan Winden                May 18 visit, String Quartet from Peninsula College
     24          Trustees                   P1 story on Evergreen and Evans
     25          Dennis Stanley             re exam. of fiscal records & financial statements-TESC
     28          Ralph Lundgren             unable to attend Lilly Workshop on Liberal Arts
     28          Edwin Schafer              thanks for offer of Special Envoy to Churchill & Stalin
     29          Frances Gore               letter to parent of prospective student
     29          Howard Martin              TESC offers in foreign language
     29          Hon. Dan Grimm             Title IX impact on Wash. institutions of Higher Ed.
     30          Ed Donohoe                 Washington Corn. for Human. reception
     30          Swartz Scott               handwritten note
     30          Steve Henrikson            reply to request on trilateral commission
     30          Leona McCroskey            re dispute Mr. Herman has with neighbors
     30          William Gerberding         COP must present a unified front to make progress
     30          Glenn Terrell              same

11        Wm. Paris                    letter to Representative re program development

Month/Date       Recipient

     April cont

      30           Arthur Cowles          proposal of conference of schs. in innovative ed.
      30           Diane Winslow          re funding for ACCESS for next year
      30           George Condon          letter to interested applicant - administration
      30           David Neill            congrads on selection as Danforth Scholar

        1          N/N Julian Jenner      handwritten note
        2          Trustees               agenda for next board meeting - Board retreat
        2          Wayne Lonsdorf         letter to interested applicant
        2          Youtz et al            letter from Wayne Lonsdorf
        2          Larry Stenberg         Murals in CAB
        2          Byron Youtz            Room & Board costs for faculty on assignment
        2          Wallace Porter         grateful for professionalism at recent campus incident
        2          James Wussler          same
        2          Michael Randall        thanks for note re Joe Corres
        2          Mrs. Wm. Littooy       condolence at death of husband
        2          Mack Smith             gratitude for leadership at recent campus incident
        2          Robert Simon           expense for trip to Stanford Business College
        2          Tim Hawley             letter to prospective student - positive reenforcement
        2          David Enroth           US/Japanese awareness celebration - grant
        2          Dean & Directors       Accountability to VEG
        2          W. J. Dugaw            Evergreen image
        5          Northwest Management Corp - unable to attend grand opening
        6          Maryse Eymonerie       VP & Provost salary info for Economic Status Prof's rep.
        7          Charles Teske          Oral/Performing traditions Gr. contrac t
        7          Stephanie Anderson     Standford Grad Sch. of Business meeting
        7          J.H. Nclntoch          letter to parent - student handled problem on own
        7          Judy Ramsey            accept invite to address Vancouver Grads
        7          Chuck Fowler           Possible resource guide
        8          James P. Holland       letter to recommendation for David Barry
        8          Jan K. Orloff          comments for Standford Grad. Bus. school Adv. Bd.
        8          George Garrels         letter to community person -
        8          Wash. St. PUb. Broadcast Commission - letter of recommendation-Dave Carnaha
        8          Marie Carter           temporary employment for student
        9          Palmer Poulson         letter to parent re problem with student's account
        9          Robert Simon           submitted expense for Stanford trip
        9          William Stafford       acknowledge acceptance of Grad. speaker
        9          Martha Chambers        letter re financial aid to former student
       12          Tom Foote et al        thanks for music provided for McCleary Grange
       15          Greg Portnoff          request he serve on Use of Human Sub. Review Bd.
       15          Dr. T.Suenaga          official invite of Dr. Seuchi Katayam as exc. faculty
       15          Rita Cooper et al      Potention Evergreen REsource directory
       15          B. Youtz et al         Fall Symposium
       15          Carolyn Dobbs          invite to serve on Use of Human Sub. Review Bd.
       15          TESC Ath. Booster      Club       Special meeting, May 30
       15          M/M Oscar Soule        personal note
       15          Charles Dunsire        personal note
       19          Trustees               Board retreat agenda
       19          Douglas Kirkland       Eagle award reciepent
       19          Gladys Perry           letter to retiring educator

