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                                     Alumni Newsletter
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                              A Message From the Director
                          Hello Sport Management alumni! I hope this finds you all doing well.
                          We have just completed a very busy academic year here at WSU. The good news is that there continues to
                          be strong interest in our program. As you know, a year ago the President “saved” our program from the
                          proposal to eliminate us due to budget cuts. We are currently exploring a merger with the University of
                          Idaho’s Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance that would form a joint School across
                          the border. The bi-state merger hinges on whether the WSU Provost will allow the Sport Management Pro-
                          gram to fill our two vacant tenure-track faculty lines and begin to search next year to replace the two faculty
                          who left us to take positions at other universities. Dr. Bob Rinehart is one of those – he left a couple of
                          years ago to take a job in New Zealand. And Dr. Yo Tsuji is the other – he left this year to take a position in
                          Okinawa, Japan.
                          The rumor we are hearing is that there may be a budget cut next year that parallels the last big cut in scope,
                          so anytime you wish to email the President, Provost, or Dean of the College of Education to say a few words
                          about the quality and value of the Sport Management Program, that would be great. You can find their email
A Message From      1     addresses on the WSU website.
the Director              Good things are happening with our Sport Management faculty. In Fall 2010, I will be travelling to Prague to
                          present a research paper on the rights of transgendered athletes at the European Association for Sport Man-
Alumni Updates      2-4   agement’s annual conference. Additionally, the second edition of my sport law textbook has just been pub-
                          lished. All indications are that this has become the leading sport law textbook in the sport management field.
                          In addition to pursuing his busy teaching schedule and research agenda, Dr. John Wong has taken the respon-
                          sibility for coordinating our Master’s degree program in Sport Management, and is doing a terrific job. Dr.
2009-2010 Sport     5     Wong is as tough, but fun-loving as ever, and our hallway is still the liveliest in the building!
Management Club           Dr. Tammy Crawford continues to share her expertise as a former Pac-10 rowing coach with our students,
                          and consistently delivers outstanding teaching. She also supervises all of our interns during the academic se-
Alumni Listserve    6     mesters, and provides each with valuable practical feedback as they go through those learning experiences.
                          Dr. Justin Barnes, who recently completed his Ph.D. in sport ethics at the University of Idaho, will be on a full
                          -time, one-year appointment to teach for the Sport Management Program for the 2010-2011 academic year.
                          He will be teaching Introduction to Sport Management, Sport Ethics, and a graduate Sport Ethics course.
Support the Sport   6
                          Amy Cole will be our graduate student teaching assistant for the Sport Programming class, and we are ex-
Management Pro-           cited about having her join our teaching effort. She has done much of the public relations work for facility
                          renovations for the Student Recreation Center, and will be a great instructor for SpMgt 290.
Get to Know the     7     To all of you who have made the effort to stay in touch, as well as to those who have been able to contrib-
Faculty                   ute financial support to our program, we send a heartfelt THANK YOU! It is always good to hear from you,
                          so please drop an email to any of us any time to let us know what you’re up to and how you’re doing. Also, if
                          any of you change jobs and get new business cards, please send them to me for posting on our continually
Information Card    8     updated Wall of Fame bulletin board. This helps us showcase the success of our students and program. Also,
                          if any of you are in a position to hire student interns, please let us know and we will get the word out. We
                          have a great group of Cougar Sport Management alumni out there – and we are proud of you!

                          Best wishes for a great summer and fall 2010.
                          Dr. C
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                        Alumni Updates
                    J. Locklier (Class of 2005) - Email:
                    “After a few years of professional basketball overseas I returned to Pullman in 2005 to fin-
                    ish my Masters in Sport Management. After graduation I spent a little over two years at
                    James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA as the Asst. Director of Athletic Develop-
                    ment and later as the Associate Director of the JMU Duke Club. In August of 2007 I
                    moved to Morgantown, WV and accepted the position of Asst. Director of Development
                    within the Mountaineer Athletic Club at West Virginia University. Since June 2008 I have
                    served as Senior Director of Development within the MAC focusing on major gifts and
                    programmatic giving. At WVU, I have been part of a fundraising team that annually raises
                    over $10 million for our Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund as well as having secured over
                    $17 million for football renovations and $19 million for a new basketball practice facility. I
“I owe much of      have been married for almost two years and try to get back to the Palouse every chance I
                    get. I am so glad that the Sport Mgmt program has remained at WSU and continues to
                    prepare Cougs as future leaders within the sports industry.”
 my success and

