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					                       NORTH METRO GIRLS HOCKEY
                        BOOSTER MEETING MINUTES
                         Sunday, November 1, 2009

Place: Brooklyn Park Community Center
Attendance: North Metro Girls Hockey Parents
Board Members: Brad Therrien, Steve Pederson, Jerry Taffe, Randy Musil,
Myron Cooper and coaches for Varsity.

Meeting was called to order by President Brad Therrien and all parent
introductions were made for those present.

      The Player’s book was discussed. It is one of the biggest fund raising
       events for the team. Tracy Pederson would like to have the ads in by
       November 12th. Discussion of picture day November 12, 2009. Everyone
       has to sell at least one ad.

      Kathy Cooper and Sherri Wenner explained the Casino fund raising
          o Need to check if we can get a key for room after bus returns.
          o Event is planned from 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM (leave from parking lot
             at the BP arena and return back to the parking lot)
          o Each family needs to sell 4 tickets each @ $10.00 each
          o You can register on-line for Casino bowling or club card.
          o Tracy Pederson, Kathy Cooper, Sherri Wenner are bus leaders.

      Butter Braids – Raised about $1400.00 – email will be sent out when they
       are delivered.

      Brad Therrien discussed the donation letters that were mailed out – we
       received a call back from the VFW Post in Crystal.

      Deb Cole – Reminded everyone that if they wanted to buy Poinsettias that
       the form is due back on Friday, November 6th. Money is to be turned in
       when picking up the orders on December 2, 2009 at the Brooklyn Park
       Community Center. Checks should be made payable to North Metro
       Stars. Size - 4.5"= $6.49 ea     6.5"= $12.49 ea 8"= $26.99 ea If you
       have questions email

      Diane Therrien discussed the “Toys for Tots” event. The girls will bring
       their donations to KARE 11 on Wednesday, December 16, 2009.
       Possibility to have a bus to take team down to KARE 11, as a group to get
       on TV. Can use a “Teddy Bear Toss”.

      Discussions of additional duties that need to be filled
          o Next Steak Fry is January 31, 2010. Steak Fry Chairman is Walt
             Cole. Needs to have an additional coordinator (perhaps parent
             from one of the younger players?) _________________
       o Youth Night Coordinator _Mike Ach; helpers still needed_

       o Coordinators needed for Parent/Senior night on January 16th, 2009
         – Kathy Cooper and Sherrie Wenner will chair that event.

   Jerry Taffe, Treasurer, gave financial updates.
       o We are a few dollars ahead of last year so far in the fundraising
       o Funds generated at the steak fry this year were less compared to
           last year, however we did sell more Butter Braids this year.
       o We generated $4,600 in ads last year for the Player Book.
       o We are looking at $400.00 for each family to raise for Booster Club
           Fees this year, however, this is still dependant on remaining fund
           raising events.
       o Each family is required to sell at least one ad for the Player Book.

   Randy Musil discussed Master Player/Parent email address list and
    Volunteer home games list.
       o Master list emailed out to all parents on record for their review for
          any changes or corrections.
       o Home game volunteer sheet sent out to all parents on record. All
          families need to fill 5 spots for home games, choices emailed back
          to Randy on first come first served basis.
       o Need some one to Volunteer to take over this duty, ____________

   Coach Jack Gravel spoke to the parents. All coaches will return again this
    year for JV as well as Varsity.
       o The busses will be operating to assist in picking up the girls from
           the Park Center and Osseo area only Jr. Highs to bring them to the
           arena for practice. Jack will check with schools.
       o Varsity Practice will be at the BP Arena and start at 3:45 PM.
       o JV girls must go to the arena, dressed, and the bus will bring them
           to the Osseo Arena for practice and then return them back to the
           BP Arena.
       o The Varsity and JV girls will participate in the December
           tournament Invitational Tournament this year in Eden Prairie on
           Monday – December 28th – Wednesday, December 30, 2009.
       o There are 42 kids trying out this year. We will keep 4 Goalies and
           32 kids, so there will be cuts. The options for the girls that get cut
           would be the U-19 program.
       o Game days, they will utilize 2 buses. Be on time, and all players
           must ride the bus to and from the away games.
       o Any issues that arise during the year, it is the players responsibility
           to discuss them with their coaches first.

   Becky Gravel discussed the Player’s Handbook. It is located on the
    website. We will not hand out printed copies this year. Brad Therrien just
    emailed this out to everyone. Players and parents are responsible to read
       and sign the last page. This must be handed into Becky Gravel before
       they can play in the games.
          o Becky discussed the Academic policy. Grades with D or F are
              critical and players will not be allowed to play.
          o Becky will help oversee locker rooms.

      Jack Gravel will check with the Athletic Directors to see if there is any
       required paperwork needed to maintain the North Metro Girls Co-op
       Hockey team.

      New business---None brought forth by the members

      Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM by President Brad Therrien.

Respectfully submitted,
Randy Musil –
Secretary for North Metro Girls Hockey

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