11          Wm. Paris                    letter to Representative re program development

            Month/Date      Recipient                           Subject
             May cont.
                 19        Francis Tenny             US?Japan Friendship Commission grant
                 19        Byron Youtz               Bjornson' 5 request for nursing program at TESC
                 19        John Perkins              Welcome aboard to new Adacemic Dean
                 19        Byron Youtz               Davd Poulson problem - faculty reviews
                 19        Howard Nillan             thank you for seedling for graduation
                 19        Byron Youtz et      al    goals and objective set for President by Trustees
                 19        Sue Washburn              invite PresidentTs Club and 100 club members to S. Sat.
                 20        Rita Cooper               chair of COG IV DTF requested
                 20        Celeste Smith             unable to attend spring program
                 20        Wesley Berglund           welcome home, inc. May Bd. Ntg. info
                 21        Jovana Brown              budget determination disagreement
                 21        Walker Allen et     al    Cog IV DTF roster and info   and challenge
                 21        Jeff Jacobs               expenses for Academy of Pub. Adm. in D.C.
                 21        Frank Gillespie           letter to interested applicant
                 21        Richard Hem               same
                 22        Fred Raney                letter of recommendation for Barbara Swain
                 22        Dan Grimm                 invite to athletic Adv. corn mtg.
                 22        Richard Barnes            same
                 22        Peter Sterbick            thanks for letter re VP for Business Search
                 27        Sue Washburn              Foundation Scholarship
                 27        Wayne Gentry              sister-city relationship
                 27        Lyle Watson               potential sister-city relationship with Kobe
                 27        Rita Cooper et      al    payment for small food, entertainment items
                 27        Ruth Strong               letter of condolence
                 27        Gerald      Youngblood    application for VP for Business too late
                 27        Byron Youtz               Bill Brown request "South Africa Awareness Week"
                 27        Craig Adams               reply to request for public support
                 27        Sue Washburn              Totem pole donation
                 27        Wallace Drayton           response to proposal of outreach, poss. conflict w WWU
                 27        WillHumphreys             explanation of Drayton proposal
                 27        Sue Washburn              Carrie Ann Gevirtz
                 27        Edward Wenk               unable to attend U of W colloquirn
                 27        Judy Guykema et     al    invitation to lunch at Evans prior to graduation
                 27        Sue Washburn              Stanley Soderland letter
                 27        Scott Miller              congrats on first-class film project - Soderland leter
                 27        Soderland                 thanks for encouragement of S. Miller and his project
                 28        Glenn Pascall             remarks regarding Research Council report of May 1
                 28        Byron Youtz               TESCiCommunity College academic program
                 28        S. Sat. & Grad Membrs     invitation ot dinner at Evans - for appreciation
                 29        Margaret       Jenkins    thanks for invite to your photo show in Seattle
                 30        Fac & Staff               annual on-Campus Chamber of Corn. Brfst. mtg.
                 30        Wes Berglund              confirm dinner prior to grad.
                  2        Sid Campbell              welcome to Evergreen 100 Club
                  3        Ron Sanford               unable to attend wedding celebration
                  3        Alden Dunham              Carnegie conference papers prior to meeting.
                  3        Samuel Kelly              reply to letr of recommendation for VP for Bus. cand.
                  3        Charles Morris            same
                  3        Nancy Loftness            letter re non funding of ACCESS
e                 3        F. W. Steckmest           request sponsorship of conf. on Alternative Institutions
                  3        Dale Carlson              unable to reply by phone, please contact me back

11    Wm. Paris                         letter to Representative re program development

Month/Date     ~ient                                Subject

 June (Cont)

