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					                               DESIGN DOCUMENT

Content nAvIgAtIon:

executive Summary	         	    	   01

Functional Requirements 	       	   02

narrative overview		       	    	   03

Playable Characters
	     Avatar	and	NPC	design	 	      04

gameplay Features
	     Player	statistics	   	    	   08
	     Skills	&	Talents	    	    	   12
	     Difficulty	 	        	    	   13

	     Currency	 	          	    	   14
	     Items		    	         	    	   14
	     Upgrades		 	         	    	   15

	     Global	&	Local	Navigation		   18
	     Main	Menu	 	       	      	   19
	     Inventory	 	       	      	   20
	     Stats	 	    	      	      	   22
	     Log	 	      	      	      	   24
	     Ingame	Layout	     	      	   26

Level Progression
	     Roleplay	Gaming	 	        	   30
	     Victory	conditions		      	   31
	     Environment	Layout	       	   32
                                         Appendix I
	     Narrative	structure	      	   33
                                         	     Research	    	     	   38
                                         Appendix II
visual Design                            	     User	Experience	 	     39
	     Design		Mock-ups	 	       	   34
                                         Appendix III
	     Website	Design	 	         	   36
                                         	     Self	Appraisal		   	   40
	     Logo	Design		     	       	   37

                           Executive Summary

The	setting	is	based	on	an	isolated	landscape	around	a	glazed	utopia	called	Overon	City.	It	
is	a	modern	day	civilization	that	is	dated	in	the	near	future	where	the	territories	were	formed	
by	 government	 and	 corporation	 business	 interests.	 Its	 population	 built	 on	 corruption,	 broken	
promises,	 religious	 fanatics	 seeking	 salvation	 and	 greedy	 ambition	 fuelled	 by	 the	 gluttony	 of	

The	main	goal	of	this	project	is	to	achieve	success	by	gathering	as	many	gameplay	features	
into	one	combined	package.	The	emphasis	is	expanding	the	gaming	experience	beyond	the	
traditional confines of the genres by creating the highest concentration in gameplay features that
are rarely seen in first-person shooters to match head-on with fantasy roleplay.

The videogame is based on free-form play of venturing through the universe that is a rare
breed	rare	of	gaming	experience.	Its	overview	concept	grants	a	vast	choice	on	the	player	to	
have multiple modes of weapons fire, several ammunition types, weapon upgrades as well as
enhancing the avatar’s character profile.

One of the gaming platforms is a paper-based fantasy roleplay adventure that is built upon the
Black	Industries’	Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay	engine,	because	of	its	versatility	and	playability.	
With	added	features	of	combat	and	weapon	management	that	has	the	potential	in	becoming	the	
most	sophisticated	system,	more	than	any	roleplay	titles	like	Dungeons & Dragons	and	Vampire:
The Masquerade.	

The	 roleplay	 adventure	 game	 is	 an	 independent	 development	 built	 as	 an	 adaptation	 to	 the	
Warhammer	 system.	 The	 main	 content	 acts	 like	 a	 rulebook	 expansion	 pack	 to	 the	 existing	
content	and	no	copy	written	materials	are	unlawfully	duplicated.	By	having	only	some	of	the	
rules	are	revised	upon;	matched	with	instructions	for	both	existing	and	potential	players	to	get	


        Fantasy Roleplay
A stylised board-game product that does not require any electronic assistance to play. The
rulebook	itself	acts	like	as	a	combined	instruction	manual	and	a	gameplay	toolkit	for	people	to	
come	round	and	have	fun	with	a	team	building	partnership	it	solve	and	act	on	the	scenarios	given	
by the Game Master that rules the sessions. The requirements are standard issue supplement
among	the	following	guidelines:

	      •	Rulebook,	a	Game	master
       • Recommended: 2 - 4x players
	      •	A	printed	set	character	sheets	per	player
       • 2 ten-sided dice and a pencil for each person

	      PC - Minimum requirements:
	      •	1.5	GHz	processor	 	 	
	      •	512	Mb	ram		       	 Cooperative
	      •	128Mb	Graphics		 	   •	LAN	connectivity
	      •	Keyboard	&	mouse		   •	Broadband	connection
	      	      	      	      	 •	Split	screen

       Console                     Single player 	
	      PS2	/	PS3	/	XBOX	360	       1x	Controller	+	Spare	for	player	2
	      Nintendo	Wii	 	    	        1x	Controller	+	Nunchuk

                        NARRATIvE OvERvIEw

This	edition	is	a	rough	guide	and	working	prototype	combined	by	moulding	into	a	general	rulebook	
as	well	with	some	narrative	chapters	to	elaborate	on	them.	The	book	will	work	as	a	toolkit	for	the	
potential	or	interested	players	to	create	their	own	scenarios,	mission	objectives	and	stories	to	
expand	the	gameplay	as	well.	

The advantages of it being paper-based with generic statistics and collective rules; what the
player	can	do	is	rely	dependence	on	their	imagination.	The	participants	themselves	have	the	
potential	to	reach	extreme	feats	of	action	that	can	easily	breach	the	growing	capabilities	of	a	
computer	game	version.	

The	emphasis	on	this	game	is	based	on	no	matter	what	method	and	how	you	progress	to	your	
objectives, the free-roaming aspect will always be available. The possible video game version
will	allow	you	to	venture	through	the	streets	regardless,	because	like	many	other	console	games,	
it’s centred on playability and open-ended experiences.

There are no clear timelines of filling in the gap of the present age to create an inter-relationship
between the two timelines. Also no third party adaptations in existence like fan-based conversions
were	produced	outside	the	Black	 Industry	publishers’	 Warhammer	merchandise.	The	closest	
pieces	 made	 created	 were	 small	 expansions	 of	 minor	 narrative	 scenarios	 and	 gameplay	
mechanics.	No	evidence	of	entering	completely	different	universes	like	the	Wizards	of	the	Coast	
selling their gameplay engine for reaching into other franchises, like the paper-based Farscape

PC & ConSoLe
More	or	less	exactly	the	same	universe	the	players	will	be	venturing	through.	The	entire	storyline	
narrative is generally simplified for the players to follow through. Whilst the roleplaying game has
episodic	missions,	the	given	missions	on	this	version	shall	lead	on	to	a	path	in	power	struggling	
to	get	at	the	top	everything	in	the	city.	The	end	result	will	get	your	character	to	become	one	of	
the	leading	parties	for	governing	the	Overon	Territories.

When	going	through	the	GC	realm,	it	can	be	shared	with	playing	another	interested	party	by	
having cooperative mode. The gameplay features will simply be a hybrid first-person shooter
with	complimented	roleplay	elements	of	interaction.	

                        pLAYABLE CHARACTERS

Avatar and nPC design
The preference of choosing to act either on a good or evil path will be reflected on the progression
on	 the	 success	 and	 failures	 in	 mission	 objectives,	 and	 story	 because	 each	 one	 has	 its	 own	
rewards. Appeal of the dark anti-hero would be expanded along the way in keeping the starting
profile of the player’s character as a neutral party in the universe. The enrichment of philosophy
and	psychology	in	dialogue,	movement	and	body	language	of	avatar	interaction	with	other	NPCs	
or	entities	impersonated	by	the	games	master	will	implore	the	user	in	further	involvement	in	
anticipation	towards	the	next	chapter	of	mystery	and	wonder.

Most	of	the	character	designs	are	based	on	description,	due	to	falling	into	the	third	parties	that	
surround	the	players’	avatar	with	various	orders	that	have	power	struggles	between	them.	The	
three opposing categories against the player haven’t changed at all, but in-fact they have been
established	and	expanded	upon	from	the	proposal	document.

	      gangs                           Corrupt                        Cultists
	      The	Bürella	Gang	 	             The	Dràtar	Family	 	           The	Emôri	
	      The	Supreme	balance	            Commonwealth	society	          The	Ascendance
	      	     	      	    	             Criminal	Defense	&	Affairs	    Zodiac	Tribe

In	the	developed	rulebook,	the	plot	creations	have	been	enriched	with	thorough	narrative	back	
stories for the player to ignite possible conflicts between them, etc. Each group under those
categories	stand	for	the	different	people	you	player	will	meet	and	in	the	roleplay	package;	they	
all	have	the	own	motives	to	work	from.	Also	not	to	mention	the	common	folks	in	the	government,	
corporations,	military,	and	of	course,	the	police	force.	

Fantasy Roleplay
This	edition	is	based	on	group	practise,	where	all	the	participants	begin	with	randomised	character	
generation of appearance, skills, talents, characteristic profiles and different career paths that
are	grouped	together	as	all	participants	become	a	singular	task	force.	Visual	designs	are	entirely	
emphasized;	 when	 it	 is	 only	 individual	 players’	 preference	 to	 design	 their	 own	 interpretation	
when	following	the	characters’	description	on	the	roleplay	sheets	provide	with	each	player.

The	actual	character	sheet	design	itself	has	the	same	content	template	as	the	original	WFRP	
engine	to	maintain	relevance	to	attracting	the	experienced	player	who	already	knew	about	the	
game.	Also	I’ve	deliberately	themed	the	aesthetics	to	match	the	Blue	Caster	product	without	
provoking	further	confusion	if	any	player	decides	to	include	other	sheets.	The	avatar	features	
are in-fact very similar to the pre-established character generations techniques, but with subtle

                       pLAYABLE CHARACTERS

Some	of	the	modernisation	updates	were	to	include	the	constellation	star	signs	and	restricted	
it to only humans alone, instead of plural species of inter-racial conflicts from other narrative-
driven	products.	Also	there	are	no	implications	at	all	beyond	the	need	to	address	eye	&	hair	
colour,	because	preference	of	skin	colour	shall	be	banned	in	the	design	process	for	avoiding	
dangers	of	discriminating	the	audience.

Past	before	developing	the	early	chapters	of	the	rulebook	was	research	on	law	enforcement	
positions	that	were	being	broken	down	the	listed	careers	hierarchy	for	from	over	a	hundred	to	
twenty	one	jobs	(split	between	Basic	and	Advanced).	Everything	about	the	controlled	characters	
by	the	participant	will	be	the	users	themselves	to	develop	their	personalities,	etc.	They	will	create	
their	own	adventure	of	speaking	through	them	and	initiatively	respond	on	their	available	skills	&	

PC & console
The gameplay is basically streamlined into a fixed narrative for the player to follow; the following
two	pages	give	a	general	description	of	them	by	personal	characteristics	and	individual	gameplay	
bonuses.	The	videogame	edition	has	two	characters	to	choose	from	and	it	is	optional	to	partner	
with	another	player	on	the	same	system	or	through	the	Internet	/	network	for	a	live	connection	to	
share	the	experience	as	a	cooperative	experience.	

                       pLAYABLE CHARACTERS

One of the finest cops in the
precinct that is proficient in
leading fire-with-fire operations
against	 the	 criminal	 anarchy.	
The	 department	 is	 proud	 of	 his	
professional	 achievements,	 but	
would	rather	not	get	associated	with	
his	personal	issues.

