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					JOB #: 041
POSITION: Data Analyst
CLIENT: Public Sector
RATE: Open
CONTRACT TERM: 12 months
Duration of Potential Extension: 1 terms of up to 12 months
DUE DATE to APPLY: August 24, 2011
ESTIMATED START DATE: September 19, 2011

Description of Assignment

Our Client is currently involved in the preparation, development and improvement of systems and technology.
To assist in this effort we require the professional services of one (1) Data Analyst to assist in the development and
implementation of the Client’s Application Inventory system and other initiatives.

Assignment Duties

The Data Analyst is responsible for:
     Gathering and analysis of data requirements;
     Development of logical entity-relationship and physical data models;
     Development of data dictionaries to accompany the data models;
     Assist in the development of controlled vocabularies used to populate attributes identified in the data models
     Assist in the development and implementation of the Application Inventory system and other applications
     Assist in gathering, analysing and normalizing the information used to populate the Inventory Application system
        and other applications.
     Establish data management processes and procedures for the Application Inventory system and other applications
     Develop required documentation;
     Assist in training Client’s staff to use the application.

It is important that the services be undertaken by a Data Analyst who can demonstrate specific knowledge of, and experience
in performing similar work for projects of comparable nature, size and scope as detailed below.

Qualifications & Experience:
1. University/Community College degree in Computer Science / Electronic Engineering or equivalent a definite asset.
2. Minimum five years developing logical & physical entity-relationship data models using Information Engineering (IE) or
Integration DEFinition for Information Modelling (IDEF1X) notations,
3. Minimum five years experience with information and data management architectures, standards and best practices
4. Minimum three years experience in establishing or working as a member of a Data Management program.
5. Minimum three years experience in developing test plans and test cases, and testing IT solutions
6. Experience in developing technical and user documentation;
7. Experience with requirements gathering and analysis.
8. Good knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and laws including MFIPPA.
9. Exceptional analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving abilities.
10. Strong written and oral communication skills.

Technical Capabilities:
1. Demonstrated expertise in the field of data modelling and data architecture.
2. Demonstrated expertise in the field of data or information management
3. Demonstrated expertise in producing technical & user documentation
4. Demonstrated expertise in testing IT solutions
5. Excellent skills and experience with Erwin Data Modeler (version 7 preferable), Visio and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel,
Powerpoint and Access).

1. Logical & physical entity-relationship data models
2. Data dictionaries to accompany the data models
3. Data management processes and procedures
4. Controlled vocabularies
5. Test plans and test cases
6. Technical and used documentation