                          2                          Trsutees
                          3                          Norton Clapp
                          4                          L.T. Murray Jr.
                          4                          Don Fassett
                          6                          James Bemis
                          10                         Byron Youtz
                          10                         Dennis Eagle
                          10                         Was. St. Liquor
                          10                         Dave Carnahan
                          10                         Alvin Gittins
                          10                         Rita Grace
                          10                         Rita Cooper
                          10                         Ginny Ingersoll
                          11                         Paul Neuffer
                          11                         Kenneth Brautigan
                          11                         Melvin Chesseman
                          16                         National Endow.
                          16                         Youtz et al
                          16                         Howard McCurdy
                          16                         Ginny Ingersoll
                          17                         Lee Buffington
                          17                         Guy Adams
                          17                         David Keyt
                          17                         Robert Flanagan
                          17                         Jan Orloff
                          17                         Margaret Gibbs
                          17                         Masuda
                          18                         Donna Carnahan
                          19                         York Wong et al
                          19                         Rita Cooper
                          19                         Mrs. A. B. Veleke
                          20                         F. W. Allison
                          20                         Paul Leary
                          20                         Patricia McCoy
                          20                         Dr. Emery Jennings
                          20                         Leroy Hittle
                          20                         Charles Kincaid
                          20                         Chuck Fowler
                          20                         Mike Bigelow
                          20                         Dell Lacy
                          20                         Gail Norris
                          20                         Galen Jacobsen
                          23                         Eagle award recipient Housing unit lease policy changes Problems re funding of ACCESS thanks for
                          24                         your part in C C visits response to organizational info
                          24                         Impressions on Nels Hansons higher Ed. money proposa letter to parent re sons experience at TESC
                          26                         response to request of Municipal League speech details re Wash. Assoc. of Sch. Adm. speech
                          26                         authorization of position of Lab. Instruct. Tech. problems re advanced student registration for program
                          26                         apoligies re handling of her slides thanks for supper Sat. activities
                          26                         Goals and Objectives set for fiscal yr. 1980 June 18 Retreat
                          26                         thanks for booklet
                          26                         thanks for contribution to Seawuff program thanks for support of Seawuiff project welcome to use
                          27                         Evergreen self study for conference Northwest Assoc. Aug. Workshop
                          27                                     cover letter to pages re faculty eval, etc. Control Board express views re amending order 24
                          28                         (WAC 3l4-~~
                          28                                     Weawulff support
                          26                         scheduling and arrangements for Official portrait mtg with Byron reveterans' external credit problems
                          Alistair R. Nash           Financial aid audit report
                          Don Sprague                Proposed memo to Business Advisory Group request for financial assistant for Seawuiff project letter
                          Ingrid Bauer               to Eagle award recipient
                          Charles Teske                            response to letter re TESC van
                          E. N. Teagarden            for Humanities -support of proposal by NW Writing Consortium Informing trustees of special events
                          Jule Emery                 sent report made at MPA conference by Evans same
                          Beth Rohyans               thanks for sending stockholders report sent copy of stockholders report made letter to paretn re students
                          R. J. Cooke                problems Stockholders report made to Rotary in same
                          Wm. Lahmann                same
                          Byron Youtz                personal note personal note
                          Youtz/ Allen               announcement of hiring R. Schwartz as new VP 10-yr certificate for Dave Carnahan condolences at
                          Zoe Allison                death of husband announcement to candidates as to whom same
                          Judy McNickle et al        same
                          Trustees                   same
11     Wm. Paris                         letter to Representative re program development
LETTERBOOK INDEX YEAR                                                                1980
Report on 80-81 Ward Bowden       ack. Laura Thomas appointment, Dir. of Finalcial Aid. response to draft of exam. of TESC Fed.
Memorial Scholarship winn(        Financial~Pro
report on Haas Fdtn. Award                                                                                                        ai
recipient for 80-81 Response to                                                                                                   d
minutes of Enrollment Coord.      to Seattle Rota with evaluation. Seattle
Corn. mtg. OFM Forecast           was selected
letter to community member

11       Wm. Paris                                    letter to Representative re program development
LETTERBOOK INDEX        YEAR                                     1980

Month/Date         Recipient                           Subject


                    8          Rita Grace            24        Halvor Halvorson
                    8          John Sawhill          24        Reva Patterson
                    8          Rita Cooper           25        Mike Bigelow
                    8          Tom Ansart            25        Christine Kerlin
                    8          Rita Cooper           25        Ken Winkley
                    8          Randy Partridge       25        Sid White
                    8          Marissa Swick         25        Ralph Larson
                    8          Dean McDonald         notes re future scheduling, Pres. Council, Trustees personal packet
                    8          Steve Henrickson      Thank you for NP for business search grants coordinators position Rich
                    8          C. Gail Norris        Montecucco memo re Judith Hulet
                    8          Patricia R. Harris    Career Planning and Palcement ofc, concerns answered same
                    8          Ralph Mackey          Acceptance of C.C. grads to upper levels of education response to hi sch
                    8          Trustees              stdts report on Trilateral commission Paul L. Fowler Scholarship awards
                    9          Paul Neuffer          Letter of recommendation for Ludwig Lobe thanks for support of Seawulff
                    9          Rita Cooper           project Areas of responsibility for Trustees thanks for money for
                   10          George Franklin       printing of sail plans
                   10          Larry Stenbery        1980-81 Goals Statement for the President request for copy of book
                   10          Eldridge/Smith        Coordination of marketing plan same
                   10          C. Gail Norris        summarize comments for COP re faculty salary adm. proposed instructional
                   10          C. Gail Norris             formula
                   11          Wash. St. Liquor      Bd.promotional Activities prohibited on sch. campus Bd. of Publicaitons
                   14          Chuck Fowler               - role of facilitator
                   14          Galen Jacobsen        response to draft of exam report of TESC - audit cover for submission
                   15          Dixy Lee Ray          of TESC's 1981-83 Capital budget President~s Council meeting - agenda
                   15          Youtz et al           Seawulff and Foundations
                   16          Sue Washburn               Letter to Pres. Club member 5 annual evaluations
                   16          Lowry Wyatt                Your memo re address updates for computer files Five-Year Grouwth
                   16          mbr. of VP Discus     Plan
                   16          Sue Washburn          Contact with the department of Personnel contact with state employ.
                   16          Byron Youtz           requiring skills of MA regret, unable to attend Brewster Denny Lunch
                   16          Steve Hunter               letter to senior unable to get into class needed etal Communications
                   16          Leonard Nord          with trustees
                   16          Thomas Mc Carthy           letter parent re daughter~s residency requirements letter to
                   16          Richard Fowler        prosective students
                   16          Deans, Directors      progress of suggestions for memorial August 21 Board agenda questions
                   16          Mrs. T. Hickman       re budget development at each institution
                   18          Special Message       requests a grant of N.J. Murdock Cabritable Trust achievements of the
                   18          Unsoeld Committee     year
                   18          Wes Berglund          Letter of condolence to wife of former employee Aug. 20&21 mtg.
                   18          Bob Carr              Frederickson to attend CPE conditional approval of our-of-region
                   18          Sam Smith             programs Letter of recommendation for Dave Carnahan response to requested
                   18          President's Report    deadline for mtg. Operating Costs of Seawulff
                   22          Marion Williams       Meeting with Ken Ninnaert Housing
                   24          Gail Norris           response to requests for Pres. Contigency Funds letter to Dept. of Game
                   24          Gail Norris           at retirement