As described in first impressions; a
fully	 functional	 drunk	 that	 does	 the	 job	
regardless	 to	 state	 of	 mind.	 In	 deeper	
understanding	of	how	he	works	is	by	a	shady	
period	of	having	a	role	in	the	military,	in	choosing	
to	partner	with	this	man,	you’d	have	to	get	used	to	
his	dry	sense	of	humour	and	blunt	nature!	

   Ryan Bretonus

A	 natural	 hoarder	 of	 delivering	 personal	
protection	and	those	with	him	by	creative	
concealment	of	weaponry.


    This	woman	is	a	subtle	and	elegant	choice	of	the	two	because	
    with	 her	 range	 of	 dialogue,	 you	 can	 rip	 through	 any	 mans’	
    defences	 by	 catching	 them	 off	 guard.	 A	 personality	 based	
    on	 more	 social	 attributes	 with	 heightened	 charisma	 and	
    subterfuge	 to	 match	 her	 manipulative	 talents	 of	 distraction.	
    She possesses bonus proficiency with covert feats of discreetly
    sneaking	 through	 compounds	 and	 having	 a	 sharp	 eye	 for	
    reading	through	people.

    As a private eye, armed with a flirtatious nature, you can
    easily	win	trust	with	shady	executives	by	getting	closer	and	
    winning	their	trust	just	as	easily	as	anybody	else.	So	any	man	
    that	fall	prey	to	your	charm	wouldn’t	at	all	be	aware	of	being	
    simultaneously	interrogated.	Also	this	character	is	gifted	with	
    exceptional agility to quickly evade danger and sneak items
    away	from	distracted	targets	and	slipping	others	objects	in	its	

       Claire Fallemn Drake

    Also	 in	 her	 right,	 very	 intelligent	 in	 accessing	 secured	 data	
    from	computers	at	an	experienced	level	and	not	many	locked	
    doors	can	stop	her.

                          GAMEpLAY FEATURES
When the fantasy roleplay system has a lot of profile characteristics to offer; the console version
has	the	following	list	that	is	concisely	cut	down.	The	list	has	been	shortened	to	a	point	where	the	
gameplay experience remains simplified and less crowded to maintain a high level of playability
for	electronic	console	market	for	targeting	the	majority	of	the	market.

This	based	on	your	character’s	development	by	measuring	your	physical	and	mental	stature.	
This is profile characteristic template of the characters personal growth in maturity aspects of
unlocking new directions of interactive dialogue and to inherit certain benefits in how good you
perform	your	tasks.

This	section	of	attributes	is	based	on	your	character’s	build	by	enhancing	you’re	the	muscular	
performance. The more brute power you have, the better chances of survival in combat by reflex
actions	of	retaliation	against	directed	attack	from	deadly	foes	alike.	

Strength - This measure how much you can lift and move objects. The bigger the rating, the
more	weight	and	mass	you	can	shift	aside.	Starting	from	dealing	with	objects	like	wooden	boxes	
to mastery skill level of peak muscular finesse of heavy weight lifting.

Dexterity - This sees how fast you can walk and run by rate of terrain coverage. The better the
rating,	the	faster	you	are	to	olympic	status.	Able	to	jump	over	higher	obstacles	than	the	average	
physique and flexibility in dodging blows with quicker reflex actions.

Stamina - This gives a boost to see how far the avatar can ran and jump as many times for as
long	as	it	ingame	reading	diminishes	through	exhaustion.	The	higher	advancement,	the	less	
energy	 drain	 and	 more	 health	 points	 granted	 to	 withstand	 more	 punishment	 from	 all	 hostile	

This section is based on your affiliation with people around you. It’s generally layered on the
characters’	 personality	 by	 how	 well	 he/her	 communication	 and	 interaction	 are	 with	 others.	 It	
grants	more	dialogue	options	to	grant	bargaining	for	rewards	and	escaping	trouble.

Charisma - This reflects on well you can draw people closer to you with less hostilities.
Depending	on	how	good	you	can	peacefully	negotiate	with	enemies;	neutrality	is	possible.	When	
bargaining	for	better	prices	with	merchants	and	shop	keepers,	you	can	get	cheaper	sales	and	
more profiteering.

Subterfuge - Higher the rating the more likely you can pass on a bluff. It measures how good
you	are	in	keeping	a	poker	face	by	concealing	your	motives	from	other	shifty	personalities	that	
wish to give question. The better you do, the bigger lies you can perform by manipulating anyone
to	your	bidding	(even	rendering	the	all	parties	confused	in	not	knowing	where	your	true		     	
	      	       allegiance	lie).
                          GAMEpLAY FEATURES

The	details	here	are	based	on	your	psychological	strength	in	resisting	mind	games	from	the	
enemy.	 The	 more	 intellectually	 developed	 you	 are,	 the	 more	 potential	 heights	 of	 evaluating	
problems	you	can	recognise	to	create	solutions.		

Intelligence - This measures how good your IQ reading is by judging your characters’ performance
in intellectual problem solving. Situations like cyber-hacking and security access will be finish
quicker than the default estimates.

Discipline - This defines how well your avatar can cope under pressure with being creative in
accessing password protected documents and classified documents. The higher the rating, the
wiser	in	fortitude	and	constitution	the	character	possesses.		

This list defines specifically what are your avatar’s main functions are and how well the character
can	perform	them.	The	selection	is	primarily	based	on	what	are	the	common	activities	you	must	
do	to	progress	through	the	game.

It’s	kind	of	self	explanatory	from	here,	because	the	more	upgrades	given	means	more	damage	
effectiveness there is achieved on every strike. Meaning every battle will get quick and easier
and though its skill mastery will better prepare the user to fight against more brutal opponents. All
the	following	criteria	are	based	on	keeping	you	alive	against	offensive	obstructions	by	improving	
your	layers	of	self	defence	(of	course	with	aided	boost	from	Strength,	Agility	and	Stamina).

Brawl - This shows how menacing your character truly becomes when left only with just bare
hands.	The	better	it	developments,	the	more	deadly	the	avatar	is	with	every	throwing	blow	of	the	
fists and feet.

Firearms - This rates your skills in how you handle your ballistics weaponry from mastering the
rapid response to short range difficulty of pistol to distant targets through a sniper. The better
you are, the more accurate you’d become with speedy targeting and better damage afflictions.
It	shall	boost	the	speed	of	aiming,	reloading	and	any	other	details	to	compensate	the	weapon	
hardware	upgrades	in	turn.

Melee - It determines how well you can sheaf a blade a wielding it against your foe. The better
your	skill,	the	more	control	you’d	grant	over	larger	swords,	staffs	and	heavier	blunt	objects.	You	
can master parrying in defence more easily and efficiently against attackers; with more likely
opportunities to cut deeper into their flesh with as much flexible might. Mastering the melee
weapon	can	simply	give	an	edge	over	unarmed	combat	with	crowd	control	on	overwhelming	

                           GAMEpLAY FEATURES
As	a	PC	&	console	conversion,	these	are	the	basic	skills	either	a	detective	or	private	eye	must	
master	as	professional	specialists.

Perception - This rates how focused you are in keeping a sharp eye out for little things that
look	potentially	suspicious.	Staying	alert	is	one	of	the	skills	that	are	inherited	from	on	the	edge	
constantly	for	new	surprises.	On	high	skill	mastery,	you	can	easily	spot	others	in	disguise	as	well	
as	them	to	you!

Stealth - This proves how good you are in sneaking past guarded areas that rely on sight
and hearing without causing alarm the move sophisticated your technique is, the quieter you’d
become	when	moving	around.	People	would	notice	you	considerably	less	when	concealed	in	the	
shadows	or	behind	a	worthy	disguise.

When having knowledge equals power in democracy, but usually guns resort to the same
highlight under aggression. The more you progress within this field, the less places anything
could	hide	anyway	from	you!

Hacking - Is to measure proficiency in accessing electronic security terminals and computers.
Lurking into password protected systems will be your private business in finding more reliable
and	honest	answers	than	the	very	people	you’d	speak	to.	The	higher	your	skill,	the	larger	security	
measures	you	could	combat	against	and	faster	information	retrieval.	

Security - This is based on how good you are in dealing with security measure that obstructs your
path.	Even	decrypting	manual	locks	is	part	of	the	job	to	collect	intelligence	and	clues.	The	higher	
the clearance, the more efficient you are in cracking the though safes, suspects’ apartments and
buildings. This gives a combined boost with discipline and hacking profile characteristics.

The	following	gameplay	statistics	are	variables	that	can	go	in	both	directions;	up,	down	like	a	
meter	reading.	The	feature	is	inherited	from	the	LucasArt’s Knights of the Old Republic	to	test	
your	dark	or	light	side	of	the	force.	It	is	inspired	as	well	with	reference	to	Humanity	Points	on	
the	 White Wolf’s	 story	 telling	 gains	 in	 efforts	 to	 suppress	 the	 uncontrollable	 beast	 within	 the	
animalism	shell	of	existence.

Since the avatar’s console characteristics profile has been covered and explained, the general
user	 interface	 layout	 will	 visually	 demonstrate	 how	 the	 statistic	 management	 works	 (refer	 to	

                          GAMEpLAY FEATURES
Authority Points	–	This	is	acts	like	a	meter	reading	to	tell	your	how	much	respect	or	fear	in	
reputation	and	status	to	who	ever	recognises	you.	And	this	determines	whether	you	are	a	good	
cop,	or	a	bad	one;	whilst	it’s	dependant	on	your	next	following	actions.	

Style Points - Another characteristic that give a similar reading. A questionable gameplay
additional	that	is	based	on	street	credentials	in	proving	your	reputation	by	making	a	big	entrance	
through	rooms.	The	players’	actions	and	through	dialogue	selection	will	boost	ratings	by	delivering	
an	abrupt	attitude	of	knowing	what	they	want.
When	it	comes	to	governing	your	actions	by	certain	triggers	ingame	with	the	arcade	version,	the	
meter reading attributes act very much like the profile Insanity Points that are still going to be
relevant in the paper-based engine. Their function is based on guarding the character’s morals
and	sense	of	judgement.

The	two	characteristic	were	going	to	be	implemented	in	the	Fantasy	roleplay	system	by	updating	
the profile sections of the character sheets, but eventually they were rejected by practicality
issues.	Not	much	of	the	triggers	were	clearly	thought	of,	except	casual	edition.	Since	roleplay	
system needed to be modernised with new gameplay features that should match the specified
era	by	replacing	the	Magic	characteristic	with	the	following	alternatives.	