gratitude to the Adam Ganders (Class of 2005) - Email:
                    “I graduated from the Sport Management graduate program at Washington State Univer-
 faculty and my     sity in May of 2010. I’ve worked in tickets, development, event and facility operations dur-
                    ing my undergraduate and graduate academic career at WSU. I’ve also completed a sum-
                    mer internship in the front office with the Seattle Mariners in their sales department which
fellow classmates   provided me with a whole new perspective from the professional sports arena. Currently, I
                    am employed as the Assistant Ticket Office Manager for WSU Athletics and have been in
 from the Sport     this capacity for just over a year now.”

 Management         Mari Matsumoto (Class of 2009) - Email:
                    “Currently I am working with the semi-professional soccer club (FC Ryukyu) in Okinawa,
   Program!”        Japan. I am responsible for marketing the team to the English speaking people, for exam-
                    ple, the various US Army Bases, on Okinawa. I also assist with the Community Relations
  - Colin Goodman
                    and Sales for the team. Since the team is very small, everyone participates in the various
                    departments. I have always wanted to work in the sport of soccer, so I am very happy
                    with my current position. With all the experiences and opportunities my current position
                    has offered, I hope to one day work for a professional soccer team.”

                    Colin Goodman (Class of 2009) - Email:
                    “After graduating from WSU with a BA in Sport Management and a minor in Communica-
                    tions, I spent the summer as a promotions and marketing intern with the Yakima Bears
                    Professional Baseball Club, a Single A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. This was a
                    terrific experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Following the season I was hired full-time
                    as the Director of Group Sales and have been preparing for my second season with the
                    club. I have been given a tremendous opportunity from a respectable organization, and I
                    look forward to another successful season of baseball.”
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Success Story: Jeff Griffin—General Manager of the Missoula Osprey
It’s a picturesque June summer night in Missoula, Montana,
and my colleagues and I are hosting a “party” for 3,500 peo-
ple. After nine months of off-season preparations, the fruits
of our labor are being shown as the stands are packed and
the ballpark is buzzing with excitement both on and off the
field. It is so rewarding to see another full ballpark on open-
ing day, as we bring together the community for a fun, af-
fordable and entertaining event in our efforts to use the
popularity of professional baseball to improve the quality of
life in Missoula.

Moments like these are why I got into this business.

My name is Jeff Griffin, and I’m a 2005 Sport Management graduate
and currently am the General Manager – Sales & Marketing of the “I benefited from
Missoula Osprey Professional Baseball Club. I completed my in-
ternship with the Osprey, the Pioneer League affiliate of the Ari- the guidance and
zona Diamondbacks, in the summer of 2005 and have been with
the club ever since. As my title states I currently oversee all sales  coursework
and marketing operations for the Osprey. Beyond that my typical
job duties are very broad and have include running a incentive offered by the
based reading program for 5,000 area elementary students, creat-
ing Osprey promotional videos for YouTube and Facebook, manag-        faculty of the
ing over 130 employees at the ballpark and even putting on the
Ollie Osprey mascot costume when it’s needed. There is never a            Sport
dull moment as my position allows me to be involved in every as-
pect of the organization and the community.                           Management

I preach on a daily basis both in my office and at a national level
that one of the most important things to operating my ballclub is      - Jeff Griffin
taking a genuine interest in improving my community. I or some-
one on my staff is on nearly every community board in town (and
that’s saying a lot because Missoula has more non-profits per cap-
ita than any city in the country). Our genuine interest in improving
the community comes back tenfold in support of the Osprey. I
have my dream job in a dream location. I get to go to the ballpark
every day, live in a college town in the beautiful state of Montana
and I’m still only less than four hours from Pullman.
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Continued from page 3
The path to my profession began in my early teens working for the
Yakima Bears Professional Baseball Club doing everything from selling
programs to being the official game scorer. My interest in baseball led
to me umpiring high school, and collegiate games throughout my un-
dergraduate years, while also gaining some radio broadcasting experi-
ence in other sports. After receiving my associate’s degree in 2003, I
enrolled at Washington State in the sport management program and
benefited from the guidance and coursework of Dr. Rinehart, Dr. Ko
and Dr. Claussen amongst others in the program at the time.