11          Wm. Paris                       letter to Representative re program development
LETTERBOOK INDEX                 YEAR                                          1 QRO

Month/Date      Recipient

July (Cont)

                        28              Byron Youtz
                        28              Rita Cooper
                        28              Ken Winklev              August
                        29              Kay Meyers               candidates for Was. Corn. for Humanities {rom TFSC Day Care
                        29              Trustees                 Our C B at Sound Savings letter to interested student Update
                        29              Susan Ybarra             of President's Calendar Third World Orientation funds request
                        29              Stenberg/McNickle        Inquire re Super Sat. III co-chair
                        31              Roger Meyer              letter to interested applicant - health Services

                             1          Rita Cooper               11          Bob Carr
                             1          Richard Lonbard           11          Bob Carr
                             1          Trustees                  11          Sue Washburn
                             4          Trsutees                  11          Mike BLgelow
                             4          Commodore Anderson        11          Donovan Gray
                             4          Pres. T. Suenaga          11          B. D. Pinick
                             4          Robert Flowers            11          Larry Hall
                             4          Carson Stookey           Expenditure Reduction PLans
                             4          M/M Bonker               decline candidacy for Pres. of Charles Kettering Fdn. News summary
                             4          Rev. J. Fillerer         Progress of biennial budget planning thanks for donation to Marine Studies program faculty exchange
                             5          David Thompson           program
                             5          Sue Washburn             thanks for fine job as chair of Board of Trustees thanks for contribution to Seawuiff project
                             6          Kay Meyers               Congratulations at adoption of your daughter letter to former college administrator reentering field letter
                             6          Rita Cooper              to Eagle Scout awardee
                             6          Allen/Winkley            re property near Fort Warden proposed to be purchased letter to inquiry re programs for working women
                             6          Bob Carr                 Housing
                             6          Thomas Lee               Late Fee Charges. Gail Norris Correspondence
                             6          Hames Dolliver           decline invite to participate in conference adknowledge opposition to HJR 37 cover letter to 1981-83
                             6          Trustees                 Capital budget request thanks for investment in Seawulff project funding for conference of alternative
                             6          L. T. Murray, Jr.        colleges Intercollege Relations Commission representative Kay Meyers' letter
                             6          Bruce Edwards            send TESC student success story to dailies Potential Financial aid sourc&
                             6          Larry Stenberg           invitation to advisory committe of Master's in Enviro Stuc same also to Joseph Blum,Ralph Beswick,
                             6          Earlyse Swift            Frank Haw, Karen Fraser, William Smith, Hal Zimmerman, Alan ~hompsor Ron Clarke, William
                             6          Fowler, Chuck            Ruckelshaus, Louis Messmer, Ruth Weiner, Gary Nozel, Presentation to College Admissions counselors
                             7          Laura Thomas             York Wong's recent memo of 'Cultural Literacy' action re recent Veteran's Affairs dec~sion re your
                             7          Bryce Seidl              memo to Dough Sayan about witholding extra 2% Temporary Task Force on Budget Strategy
                             7          Jack Dunfield            Washington Mutual Proposal Consequence of atrly laspsing & expenditure monitoring letter to student in
                             8          Arnaldo Rodriguez        MPA requesting contract w Evans response to solicitation letter complaint thanks for great job at Chair
                             8          Byron Youtz              of business advisory corn.
                            11          Ed Kormondy

11            Wm. Paris                               letter to Representative re program development
LETTERBOOK INDEX            YEAR    1980

                 Month/Date        Recipient August cont.