There	 is	 a	 complete	 refurbishment	 with	 the	 magic	 types	 and	 effects	 of	 what	 the	 player	 can	
conjure.	The	game	has	taken	away	the	chaos	worshipping	and	expanded	it	with	cultist	rituals	
and psychic powers. No magic involved, except looking at scientific theories and altered states
of	mind	to	match	the	modern	day	academic	and	common	knowledge.	

extra-sensory perception (eSP)	was	surprisingly	the	new	replacement	for	middle	earths’	Magic	
by	potentially	expanding	the	gameplay	arena	of	more	diverse	objectives	and	action.	Since	the	
game	has	cultist	and	ritualist	parties,	having	psychics	as	well	wouldn’t	destroy	the	theme,	but	
actually	make	the	experience	more	exciting	and	edgier.	It’ll	fall	under	parapsychology	as	the	
subject	topic	with	ritual	castings	and	practises.	

By	introducing	the	psychic	abilities;	it’ll	have	its	own	set	of	rules	to	work	with	and	shall	be	split	
into	three	specialist	talents.	They	are	reader	(to	probe	into	other	people’s	minds),	premonition	(to	
look	through	the	corridors	of	time	and	space),	and	manifestation	(to	create	physical	conditional	
elements like producing fire out of thin air).

Also	conditions	of	using	these	special	gifts	will	risk	moments	of	suffering	insanity.	Each	different	
psychic	talent	will	have	diagnosed	different	symptoms	of	illness	by	certain	triggers.	For	example,	
an	avatar	has	become	a	reader,	but	tries	to	focus	that	gift	in	a	crowded	room.	In	effect	that	when	
falling	under	pressure	by	numerous	thoughts	distorting	the	path;	the	countered	emissions	can	
temporarily	over	rule	the	original	personality	and	dominates	the	player	to	become	a	schizophrenic	
in	result.		

                         GAMEpLAY FEATURES
When	considering	the	adventure	will	contain	mature	content;	the	provided	evidence	is	the	player	
using	drugs	to	boost	performance	of	mental	summoning	of	psychic	talents	to	momentarily	push	
beyond	the	default	boundaries.	It	can	further	risk	insanity	by	rolling	a	skill	test	against	addiction	
and	using	them	can	add	more	bonus	statistics	to	other	characteristics	attributes	&	abilities.

Though	there	are	mixed	feelings	about	forwarding	it	to	the	console	version,	since	many	replicas	
on similar concept like biological and cyber modification seems to become repetitive and genre
cliché	 among	 computer	 generated	 narrative.	 But	 the	 skills	 management	 could	 be	 enough	 to	
stand	out	by	only	having	the	psychic	talents	as	separate	allocated	like	the	sub	categories	of	the	
Warhammer	templates.	Each	gaming	progression	from	start	to	end	will	only	allow	one	psychic	
talent	per	character	(to	encourage	replay	longevity).			

This is a completely separate area of the characters abilities that are further defined from the
character’s statistics profile. It is an action management section in the roleplay game that is fair
more	complex	than	what	the	console	version	may	have	(if	with	further	development).	Since	the	
videogame genre features have mostly self-explanatory design, the range of skills & talents
are	guidelines	in	what	the	player	can	do	with	the	Game	Master	having	the	govern	the	entire	
adventure	session.

Now	that	it	calls	for	revising	the	existing	lists	available,	there	are	some	new	additions	included	
and rehearsed modifications to suit the period of the narrative’s time and setting. None of the
existing	skills	or	talents	has	been	directly	reproduced	exactly	to	avoid	plagiarism,	because	the	
provided	list	in	the	beta	version	rulebook	only	has	an	additional	changes	and	extra	components	
to	match	appropriate	gaming	conditions.	Thankfully	only	a	few	rules	have	been	discarded	for	
irrelevant	 usage.	 More	 have	 been	 expanded	 with	 new	 functions	 like	 Academic	 Knowledge	
with	 psychology,	 criminology	 and	 science	 included	 among	 the	 range	 because	 the	 character	
generation	will	show	evident	signs	of	exercising	their	education.	

The more experience point given will get each subject topic a more in-depth mastery, like science
leading	onto	biology	for	better	killing	effectiveness.	A	lot	of	the	new	talents	have	the	same	diverse	
additions	like	new	combat	feats	of	idol	stance	and	combat	styles	that	have	numerous	ways	to	
fight with the same weapons. This roleplay game will have a lot more to offer in combat action
than	the	original	codex,	because	both	the	weapons	and	the	characters	are	as	fast,	deadly	in	
comparison	to	the	middle	earth	realm	of	clunky	armour	and	impractical	arsenals.	

The	rituals	are	supplement	replacement	to	the	magical	spell	castings	by	segmenting	them	in	
light,	dark	&	ancient	practises.	Also	having	tier	progressions	of	skill	mastery,	so	if	the	successful	
in	rolling	under	Will	power	or	one	other	characteristic	specialised	on	different	ritual	types;	the	
player	or	NPC	can	create	more	powerful	results	of	the	existing	spells.	The	psychic	abilities	have	
the	same	management	system	in	each	level	gained;	grants	further	extremes	in	the	specialist	
field, like a reader can sense surface thoughts beyond emotion.

                          GAMEpLAY FEATURES
The	PC	&	console	version	simply	has	automated	mathematical	triggers	to	work	with	tweaking	
the	setting	through	the	menu	hierarchy.	It	only	operates	with	three	settings	of	the	combat	statistic	
variables. Changing the settings will reflect on the damage effectiveness with the weaponry and
NPC	competency.	Either	way,	there	would	be	no	changes	in	pricing	of	items,	and	the	items	you’ll	
receive	from	your	foes	(except	for	enhanced	weapons).

easy - The challenge will be lessened by having it more of a casual tour by reducing fatal risks
on player deaths and ease to complete the objectives quicker. Weapon accuracy and damage
rates	will	increase	only	by	the	player	holding	them.	Lifespan	on	health	will	increase	125%	as	
insurance and the NPC intelligence will diminish slightly by slower reflexes and alertness. You
don’t	have	to	add	as	much	power	to	your	arsenal	to	cripple	your	foe.	Even	though	any	boss	that	
comes	in	your	way	would	be	as	imaginative	with	them	except	for	higher	strength,	agility	and	

normal – All the gaming configurations are within default parameters and the combat settings of
the weapons are equal to your own collection. The only thing that can make you just as deadly
as the rest is buying the deadly upgrade attachments and modifications to outgun the opposition.
Only	potential	bosses	may	have	similar	features	to	your	own.

Hard - Player’s life expectancy would be reduced by having the default health reading down to
75%	and	the	weaponry	effectiveness	will	increase	by	125%	for	accuracy,	and	damage	dealing.	
The AI would be slightly improved by having quicker reaction time and alertness. The majority of
the	public	may	have	similar	enhancements	to	match	yours,	even	the	boss	matches	will	become	
potential	slaughter	arenas	for	you	to	tread	lightly.

When	in	comes	to	playing	nice	on	the	roleplay	system,	the	rulebook	will	have	gameplay	tips	
and	advice	to	carryout.	With	a	few	suggestive	alterations	to	keep	the	experience	simple	when	
moments of triggered actions can be too in-depth and complicated for a beginner. The GM
(game	 master)	 can	 grant	 wishes	 in	 cancelling	 out	 a	 few	 details	 like	 armour	 differences	 and	
numbers of enemies to fight against.

Either	way	the	rulebook	itself	will	be	a	toolkit	for	the	players	themselves	to	create	their	levels	and	
scenarios	for	extra	adventures.	The	premise	of	the	roleplaying	genre	is	exactly	that	which	the	
games development industry continuously struggles to invite user-create content on their video-
game by free-roaming clones and open-ended narratives. Most designers are looking back into
the	Dungeons & Dragons	era	for	inspiration	on	statistics	and	various	conversions	updates.

In	 both	 versions,	 the	 main	 coinage	 is	 generically	 named	 as	 credits,	 and	 is	 split	 into	 three	
different	values;	gold,	silver	and	bronze	(which	can	be	addressed	as	copper,	shrapnel,	etc.).	
Also	ingame,	merchants	of	different	classes	can	value	the	same	items	in	individually	(like	middle	
class	citizen	would	count	mostly	by	silver,	the	high	priced	ones	do	the	same	in	gold,	even	the	
poor	in	bronze).	

Even though all the items have a fixed price, the cost will be expressed in various assortments of
coins.	For	example,	a	wine	bottle	has	been	ordered,	but	it	cost	20	silver,	another	shop	sell	the	same	
brand,	and	marked	for	1	gold.	The	chart	below	will	demonstrate	so	and	the	videogame	version	
won’t	have	to	worry	as	much	when	organising	the	currency,	because	it	is	all	automated.

	      	       value	 	        gold	   Silver	 Bronze
	      	       gold	 	         		1	    20	 100
	      	       Silver	 	       	20	    	1	     		5
	      	       Bronze	         100	    	5	     		1
The	 game	 has	 modern	 weaponry	 of	 today’s	 pistols,	 machineguns	 and	 rockets	 launchers	 to	
contempt as well as having various melee swords and blunt objects to fight with. The items are
further	customisable	buy	having	upgradeable	features.	

Most	 of	 the	 described	 items	 are	 intricately	 broadened	 on	 randomised	 result	 generations	 by	
embracing	more	situations	in	rolling	the	dice.	Even	medical	kits	can	have	effects	that	are	possibly	
more	harmful	than	good	if	rolling	unlucky	numbers.	The	gameplay	details	in	the	rulebook	are	
based	on	provoking	unpredictable	situations	where	it’s	all	a	matter	of	chance.	

The inventory has got seven different types of ammunition to share with firearms & explosives
to	arrange	different	attack	effectiveness	against	various	enemies	and	obstacles.	Both	versions	
console and roleplay share the same munitions selective range when reloading them in unique
magazine clips. All the bullets are conveniently colour-coded for quick visual representation of
recognition	with	the	interface	management.

               • Standard (grey) – is general multi-purpose bullets to fire against medium
	      	       	      armoured	units.
               • Dum-dum	(brown)	–	with	carved	heads	of	standard	rounds,	they	give	extra	
                      punishment to fleshy targets. Although considerably not as affective
	      	       	      against	armoured	units.
               • Hollow point (beige/orange) – is for firing fleshy surfaces against the skin.
	      	       	      People	without	any	armour	and	wearing	normal	clothing.

                • Armour Piercing	(black)	–	used	for	heavily	armoured	attackers	and	better	
	       	       	      effectiveness	against	incoming	vehicles.	
                • tranquilizer (blue) – handy for infiltration by rendering any person knocked out
	       	       	      and	eventually	wakes	up	confused	and	disorientated.
                • Poison	(green)	–	once	shot	into	an	enemy	a	few	times,	the	mass	dosage	
	       	       	      concentration	can	be	fatal	enough	to	gradually	kill	the	target,	even	when	
	       	       	      evading	attacks	and	shoot	breaks	until	worn	out.
                • Corrosive	(lime)	–	is	made	to	categorically	melt	down	unit’s	armour	before	]		
                       making severe burns on the flesh. Just as deadly as any poisons and
	       	       	      phosphorous,	by	slowly	eating	away	someone’s	limb.
                • Phosphorous (yelllow) – are generic rounds that catch flames onto peoples
                       clothing if they have flammable fabrics, and even torch the environments
                       to burn down some obstacles or over-heat a nearby fuel tank.
                • explosive	(red)	–	for	relatively	extremely	armoured	unit	and	thick	plated	walls	
	       	       	      as	medium	range	instant	demolition.
The	 evidence	 of	 these	 bullets	 working	 will	 be	 visually	 evident	 ingame	 of	 the	 PC	 &	 Console	
edition. The mechanics in the paper-based roleplay system will be mostly turn-based and active
by	the	roll	of	a	dice	on	Combat,	Damage	and	movement	chapter	of	the	rulebook	adaptation.

