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					                              I.V. Macklin School Council
                                    Meeting Minutes

                                     October 17, 2011

Attendees: Tracey Farn, Rob Ferguson, Christina Mizera, Sheldon Arends, Paulette Kurylo,
Julia Rowland, April Tranter, Collin Nelson, Donna Oakford, Brenda Lefebvre

       Next Meeting – November 21st, 7:00 p.m. in the Library

   1. Call to Order
      - Julia called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.
   2. Approval / Additions to Agenda
      - none

   3. Review September Meeting Minutes
      - Childcare can be provided during meetings in the gym with proper supervision. Will
         commence with the November meeting for a three month trial. May recruit
         leadership students to provide the childcare. Childcare will be paid from Parent
         Council funds. Rate to be determined.
      - Paulette commented on the School Council information meeting being held at Crystal
         Park School October 27th from 7-9 p.m.

   4. Committee Establishment
      - Filled Positions of Co-chair: Rob Ferguson and Treasurer: Christina Mizera

   5. Treasurer’s Report
      - $3791.09 in Council account

   6. Committee Reports
      - Fundraising Committee: Tracey reported that some items the school has on their wish
        list include: Recess equipment (balls, skipping ropes, footballs, hacky sacks, etc.) for
        an estimated cost of $600
             o Outdoor winter equipment – quality snowshoes, cross country skis (estimate
             o Shed for equipment ($2500)
             o Raz-kids subscription ($800) that has been paid by the school.
           o Sound field systems for voice projection or microphones to hook into smart
           o Books for library. In the past Tracey has received $3 – 6000 for the year.
           o $150 per teacher to use in class at their discretion (at previous school as well)
           o Council had committed $1800 to the Breakfast Program per year. At present,
               Council provides money as needed, which usually does reach the $1800 level.
           o Council looking to focus on outdoor winter equipment for fundraising.
           Fundraising Ideas – Christine reported that at the Committee meeting, various
           suggestions were made. Planning to hold a bake sale during Parent/Teacher
           Interviews in November. May sell Kernels popcorn in school and/or mini pizzas.
           Will check with the canteen about the pizzas. Order forms for The Mixing Spoon
           will be sent home on Friday. The Committee is also looking at possibly selling
           Mundare sausages and Bubba perogies before Christmas. Christine will look into
           more information concerning these. Also considered Avon, Epicure, and pies (at
           Easter if available).
             Suggested that it is put into the newsletter that Parent Council is planning
           multiple fundraisers and to feel free to choose which ones they wish to support.

   -   Dance & Event Committee: Halloween Dance is on October 28th from 6 – 9 p.m.
       Water and chips will be provided to each student with admission being a food or cash
       donation to the Breakfast Program. Mr. Farn will donate the prizes (gift cards) for
       costumes. Was decided to sell glow sticks again at a cost of $.50 or 3/$1. The Claw
       will be available. Collin suggested having gift baskets assembled to sell raffle tickets
7. No-Idle Zone – Christine expressed concern over vehicles left idling around school
   grounds that others that walk as well as students must pass. Wondered if possible to have
   an idle free zone around the school. Tracey looking into where signs are available.
   Sheldon will look into what is allowable time for idling (bylaw). Also some concern
   about dogs in the school area regarding allergies and not being picked up after.

8. Hero’s Presentation – Tabled to next meeting

9. School Report – Tracey Farn
   - Tracey has left messages with Aquatera and Recycle Plus regarding cardboard
      recycling. “Power School” has replaced Student’s Achieve in Junior High.
      Information sheet will be sent out prior to report cards explaining the number system
      used. Most kids will be at a “2” – Adequate, as this is considered grade level. School
      held its first fire drill and will be having a practice lockdown. Tracey explained that
      PLC days are for Professional Learning Committees. This is committed time for
       teachers to meet and strategies. October 27th, Constable Graham will present on
       Halloween safety at the Elementary assembly. October 31st – Halloween parade at 1
       p.m. Remembrance Day Assembly being held on November 10th at 10:45 – 11:15
       a.m. The school needs more benches for students to sit on when having lunch. Mr.
       Sheehan is going to try to have grade nine students to make the benches. Dare to
       Care will run every 2 years.
   -   Paulette reported they are at the design phase of the new high school. It is scheduled
       to open September 2014. There was a 7% increase in student enrolment. Some
       schools tight of space and are getting portables. Paulette requested that if we have
       specific questions of her, to please inform her prior to the meeting and she will be
       happy to attend as she will not be able to attend all meetings.

10. Adjournment
    - Julia adjourned the meeting at 8:30pm.