                                       Fowler et al
                                       George Lamb
                                       Gail Chambers
                                       Tim Gilmour
                                       Board of Trsutees
                                       John Sawhill
                                       Dan Grimm
                                       Wash. Mutual
Sally Raleigh article personal note Evans personal nominate Ernest "Stone' T Thomas TESC rep academic skill prog Rep from COP mtg with gubernatorial candidates
           1981-83 Biennium Budget Request personal
       EB 1480 impact to TESC Sav. Bk trust committee mtg. confirmation
                           14            JOhn Gardner                  Larry Stenberg. TESC rep to Intercollege Rel. comm.
                           14            Nat. Reed                     letter to relative of prospective student
                           14            Sam Smith                     letter of exploration re Trust funding sources
                           15            Rebecca ~JRight               re article written by her father
                           15            Vernon Pickett                welcome to new Pres. of Lower Columbia College
                           15            Carrene Louden                acknowledgement of advice
                           15            Polly Dyer                    regret, unable to attend conference
                           15            Ken Winkley                   Student & Discretionary Fund Status report
                           14            Walter Williams               thanks for Continental's gift to TESC
                           15            Ernest Boyer                  accept appointment to Carnegie's governance of higher Ed.
                           15            Sue Washburn                  Meiklejohn Foundation response
                           15            Melvin Cheesman               response to gripe about TESC van
                           19            Youtz et al                   Draft of budgetary reduction plan
                           19            Hisato Yamada                 response to letter re Entry to US as student
                           19            Rita Cooper                   Kenwinkley's memo on Housing project
                           21            Trustees & Regents Invitation for joint meeting of colleges &
                           21            Henry Kotkins                 request for contribution to Seawulf project
                           21            Wayne Smith                   same
                           21            Gene Grant                    same
                           21            Peter Schmidt                 same
                           21            Bob McEachern                 same
                           21            Jack Robins                   same
                           25            Rita Cooper                   several items of current concern - memo
                           26            Robert Hemmes                 packet to relative of prospective student
                           26            James Carlisle                rewquest for exact premium for insurance
                           25            to Whom it may Concern Use of YMCA camp as educational off-campus setting
                                                                                                                                                   U's at TESC

                            2          Neil Woody                                                  5            Paul Scroggie
                            2          Bob Carr                                                    9            Anthony Balista
                            2          Sue Washburn                                              11             Slade Gorton
                            2          Arthur Tannenbaum               Welcome to Evergreen 100 Club
                            2          Rebecca Wright                  re HEP Board's action in Affirmative Action field funding of public alternative schools -proposed
                            2          Guy Adams                       conference
                            2          Ken Winkley                                response to inquiry re one on one urban tutors projec response to concern re HEP Board's
                            2          Bob Carr                        action in Affirm. Action response to request for participation in MPA program ? re NDSL costs audit
                            2          Ellen Taussig                   3% cutback to HEP Board
                            2          Stome Thomas                    opening of new school in arts, Humanities & Enviro congrats on Ed. Support grant & comments
                            2          Leo Daugherty                   comments of article written by him in Christian Sci. Monito Participation in Fed. Summer Intern
                            2          Barbara Cooley                  Program? Possible Symposium Speakers
e                           3          Jovana Brown                    response to complaint of HEPB moving into Affirm Act. Area letter to prospective student
                            4          Doug Sayan                      response to request for equivalent studey degree Appoint. of Bond Counsel

11        Wm. Paris                                  letter to Representative re program development
LETTERBOOK INDEX           YEAR                                                       1~