Although	the	seven	bullets	listed	above	are	clearly	for	offensive	purposes,	but	sometimes	on	rare	
occasions, the mission objectives may require combining the weapon with more sophisticated
equipment. For example, like firing a tracking node on the target or electromagnetic rounds to
jamming equipment for short periods of time.

Detonation modes – when firing grenades, or special high-priced rockets, here are some
launching features in combat the player must consider because the munitions are configurable
armed	switches	within	the	following	three:
	      •	Bounce: The momentum of the fired grenade can be redirected in its trajectory with
	      	      calculated	aiming	around	corners	to	catch	anyone	who	within	range	when	out	of	
              sight. The rebound limit will be between 2-3 times.
	      •	Impact:	Once	it	has	hit	a	solid	object,	the	explosive	will	simply	do	its	job	after	following	
              its light-path.
	      •	timed:	The	ingame	physics	can	do	the	rest	by	letting	gravity	take	control	over	the		 	
	      	      launched	explosive	once	launched,	so	the	player	could	escape	its	wrath	until	the	
	      	      timer	runs	out.	
       • Manual trigger:	The	grenade	stays	dormant	only	until	you	pressed	the	detonator.

The players have upgradeable armaments just like the characters’ profile, because the game
offers	multiple	ways	of	enhancing	performance	in	gaming	ground	against	more	powerful	enemies.	
The	following	pages	show	the	available	features	for	the	videogame	edition,	because	that	version	
only	offers	them	to	ballistics.	Knowing	that	the	paper	version	had	just	recently	introduced	the	
added	details	of	upgrades	and	ammunition	rounds;	the	operational	support	in	multiple	platforms	
with	be	managed	differently	with	limitations	on	practice.

This	range	is	based	on	physical	attachments	on	the	weapon	that	will	be	visibly	evident	if	weapon	
is equipped. The only draw back is sacrifice small fragments of your sight when looking around
and	aiming.

Laser - When the player’s line of sights is not obstructed; then it reveals clearly where the barrel
is	 actually	 pointing.	 So	 the	 player	 gains	 a	 better	 aiming	 accuracy	 within	 close	 to	 mid	 range	

Scope - Adds a lens attachment along the weapon. So the player can target enemies in longer
distances. It shall increase the aiming proficiency status to pin-point accuracy when aiming
through	the	lens.

Clip - Increases ammunition capacity. The viewable effects will be the weapons’ handle looking
longer than the handle its. Extended fire rate would increase beyond the default percentage to
125%	to	150%.

Silencer - Eliminates most noise and sound emissions. Holstering any weapon it’s one thing
and able to kill an enemy silently by a blade is the same, but using a firearm against in covert
operations	is	another	story	altogether.	The	visible	evidence	will	be	expanding	the	barrel	radius	
and	extending	the	dimensional	length.

Bayonet - This allows the player to have combined defences of cutting down the enemy at close
range. Blades can only be used when a target is at close proximity and firing munitions will only
do so when out-range from melee attacks.

torch	–	Allowing	you	to	see	in	the	dark	when	having	a	torch	comes	as	a	separate	piece	of	
equipment. When armed with a single weapon, gameplay still goes as normal, but if having two
weapons at one, to activate the light you must sacrifice the left handed item. If this is attachment
is activated, then you can see through the dark with and remain well-armed at all times.

Micro-Launcher – It is actually a 40mm Enhanced Grenade Launcher Modular (EGLM) that
fires single explosive rounds towards medium ranged targets. Once attached, it’ll be a far more
accurate	aim	than	throwing	one	by	hand.

The following attachments; torch, bayonet, laser sight and micro-launcher could not be amended
along	the	bottom	side	of	small	arms	like	pistols	with	a	special	armament	bracing.	Without	will	
resort to equipping them separately if couldn’t afford or find one lying around. The next best thing
with	pistols	is	having	one	for	holding	a	torch	and	another	to	include	the	short	blade.	


This is based upon configuring the weapon mechanisms themselves. It is another direction the
play	can	take	to	improving	his	or	her	self	defence	capabilities	instead	of	continually	strengthening	
the ingame profile characteristics of the avatar themselves.

Accuracy - Less bullets will be wasted when the radial flight-path of the munitions don’t spray
into	random	approximation.	A	generic	application	that	examines	the	weapon	as	a	whole,	the	
every	bullet	won’t	go	away	from	its	intended	direction	from	the	barrel.	The	cluster	radius	will	be	
smaller	by	150%	within	med	to	long	range.

Calibre - Increases damage effectiveness by taking down a target with less bullets needed from
paralyse	the	killing	them.	Every	shot	will	become	just	as	deadly	by	adding	20%	each	time	you	
tweak	the	gun	(limited	to	no	more	after	160%	total	damage).

Range - Boosts the effective range capabilities on the weapon. A pistol for example, will have
better	chances	of	shooting	against	guarded	posts	without	having	to	look	through	the	shoot.	The	
munitions flight-path shall be extended with a certain radial direction.

Recoil - More counterbalance against the triggered momentum. The aftershock of each bullet
fired normally joints the weapon out of position, so with the rebound cushioning would improve
the	accuracy	in	the	immediate	following	shots.

Reload - It reduces the reload time of replenishing the magazines. So even though normally
most players check their rounds in midst of battles, sometimes enemies require more than one
clip to be taken down. So the benefits are speeding up the process by 25% percent each time
(can	not	be	used	on	the	same	weapon	more	than	twice).

The firearms can be used a lot more effectively when fully juiced up with longer range, higher
damage,	and	better	reload	management.	Also	the	melee	selection	has	been	put	to	consideration	
by	having	the	same	number	of	upgrades	to	match	the	projectiles.	Though	all	items	have	different	
compatibility	in	whether	it	might	need	it	or	would	combine,	because	with	certain	rules	to	balance	
the challenge, some weapons can create a bug in itself if it is over-powered and biased.

Fantasy Roleplay
The paper-base adventure has a balanced list           Melee               Ballistics
of	 upgrades	 that	 offer	 bonus	 effects	 to	 both	   - Grip              - Clip
guns	 and	 swords	 balance	 It	 is	 arranged	 as	 a	   - Balance           - Bayonet
quick reference tick-box system for the players        - Refined Edge      - Bipod
to record their items quickly. Their functions will    - Vibro Treatment   - Scope
be	as	evident	in	the	rulebook,	among	pages	of	         - Expanded Blade - Laser Sight
the equipment chapter.                                 - Compound Materials - Flash Suppressor
                                                       - Insignia Markings - Silencer

gLoBAL & LoCAL nAvIgAtIon

The	level	progression	in	the	fantasy	system	is	strictly	episodic.	So	there	won’t	be	a	clear	ending	
to the entire game in itself, because all missions are open-ended to be non-linear, regardless if
any objective is success or failure. There’s always going to be a specific structure for the players
to	follow	by	beginning,	middle	and	end.


MAIn Menu
This	is	the	main	global	navigation	area	where	the	user	should	negotiate	the	settings	and	access	
to the gameplay, etc. The following sub-links are below and shall be further segmented into local
navigations	and	with	descriptions	of	functionality.

       Single Player
A	default	gaming	mode	of	adventuring	through	the	city	blocks	with	independence	to	work	alone,	
but doing so will most likely be interacting with only NPCs to fight with you.

This feature has become ever more popular each new since the first release of Halo	 and	
Timesplitters.	The	main	difference	is	when	handling	the	inventory	selection,	no	pause	in	gaming	
shall occur and that only happens when you are configuring the controller options and difficulty
select,	etc.	Split	screen	action	if	working	on	the	same	console	(if	playing	on	the	Xbox360,	PS”,	
etc)	and	playing	online	through	the	Internet	or	LAN	to	simultaneously	interaction	with	different	
people.	For	example,	one	can	talk	and	sell	items	in	the	same	time,	while	the	other	player	is	
roaming	the	corners	(depending	on	server	option	settings).

Loading individual player profiles will take advantage of the hardware and other memory storage
mediums. Though if connected online, it could be possible to upload the configuration settings
and progress files by streaming online!

	        new / Load / Save
Obviously	a	standard	where	along	the	way	in	getting	immersed	into	the	game	universe,	automatic	
checkpoint	saves	will	be	in	order	on	certain	location	by	having	an	template	progressive	history.	
File	management	with	only	accumulate	manual	saves	and	have	singular	autosaves	on	each	

Just like the New / Load / Save feature; where it comes as standard in the package by configuring
the visual brightness, interface alpha transparency, etc. Also the difficulty setting will be integrated
under	this	page.

An	ingame	supplement	for	the	player’s	collection	of	items,	because	as	they	progressively	grow;	
it has sub-links to divide the list. There is no encumbrance limit for the electronic version. They
are sub-categorised for combat, armour, medical and miscellaneous uses.

Another sub-category among the selective range that too further splits into different types of
common functional purposes. Also it is supplied with macro-management features of handling
add-ons and modification upgrades and construction options. All items that require don’t require
two	hands	to	handle,	they	can	be	dual	wielded.	
       Items & trappings
These	are	for	miscellaneous	uses	of	accumulating	the	likes	of	medical	supplies,	artefacts	and	
other useful pieces of equipment. Trappings are an entitled generic remapping of separating the
clothing	and	armour	from	the	rest,	so	the	player	can	immediate	put	on	a	disguise	and	armoured	

This	allows	you	create	different	items	like	another	medical	tool,	or	extra	bullets	with	enough	
raw	materials	collected.	The	starting	conditions	when	you	embark	on	your	journey	will	have	no	
instruction	guidelines	to	read	and	learn	the	creation	process,	because	they	can	only	be	unlock	
when	you	ask	suitable	parties	that	know	the	methods.	For	example,	some	doctor	maybe	glad	to	
give	you	advice	on	creating	serums	against	certain	drug	and	antidotes	for	poisons.	An	armourer	
can give you the trade secrets of creating specific types of bullets.

This lists out the long ranged projectiles from small calibre pistols to high-calibre snipers and
grenade	 launchers.	The	 available	 weapons	 will	 be	 a	 modern	 design	 and	 sometimes	 vintage	
antiques as well. Since the paper-based system has advanced misfires by chances of not
working, also the videogame version will perform normally, but finding the right munitions are
quite rare to find the right bullets.