My internship with the Osprey began with me working in marketing
and in-game promotions, as I prepared game day scripts, wrote press
releases and game stories as well as made community appearances.
Immediately following my internship, the Osprey hired me as the Di-
rector of Group Sales and Community Relations, which involved the
sale of advertisements, packaged tickets and coordinating community
events. I worked hard and was fortunate enough to make my off-
season sales goal. After the 2006 season I was promoted to Assistant
General Manager - Director of Corporate Sales. This position included
supervisory duties of our sales and marketing staff and eventually led
to me being promoted to my current General Manager position after
the 2008 season – a week after my 26th birthday.
Since my early teens, I’ve had the goal to run my own professional
baseball organization. I knew if I put in my time, learned from others
and most importantly did not let obstacles get in my way no matter
how tough they seemed, I would one day make it. I strive to continue
to make Missoula the best operation in all of minor league baseball. In
2007, we were named the top short-season business operation in all of
minor league baseball by Baseball America during the Baseball Winter
Meetings, and I’ve also had the honor to speak at national General Man-
ager Marketing meetings on community involvement and revenue gen-
eration. The Osprey have donated $1.7 million to the Missoula commu-
nity in cash, tickets and memorabilia since 1999.

Our organization has summer internship opportunities that I have
proudly filled with many WSU Sport Management students in the past.
For more information on the Missoula Osprey become our fan on Face-
book or visit

                        Thanks and Go Cougs!
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Sport Management Club News
The 2009-2010 school year is all but complete and on behalf of the Sport Management Club I am proud to say
that it has been a year full of great success and learning.
Our success came in the form of the execution of two club trips and a strong new membership turnout. Each
school year the club plans one trip to a sporting event outside of Pullman. This school year, for the first time in
the history of the club, we successfully completed two trips. Our first trip was in the fall semester and was a
journey across the state of Washington to attend a Seattle Thunderbirds hockey game. At the event, we were
privy to a behind the scenes tour of the Kent ShoWare Center, met with Thunderbirds staff to discuss sport
management issues such as marketing and finance, and of course enjoyed an entertaining hockey game.
With the bar set high, we decided our experience at the Thunderbirds game was too valuable and too much fun
to not try and duplicate again in the spring. Thankfully, we were able to do just that with a trip to a Spokane
Chiefs hockey game. This trip featured a tour of both the Spokane Indians baseball facility and the Spokane
Arena, which is the home venue for the Chiefs. We were also exceptionally fortunate to attend the Chiefs game
on the night they were playing their main rivals, the Tri-City Americans. With great seats, we sat amidst 10,000
electric fans and enjoyed a truly memorable experience. However, while we had a lot of fun at both our fall and
spring events, what made them truly worthwhile were the networking opportunities these events fostered. One
of our main club goals is to create networking and future employment opportunities for all club members and I
believe we were able to do that at both club events.
I could not be happier with the progress the club made from the beginning of the school year to the point we are
at now. After a tumultuous summer in which we nearly saw our program fall victim to budget cuts, we began
this school year in a rather precarious position. The Sport Management program is something special to all of
us so we knew we wanted to work harder than ever to promote the club and program, so there would be no
doubt in any future budget cut situations that Sport Management is a program that belongs at Washington State
Thanks to hard work and dedicated efforts of the club vice president Chelsea Stocks, director of finance
Woneata Hart, director of fundraising Lauren Kromer, and director of public relations Alex Petrut the club saw
membership and meeting attendance steadily rise. The efforts of these individuals helped generated a solid
membership foundation for the club and gave us a greater campus present that will continue to benefit Sport
Management in the future.
If we could leave the future club executives and members with some advice it would be to first and foremost
remember that Sport Management is something that many students at this institution are very interested in.
Use all resources available and explore as many avenues as you can to promote club events and meetings. I
promise you students are interested in this club and they will show up if you simply let them know. Lastly, ar-
ticulate a clear goal for the club at the beginning of the school year and do everything in your power to make it
happen. We set our sights on having two club trips for the first time and worked hard to make that a reality.
The gauntlet has been thrown down and I challenge all of you to set the bar even higher. I know this club is ca-
pable of great things.
I wish all future club executives and members the best of
luck and look forward to watching the club continue to grow
to new heights.