Month/Date     Recipient

  Sept cont.
     11             Jeff Jacobs                                                              expense for Sept. mtg Natl Academy of Public Administration
     11              John O'Sullivan          Sponsorship of mates for individual contracts
     11              Evergreen Community State of College message date by Evans
     12              James Sainsbury          request of exemption on Hiring freese for Campus nurse posi
     12              Wictor Butler            response to request for certificate for completion of
                                              Youth Today, Career Tomorrow program
     16                                       Supper Saturday
     16                                       same
     16                                       Publication of Nisqually report in Northwest Science
     16                                       endorsement of Referendum 38 and 39
     16                                        Funding of article in Northwest Science Journal
     16                                       Financial Aid Information
     16                                       letter to former students
     16                                              Russ Ford request for information
     16                                       1% Budget Reduction Requirement
     16                                       response to letter requestion information re program TESC
     16                                       regret unable to accept invite to attend football game
     16                                       congrats re reelection to Alum Board
     16                                       Congrats re election to Alum Board
     16                                       same also to Jill Flemming Freeburg
     16                                       same also to Tom Juarez
     16                                       same also to Bill Freeburg
     16                                       same alsoBrian Milbrath
     16                                       same also to Gary Mozel
     16                                       same also to Terry Oliver
     16                                       same
     16                                       thanks for job on Alum Board
     16                                       same also to Shelly Sullens
     16                                       same also toJoyce Weston
     16                                       same
     16                                       congrats on re elections to Alum Board of Directors
     16                                       same also to Colleen Spencer
     16                                       thanks for job on Alum Board
     16                                       same also to Susan HAnsen
                 Larry Stenberg
                Judy McNickle
                Al Wiedemann
                Joan Thomas
                Byron Youtz
                 Ken Winkley
                Patrick Williams
                 Arnaldo Rodriguez
                Aikin et al
                 Russ Ford
                Glenn Terrell
                 Pat Foster
                Will Rice
                 Nam Chu Pearl
                Doug King
                 Julio Grant
                 Patricia Bliss
                 Dave Anderson
                 Scott Salzer
                 Kevin Phillips
                 Tom Juarez
                 Randy Ray
                 Anne Fugus
                 Andy Ryan
                 John P Jomes
                 Kevin Thomas
                 Grant Bunker
                 Doug Ellis
                 Geroge Barner
                 Dave Wallbom
                 Keith Dolliver
                 John Robins
11        Wm. Paris                                   letter to Representative re program development
                                             Deck on President's residence
                                             Eagle Scout award letter
                                             Thanks for being a member of the MPA advisory Board
     19         Unigard INsurance request for insurance payment on Evans physical
     19         Gail Norris                  endorsement by COP of the tuition & fee policy recommendati
     22         Walker Alles                 please attach statement of purpose to pay. of late fee amer
     22         President's Council Adnrus visit dates
     22         Youtz et al
     22         Bryon Youtz
     22         D&D
     23         Jeanne Welch
     23         Pete Taylor
     24         Ginny Ingersoll
     24         Dee Van Brunt
     24         M/M Stephen Hart
     24         Al Saunders
     24         Swartz/Winkley
     24         Norman Novak
     25         David McKenna
     25         TWIMC
     25         Peter Epperson
                                             Cellarius' review of master plan tied to new housing effort Interest in participation in Woodrow Wilson Fellows prog. filing of
                                             notices & rules by inst. of higher ed requirement relocation of state Archaeology Repositiory
                                             thanks for being faculty rep for United Way campaign Teaching in MPI
                                             thanks for being classified staff rep for United way campai condolences at death of son
                                             lts to former trustees re Herb Hadley retirement celebrati( South Sound National Bank Branch
                                             grant request for computers use in business acknowledgement of request to be a reference letter of recommendation for Tina Hart
                                             Opportunities for student participation

11        Wm. Paris                               letter to Representative re program development

                  Month/Date           Recipient



e                       25


                        25                          October
                                  Byron Youtz                   Title VIII (Cooperative Ed) Grant
                                  Pres Council                  David Broderas Fall Symposium participant                                                 PASCAL
                                  Norman Knovak       grant request for instrauction in use of the programming la
                                  Patricia Delatore apologies for cancelling program for librarians
                                  Lovern King                   confirm appointment as member of KAOS Adv. Board
                                  Italian Consulate confirm Catherine Ludlow as full-time student for 3 yrs.