There are different firing modes on handling multiple barrels and chamber on the weapons
(like the twin-barrelled magnum). The player can also load one type of munitions in the primary
magazine	and	another	type	of	ammo	for	the	secondary	magazine.	
• One mode is firing one cylinder at a time, until it’s empty and then
  use the secondary stack to fire with.

• Another is strictly burst fires in simultaneously shooting all barrels;
  though it’ll have at least 1-2 seconds delay between the scheduled

•	The	third	is	shooting	a	steady	stream	of	taking	turns	on	each	barrel,	
			one	at	a	time.	Then	reload	is	necessary	when	all	empty.	

This	list	shall	provide	short	ranged	weapons,	so	the	player	could	parry	against	the	incoming	
cutting blades, etc. Like the firearms selection, you can acquire numerous blades, blunt staffs
and instruments from different cultures. You can fight with cultist weapons and riot shields.

This section under weapons is only applicable to enhancing the player’s firearms as well as
possessing different types of ammunition. The video game version won’t have any modifications
for	the	blades	weapons,	because	during	gameplay,	it’s	a	case	of	consulting	a	NPC	blacksmith,	
artist	or	technician.	The	listing	itself	will	be	organised	alphabetically	and	the	following	upgrades	
are split into two categories (add-ons and modifications).

This	is	giving	added	protection	against	suffering	deep	cuts	and	bullets	holes	on	your	person.	So	
thing	goes	separately	from	your	clothing	because	it’s	strictly	designated	for	combat	purposes	
allow.	The	 selection	ranges	from	bullet	vests,	plated	drench	coats	and	arm	guards.	Helmets	
would	come	in	different	forms	by	shape	or	size	to	accommodate	different	situations.	Like	military	
issue will be useful against firearms and re-enforced riot-guard visors to protect you from a few
frontal	head	shots	(depending	on	the	weapon).

Comes as separate around armour, because it supplies uniforms and disguises to infiltration
restricted	perimeters	within	causing	suspicion.	Though	depending	on	the	material	thickness	of	the	
clothes	will	determine	minimal	protection.	The	selection	will	determine	what	kind	of	appearance	
other see you as, like dressing up as a high-classed waiter/waitress, doctor, security guard, gang
member, or military soldier and officer.


This is based on describing how advanced your character is by measuring it from 1-10. Start
from one means that you are trained as a beginner on the field, but naturally being on zero
means	you	had	not	experience.	The	higher	reading	you	produce	up	to	10	will	grant	you’re	a	
mastery rank of discipline on their specialist fields. Having these statistics about your character
actually	separate	the	avatar	further	from	the	other	entities	by	what	you	are	actually	capable	of	
beyond	the	described	position	of	its	bios.

The presentation of statistics would be based on a mixture of various influences in past game
structural	navigation	as	a	standard	form	of	aid	and	practise	to	regular	users.	Simplifying	the	
information	 into	 a	 manageable	 size	 and	 mapped	 out	 into	 separate	 sections	 is	 a	 top	 priority	
with	the	interface,	because	the	need	to	serve	generic	functional	purposes	because	too	much	
however	would	make	the	navigation	less	coherent.	

Its structured layout on the screen the screen is combination of tick-boxes for general use of
graphical	 data	 handling	 will	 be	 looked	 upon	 between	 the	 establishments	 in	 designs	 on	 the	
cross-platforms and character sheets. It was originally from the Vampire: Bloodlines	 system;	
in	 possessing	 both	 sections	 of	 attributes	 and	 abilities	 nicely	 arranged	 into	 a	 simple	 tick	 box	


During	 research,	 I’ve	 been	 looking	 over	 and	 comparing	 varied	 games	 that	 handle	 character	
profiles differently and found a pattern that resulted in the majority of the electronic versions like
the	Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic	series	have	mutated	from	the	original	Dungeons &
Dragons	control	system	material.	

From	the	previous	interface	design	of	
the	players’	statistic;	they	have	been	
heavily	revised	and	remodelled	away	
from	the	direct	template	on	Vampire	
the Masquerade: Bloodlines’ game,
because	 it	 would	 invoke	 plagiarism	
and	 bad	 design	 practise.	 Though	
efforts were wasted by reshuffling the
data	still	keep	the	idea	of	using	grid	
boxes as simplified display.

Specifically the following characteristics were deleted by confidence of supporting similar effects
with compound measuring. Dodge, finance, intimidation and manipulation has been removed
because in most cases, the main content only requires the most vital components that’ll assess
the character’s abilities. Hence stream-lining the information and stabilize suitability for console

Such	examples;	like	subterfuge	was	under	the	talents	section,	is	now	moved	to	the	social	criteria	
and	to	serve	combined	purposes	with	charisma	for	persuasion	and	manipulation	for	additional	
boost	 in	 covert	 actions.	 Security	 has	 been	 moved	 under	 knowledge,	 due	 to	 mostly	 working	
together with hacking (renamed to fit pop cultured vocabulary in simple terms instead of just
‘computer’ and ‘computer use.’ In other words the re-organisation has put more value to certain
skills	and	more	ergonomically	generic.		

To	 be	 dynamically	 automated	 under	 further	 combinations	 with	 the	 attributes,	 or	 other	 option	
of	 manual	 choosing	 in	 additional	 skills	 as	 another	 menu	 design	 layout.	 Manual	 choice	 could	
actually	encourage	the	game	to	be	less	linear	and	there	could	be	special	unlockable	skills	to	
behold	from	interactive	with	other	characters,	so	that’ll	give	more	clarity	from	merely	picking	up	
and	studying	new	items.

The	gameplay	system	has	to	operate	differently	apart	from	the	Warhammer	system	in	order	
to	work	properly	on	grounds	of	maintaining	simplicity	in	design.	Due	to	unsuitability	in	general	
areas	like	deciphering	a	career	path	progression	wouldn’t	really	be	coherent	at	all.	Also	the	need	
to	program	its	mechanics	could	be	dangerous	on	the	likes	of	a	PC	or	console.


Having this game being based on a techno-gothic world with dark & edgy twists is a descendant
of influence from the current masters of interactive roleplay, such as the best works of Bioware
Entertainment	 and	 the	 deceased	 Ion	 Storm.	 Bringing	 back	 the	 elegance	 of	 innovations	 in	
interface and level design characterisation will be deeply be enhanced with a mature story-
driven adventure through a corrupt cityscape, into a twisted high-tech middle earth scenery of
bizarre cults, to high-octane action. Yet once again, exploring the flaws of a decedent utopia has
been	the	focal	point	of	its	philosophical	and	cultural	nature.		

Profile advancement
In	 the	 videogame	 assortment,	 the	 user	 has	 a	 skill	
mastery range from 1-10, just as described before,
though	it	is	displayed	as	a	segmented	graph	that	is	
inherited	from	the	circular	design	from	the	Bloodlines	
progress	management.	Though	it	still	holds	relevance	
since	the	character	sheet	of	the	fantasy	engine	have	
the	 similar	 layout	 on	 the	 skills	 &	 talents	 section	 on	
the	 second	 character	 sheet.	 Since	 there	 are	 limited	
attribute	&	abilities	to	advance	from,	the	progression	
has	doubled	to	compensate	the	pacing,	and	obviously	
the	more	advanced	tier	has	a	higher	cost	each	time.		
This sub-directory of the ingame navigation holding vital information that gets accumulated over
the journeys taken. Reflecting on them with various pieces of many puzzles will eventually come
clear	in	what	direction	you	may	be	guided	towards.

        Character Details
It’s	nice	to	have	a	little	back	story	of	self	exploration	into	the	past	and	knowing	what	kind	of	
person	the	player’s	avatar	will	be	acting	as.	It	describes	what	your	characters’	strengths	and	
weaknesses are in written format beyond the graphical representation of the players’ profile
characteristics.	Depending	on	the	player’s	actions,	the	bios	would	have	live	updates	on	how	the	
avatar’s	personality	responds.

Probably	one	of	the	most	useful	and	highly	common	place	to	look	at	when	reminding	the	player	
what kind of target he/she’s looking for and any bonus tasks available. On top of the step-by-step
guidelines	to	follow,	there	will	be	also	the	variable	rewards	offered	in	general	items,	currency	and	
experience	points.

       Allies / enemies
To	knowing	who	and	where	your	friends	are,	also	you	enemies	are	to	see	what	position	you	
actually	stand	in	running	for	solid	ground	of	salvation.	This	criterion	in	the	log	is	extremely	useful	
in	recording	individuals	and	crusades	in	whom	to	approach	and	what	to	avoid.		

This	records	key	pieces	of	information	from	conversations,	founded	information	from	systems,	
concealed documents and objectives. If the player has questions about what password they
need to remember and whom to contact next, etc. It’s an ideal fallback asset in reference to fill
in	missing	pieces	between	the	main	acts	and	directives.

Also	this	section	might	include	image	references	of	sometimes	what	target	you’ll	need	to	look	
for.	 For	 example,	 an	 objective	 could	 be	 trailing	 a	 suspect	 that	 may	 have	 a	 distinctive	 looks	
to	 look	 out	 for	 and	 probably	 what	 visual	 description	 of	 an	 item	 the	 player	 has	 to	 look	 for	 in	

Even though the Overon territories is quite a vast landscape to cover; having specific routes and
rendezvous	points	to	meeting	with	contacts	and	main	mission	hotspots.	Where	the	player	goes,	
the	travelling	would	beyond	the	reaches	of	the	city	gates	into	villages	and	uncovered	military	
blueprint	layouts	of	where	to	look	in	search	of	central	command	and	avoiding	barracks	full	of	
troops	on	reserve.

Since	the	scenery	was	built	from	a	mining	colony	of	natural	resource	collecting	of	rare	materials;	
most	of	the	city	is	overlapped	the	shafts	and	tunnel	networks.	These	tunnels	in	the	narratives	
have been make-shifted into catacombs for the dead nearby church buildings and forgotten
underground	structures.	Not	to	forget	there	are	canal	routs	as	well	for	the	player	to	be	appointed	
to intercept smuggling routes and trafficking.

As it stands, the videogames’ primary perspective is first-person, and could optionally incorporate
third-person if need be. The gameplay interface had a few solutions in maintaining minimalism
and	only	showing	pieces	of	data	when	absolutely	necessary.	In	combat,	the	user	will	only	know	
their health status and anyone else will be concealed. The tell-tale signs of the enemy taking
damage	will	be	visually	evident	by	seeing	them	limping,	etc.	as	well	as	audio	signals	of	yelping	


                                                                      Ammunition	/	health	UI

This	is	the	general	layout	of	the	ingame	setup,	most	of	the	vital	information	will	visible	at	the	
corners, and by preference, it can be re-positioned at the top right, and or bottom. Obviously the
weapon	handling	illustrates	the	point	of	viewing	through	the	avatars’	eyes.
                                                 The	 crosshair	 is	 segmented	 with	 some	 pieces	
 Cluster	radius                                  only	come	visible	when	needed,	like	the	cluster	
                                                 radius	is	a	general	approximation	of	where	the	
                                                 bullet	 may	 hit	 when	 dual	 wielding,	 handling	 a	
                               Range	meter       shotgun or semi-automatics.