Nick Kajca
Sport Management Club

                                                                  Club members visit to the Spokane Arnea
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         Listserve for Alumni
         Some of you may already be aware that recently, the WSU Sport Manage-
         ment Program has created a new Listserve especially for the Sport Manage-
         ment Alumni. For those who would like to be added, please send an email
         to: with Spmgt. Alumni Listserve as the subject and be
         sure to include your full name and a valid email address.

         The purpose of this Listserve is for the Sport Management Program to post
         program announcements and job openings or other sport-related opportu-
         nities that come our way and may be of interest to our alumni.

         Support for the Sport Management Program
                    Scholarship & Development Funds Needed!
         If you would like to help make a difference in someone’s life, what better
         way to show your Cougar Pride, than by making a scholarship donation to
         your alma mater. We have very limited funding available to support high-
         achieving students who would be huge assets to the Sport Management pro-

         The Sport Management Development Fund also needs enhancement to enable
         our esteemed faculty to travel to national & international conferences to
         present their research and spread the news about our excellent program,
         and to support faculty internship supervision visits.
         If you’re in a position to do so, please consider giving something back!
         Checks should be made out to the WSU Foundation, specifically marked for
         the Sport Management Scholarship Funds or the Sport Management Develop-
         ment Fund.

         Mail to:       College of Education Development Office
                        P.O. Box 642114
                        Washington State University
                        Pullman, WA 99164-2114
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                                  Get to Know the Faculty
Dr. Cathy Claussen
Dr. Claussen teaches both, undergraduate and graduate Sport Law courses, and continues to serve as the Program
Coordinator and the Internship Coordinator for the Sport Management Program. This Fall she will be travelling to
Prague to present a research paper on the rights of transgendered athletes at the European Association for Sport
Management’s Annual Conference. The Second Edition of her Sport Law textbook was also recently published,
and is quickly becoming the leading Sport Law textbook in the sport management field.

Dr. John Wong
Dr. Wong has taught Introduction of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Sport Management, Leadership and Motivation,
Sport Marketing, Facility Planning and Management, Sport Industry, Management Concepts, Sport History, Fitness
Management; Women, Sport, & Leisure in the U.S.: A Social History; and Social History of Sport in the United
States. This year, Dr. Wong will be responsible for coordinating the Master’s degree program in Sport Manage-

Dr. Tammy Crawford
Dr. Crawford has taught undergraduate courses in Sport Ethics, Sport Sociology, Introduction to Sport Manage-
ment, Sport Marketing, and Sport Finance. She supervises student practicum hours and supervises internships. On
the graduate level, she teaches sociology of sport, advises students, and serves on committees.

              Meet Our Newest Addition… Dr. Justin Barnes
University of Idaho (2006 – 2009) - Ph.D. in Sport Philosophy and Pedagogy
University of Idaho (2003 – 2004) - Master of Science in Sport Management and Recreation
University of Idaho (1999 – 2003) - Bachelor of Science degree in Public Communication
                                    Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish

Teaching Philosophy:
Dr. Barnes mission is to instill a foundation of honesty, re-
sponsibility, respect, and justice within students that will
guide their university experience. To accomplish this, he
tries to foster an atmosphere of openness, creativity, and
reflection within our classroom. In addition, he feels his ob-
jectives are to promote a collaborative and interactive ex-
perience, where students lack fear and positively exchange
thoughts and dialogue concerning the best interest of the
Sport Management industry.
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         Information Card
                           Please Return the Enclosed Info Card
                                       Why It’s Important:
            Sport Management Program—We want to maintain an up-to-date
            alumni database so we can reach you with program updates, job postings in
            the sport industry via the new Listserve, invites to campus, and possible con-
            sideration for membership on an advisory board. If you have previously filled
            out an info card and your email address and/or current job has changes,
            please fill out a new one so we can update your information in our database.
            Also, please send any new business cards to be included on our Sport Man-
            agement “Wall of Fame” bulletin board.

            WSU—University accreditation requires us to collect and report graduate
            placement information yearly to demonstrate program success in accom-
            plishing our learning goals which are designed to provide our students with a
            great education in Sport Management.

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