                         1         City Editors                 21               James Fields
                         1        Trustees                      21               Jeff Jacobs
                         2        Norman Kovak                  22               John Irwin
                         2        City Editors                  23               Linda Clifton
                         6        David Coble                   23               Trustees
                         6        Lovern King                   23               TW INC
                         6        Maxine Mimms                  23               Academic Deans
                         6        Ann Brown et all              23               Dee Holder
                         7        Lisa Bleak                   News Conference re funding problems
                         7        Youtz et al                  weekly up-date                                                                                      application.
                         7        Eleanor Lee                  grant request to dev. course                                                    -statistics on Bus & Pub. Adm/
                        10        Amy Shapiro                  News conference reminder Appoint. as student rep to Pub Board
                        14        Jan Lambertz                 Thanks for serv mg second yr on Pub Board Thanks for serving on Pub Board Thanks for serving as rep.
                        14        Larry Eickstaedt             to the Board of Trustees response to letter re winter qtr refund visit of David Broder to the college accept
                        14        Bob Crocker                  to serve Board of Scholars of elected women
                        16        Schwartz/Youtz               thanks for willingness to serve as student rep to Hear. Bd. Thanks for rep. staff at Board of Trustees mtgs.
                        16        Bob Carr                     this yr. thanks for rep. faculty at B of T mtgs this yr
                        16        Elgin Olrogg                 same - alumni Archaeological repositiory
                        17        Vonda Drogmund               same                                                                                       Seawulf proj
                        17        David Broder                 re Cheney rejection of our request for assistance in fundin hand written note sent
                        17        Schwartz                     schedule for visit Recommendations of Campus Hearing Board Criminal Trespass
                        17        Rita Cooper                  letter to retiring trustees thanks for contribution to Marine project David Broder visit
                        17        Herb Hadley                  Eagle award recipient Goethermal energy letter to retiree at U ltr to former trustee, same
                        17        David Skinner                same
                        17        Smith/Washburn               Same
                        18        Dale Brink                   same
                        20        Sue Washburn                 same
                        20        Brewster Denny               same
                        20        Al Saunders                  same
                        20        Janet Holmes                 ltr to interested applicant
                        20        Ginny Schmidt                expense report for Natl. Academy of Publ. Adm. mtg. response to student re delayed with paperwork -
                        20        Thomas Dixon                 veteran joint mtg of Regents during leg. session
                        20        Ray Meredith                 weekly summary
                        20        Herb Hadley                  ltr of indroduction for Susan Aurand Requests for President Ts Contingency Funds report of expense for
                        20        Hal Halvorson                Carnegie Fdn. Oct. mtg.
                        20        Rachel Camp                  of W Grad Sch. of Publ. Affairs Hadley retirement planning

11          Wm. Paris                              letter to Representative re program development
LETTERBOOK INDEX                                                       YEAR        1980

     Month/Date    Recipient

  October continued
      23               Edward Kay             Eagle award recipient
      27               Chuck Fowler           Retention plan and development
      27               News Release           Announcement of hearing re financial obl re late fees
      28               Rainer Hasenstab       response to questions re RIF and 2% cutback
      28               Linda Kahan            Congrats on representing Evergreen at Natl Science Fdn
      28               Robert Utter           accept service on Bd. on Judicial Education
      28               Winfield Dunn          Second Hospital in Olympia
      28               Bob Filmer             thanks for fine job on Evergreen 38 project
      28               Glenn Pascall          First rate report in Wash. St. Research Council publ.
      28               Anne Buck              personal note
      28               Abmed Jaddi            Trust proposed to enhance Ed. exchange between U.S & India
      28               Anthony Griffin        Thank you for expression in employment at TESC
      28               Donald Phelps          thanks for allowing us to have special Bd. mtg on your camp
      28               Sonya Christianson       unable to take part in Interim at Whitman
      30               Malachy Murphy         request authorization to hire bond counsel for new housing
      31               Trsutees               Weekly Summary

         18         Ed Kormondy               Maraire dismissal progress report
         18         Dale Carlson              Expanded resume for Hoover award
         18         Dale Wallace              lter to interested applicant re Mstr's Prog. in Enviro Stud:
         19         C. Gail Norris            Educational needs in Pierce County - joint porgrams
         19         Byron Youtz               Tacoma Outreach
         19         Staff et al               Evergreen Council agenda
         19         Jane Sylvester            Reorganization
         19         Mike Kreidler             OTCC desire to offer academic subjects
         20         Betty Evans               return of duplicate check p~id for lecture
         20         Washburn/Smith            David Broder visit
         20         Vera Waller               acknowledge naming TESC in Will
         21         Jane Sylvester            Exempt Salary Grid
         21         Arthur Stembell           Grant request from Metro Life Fdtn Education Awards Prog.
         21         Dick Hemstad              congrats on election
         21         Irv Hewhouse              same
         21         Bill Carson               same
         24         Gary M. Ernsdorff Eagle
         24         Chris Siegle              Same
                    Sue Washburn
                   Nat Jackson
                    Byron Youtz
                    Arnaldo Rodrigues
                    Cecil Andrus
                    Sue Washburn
                    Larry Eickstaedt
                    Vermont Royster
                    Gerry Esterbro2k
                       James Mason
                       Les Eldridge
                       Robert McGinnis
                       Vitalia Aguero
11         Wm. Paris                          letter to Representative re program development
                   George Kinnear
                    Keith Paulsen
                    Joel Smith
                    Evergreen Community
                                          Background on Jaddi
                                          Interest in cooperative Education program by business
                                                              Geothermal Energy Resources
                                                                 Rotary Exchange student
                                          thanks for great visit Problems for part-time women stduents Peter Westerlind offer of assistance Teaching with Angelo
                                          Invitation to Atlernative Ed. Conference 1981
                                          All campus mtg re 2%~cutback, leg. session, bugetary problei Japan/U.S. Friendship Commission report
                                          re scholarships program, thank~ for contribution in past Fuuture cabinet item: training ' TManagement by Objectives" ltr to
                                          interested applicant - referred to Barbara Smith ltr to interested applicant - referred to Barbara Smith First renewal of
                                          President's Club contributors
                                          ltr to interested applicant - referred Barbara Smith same
                                                   Report to the community re cutbacks
                                                                       Award recipient