                                                 The	 centre	 point	 will	 always	 be	 available	 on	
                                                 any	 projectile	 aiming;	 also	 the	 focus	 aim	 will	
                                   Focus	aim     measure	 the	 recoil	 imbalance	 (the	 closer	 it	 is	
                                                 to	 the	 crosshair,	 the	 more	 accurate	 the	 barrel	
                                                 is	against	the	target).	The	range	meter	can	be	
                                                 used quickly to assess whether the target is
       Centre	point                              out	 of	 range,	 or	 reload	 timing	 with	 the	 focus	

                                                                               Health	meter	/
                   Second	ammo	count              Mag.	graphic                 UI	ornament?

   Total	stocked

                           cylinder	/	magazine                   Primary
                                                                 cylinder/		magazine
The weaponry graphics are revised from the original UI mock-ups from the proposal doc and
sacrifices little elements like a radar, plus compass (so that’ll be part of using the military issue
swipe	deck	separately).	The	munitions	count	has	been	portrayed	as	an	elongated	bar	graph	
for the chambered rounds. As for the total stocked remains numeric, and identified with the
magazine graphics behind them the identity what weapon is being equipped (regardless whether
it’s	holstered	or	not).
These	visual	bars	represent	how	many	rounds	there	 Coloured	coded	(eg,	red	=	hollow	point)
are available to fire until reloading is necessary. Also Shots fired
they	are	colour	coded	with	certain	types	of	bullets	
the	weapon	has	to	his	magazine	as	a	visual	check.	
The	image	in	the	right	demonstrates	so.

One	of	the	key	issues	was	how	to	display	the	player’s	health	without	
                                                                      Rounds	left
looking common to most games. The female figure within the
interface	detail	was	originally	merely	an	ornament	piece	to	dress	it	
up without looking boring, but I figured it can be granted with some
functionality.	                               Players’	health
The	colour	overlay	shading	red	will	represent	the	player’s	health,	
and	only	darkens	to	black	when	taking	a	beating.	The	alternative	is	
changing	that	colour	order	around,	so	the	armour	readings	can	be	
overlapped	with	be	blue	shade,	though	fades	with	damage.
                                                      Players’	armour
Alternative	heatlhbar


There	are	simply	three	different	types	of	injection	that	would	will	help	the	player	stay	alive,	with	
enough	initiative	to	stock	and	consume	the	following	encase	an	eventual	situation	arises.	

                                                      Adrenaline Booster
                                                      This	 helps	 restore	 some	 of	 the	 players’	
                                                      health	 if	 taken	 hits,	 whether	 the	 assessed	
                                                      extent	 of	 damage	 needs	 some	 attention.	 It	
                                                      is	a	temporary	alternative	to	side	with	more	
                                                      affective	 med	 kits	 or	 services	 appointments	
                                                      from	the	doctor	/	surgeon.

                                                      Armour Resin
                                                      This	repairs	some	of	the	player	armour,	when	
                                                      the	 vest	 plating	 gets	 beaten	 enough.	 So	 it	
                                                      reinforces	the	protective	strength	around	the	
                                                      covered	 areas	 of	 the	 body	 to	 absorb	 more	
                                                      impact against the flesh.

                                                      Multipurpose Antitoxin
                                                      This	 is	 used	 if	 the	 player	 is	 incidentally	
                                                      poisoned or suffers from any tranquilizer
                                                      affects from any enemy fire, slit by a tainted
                                                      edged	blade	or	cause	within	an	air	dispersal	
                                                      radius	from	gas	mines	planted	nearby.

                             expanded Features
                             The	gaming	interface	has	more	options	to	offer	than	simply	a	straight	
                             forward	 shooter,	 with	 basic	 interaction	 and	 attacking	 opponents.	
                             Along	the	way,	the	player	gets	a	military	issue	swipe	deck	that	is	a	
                             small	device	with	several	functions	to	operate	with	in	convenience.	
                             In	 GPS	 and	 proximity	 radar	 is	 inbuilt,	 so	 activation	 will	 be	 done	
                             separately when only not two-handed weapon or dual wielding.

Also	this	enables	cyber	hacking	through	software	countermeasures	of	sophisticated	lock	designs	
and defences. With enough skill mastery the user can acquire secured files by highly developed
programming	from	merchants	and	trading	hackers.


                    The swipe deck is modifiable with collecting circuitry chipped cards disguised
                    as	credits	cards	as	single	use	disposables.	Virus	programs	like	a	corroder,	
                    ice	 breaker,	 trojan,	 worm	 and	 labyrinth	 encryption	 packages	 are	 similarly	
                    distributed	in	the	black	market	for	various	purposes.	You	are	able	to	break	
                    into	 accounting	 kiosks	 to	 secretly	 ciphering	 money	 from	 others,	 disabling	
                    hardware	perimeters	like	turrets	and	surveillance.

Another design is tracking a door locks’ coded frequency, so the player can scan input the
correct	digits	without	raising	an	alarm	with	a	false	one.	Other	forms	of	access	goes	like	a	mini	
game	in	itself	with	examples	like;	linking	circuit	nodes	with	a	specialised	smuggler’s	cylindrical	
cord,	modifying	size	and	height	of	teeth	grooves,	etc.

The necessary interface data would show once equipping the swipe deck at hand and the fantasy
roleplay	share	this	with	further	coverage	descriptions	on	functionality	in	the	rulebook.

                   Percentage	reading
                                                                  Result	display

   Digit	range
                                              Seeker	tab

                                                  Cancel sequence

                                                        Validate	code

                             LEvEL pROGRESSION

Fantasy Roleplay
The	level	progression	in	the	fantasy	system	is	strictly	episodic.	So	there’s	won’t	be	a	clear	ending	
to the entire game in itself, because all missions are open-ended to be non-linear, regardless if
any objective is success or failure. There’s always going to be a specific structure for the players
to	follow	by	beginning,	middle	and	end.

       Adventure Calling
The mission introduction can be randomised into different briefing locations and multiple goals
that could intermingle with other motives where players can benefit. The roleplay rulebook is
simply	a	toolkit	as	well	for	the	fans	to	create	their	own!	The	ones	supplied	near	the	end	of	the	
book	 are	 sample	 guideline	 scenarios	 to	 introduce	 the	 plot	 interactions	 with	 the	 players	 and	
demonstrate the case-study potentials of what can grow into a climactic journey.

The	most	common	cases	will	be	murders	by	appointing	them	to	the	morgue,	surveillance	on	
criminal activities / suspicious couples, intercepting trafficking of illegal shipments, etc. The
clients	(anyone	you’ve	agreed	to	serve	or	to	follow	orders	from)	will	give	you	instructions	and	
some	directions	to	follow	through.

        Process duration
This	as	where	you	have	the	freedom	the	walk	the	path	in	whatever	direction	preferred.	Your	
interactions through talking to people and fighting them will decide what clues you’ll gain. In
combat,	the	GM	manages	all	the	opponents	that	get	in	harms	way	against	the	players,	and	can	
reduce the numbers of combatants for difficulty purposes with newcomers. All the players are
just	as	vulnerable	as	the	NPCs	because	the	only	thing	that	would	separate	the	avatars;	are	how	
far ahead their profile stats are against the rest. It is a definite that all the participants’ characters
can	 die	 and	 sometimes	 more	 than	 once	 if	 defeated	 (that	 when	 Fate	 Points	 come	 in	 as	 the	
number	of	lives	they	have	left).

Along	 the	 way,	 the	 players	 can	 go	 for	 retail	 businesses	 to	 buy	 and	 sell	 items	 for	 prepare	 to	
advance	to	their	next	career	or	just	for	better	armaments	and	medicine	to	get	ready	for	any	
surprises.	After	the	combat	sessions,	the	players	are	allowed	to	search	the	corpse	and	collect	
their	armour	and	weaponry	or	any	other	valuables.	Sometimes	among	the	loot	could	be	found	
items that can part of a bonus objective or to examine for value. A thief can hold quite a lot, and
their	whereabouts	could	be	traced	to	a	compound	of	stashed	goods.

      Scenario ending
Success	will	gain	general	rewards	of	experience	points	and	currency.	Also	extra	income	on	the	
rewards	will	be	allocated	as	well	if	optional	objectives	were	to	be	achieved.	Like	saving	all	the	
hostages	without	taking	any	casualties	and	completely	neutralise	the	terrorists	who’ve	captured	

                            LEvEL pROGRESSION

Items	themselves	are	another	source	of	rewards	like	various	jewellery	and	weapon	attachments	
or	 simple	 trade	 in	 for	 new	 information.	 The	 client	 themselves	 may	 have	 certain	 networks	 of	
people	they	know	to	learn	important	information	and	speculated	rumours.	Most	of	the	time;	it	
goes	like	‘work	for	me,	them	I’ll	work	for	you’	rituals.		

Failure	will	simply	grant	no	rewards	at	all,	but	a	narrative	round	up	will	then	get	moving	on	to	next	
mission.	It	wouldn’t	affect	the	players’	progress	as	much,	but	only	postpones	their	advancements	
in character proficiency.

PC & Console

        Final victory conditions:
Depending	on	how	well	the	player	follows	the	principles	in	handing	over	judgement	to	the	law	by	
halting	progress	of	criminal	activities	and	tracking	down	the	source	of	the	chaos.	The	end	result	
is	getting	a	key	position	of	advertising	yourself	as	the	ultimate	law	enforcer	for	exposing	the	
corrupted syndicates and managing to bring order & peace to the eco-system of gangs, ritualists
and	politicians	for	the	better	good.

The	alternative	outcome	for	making	the	progressive	path	less	linear	is	by	the	not	always	following	
the	rules	of	righteous	actions	to	set	things	right	by	instead	thriving	in	the	madness	of	criminal	
society.	Money	comes	by	more	easily	when	others	ask	you	to	take	action	on	looking	out	for	
big	bounties	and	your	sense	of	authority	will	ride	among	the	waves	of	the	streets	on	fear	and	

Any	organised	leader	shall	falter	to	your	demands	by	any	payment	of	mercy;	when	getting	on	
top	of	the	game	by	becoming	a	supreme	bounty	hunter	as	an	entitled	separation	from	the	police	
force	altogether	as	a	renegade.	The	ritualists	will	try	to	run	and	hide	from	you	by	declaring	an	
all-out witch hunt.

The	third	option	will	be	much	more	interesting	by	playing	neutral	on	both	sides	against	each	
other. So while they eventually get worn down, you’ll manage to gain profits from running errand
and	manipulating	the	parties’	motives	and	actions.	If	the	player	plays	his	cards	right,	the	only	
thing he/she’d be worried about is self sufficiency on independence against being caught out in
the	act	with	exposure.	