11     Wm. Paris                          letter to Representative re program development
LLIILRBOOK INDEX          YEAR     1980

Month/Date             Recipient                                        Subject


          1           William Lane
          1           Guy Adams
          1           Les Eldridge
          1           Bob Carr
          1           President's
          1           Fred Koontz
          1           N. J. Jordan
          2           Tom McLaughlin
          2           Penny Spute
Thanks for hospitality to Standford Advisory Board
Unable to take regular part in academic program
COP committee & their Chrm from Evergreen
          White papers on higher education for legislators Cabinet Business Week contract with UPS -Hal Wolf
          Thanks for fish, hope received useful info re TESC attend Thanks for records from Bell Telephone labos
student intern programs
reply re interest in NPA Advisory Bd membership
          2                                         Invistation to attend College nite at Evergreen
          4            Fred Haley                   thanks for reriewed President's Club gift.
          5            Trustees                     Weekly summary
          5            Hemstad/Garson               OTCC's desire to offer academic programs
          5            Joyce Weston                 Evergreen Council
          5            Richard Alexander same
          8            Inger Butcher                Thanks for fine job on center pieces for Trustee retirednr.
          8            Benjamin Davis               sample of narrative evaluation transcript
          8            Code Reviser                 Dates of 1981 Ed of Trustees mtgs.
          9            Lillian Warnick              reply to request for appointment
         11            James Mc Graw                letter to interested applicant
         15            Stevenson et al              personal notes accompanying Broder book
         15            Donna Cantonwime                     Request serving on EvergreenVancouver Advisory Bd
         15            Larry Hobbs                  Thank you for serving - Van~ouver Advisory Bd
         15            Malachy Murphy               Action per request for Bond Counsil - housing project
         15            Elizabeth Baker              Response to request for patrol of ASH parking lot
         17            Wm. Chance                   MPE proposal to CPE
         18            John Aikin                   Development of Public TV in Southwest WAshington
         18            M/M Greenlee                 condolences at death of their son - Gary Russell
         18            Mrs. B. Russell              condolences at death of husband - Gary Russell
         18            David West                   cover letter for letter of reference
         18            TWING                        letter of reference for David West
         18            Richard Mc Caskill RE public sponsorship of new hospital
         18            Jack Brennan
         18            Walker Allen
         18            WASH St Dist 17
         18            Doris McCarty
         18            Steven Moore
         18            Donovan Gray
         19            N/N Stevenson
         19            Walt Howe
         19            Marshall Paris
         19            Gregory Crow
                                                    Response to Delbert Kole letter
                                                    Letter of recommendation for Dr. Gerald L. Saling
                                                    Thank you for efforts re Brod~r Bood for Pres. Club
                                                    Unable to give further letter of recommendation - no contact
                                                    Develop. of Public TV in Southwest Washington
                                                      Thanks for President's Club gift.
                                                    Reactions to CPE review of our 1981-83 budget
                                                    Thanks for appointment book
                                                    Response to complaint letter re evaluations and
problem financial/
          22          Sonya Christianson Unable to come to Whitman in January
          22          M/N John Spellman Political reception hosted to honor Gov. Elect and Eikenberry, Munro and Boyle
                                                    Endorsement of letter from w'ashington St. Consortium for
                                                    Public Affairs Education
                                                    News Conference, Monday, Dec. 29 Ray's Proposed budget
                                                    Weekly Summary
                                                    Annual Fund efforts
         23           John Spellman
         23           City Editors
11         Wm. Paris                                  letter to Representative re program development
      23         Trustees
      23         Evergreeners

11      Wm. Paris               letter to Representative re program development

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