The	worst	thing	that	could	happen	is	all	parties	blaming	you	as	a	result	by	becoming	a	scapegoat	
for	global	territorial	propaganda.	The	third	option	of	being	a	spy	and	a	freelance	gun	for	hire	will	
be	loads	more	exciting	with	danger	of	achieving	extremes	in	both	ends.	Failure	will	result	in	being	
labelled as the national tyrant and the successful outcome will be living rich with profiteering from
all	sides	by	their	expense.	

                             LEvEL pROGRESSION

The districts of the city stand as self-contained environments as ingame levels for the player roam
in.	They	are	marked	as	individual	zones	as	well	to	examine	your	safety	in	knowing	the	occupants	
may	welcome	your	presence	or	sees	you	as	an	enemy	of	the	state.	Each	will	have	importance	to	
the	narrative	progression,	like	travelling	through	the	neighbouring	sectors	in	search	of	a	hospital	
or a specific clinic encase you need a reliable surgeon to treat your wounds.

Time	is	also	a	factor	in	the	game	since	all	the	available	locations	open	to	the	player	have	certain	
opening	hours	during	the	day	and	night.	During	the	day,	you’d	get	most	of	the	legal	businesses	
in to and find food, clothing, etc. But at night, it’s a whole new story when numerous open house
bars	 and	 clubs	 when	 the	 night	 sky	 is	 illuminated	 with	 neon	 lights	 to	 signal	 everyone	 to	 dine	
with sin. Mission briefings and interceptions do match with multiple schedules, like a stake out
in scoping a discovered smuggling route, but waiting for any changes and confirmations could
take a while, so starting from the day, it may be confirmed under cover of darkness when the

The narrative structure of the videogame progression is displayed as a flowchart in showing a
summary	of	what	happens	in	certain	directions	you’ve	taken.	Even	though	the	roleplay	system	
may	be	episodic,	but	it	would	share	the	same	details	when	writing	progressive	chronicles	with	
	     	       the	character’s	career	advancements.
                          LEvEL pROGRESSION
enD Becomes	the	leading         Your	power	struggle	has	come	             The	most	feared	bounty
    entity	for	enforcement      to	an	end	after	secretly	gaining	          hunter	that	targets	all!
                                   power by profiteering from
       Exposes	the	core	
      parties	of	the	corrupt                     Many	oppositions	are	
                                                threatened	to	collaspe	        Hunts	the	most
                                                   by	losing	to	you.		      difficullt targets and
                                                                               eliminating	the	
                     Discovered	the	true	                                    undercity	leaders
                    motives	and	identities	
                    behind	government.            The	religious	and	psychic
                                                    orders	entitled	you	as	
                 More	direct	contact	with	               witchhunter
                    the	cultist	leaders.                                    The	authorities	
                                                                              declare	you	
    Broken	down	strength	 Reader:	information	
     behind	the	gangs	by	            gathering
     force	as	they	lay	by	          Premontion: foresight               Next	victims	are	high	
       mercy	of	the	law               incoming	dangers                  society	members	and	
                                                                            tough	outlaws.
                                           Manifestation:	use		
MIDDLe                                      ESP	as	a	weapon              the	hunts	get	more	
      The	police	promote	               optional:                          difficult, you start with
      your	command	for	                 psychic	training                      religious	fanatics.
       being	an	idealist
                                                    Smuggler	&	mercheants
                                                    become	your	clients	for	
                                                     discounted	supplies
               Gone through classified record                               Raiding	the	military	
                in	the	military	compounds.                                  sotes	for	supplies
      Founded	rumours	of	
      smuggling	activities        Introduced	to	the	ritualistis            Starts	bounty	hunting

                                       Proven	existence
                                          of	psychics
      Arrested	some	minor                                                  The	underworld	invite	
         gang	suspects                                                    your	efforts	with	bribes.
                                    Roam	the	city	in	search
                                     of	intriguing	rumours.
                                At	the	start,	the	main	character
BegInnIng                        recovered	from	the	hospital	
                                      and	back	in	action.
                                  vISUAL DESIGN
I	 have	 been	 experimenting	 with	
3D	Studio	Max	for	creating	various	
objects	to	go	forth	into	the	Unreal	
engine.	Though	sadly	there	wasn’t	
enough	development	time	to	have	
a	preview	sample	while	create	the	
main	core	engine	content	for	the	
fantasy	roleplay	version.	

The	best	outcome	was	indeed	the	
dual-barrelled magnum revolver
during	 the	 late	 stages	 of	 the	
proposal	documentation.

Other	 design	 elements	 had	 been	 produced	 with	 minor	 architectures	 and	 district	 landmarks	
segments	of	skyscrapers,	and	were	used	to	be	optimistic	in	building	on	top	of	the	Overon	city	
map.	But	appointing	landmarks	and	key	objective	locations	had	to	be	but	into	consideration.
                                                         Since	the	map	was	created	as	a	large	
                                                         downloadable	 image	 for	 the	 players	
                                                         to	 examine	 closely,	 I’ve	 created	 a	
                                                         randomized sprite program to quickly
                                                         fill the districts with a little texture
                                                         details.	The	small	toolset	originally	had	
                                                         an	isometric	building	placement	section	
                                                         as	well	for	automatic	referencing.	

                                                         Though	 discarded	 for	 maintaining	 the	
                                                         three	dimensional	palette	when	it	could	
                                                         mainly	be	useful	for	connect	generation	
                                                         on	the	mobile	phone	platform.

A	generic	bridge	design,	if	with	a	little	
more	 completion;	 it	 could	 accompany	
four	lanes	of	bypassing	cars,	etc.	and	
combined	with	underbelly	structures	to	
support	 monorail	 train	 passage	 ways.	
Ingame,	 this	 will	 be	 the	 most	 direct	
route	across	the	river	mouth	if	heading	
to	the	other	side	of	the	arena.

                                    vISUAL DESIGN

Among	the	visuals,	one	of	the	best	results	was	using	
Poser as the figure anatomy reference, though have
spent	soon	experimenting	with	the	render	setting	as	
it	 is	 along	 the	 right.	 My	 intention	 were	 to	 renovate	
and finalise it become a stylised poster or wallpaper

There	 are	 other	 character	 designs	 in	 the	 roleplay	
rulebook	to	keep	it	less	focuses	on	purely	text	based	
description.	Further	expansions	with	the	game	can	stir	
up	a	franchise	by	potentially	writing	internet	comics	to	
elaborate	with	developed	story	arcs	from	the	primary	
narratives and probably fan-made editions to gain
marketing	grounds	of	attention.

One	of	the	default	styles	I’ve	tried	to	emulate	was	the	
film noir genre to match the initial pitched direction.
Knowing	 that	 a	 typical	 narrative	 structure	 would	 be	
placing	the	character	into	desperate	situations	where	
he/she is outnumbered and usually out-gunned.
                          As a free-roaming game with multi-layered management system, the best
                          defence	for	the	player	to	retaliate	and	having	to	think	things	through	with	
                          tactical	strategy.	
                                                     The	 imagery	 do	 demonstrate	 that	 medium,	 but	
                                                      the	narratives	and	gameplay	rule	tell	a	different	
                                                       story as a parallel of instead massive nation-
                                                        wide	scoped	combat	driven	scenarios	built	on	
                                                         blood-bath feuds and twisted emotions.

                                   vISUAL DESIGN
     PRojeCt Logo DeSIgn
                                                 The	logo	design	itself	is	gamble	in	trying	
     Giving	the	project	with	a	                  to	create	some	elegance	into	the	project	
  unique identity with a desired                  when	 targeting	 a	 mature	 audience;	
  visual	style;	based	on	clean	                   where	 it’s	 more	 than	 just	 a	 game	
   construction	and	simplicity	                    because	I’ve	always	liked	to	include	
    (also	generally	useful	for	                    a little inquisitive mental stimulation
                                                          of	literature	references.

                                                   The	women’s	outline	as	
                                                   the	key	feature	of	being	a	statuette	
                                                   figure head for the game, like the
One	of	the	main	design	challenges	
                                                    traditional figurine statues in front of
I’ve	 had	 to	 face	 is	 trying	 not	 to	
                                                    sailing	ships	at	sea.	
make	the	game	as	a	male	centred	
audience,	but	encourage	a	broad	
                                                     Though	 trying	 to	 provoke	 a	
interest	from	the	open	market.
                                                     little	 historical	 deliverance	 in	
One	 of	 the	 main	 design	                          metaphorical	saying	it	is	all	about	
challenges	 I’ve	 had	 to	 face	 is	                  discovering	uncharted	territories.	
trying	not	to	make	the	game	as	                           The	 ‘embrace’	 pose	 as	 she	
a	 male	 centred	 audience,	 but	                        openly	displays	is	put	forward	as	
encourage	a	broad	interest	from	                        an	 insignia	 hybrid.	 Also	 there	 is	
the	 open	 market.	 All	 the	 notes	                   no	intended	relation	what	so	ever	
written	 were	 carefully	 monitored	                  it	 super	 imposing	 the	 Christian	
to	 not	 discriminate	 any	 party,	                   Crucifix to summon encase there’s
so	 even	 though	 to	 encourage	                     any	 offence	 in	 forum	 topics	 under	
potential	players	and	a	network	of	                 controversy.
existing members is difficult.
                                                  The figure itself will mainly be an
To	 determine	 the	 ratio	 of	 women	            outline	 to	 shade	 and	 blur	 out	 certain	
taking	 part	 is	 only	 measured	 by	           body	parts	to	maintain	it	is	being	artistic	
past	 surveys	 in	 the	 critical	 study,	       and	 igniting	 controversy	 in	 being	 an	
but	 only	 the	 existing	 PC	 &	 Console	      example	of	adolescent	pornography.
platforms	were	discovered	with	gender	
imbalanced	 results.Even	 though	 that	        Some	 interface	 features	 are	 the	 same	
isn’t	 at	 all	 surprising,	 because	 the	    in	 both	 aesthetics	 and	 functional	 design	
real	personal	disputes	are	to	know	the	      purposes.
consumer statistics of the paper-based       It’s	 pretty	 much	 similar	 to	 the	 seductive	
roleplay	games	in	perceiving	how	exactly	     feminine silhouettes of James Bond and
popular	is	it	as	a	group	practise.             only	trying	to	make	the	gain	more	exciting	
                                                and	interesting	without	discriminating	the	
                                                 female	audience	ratio.
                                   vISUAL DESIGN

WeBSIte ConStRuCtIon

The game’s existence is now established online with a clean and simple content design to fulfil
its	purpose	of	content	storage	as	well	as	product	distribution.	During	the	design	process,	I	never	
wanted	a	traditional	layout	design	in	comparison	to	most	among	cyberspace.

A Romanesque style marble sculpture detail around the imagery frame was a visual aesthetics
attraction	I	was	personally	drawn	to.	A	combination	of	worn	down	tones	ranged	in	greyscale	
shades	to	reminisce	an	art	deco	period	theme	as	well	to	illuminate	futurism,	traditionalists	and	
contemporary	styles.	Also	with	a	bold	contrast	of	dark	toned	text.	

The	content	has	a	summary	about	the	game	and	what	it	offers.	It’ll	have	the	rulebook	and	other	
promotional	 material	 to	 support	 it	 with	 the	 likes	 of	 desktop	 &	 mobile	 phone	 wallpapers.	Also	
having affiliate links with the original game engine website and my portfolio site.

                                    AppENDIx I
vampire: the Requiem
ISBn: 1-58846-247-1
This is paper-based version of the game universe most gamers would associate with the video
edition of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. The copy I was reading through is a revised
engine	from	the	original	release	and	looking	at	it	as	market	research	of	existing	product,	the	
content is almost entirely story driven to a fixed scenario. The main draw back I’ve found is only
seeing it as more of a story than a game. It is difficult to expand on the gameplay and create
new	twists	into	experience	were	the	main	freedom	you	have	is	only	dependant	on	the	players’	
actions,	the	GM	is	restricted	to	the	supplied	guidelines,	and	nothing	more.

Although	just	by	looking	at	the	visual	presentation	of	the	cover	and	the	simplistic	colour	scheme	
is	of	high	calibre	by	standing	for	acknowledged	experience	alone.	It	made	me	realise	what	sort	
of	design	I’d	need	to	attempt.	The	management	layout	of	the	weapons	also	reminded	me	about	
including the number of shots the semi-automatic guns need before they need reloading and
having	to	conceal	them	from	the	public.

Call of Cthulhu
ISBn: 0-7869-2639-2
This	was	a	supernatural	horror	title	that’s	inspired	by	H.P. Lovecraft’s	work	and	I	have	been	
reading	through	the	gameplay	mechanics	of	the	Wizards of the Coast	d20	edition	roleplaying	
game	as	a	framework	reference.	Though	broken	away	from	its	engine,	because	there	was	too	
much	writing	involved	to	create	the	universe	in	comparison	to	amount	of	gameplay	rules	give;	it	
needing	to	be	more	user	friendly.

As by reading through the text; the main inspiration was from the equipment and weaponry
available	that	very	much	suited	the	based	era	Overon	was	targeting.	The	separate	ammunition	
sizes	and	the	number	how	much	they	cost	helped	speeding	up	the	process	of	engineering	my	
selection with the tools and medicine design. Also since looking at the definitions and descriptions
with	the	hollow	point	bullets	and	separate	ballistics	attachments;	helped	me	to	create	a	complete	
range	of	all	conceivable	upgrades	possible	to	give	more	depth	of	diverse	possibilities.	

                                     AppENDIx II

uSeR exPeRIenCe

Completion	and	distribution	of	the	game	will	attract	potential	players	that	are	accustomed	to	the	
existing	fantasy	adventure	by	recognising	the	Warhammer	engine	itself.	There	is	a	large	online	
community on the roleplay subject-based forums and discussions because of vast quantities of
emails	and	messages	from	the	RPG	fans	in	telling	their	stories	of	what	they’ve	experienced.		

The	 emphasis	 on	 the	 gameplay	 is	 based	 on	 group	 practice	 in	 getting	 involved	 together	 by	
working	out	narrative	puzzles	and	conspiracy	that	are	given	in	guidelines	of	the	books	and	any	
implemented	stories	by	the	player	who’s	the	Game	Master.

Discussions about the future of gaming have taken place with on-going arguments in whether we’d
succeed in creating something new and unique. Since the fall of E3, the Games Development
Conference	 has	 grown	 its	 captive	 audience	 by	 gathering	 developers	 and	 other	 creative	
professions	of	interactive	media.	It’s	now	like	a	current	fashion	ideal	of	striving	to	achieve	the	
‘User-Created Content’ in design as the next logical step of development.

It	is	about	empowering	the	players	themselves	in	search	of	new	talent	when	bringing	forward	
the	same	tools	that	developers	use	to	make	their	games.	So	the	users	can	have	the	exactly	the	
same	capabilities	of	creating	their	own	adaptations,	titles,	etc.	Many	platforms	are	assimilating	
this	 concept,	 so	 independent	 designers	 won’t	 have	 as	 much	 restrictions	 in	 creating	 function	
prototypes	on	separate	operating	systems	and	consoles.

As	Microsoft’s XNA for	XBOX360	have	been	trying	this	with	examples	like	customized	soundtracks	
through	the	integrated	music	player.	Even	so	the	crew	behind	Sony Playstation 3	are	interested	
by their starting attempts. Other dominant examples are Internet downloadable game-conversion
and modifications for Windows, etc that have extended most products’ life span on playable
interest.	Also	the	Nintendo Wii	for	having	customizable	avatar	designs	ready	to	control	within	
their	title	range.

                                      AppENDIx III
The	 general	 round	 up	 of	 the	 project	 was	 the	 fantasy	 roleplay	 game	 took	 the	 most	 time	 for	
development as a personal judgement of priority, since it was predicted to create a more finished
result	as	a	commercial	functioning	prototype.	The	reasons	were	particularly	tied	with	knowing	
what my productive strengths are and what can be achieved in the constrained schedule of pre-
rehearsed	deadline.

As	a	result,	the	entire	project	would	have	been	a	lot	more	complete	by	having	both	fully	functioning	
beta	version	games	working	if	I	had	team	members	to	work	with.	The	original	plan	was	to	centre	
the videogame system first by trying to make it stand out from the rest, but the challenge mainly
lies	 on	 how	 far	 can	 the	 ideas	 go,	 because	 one	 of	 my	 personal	 goals	 were	 not	 to	 create	 a	
predictable	mediocre	title	like	most	products	are	forced	to	be	with	exceedingly	tight	schedules	
and	a	huge	range	of	audiences	to	consider.	

When	I	dedicated	most	of	the	process	delivering	the	roleplaying	game	more	to	life,	the	narrative	
plot building and structure were more defined with surprising twists. I never really anticipated
that psychics in the mix, because I first pitched it as an interactive law enforcement adventure
in	 being	 a	 dynamic	 and	 edgy	 plot	 between	 a	 detective	 &	 private	 eye	 duo.	 If	 prioritising	 the	
videogame first, the concepts would not be as diverse, nor as creative, because it could as
well	become	a	dystopian	replica	of	Elder’s Scroll: Oblivion	or	the	Deus Ex	series.	If	so,	then	the	
biggest	item	on	the	agenda	would	be	creating	numerous	visual	concept	arts	that	would	most	like	
be kept in strictly theory will be half finished.

The paper-based system has inherited features that link the console edition, so in production
perspective,	the	background	descriptions	have	been	thoroughly	covered	of	what	to	expect	in	
live	interactions.	Though	since	most	of	the	project	was	composed	of	solidifying	the	mechanics	
in	describing	roughly	how	the	produced	game	would	work	with	a	clear	vision.	In	some	ways	I’m	
glad	to	introduce	a	welcoming	concept	of	attempting	to	bring	the	gender	gap	closer	together,	
because	the	rulebook	itself	could	be	a	seed	of	an	expanding	franchise	in	which	fans	of	the	game	
can	 successfully	 create	 their	 own	 stories	 and	 gameplay	 without	 necessarily	 having	 to	 learn	
software	programs	to	invent	like	most	mainstream	titles.	

Since	the	diversity	of	the	roleplaying	market	is	relatively	slim	by	only	reaching	the	extreme	reaches	
of fictional universes; they’ve always resorted to dark realms of modern society, medieval, and
futuristic	grounds.	Hopefully	this	product	should	be	easy	going	enough	to	attract	new	comers	
of	interested	readers.	Luckily	I	wasn’t	entirely	alone;	since	having	a	friend’s	guidance	of	many	
books as reference and with extensive experience. Gregory Jones helped with additional ideas
and	more	depth	to	better	accompany	the	seasoned	players	as	an	audience	factor	as	well	as	

                                      AppENDIx III

The project itself was a little too ambitious, the price I’ve paid for it were to make a few sacrifices.
I	didn’t	do	as	many	images	as	I	always	want	because	most	of	the	development	was	dedicated	
written	theories	created	along	the	way	and	only	minimal	visual	aids.	Designing	user	interfaces	
weren’t my strong suit; the learning curve was proficient enough to make concept generations at
best,	but	my	strengths	seem	to	develop	on	the	gameplay	mechanics	details	and	with	narrative	
support.	Also	having	slightly	fallen	into	a	trap	where	it	risks	being	biased	on	the	gender	audience	
by	 the	 silhouette	 stylised	 health	 indicator,	 because	 I’ve	 created	 an	 alternative	 design	 that’ll	
hopefully	 swing	 away	 from	 the	 dilemma.	Another	 personal	 disappointment	 was	 not	 having	 a	
strong affinity in level designs and produced working environments.

In	proposing	to	experiment	with	the	Unreal engine, even though I’ve acquired some basic skills in
handling it, but was really curious about focusing adequate time to create a few working weapons
and	actually	code	them	into	the	engine.	Though	sadly	despite	having	internet	tutorials	available,	
other	priorities	took	place	with	making	sure	the	project	will	be	complete	on	every	foundation	
ground works first. The promotional website itself needed to be rethought by playing it safe in
displaying	advertising	material	of	preview	samples	to	get	some	attention	from	the	Internet	public.	
Also	I	was	wondering	about	using	to	be	used	as	a	guest/commentary	bookmark	
for	the	audiences’	replies	and	networked	attention.	

The	potential	on	future	commercial	applications	of	this	project	will	be	on	creating	more	narrative	
scenarios	and	gameplay	features	if	the	games	get	noticed	by	potential	interests.	I	believe	it	can	
employ	another	thread	toward	the	Black Industries’	forum	directory	in	showing	people’s	diaries	
of	 documenting	 their	 crazy	 moments.	 The	 fantasy	 roleplay	 edition	 could	 almost	 guarantee	
immediate	attention	of	further	development.	Although	the	Blue	Caster	videogame	adaptation	can	
do nothing more, but take its time waiting for the right time in convent paper-based adventure
(that is if fan-base has grown large enough to suit the main-stream market and fashion).

In	future,	I	should	manage	my	objectives	more	carefully	and	don’t	create	a	too	bigger	challenge	
that	may	risk	being	far	out	of	my	capabilities.	The	urgent	need	to	improve	my	initiative	of	decision	
making will have to be more sharp, clear and quick in response because I can perceive myself in
dire	need	to	be	a	lot	more	assertive	in	what	has	to	be	done.	It	was	an	issue	that	has	been	picked	
up	by	delay	some	of	the	awkward	areas	of	the	project	and	proceeding	with	the	next.	

Between	future	projects,	I’ll	put	my	attention	towards	expanding	my	personal	portfolio	and	further	
enhance my practical skills in gaining confidence to work for better result in the next coming
projects. Also I do hope to improve on both grounds of quality and quantity for open advertising
benefits in lifting the designs of the ground an actually bring them to life by getting closer to the
final production designs.

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